tagMind ControlFantasy World Ch. 02

Fantasy World Ch. 02


Time seemed to be going slowly. The anticipation made it that way. I have never been more excited to go to class in my life. I had woken up early because I could just not sleep. Even though I was waking up next to a thoroughly fucked Clara, I just could not get Jenna out of my head. I thought back to yesterday and the sheer determination I had to fuck someone in real life and not just in my fantasy world.

The thought of Jenna had left me horny since I met her. My fantasy world powers took care of my desires mentally, but I still needed the physical release every once in a while and I sorely needed them then. I decided to go back to Clara's job to see if she was there. I was elated to see her there cleaning a table. Having had a friend that had worked there before I had some idea of the shifts they had and one of them should be ending soon. I hoped Clara was on that shift. I went in caught Clara by surprise.

"Oh hey. You're Robert from last night aren't you?"

"Glad you remember me."

"Well, it's hard to forget a guy that screams my praises into the kitchen to get me a raise."

"Did you get one yet?"

"Not yet."

"I'll have to write a stern letter to the corporate office."

"Think that will work?"

"For such a beautiful and hard working employee as yourself, I have to at least try."

"Please, don't say things like that." She looked away in embarrassment. I was sure looking the way she does she got a lot of catcalls but very few sincere compliments, especially in public. "Anyways, do you want to order anything, I am actually almost off, but I can take your order if you want?"

"Actually, I only came two days in a row for you. Now that you are leaving I really have no reason to be here. Besides, what I would really like to order is you, but that's not on the menu." She laughed when she realized that it was not a serious pick-up line but a joke.

"Funny. I wish all customers could be as funny as you."

"So, you said you were off soon?"

"Yeah," she looks at her watch. "In about five minutes actually."

"Have any plans?"

"Uhh, no I am actually free. What about you?"

"I was actually just going to come here and see if I could catch you on your break."

"Well, I'll be on break until tomorrow afternoon. You live close by?"

I smiled at her obvious implications. I waited for her to get off and she followed me home. We went in and I was very horny but I managed to control myself. She took a quick look around my apartment and sat on the couch.

"So you live alone?"

"Yeah. I don't live well with people so I got my own place. I can deal with people visiting or spending the night ever once in a while," I looked straight at her as I said that last part, "but for now, I like my space."

"I completely understand."

We continued talking for a while and I paid close attention because I wanted to fuck her but I also wanted her as a possible booty call so the longer we talked and formed at least a general friendship, I could keep in touch with her and call her back. I knew she would love the way I fucked having found out what she liked. Although I just had to worry about stamina. In my fantasy world, if I came, I could still go. It was different in reality. I needed to make this woman want me again.

Eventually we had inched closer together and I place my hand on her thigh and met no resistance. I was deliberately going slowly to get her worked up. If I went too fast, she would not give me the same passion she would give me if I got her as horny as she could get. I eventually noticed a change in her breathing patterns as I moved my hand to her inner thigh. She wanted me, but she wasn't at the level wanted her at. As we talked, words became harder to say for her. She often fumbled with her words, sometimes forgetting what he was going to say and having to restart her sentence.

I got up right next to her making our bodies touch as I rubbed her inner thigh through her pants. She looked a bit flushed and I began to nuzzle her. I could feel the heat from her face. I began to kiss her neck and she stopped talking and gave a sigh. I wrapped my free arm around her and brought her close to me.

"You're beautiful, you know that?" I often found that women preferred me saying that before sex. During sex was another story; I could call her whatever I wanted. Before, however, I had to show a bit more respect and reverence before I fucked her like a slut.

"Yeah right."

I turned her face to me and kissed her softly on the lips. That was all she needed. She wanted to fuck me now. The kiss soon became more passionate as she turned her body on the couch so she would not have to have her neck tuned to the side. She climbed on my lap. She opened my mouth and sucked on my tongue. I suddenly remembered the great blowjob she gave me in my fantasy world. She began to sway her hips and grind her hips into me as she pinned my arms to the wall behind me. I let her have the upper hand for about one minute before I overpowered her and yanked off her shirt. I unclasped her bra and just looked at them.

