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Fantasy Wishlist


One phone call. That's all that it took to have my pussy hotter than hell and soaking through my thin panties. When I had made the decision to make the call, I never thought that the person on the other end would agree, or that I would find the entire scenario so exciting. The call ended with a simple confirmation of plans, one last reassurance that the person on the other end totally agreed to what would go down, and a plain goodbye. Nothing more, nothing less. Yet, I still sat at my desk with my pussy throbbing in time to the beat of my heart. I was really going to go through with a subtle fantasy that I had never voiced aloud to my husband, Jim.

It was a Friday, and the weekend looming ahead was filled with more activities than I cared to think about. Somehow, I had left Jim and myself no room to breathe throughout the entire holiday weekend until Monday afternoon. And I had just booked us solid for that vacant spot with one short phone call. The best part about the plans that I had just made was that Jim would never in a million years have any idea what he was about to get into, and that was fine with me.

We flew through our weekend in a frenzy, stopping here and there to enjoy the day and each other. Not once did we get the chance to engage in a quick fuck, our days were so tiring that when we finally made it to our bed, we collapsed into it in a heap, waking early the next day to start the process all over again. As Monday rolled around, I started getting antsy. By Monday morning, I woke with butterflies in my stomach, sure that Jim would notice and ask what was going on.

I made it through the morning with being able to avoid him noticing, he was outside doing lawn work. As early afternoon rolled around, I set about preparing myself for the afternoon to come. The perfect outfit was set out on my bed next to my favorite lotion, and I headed for the bathroom to take a leisurely soak.

Filling the tub with a scented bubble bath, I slid into the water and laid back. As my muscles relaxed after a long and hard weekend, I let my mind wander to the afternoon ahead. Immediately, my pussy twitched to attention and my nipples poked into hard little buds that tingled slightly. The sudden change in my body reminded me that I had a job to attend to, that there would be a time and place later in the afternoon for my excitement to roam free.

I lathered my pussy with scented shaving gel and set about making it as smooth as possible. It didn't take long since I had shaved a couple days earlier, and it was now more a matter of making sure that everything was stubble free. As the razor glided over my lips, my mind strayed to the slick juices that always flowed slightly when I shaved my cunt. I looked down to admire my handiwork, and noticed that my clit was protruding through my lips, spreading them apart in a very sexy way. Reaching down, I gave my clit a good pinch and felt my pussy convulse slightly. Moaning in agony, I realized that the wait for this afternoon was going to be absolute torture.

Finishing up in the bathroom was no easy task since my pussy was twitching in excitement as I went through my normal bathroom routine. Completely shaved, freshly washed, my hair soaked and sticking in brown ringlets to my shoulders, I emerged from the shower in record time. As I put lotion on and dressed, then applied makeup, I relished in the fact that Jim had no idea what he was in for. As I put the last touches on my hair, making sure that the blond streaks throughout the brown contrasted nicely with my makeup, my husband hopped in the shower to wash the sweat from his 5'4" frame. Watching him step in, naked as the day he was born, caused my pussy to twitch in anticipation. I smiled to myself, knowing that it wouldn't be much longer before I would be enjoying him in new ways.

The two of us set off in our car for the 45 minute drive that we made on occasion. We bantered lightly, mostly listening to the radio as we wound our way through the thick holiday traffic that clogged the highway we were traveling. My mind focused mostly on what was in store, knowing that if Jim had any idea of what was coming, his hand would have been buried in my pussy the entire drive just so he could tease me without mercy. For more than one reason, I was glad that I had kept it a secret. We probably would have been in a fender bender already if his mind was filled with what lay ahead. More importantly, to me anyway, was the fact that he would have ruined my afternoon for me by making sure that I had cum on his hand on the way over. My pussy and I had never agreed on the number of times that it would allow me to cum in a certain time frame, and I was determined not to find out that today was one of those days that my cunt had decided it had enough after just one round.

It took us an hour to reach our destination, traffic was worse as we neared the mid-sized city that we were headed to. We pulled into the drive of our friend's house, and my stomach took a nasty jump as I realized that we were here. The only consolation that I had to calm my nerves was that Jim didn't know what was going on, so I still had time to change my mind and back out.

