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Fantasy World


I always found this situation funny no matter how many times I do it. Here I am in front of my class plowing my English professor from behind as my class looks on. It was the first day of the semester and I got lucky and got a hot professor. Occasional grunts interrupted her speech as she explained the syllabus bent over her little podium in the front of the room. Her high heels allowed her to be the right height for fucking her like this.

I knew I had to fuck her when I first saw her. She was maybe her early thirties if even that old with shapely legs big tits and a nice round ass that is slightly bigger than girls my age due to her maturity. I got up as she started explaining the syllabus and bent her over her podium in the front of the room and lifted her skirt that came down to just above her knees. I stripped her panties and dove in and started fucking her. The class did not react, at least I thought they didn't until I saw a girl watching us intently. Certainly watching with more concentration than is necessary for the explanation of class policies and the grading scale. She looked rather confused at first and she looked around and finally started plying with her tits.

I didn't think much of it as I often made things happen subconsciously and having people react to what I did was always fun. I thought about giving a show then as I reach around and opened her blouse and pulled her bra down but not off. I massaged and simply mauled those tits and used them to pull her into me harder. I heard a laugh from the class. She must have said a joke. I wonder if I thought it was funny. I'll remember if I did or not after I am finished anyways and I was close.

I started slamming into her harder and we actually knocked the podium over. There was a table beside us so I tossed her on it face up and brought her legs up on my shoulders. I fucked her in this position for a couple of more minutes before she suddenly stopped her explanation of the final research paper and suddenly screamed out in orgasm. I then pulled her off the table and to her knees and stuck my dick, now wet with her juices, into her mouth and began thrusting again. I was doing this for only a minute or so before I came in her mouth and pulled out to get one burst on her face. I was satisfied for now.

She then got up and stood where the podium was and was asking about any final questions. Damn, she was finishing and since it was the first day some of these girls might drop the class after today. There was not enough time to fully enjoy all of the cute girls in the class so in the minute or so of class that's left, so I just enjoyed the sight my professor standing there, her skirt wrinkled, her blouse open and exposing those large breasts with cum on her face. She dismissed the class and so I returned to the real world. The podium was back in place, my professor was cleaned up and I was in my seat. I did catch that girl that was playing with her tits looking at me but she instantly looked away when I turned to meet her gaze. I thought back to the joke and it wasn't funny. I grabbed my stuff and headed out the door.

What had just happened? Well it's an ability I found I had years ago and at first I thought I was crazy and simply having delusions. Then, I hooked up with one of my friends I had fucked in many of my delusions and I found that she had every birthmark and scar that she had in my so-called delusional daydreams. I then realized what I could do, or at least guessed an explanation that seemed to fit.

What I came up with is that I can enter my own little "world" where I have complete control of people's actions. While I am in this world I act like I normally would in the real world and when I come out of my fantasy world I had all the memories of what happened in both worlds. It had limits though. I could not go to far away from where my real body was and I could only affect people in that range. It was great because I could do whatever I wanted without consequence. I mostly used this ability to have sex but I didn't just do it to get myself off. I used it to know exactly what the girl I would fuck in real life likes so I could be the best lover she ever had because I already knew how to press all her buttons.

I mostly stuck to using it like that. Occasionally I used it as a truth detector whenever I felt I was being lied to about something important and to get answers to tests. I tried to control myself in these instances because sometimes I did not want to know the truth and if I constantly cheat I would have to keep on doing it for the rest of my life and that would just be a hassle. I never questioned exactly how I got this. I thought it better not to look a gift horse in the mouth and enjoy my ability, for however long I had it.

I took a seat on a bench close by to the English class I had just exited and looked over my syllabus. I had plenty of time until my next class so I was in no hurry. I then heard a voice.

"Hi, you were just in O'Neill's English class, weren't you?"

I looked up and saw the girl that I had watch me as I fucked our English professor.

"Yeah. Hi, I'm Robert." I said as I extended my hand.

"I'm Jenna."