"God, please suck on my tits." She tried to pull my head towards them but I resisted.

"How bad do you want it?"

"Bad, I want it so bad!"

"How do you want it?"

"I want it hard. Please, just suck on them hard and fuck me even harder!"

That was all I needed as I immediately sucked her tits like a vacuum. I lifted her up with my lips still on her tit and took her to my bedroom. I tossed her on the bed and got on top of her. She held me tight to her chest as I continued to suck on those breasts. I was sure I was going to leave marks the next morning. I moved my hand down and unbuttoned her pants. I began to slide them down slowly. She was having none of that. She pushed me back and quickly removed my shirt and slipped off her pants and panties at once. That familiar pussy greeted me.

I moved my fingers down and started playing with her clit. Her hand immediately went down to tell me to apply more force. I rubbed her pussy as she pushed back against my hand. She then began to fumble with my pants but could not undo my belt. I reluctantly left her pussy and undid it for her. She immediately went for my pants and forced me out of them and pushed me back onto the bed. She swallowed my half erect cock in her mouth and brought her pussy to my face. I still could not help but be surprised by her aggression and sheer horny behavior despite having already experienced her in my fantasy world.

Clara had me hard in seconds as I licked her pussy. I pushed a finger into her, which made her moan on my cock. I almost lost it after feeling the vibrations of her voice. I could feel her wetness and realized she was ready to be fucked. I pushed her off of me and her lips left my dick with a pop from the suction. She was still on her stomach and I kept her there when she tried to turn. I got behind her and I saw her grip the sheets in anticipation. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down getting it wet with her juices. She tried pushing back but I quickly jerked away and she gave a groan signaling her frustration. I wanted to tease her a bit more.

"What do you want?"

"Oh god I want that cock!"


"Because you got me so turned on. I want to feel that cock inside me so please just fuck me?"

"How do you want it?"

"I want it hard. I want you to make me scream. I want you fuck me harder than anyone you have before. Now stop teasing me and fuck me!"

I could not tease her anymore and I began to slowly push in. The grip of a pussy around your cock as it struggles to get used to you is always better in real life. It took all I had not to blow my load. I pushed myself all the way in slowly so she could get used to me. She moaned as I reached as far as her anatomy would allow. I slowly pulled out and then quickly rammed myself back in. She gave out a yelp as I hit her cervix. I thought she would tear my sheets to pieces as I continued to pound her. Her tits were mashed into the bed as her hips were up receiving my thrusts. I stop for a second and she groans in disappointment.

Without letting my cock escape that wet pussy, I reach behind me and grab a pillow. I fold it and put it under her hips. She now had an easier time keeping her hips up to fully accept the power of my thrusts, and take it she did. The sound of our flesh slapping together filled the room. It was beginning to hurt me a little so I could only imagine her. By now her throat was dry from the screaming and if I was hurting her I couldn't hear her protests. She never tried to move out of the way though and continued to push back slightly every once in a while.

I felt her shake as she had an orgasm and I did not change my pace at all. I kept pounding her building my own. I reached in front of me and pulled her hair slightly so she would get up on her hands and knees and push back against me. I never let go and pulled it every once in a while to spur her on. She had her second orgasm and that was all I could take. I erupted stream after stream of stored cum into that sweet pussy. She screamed again as she felt the hot fluid enter her.

She collapsed in front of me as I rested on my heels. She then slowly got up and walked to the bathroom to clean her self up. I grabbed some tissues from my dresser and did the same for me. It was hard though because I had made my cock raw. As I finished so did Clara. She walked with a bit of difficulty to my bed and got under the covers. I got in under with her and held her close touching her and getting a few moans from her. I knew that we were both in no shape to go at it again so we just slept. Before I dozed off I looked over at the clock and saw that it was only ten o'clock. My mind then thought, "12 hours until I see Jenna." And I fell asleep.

That was last night and I woke up at 7:30, an hour before I usually do. I had not gotten the crack of dawn classes because I did not want to wake up so early yet here I was sitting in bed thinking about what I was going to do in class. I then felt Clara stirring next to me.