We walked up the steps of the home, and I pushed the door open without knocking as I always did. Looking around, I didn't see a single soul in the living room or kitchen area. My heart did a leap of joy, there may have been a way for me to get out of it without Jim ever knowing what I had planned. If no one was home, we could simply turn around and walk out, leaving Jim to complain about the lack of etiquette that our hosts had for the entire trip home. Still looking around, I called out into the silence.

"Hey, is anyone home?"

From somewhere in the recesses of the house, I heard a familiar voice call back.

"Hi guys! I'm back this way. Jim, make yourself at home, there are drinks in the fridge. Tonya, can you give me a hand for a minute? I'm having issues with my clothing." Jim's eyebrows shut up as he made for the kitchen, opening the fridge and removing alcoholic beverages for the two of us. Opening one for me, he handed it over and I took a nervous sip.

"I think someone's waiting for you to give them a hand back there. I'll be in the living room." Jim gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and headed for the chair with his drink in his hand. I looked in the direction that the voice had floated from, all of my nerves coiling into tight knots as I started walking. My pussy was no longer throbbing like it had all day, while my juices flowed freely. The moment I had heard the voice coming from down the hall, my cunt had closed up shop. Steeling my nerves and breathing deeply, I turned into the doorway of the master bedroom.

Standing in the middle of the room at the foot of the bed was my closest friend, Michele. Curves hugged her 5'3 body as she turned this way and that, looking at herself in the mirror. With both hands, she lifted the mass of curly black hair off her shoulders and into a mock bun as she surveyed the effect. Catching sight of me in the mirror, she turned my way with a sly smile playing on her lips.

"Well, well, well. Honestly, Tonya. I thought you would have chickened out. I've been sitting around all day waiting for the phone call canceling our play date." The sly smile had turned into a playful pout as she said this. I looked at her with my mouth wide open, for the thought of canceling had crossed my mind more than once that day. And on numerous occasions, I had actually dialed her number, then hung up before sending the digits and making the connection.

"Oh, you know me Michele. I talk a good game, but I don't know if I'm a player or not. But, I guess it's too late to turn back, I'm here." I tried to smile wickedly, but my face was frozen. Instead, I put my drink to my lips and took a long swallow.

"Did you tell Jim yet?" she asked as she turned back to the mirror. Michele smiled slightly as she looked at me through the mirror. She knew that I wouldn't have been bold enough to tell him what was going on, so she shook her head slightly in affirmation when I shook my own in negation.

"Good, it's best that way. So, how do I look?" She did an exaggerated slow spin, swaying her hips slowly as I took in what she was wearing. She hadn't gone out of the way to deck herself out for the afternoon ahead. She was wearing nicely fitted jeans with a white t-shirt tucked in at the waist. Her feet were bare, but she had gone through the trouble to shower, do her hair, and put on a light smattering of makeup.

"Perfect, actually. And here I thought that you would be dressed like a hooker when I walked in. This is a relief." I laughed softly, knowing that the way she had chosen to dress was done to ease my mind about what lay ahead.

Michele walked towards me, giving me a slight hug as she walked through the doorway. She whispered that it would be fine as she started down the hall, motioning for me to follow. Feeling like a dog on a leash, I obediently walked down the hall behind her, and into the living room where Jim was kicked back in the chair with his drink. He had turned the television on already, and certainly looked like he had made himself at home.

"Ahh, there she is. Nice of you to finally show up," he said from his spot. He smiled wickedly, and for a second I had to wonder what was running through his mind. As quick as he had turned his attention to us, he turned it back to the television, finishing off his drink in one long swallow. Immediately, my tensions eased. Now that we were here, I was jumping to all sorts of conclusions.

Michele tapped my drink with her fingernail as she grabbed Jim's bottle and went to get him a new one. I knew what she was up to, she wanted me to finish it quickly and get another. I had already confided in her that I might need to be quite a bit buzzed before "the show" started, and she was aiming for it to happen.

We settled on the couch, making light conversation for a while. The t.v. droned on in the background as we all chatted together, Jim throwing in his famous wise cracks every few seconds and causing us all to laugh. It wasn't long before we both had managed to knock back 3 drinks a piece, and I was feeling much better. The weightlessness in my brain was easing things along, making me forget my anxieties until my body was completely relaxed.