"Nice to meet you Jenna." I took a good look at this girl. She was too far away from the front of the class to truly check her out. Now I drank her in. She had a look that can only be described as erotically cute, the kind of cute innocence that a guy would just love to corrupt. She had short reddish brown above shoulder length hair that complimented the shape of her face. She had a slight tan, at least not pale. The tight t-shirt she was wearing gave me the impression of a c-cup, and she was wearing a pair of jeans. There was just something about her that appealed to me. Maybe it was the way she carried herself, or the way she talked to me in a kind of shy and polite manner that gave her the essence of innocence but I definitely wanted to corrupt her. "So, you thinking about sticking with the class?"

"Yeah," she said, "I have heard some bad stuff about other professors."

"Yeah, she isn't that bad."

"I bet she wasn't."

"What was that?"

"Oh nothing. So you're not dropping the class either?"

"No, it looks like I will be able to handle it."

"Well good. I'll see you in class then, I gotta get to my next one."

"Ok, see you then."

She left and I was a little pissed that she wouldn't stick around long enough for me to make use of my ability but at least I knew now that I would get a chance next class. Suddenly I wanted to fuck someone else. I headed towards the quad and opened a book to read. I used my ability and looked up. There were plenty of people walking around so they would soon leave my range. I scanned the crowd and found a couple of girls eating under a tree. Both were deep in conversation so they might stay in my range for a while. I walked up to them and got a good look. Both looked like sisters and I began to wonder if they were. Then again, they were the typical college white blond girls. Both had good size racks but I suspected one was either fake or wearing a really good push up bra for them to be so high. I reached in and felt her breast. They were fake, like I suspected. The girls never broke their conversation. They were not talking about anything important, just what they were gonna wear to some party so I decided to shut them up by having them start to suck my cock.

They cut off their conversation and got up on their knees and pulled down my pants. They each started licking and sliding down each side of my cock at the same time. The one with fake tits then pushed the other away slightly and began to draw me into her mouth giving me a hell of a deepthroat.

"Is she always this selfish?" I asked the other one.

"Yeah, everytime we double team a guy she tends to hog him."

"How often do you double team someone?" I asked now intrigued and knowing that she isn't going to lie.

"We've done it about 5 times with 3 different guys."

"Lucky guys, but why do it if you know she is not gonna share properly?" By now I was holding the girl by the head and helping her give me a hands free blowjob.

"Because it's the only way I will get to see her naked."

"You want to fuck her?"

'Yeah I do. I love fucking period, but I want to fuck a girl and after the first time we did it because we were so drunk I was so turned on by seeing the guy eat her out that I wanted to do it."

"Why didn't you?"

"Because I didn't think she'd want to. She pulled away a little whenever I brushed up against her. But it was just such a turn on seeing her fuck a guy with me that I can put up with her hogging the cock and not letting me fuck her. I always cum hard anyways but I would like a couple more of those during our tag teams."

I pulled the girl's mouth off my cock and her friend then took her place. Deepthroating me had caused her to drool a bit. I again used my hands to assist the girl before me with giving me a hands free blowjob while I questioned her friend. "What's you're reason for double teaming guys."

"I first did it because I was drunk and horny and so was Sharon," Sharon I assumed was the one blowing me. I forgot that I had not asked their names. I rarely do unless I plan to use whatever information I get in real life and I was now planning to. "I did it those other times because it was so hot fucking a guy with my best friend watching me that I have the best orgasms I ever had."

"Would you want to fuck Sharon?"

"I've thought about it but I don't think so. Having her watch me is hot but her touching me like that makes me feel weird."

"Even if you were incredibly horny."

"I am already very horny so I don't think so."

"We'll see about that. Take off your clothes."

The girl stands up and tosses her clothes aside standing before me completely naked. I looked at her shaved wet pussy. She was so horny that she immediately began playing with her pussy. I really wanted to test her commitment to not having sex with Sharon. She wasn't lying but then again she can always change her mind later. The key was to get her horny enough. I looked around and saw two guys walking by a booth some club on campus was setting up. I had them grab some rope from the set up and come up behind the naked girl and tie her to the tree. They left her with her facing me and Sharon. She had her hand tied together around the tree. They did the same with her ankles leaving her legs apart.