"Mmmm," she moaned in her sleep. She finally managed to open her eyes and saw me sitting up. "Good morning lover."

"Good morning beautiful."

"Don't tell me you have to go to school already?"

"I got about an hour and a half before I have to leave. What do you have in mind?"

"Oh god, I would love to go again but you left me sore."


I yanked the sheets off of her and got down between her legs. I looked at her still red pussy lips. Damn, I had fucked her really hard. I ran my fingers on her pussy and she winced a bit.

"Oh, watch it. I am still sensitive down there." She pulls me up to her body and I made sure to kiss her tits on my way up before she locks her lips on mine. "You smell like sex. You can't go to class smelling like that."

"You can't go to work smelling like that either."

"Maybe we should shower together then?"

"Not sure that's a good idea. Seeing you lather up that body might make me lose control of myself and you said you were sore."

"My pussy is, but my mouth is fine."

We go off to shower together and she teased the hell out of me. She had my cock standing at full hardness for 20 minutes with the lathering of my body and hers before she finally kneeled down in front of me. She worked her magic as she swirled her tongue around my aching cock. She drove her head forward and then back, each time getting a little more of my cock in her. Porn stars could not have done a better job than this girl. She had me cumming in 3 minutes allowing me to spray it all over her. She looked so used for moments before the running water washed away my spunk on her chin and chest.

"Ok well, I better go. You still have my number right?" I was a bit weak from the great blowjob and nodded my head. "You better use it then." She flashed me that great smile again and stepped out of the shower while I stayed a bit longer to fully recover. When I got out I saw her down the hall by the door with her hair still wet. She blew me a kiss and left for home.

I looked at the time. I had an hour before I would normally leave. I took my sweet time getting ready and made myself a good breakfast now that I had the time. When I got to class I scanned the room for Jenna and I saw her sitting near the back, but no seat next to her. Shit! I wanted to be physically near her but I guess I would have to settle for my fantasy world. I still got a seat that was considerably closer to her than last time. The Professor had just walked in when I used my power.

I looked straight at Jenna just admiring her from afar. She looked back at me a bit embarrassed. I wanted her to come to me but nothing happened. I was suddenly very irritated and confused. The only time this had happened was when I had attempted to kill someone in my fantasy world. My subconscious would just not allow it no matter how much that person pissed me off. I did manage to beat the shit out of him though. Was my unconscious mind somehow blocking this command? But why would that happen? I decided to test something else. The guy that was sitting next to her got up and sat on the floor in front of the class. Jenna seemed extremely confused and looked around and wondered why nobody else reacted.

I was more confused now, but I was not going to miss my chance to be near this girl. She watched me all the way to the seat next to her. She looked at me with a bit of fear and that made me feel horrible.

"Don't worry beautiful. I won't hurt you."

"Robert, wasn't it?"

"I'm flattered that you remember."

"What's going on? "

"Nothing you have to worry about."

Somehow I had managed to calm her down and we made awkward conversation. I made several sexual suggestions but she refused each one. What the fuck was going on? I had no control over her and that initial fear was still there; although she didn't seem to be afraid of me specifically anymore. Before I knew it, class was over. At times when I was in deep concentration, time in my fantasy world did not always sync up with real life and now was one of those times. With class over I decided to turn off my powers and I suddenly relived my disappointment as my real self received the memories of what had transpired. I looked at Jenna and she had a stressed look on her face. She quickly left without hesitation but managed to glance at me with wonder in her eyes.

I left utterly frustrated. I did not see where Jenna went off to so I decided to just go to the quad. I hoped to find Sharon and Laura and set up that threesome. When I arrived I found Laura and Sharon sitting in the exact same spot. I took my time getting there and used my power. I quickly walked over to them and listened in to their conversation.

"God this party is going to be great! I am going to get so wasted." Said Laura.

"Does that mean you'll want me to help you double team a hot guy?" asked Sharon.

"Is that all you can think of when we go to these parties?"