It didn't take long before the conversation turned to sex, as it always did. Michele had a fiance that she had been with for 5 years, and she had confided in me that things were getting pretty dull. I could tell that Jim was loosening up, he was casually mentioning that he was going to make sure he got a blowjob in the car on the way home. We all laughed, Michele giving me a wink to let me know she was thinking that he wouldn't need it by the time we headed home.

An hour and a half had passed since our arrival, and I had kicked off my sneakers and put my feet up on Michele's lap while we all chatted. She ran her fingers lazily over my feet, sending small shivers up my spine with each movement she made. After a bit, there was a lull in the conversation. Michele pushed my feet off her lap, and stood.

"Oh, Tonya, you have to see what I bought for myself the other day! It's in the bedroom." She started walking that way, beckoning for me to follow. I glanced over at Jim and noticed that his eyes were slightly glazed, proving that he had a slight buzz going on. I smiled at him slowly, bent and gave him a lingering kiss, then followed Michele down the hall.

By the time I had reached the bedroom, Michele was sprawled out on her queen sized bed, her head propped up on her elbow. Lazily, she patted the bed near her for me to sit on. I did so, curling one leg under me as I sat. She winked at me as she rested her free hand on my knee.

"OK. You're really sure you want to do this, right? No regrets, no backing out?" she asked as she massaged my knee with her hand. I set my bottle on the nightstand after draining nearly half of it in one swallow, and looked down at her. As I gazed at her face, I realized that the butterflies that had been in my stomach all day were nowhere in sight. I was ready.

I nodded my head yes, reaching a hand down to push away a tendril of black hair that was brushing against her cheek. Repositioning myself on the bed, I left my hand on her cheek as I slowly brought my head closer to hers. The closer I got, the more of her womanly scent I could smell, and without warning, my pussy clenched tightly. I stopped less than a quarter of an inch from her lips, and slowly stuck my tongue out and traced her bottom lip with it. She tasted sweet, and as my tongue traced her mouth she groaned slightly. Her free hand crept up and tangled in my thick mass of ringlets, firmly pulling me closer until our lips met fully. The kiss was slow and sweet as we explored each others mouths with our tongues.

Breathless, I slowly pulled away from her, my fingers trailing down her full perky breasts, feeling her nipple poking firmly through her bra. As I slowly circled her nipple with the tip of my finger, she moaned quietly and grabbed my chin, forcing my eyes to meet hers. Without saying a word, her eyes asked if I was ready, and I nodded slightly. With her eyes locked on mine, she called out.

"Hey Jim, would you come back here, please?" We heard him stand from his seat, then his footfalls on the carpet as he entered the hallway. Immediately, my mouth found hers in a heated kiss. Her tongue entwined with mine as we heard Jim push the door open.

"What's up?" he asked as he pushed the door open. I heard him gasp from behind me, but I was too afraid to break contact with Michele and look around to see his exact reaction. He had told me on many occasions that seeing two women together did nothing for him. My only consolation was that Jim had always given me free reign sexually, and more than once he had mentioned that he would do nearly anything for me in that area. I was determined to find out just how much "anything" meant.

I realized that I was holding my breath as our tongues caressed each other, I had been waiting to hear Jim yell or slam the door and head back to the living room. I let out my breath slowly when I felt his hand brush against my cheek, pushing my hair back so he could get a better look.

"Now that, my dear, is damned sexy," he breathed into my ear. The heat from his breath against my ear caused me to moan as my pussy started to throb like it had earlier in the day. He gave my clothed ass a good rub, then I felt the bed dip slightly as he took a seat at my feet to watch.

After what seemed forever, Michele finally broke our kiss and I dared to open my eyes. Glancing first at Michele, I saw a smile playing across her swollen lips. Slowly, I looked towards my husband and found him totally relaxed at our feet. He winked at me, entirely ignoring that Michele was there. I knew what he was doing, and I was grateful. He was only acknowledging me since he had told me many times that he only had eyes for me. I smiled as I slowly sat up, dragging Michele with me.