She struggled and thrust her hips trying to get free. I was disappointed in the lack of movement her breasts made but they were still spectacular. I pulled Sharon of my cock and stripped her as well. Her breast weren't as large but the feel of them made up for it.

"Oh before I forget, what's your name?"


"Ok Laura. Do you want Sharon her to suck on your tits." I saw Sharon's desire for her to say yes and then quickly vanished when she refused. "Well maybe you'll change your mind later."

Sharon then leaned on the tree placing a hand on either side of Laura's body so her head was right in front of her tits. She had her legs spread and I started fucking her from behind. Sharon began to moan and push back. She then began to verbally explain what she was feeling to Laura, something they probably did whenever they fucked a guy together.

"Oh my god Laura, he is fucking me so good. The feeling his cock gives me as he parts my pussy is incredible. I am getting so wet. Can't you hear my wet pussy as he plunges deep into me?"

"Oh god" began Laura, "I can't move! Please let me go so I can at least play with my tits. I need some stimulation here!"

"You can have stimulation, but only from Sharon. She can suck on your tits if you want. She is right there."


"Oh god! He's hitting my g-spot. Oohhhh!" screamed Sharon as she orgasmed.

"Oh god I wish that was me. I want it so bad. Sharon suck on my tits."

"Beg for it." I said.

"Sharon, please suck on my tits." Sharon dives on those tits and begins to devour them. Laura gives out a moan of pleasure but its obvious she wants more. "Oh god! Play with my pussy while you suck my tits. Please! I want to cum! I want to cum!"

Sharon drops one hand down and begins to rub her pussy and then inserts a finger. Laura gasps as her friend's fingers enter her. She desperately starts to hump her hand with the little mobility she is allowed by her restraints. All the while I continue to plow Sharon fro behind and give her a second orgasm.

"Do you want to eat my pussy Laura?"

"Oh god, I just want to cum!"

"Do you want to eat my pussy?" responds Sharon with authority as she withdraws her fingers.

"No! Keep on finger fucking me, please! I need to cum!"

"If you eat her pussy, I'll make you cum." I said to the frustrated Laura.

"Yes, I will eat your pussy and suck on your clit. I'll make you cum! Just please, make me cum!"

With that we untie Laura. She stumbles and falls to the ground and Sharon immediately pounces on her. She immediately pins her down and sits on her face. Sharon then begins to moan and grind her pussy. I could here Laura's struggles to breathe. I kneel down and place my dick at her pussy. I hear some muffled sounds that I think said "put it in" but I couldn't tell for sure. I thrust forward and am surprised by the ease of entry. Her pussy was flowing with juices, which negated nearly all friction. With each thrust I make a little more pussy juice comes out of Laura. Its not long before Laura is shaking and screaming into Sharon's pussy which finally gives Sharon her third orgasm, which pales in comparison to the one that Laura had.

I instantly have them get up and double-team my cock once more. Laura begins sucking my cock while Sharon licks my balls. I soon exploded into Laura's mouth and Sharon instantly goes up and kisses her deeply, taking some of my cum with her. They begin to make-out passionately. I decided it was about time to get to my next class, but I decided I wanted to know one more thing about them.

"If I came up to you girls and started chatting you up, would you consider double teaming me?"

They look me up and down and simultaneously say, "Yes." I smile and return to the real world. The book I was reading was actually a little interesting. I might enjoy that class. I look over to Sharon and Laura who had begun to gather their things to leave. I considered going up to them, but decided to leave it for when I have more time. Hopefully they planned to make this lunch get together a routine. I then gather my things and head for my last class of the day.

At home I think briefly on how I could score with both Laura and Sharon in real life, but my mind quickly went to Jenna. There was just something about her that greatly appealed to me. I just had no way of explaining it. I just didn't want to fuck her, I wanted to experience this woman. I wanted to take my time, more time than the 2-hour class allowed. I wanted to touch every part of her at once. God, I even wanted to talk to her. I would not have that class again for two days and my chances of seeing her on campus was not good considering the size of the school and the population size.

