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Fantasy Vs Reality


To address a concern regarding tales of the naughty, and what might be misconstrued from them.

Firstly, as I have written a few of these, I certainly know what was or was not real and just how much imagination and giggling were involved before I typed them up. From my own reading, which I daresay I was doing a lot of before getting a bit busy, I can only sometimes guess what may or may not have really happened in someone else's work. Now, if someone is writing about creatures from nightmare or famous faces or anything illegal or just impossible, hey, yeah, that was just a trip through the neurons of an enterprising author. Then again, a few tales may have just been a primed up diary for last weekend's goings on. Who's to say? I'm certainly not in the know.

I think most of us decide these things on our own, or may not even care. Then again, some of us might take things a little too literally and wind up with some misconceptions. Or a recipe for disaster.

I try to keep an open mind on most subjects, but I will be the first to admit that there is plenty I just don't get, and likely never will. Would I be one of those to take a wild tale and ascribe to it as real enough to put myself there? For a little fantasy, sure, I can do that. Would I take it as gospel and rewrite my life accordingly? No, I can't see that happening. Nor do I think that most people would, but we are impressionable, and take away some silly ideas about subjects we probably don't know a lot about based on something we read or saw on television.

In particular, I would like to address some mistakes that were pointed out to me in one of my own pieces, which prompted enough concern to again approach the soapbox. Perhaps the lady doth think too much, but I at the very least do not want some impressionable young sub to happen across my writing and get a possibly harmful idea. This particular tale was the pure fantasy of a submissive puppy girl, a rather hard-core and not very realistic fantasy, but it did have merit enough to stir my brain and put together something perhaps enjoyable. This sub wished to be a slave and nothing else, to be abused and subjugated and then set free to pine over that former existence. This was her fantasy, and I wrote loosely based on that with my own views.

The first mistake pointed out to me, involved a contract without a safe word, which I know is not going to be done by a responsible adult, but in the context of this fantasy it fit to keep her in the situation until her training had ended. Also was a remark on the sub still having regular responsibilities, like a job, and this naturally is something we all deal with, unless we happen to be rich or manage to find someone that takes care of all of that for us. Everybody works, everybody has bills, so naturally no matter what our sub dreamed of, she still had to keep a roof over her head and food in the kitchen.

My point by this, is to think it all over carefully. A lot of what we read really is fantasy, and may have no place other than a few sighs or moans and a delicious thought. That does not make it any less valid, or mean that it should not be shared if the author wishes to. Just because I didn't think of it, doesn't mean that it does not make for a great read. The only reason I posted any of my work here, is because I found so many stories that I enjoyed reading, and wanted to give a little back for the pleasure I had received.

Any errors on my part are either intentional, to fit along with a particular story, or, more than likely, are just mistakes that I didn't know enough to catch. When that happens, my deepest apologies. Take the spirit then, of what you read and see and hear, and don't always be so literal. We all goof up, or leave things out, or have a different view. Be informed, as I have stated before, and do your homework. None of us are perfect, of have the only say, so keep that in mind.

And if any of you are wondering what I was thinking when I put this little drabble together, I'm honestly not sure. I felt moved to the keyboard, and this is what happened. They can't all be brilliant, but if I make just one person think even a little, then I've done my job. Even if that one person was me.

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