"Me? You're the one that practically drags me by the hair up to the room where the guy is waiting for us. I know you love fucking a guy and being watched."

"Yeah well I can't deny that, but you can't deny that it is hot."

"I can't because I really enjoy it. I just hope the next guy lasts longer."

"As long as I get mine, I don' care."

Sharon gave her a shocked look, which turned into a playful angry one. "You cock hogging bitch. If you are going to keep the cock all to yourself then I demand that you be the one to get me off."

Laura laughed not realizing that Sharon had actually meant what she was saying. I decided to concentrate on locking the potential real life threesome instead of using my powers. I had my next class to get off anyways. I returned to the real world and approached them.

"Hey, I'm Robert. Sorry for being so abrupt but I was passing by and could not be helped but be drawn in by your beauty." The girls seemed shocked that they got more than the usual "you're hot" line.

"Wow Sharon, he actually said beauty." Women sure do love that word.

"He did, how respectful. Please sit down."

I was in! I used my powers quickly in bursts finding out the best way to lead the conversation and answer their questions. I had gotten an invite to a party on campus and made to promise to be there. I was satisfied and left for class, but not before receiving a couple of hugs and their phone numbers.

I was pleased with myself but my thoughts could not keep away from Jenna for long. That frustration returned and I was so distracted that I bumped into someone entering my next class.

"Hey watch it."

"Oh sorry."

"You better watch out where you're going you bastard."

"Hey I said it was my fault now come off your high horse and just accept it."

"What did you say?"

The guy obviously angered easily. His attitude started to piss me off after what happened with Jenna and we might have started a stupid fight if not for his girlfriend.

"Hey Ray, stop it. Don't cause trouble we're in class."

"You're so lucky my girl is here or I would kick your ass."

"I guess so." I said in a sarcastic tone showing him he did not scare me at all. I was considering saying something about being so whipped that his girl has to stop his fights before he gets hurt, but I decided this wasn't the place for a fight. Besides I knew a way I could take revenge.

When class started I used my powers and went across the room where that Ray guy was sitting with his girlfriend. I checked out his girl. Not bad at all. She had shoulder length auburn hair. She was a bit on the skinny side and flat chested, but overall not bad at all. She definitely had a cute look going which seemed weird that she would be with a seemingly violent boyfriend.

"What's you're name?" I asked.


"Stand up on the desk for me and turn around."

She listened to me and got up and turned her back to me. I grabbed her jeans covered ass getting a feel for her. "Take of your shirt and bra." She did so, but this time with a bit more hesitation. Her real life dislikes of her body were filtering through into my world. "What don't you like being naked in front of men?"

"I am just self conscious about my chest. I don't have big boobs." She said as she reached behind her to unhook her bra.

She threw her bra to the side and I looked upon what had to be B-cups at the most. They weren't microscopic but certainly not large.

"Well big boobs aren't everything. They go along with the rest of you. You have a very cute look going."


"You're welcome. Now lose the jeans and panties too." She again hesitated but complied. "Just pretend you are taking off your clothes for Ray."

"I don't like doing it for Ray either."

"Why not, he's your boyfriend isn't he?"

"Yeah, but I still don't like to."

"What about when you have sex."

"I don't like sex with Ray all that much."

"What?" screamed out Ray when he heard his girlfriend insult his bedroom performance. He looked angry but I had paralyzed him so he could only watch and listen. Melissa had been startled and stopped taking off her cotton panties.

"Melissa, go ahead and finish stripping completely. Ray, shut the fuck up ok."

"What? You son of a bitch, how are you doing this? I'm gon...uhh." His mouth suddenly stopped moving. I had locked his jaw wide open.

"Sorry, about that Melissa, he won't bother us now." Melissa nodded and stood before me on the desk completely naked with her hands in front of her covering her sparse bush. Damn, she was so cute. "Turn around again Melissa." She shyly did as she was told and turned around. I again grabbed a handful of ass and gave a little squeeze. I could feel Melissa tense up and Ray make gurgling noises beside me. "Relax baby. I am going to make you enjoy this."

"Well, none of my past sexual experiences have been all that great."

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