Climbing off the bed, I stood before my husband and my best friend, both on her bed. Slowly, I took my shirt and pulled it over my head, dropping it on the floor at my feet. Jim smiled lazily, loving every minute of it. Turning around so that my back was to them, I looked over my shoulder and made eye contact with my husband as I reached behind me and undid my bra. Shrugging my shoulders out of the straps, I let it glide over my perky tits and drop down to land on top of my shirt. I lazily reached down, unbuttoned my jeans, and placed a hand on each side at the waistband. Winking at Jim, I slowly pushed them down off my waist until my sheer thong was just showing. I heard him groan slowly, and my pussy throbbed a little harder. Bending forward, I pushed them down over my round ass so that my thong covered lips were bared for him and Michele to look at. Jim reached out and caressed my ass slowly as Michele let out a whistle of appreciation. One final push, and my jeans were at my feet. Straightening up, I stepped out of them and repeated the process with my thongs until my bare body was facing away from them.

I turned slowly so they could both get a good look at me. I looked over to the mirror that Michele had been gazing in earlier, and saw my body as they did. Tanned, curvy, and ready to be tortured. As I stood there before them, Jim held a hand out for me and I took it so that he could lower me to the bed. As my body settled onto it, Michele's soft hands caressed my smooth legs as my husband pulled me into him for a searing kiss that instantly had my pussy flooding with juices. He broke our kiss quickly and buried his hand in my hair, pulling my head into his shoulder so he could whisper into my ear.

"You are so fucking sexy, baby. I want to feel my cock buried deep inside of you." His breath was ragged with lust, and I reached my hand down to fondle his 7 inch cock that was being restrained by his jeans. Giving it a good rub, I slowly laid back and smiled at him.

"Maybe in a bit, stud. But right now, it's all about me," I purred, as I spread my legs wide for both of them. Michele and Jim both groaned in unison when they saw how slick and wet my pussy was. I reached down with a finger, trailing it through my pussy juices. When my finger was drenched, I reached out to Jim with my soaking finger and traced it along his lips before letting his mouth capture it and suck my juices from it. From my side, I could hear Michele whimper in protest, clearly she wanted some of the action too. Winking at her, I grabbed her hand and brought it down to my cunt.

She repositioned herself on the bed, first having Jim move to the side a bit so that she was in full view of my splayed pussy. Laying on her tummy and leaning on her elbows, she reached one hand up and trailed it through the small nest of hair that I had left at the top of my pussy. Arching my back so that my cunt pushed into her hand, I looked over at Jim and licked my lips. He didn't need any more persuasion, in seconds he was off the bed and shedding his clothes. As he pulled his boxer briefs off, his cock sprung free and swayed angrily in front of him, the biggest drop of precum glistening on the head that I had ever seen.

Immediately, he was back on the bed, holding his cock with one hand and carefully swiping the precum off with the other. Slowly, he rubbed the glistening wetness over my lips, letting me suck on his fingers when he was done torturing me. Leaning in, he kissed me slowly, sucking his precum juices from my lips as I moaned under him. Breaking the kiss, I looked down at Michele as she slowly started to massage my clit with her hand. The feeling was intense, I was in such a heightened state that it wouldn't take much of anything to have my pussy cumming nice and hard.

To take my mind off the torture that Michele was causing as she rubbed my clit back and forth with her hand, I turned my head slowly and stared at my husband's magnificent cock. Looking up into his eyes, I saw the need to feel my mouth on his cock reflected on his features. Grinning, I parted my mouth and sucked the head of his cock in, feeling it throb as he let out a loud groan.

Jim's fingers entwined in my hair as he slowly pushed his cock into my mouth. I deep throated it, feeling my chin come to rest against his tight balls. My body shuddered at the combination of my clit being played with so lazily while having his hot cock stuffed down my throat. Michele sensed that I was close, and pulled her hand away from my clit. As Jim slowly fucked his cock in and out of my mouth, driving it deep into my throat with each slow thrust, Michele slowly leaned in until I could feel her hot breath on my pussy lips. I tensed up, knowing what she was up to. I slowly backed my husband's fat cock out of my mouth and looked down at Michele's dark head between my tanned thighs.

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