Fantasy to Reality Ch. 02


The arousal took me completely over the edge and I had a huge orgasm creating girlish screams muffled by his thick cock. I shook on my knees and struggled to stay upright, holding his shaft for support. Some of the cum in my mouth dripped back out the side of my pink lips as wave after wave of pleasure filled me. Finally both of our orgasms subsided and I slowly ran my tongue up the length of his shaft, collecting all the leftover cum and swallowing it melodramatically. Again disappointment struck me as he turned to leave the room without even saying a word, leaving my kneeling there, face glazed in cum and more aroused than ever, desperate for more cock.

"Please don't leave!" I begged, "I need your amazing cock." The words left my mouth naturally. Tony stopped and turned his head to look at my desperate face, cum dripping from it, mascara running down the pretty cheeks. He smiled and approached me once again.

"Considering you asked so nicely..."

His cock was now only semi-erect, recovering from the blowjob as he dropped it onto my face, I stared up at him and rubbed my face on it, getting some of the cum off my face and back onto the shaft. I took the floppy cock back into my mouth and sucked off the cum before rubbing back over my face to collect more cum. Soon my face was clean and his cock was hard again, I sucked and slurped loudly and he once again began to let out long moans, he moved to the bed and sat on the edge, following him I crawled back between his legs and wrapped my lips around the juicy shaft. To my dismay he pulled from my mouth...

"Get on the bed and lie on your back, slut."

"Yes master," I responded, breathing heavily, suddenly extremely excited about what he had in store for me. Before I knew it I was on my back and tony was on top of me, he lifted my legs perpendicular to my body and without warning slid his cock into my pussy. It pushed against the virgin walls of my soaking pussy and slid deep whilst I nearly screamed in pleasure, it was so incredibly sensitive that I shook in an even more intense orgasm; I felt the walls of it squeeze against his member. I squirmed beneath him and moaned like a whore as he started to fuck me hard and fast, I heard the wet schlick of my juices around his cock. My orgasm had not yet finished when he started to fuck me hard and it intensified further, my mouth was wide open, my nails gripped his powerful ass and my nails dug in. My eyes intensely closed and my body still writhing in one continuous orgasm I nearly passed out in pleasure as he continued to fuck me. My orgasm very slowly subsided as I opened my eyes only to see everything as a blur, Tony; obviously enjoying my utter pleasure of being fucked approached orgasm, pulled out his cock and began to shoot his load onto my toned stomach and perfect breasts. There wasn't as much jizz as before but it still covered me nicely. I sat up and wrapped my lips around his cock for the last time, coercing every last drop of cum from his balls whilst he caught his breath. This time he left the room for good and I fell back onto the bed, running my fingers around the gloops of cum, scooping it into my mouth, still desperate for more.

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This can not be the end of the story. Does she meet a customer / sexy man that breaks her free from servitude to a healthy relationship with this new guy? This new relationship runs once again into themore...

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