I then considered how I would use my powers on her. Should I just fuck her, make her act out a scenario, fuck another girl with me, or just watch me fuck someone else. I instantly began to get a hard on as I remembered her watching me fuck my professor. God, what is it about that girl? I suddenly became frustrated with not being able to figure out what attracted me to her so much. I never believed in that, "love at first sight" bullshit, but I could not deny an instant attraction that went beyond mere physical and lustful desires. I wanted to talk to her again in real life. I wanted to make her scream my name in passion.

I just couldn't take it anymore. Twice in a day is usually the limit I place on using my ability, but today I had to use it again. I had not eaten dinner so I decided to go grab myself something to eat. I grabbed a book to keep me occupied. I actually had quite a few books because I needed something to occupy me in real life while I used my powers in certain situations like this. I headed down to the nearest fast food place. I slowed down in front to see if I can see anybody cute that was working the register. I was lucky and there was.

I parked and walked in with my book. I checked her out from the waste up. She had a nice sized rack, beautiful eyes, and black hair under her fast food cap. She skin was naturally tanned because she seemed to be Hispanic, but far from those barrio chollas (ghetto bitches), which annoyed the hell out of me. I came up to the register and she greeted me with a great smile. Something you didn't always get in a lot of fast food places. She must be new. The job hadn't been given the time to break her spirit yet. Still, I appreciated the smile and decided to flirt with her a while in real life and depending on how she acted, was how I was going to treat her in my world.

"Hello, may I take your order sir?"

"Thanks for the great greeting. They don't do that everywhere."

"Yeah well, this place hasn't broken my spirit yet."

I couldn't help but laugh. "I'm glad I came before that happened and might I suggest that you quit before that happens because you're smile is to beautiful to lose."

She seemed a bit embarrassed but still receptive of my compliment. "Thank you sir. Now what will you be having?"

"Well, I guess I'll take a number 5."

"Will that be all?"

"Actually I would like you to take a break and eat with me."

Again I had embarrassed her but she still seemed receptive. "I'll see what I can do sir. That will be $4.59." I hand her the money. "Thank you sir. You will be number 48 and here's your cup."

"What great service. I hope the manager knows what a great employee he has here."

"Hopefully they do sir."

"Well, just in case they don't." I move to the side and yell out into the kitchen. "You guys have a great employee up front. I will come back only because of her. She deserves a raise." There were a couple people in the kitchen that were now laughing. I look at the girl and she again is embarrassed, but this time a bit shocked and yet not seemingly mad at all. "Now they know what a great employee they have."

"Uh, thank you sir."

"Enough of the sir stuff. I'm Robert." I extend my hand and she shakes it.


"Nice to meet you and hopefully you will be able to take that break right now since it is pretty dead."

"I'll see sir... I mean Robert."

I fill my cup with soda and take a seat to await my food. I open my book and use my power. I hear someone approach from behind.

"I hope you're hungry." Calls out Clara. I smile as she sits on the table in front of me.

"I am, but I don't have anything to eat."

She unbuttons her pants. She lifts her ass to slide them down, along with her panties, then leans back with her legs in the air and proceeds to take them off. She spreads her legs and exposes a neatly trimmed bush. "Here, you can eat this."

I move her legs to my shoulders and bend down and taste her wet pussy. She immediately yelps as I nip at her pussy lips. She immediately brings her hands to my head guiding my licking and sucking. I had made her so turned on that she came within 3 minutes. I heard the napkin holder shake from the vibrations of her body as she came. She then pulls me out of the booth to sit on a freestanding chair she turns away from the table it was at. She then unzips my pants and takes them off. She dives on my cock like she had been in the desert for weeks and my cock was a water bottle. She only stopped briefly to take off her shirt and she was immediately back to work.

I eventually pulled her off my cock but then she went down to give me one more lick. She got up and sat on my dick facing me. She bounced up and down on my cock with great force. I had to get her to tell me a few things while she was fucking me.

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