tagMind ControlFantasy World Ch. 04

Fantasy World Ch. 04


I walked into the house and was greeted by the familiar sights, sounds and smells of a college house party. The booze was flowing, the girls were wearing revealing clothes, the sound system was pumping the same dance music you hear on the radio all day, and everybody was trying to forget the paper they are going to be rushing to finish Monday at 6 in the morning when its due in class at 10. I walked in, forcing my way through the crowd trying to get to the beer. I had some nice contact on the way from some cute girls. I considered using my powers but my head was already buzzing a bit from the overuse of my powers and I was already planning on using them to seduce a couple of hot coeds. I greeted a couple of people I recognized and finally made it to the table with the booze. I saw the keg next to the table and I tried it out. I guess they didn't want to spend a little extra for the good beer. I went to the table full of booze and found myself a bottle of the good stuff in one of the coolers. I looked for a bottle opener, but found none. I was still looking around the table when someone outstretched their hand from behind me with a bottle opener. I turned around and saw Sharon with a smile on her face.

"Hey, I was looking for you." I yelled over the sound of the music.

"Hey Robert. Glad you could make it."

"I never turn down invites from such beautiful ladies."

"Thank you." she batted her eyelashes a little. She handed me the bottle opener and then led me out into the back yard, the only place quiet enough to talk. With my head buzzing before I even had any alcohol in me I again used my powers in short bursts to best lead the conversation. We talked quite a bit for a while and only left to get more booze. The hard liquor was surprisingly still around so I managed to mix three pretty strong drinks. Both Sharon and Laura finished them much quicker than I did and grabbed more. It was the same when the hard liquor ran out and we relied on the kegs. I used my powers to find out the reason for the amount and rate of alcohol consumption and I got identical answers from each girl.

"That's what we always do at a party and we're trying to give you a reason to offer us a ride home if all goes well."

Now I don't usually drink enough to be tripping over my own two feet... usually, but now I had a better reason to limit my alcohol intake; so I can still drive these two sexy ladies home when they can't. When they had a good amount in them they asked me to dance, and of course I accepted. They may have asked for a dance but I think it was more like foreplay. They rubbed up against me more than the average girl. Their tits were smashed up against every part of my upper body at one point or another. They also used my thighs to rub their pussies. I didn't need my powers to realize that it was going well. An hour later and three more cups of beer for each and they were ready to go. I noticed the alcohol hit them as they had a hard time walking in a straight line.

"So, how are you ladies going to get home? You aren't in any condition to drive."

"Sharon, what are we going to do I am way too wasted." Laura was trying to say that with sincerity but her laughing betrayed the fact that she knew exactly what they were going to do.

"Well I can't drive. We'll have to figure something out," answered Sharon while slurring her words.

"Well, I have to be the gentlemen here and offer you a ride. I can't have you take the risk of driving drunk,"

They were laughing the whole walk to my truck. I was expecting one of them to fall into the back seat, but instead Laura sat on top of Sharon. They did what they could to tease me on the way to their dorm. Some light rubbing of each other, skirts riding up. Laura even adjusted her shirt to show even more cleavage and I noticed Sharon's attention go from me to Laura's incredible fake tits. I might not have noticed it if I didn't already know that she lusted after Laura. It must have been like torture for her when Laura gave her a light kiss on the lips to tease me further because she thought it was the most she was ever going to get from her. I had to find a way to help her out tonight.

We arrived at their dorm and Laura had trouble opening the door. I helped them out and when we got to the dorm entrance they both gave me an enticing "come hither" motion with their fingers. I had rarely seen the lust I saw in the eyes of those two girls. In the elevator they got close and swayed to music only they heard. When we reached the third floor they led me by both arms, and Sharon also had a hand on my ass, to their room. They pulled me in and shoved me onto a bed.

"We'd really like to thank you properly for driving us home?" said Laura.

"Please ladies, it was no trouble at all."

"Oh, but we still want to do something for you anyways." answered Sharon.

Both leaned in and kissed me; first Sharon, then Laura. They took off my shirt and then took their turns making out with me while the other kissed and licked my chest and neck. The attention was exquisite but I had come up with a plan and intended to follow it.

"So you girls really want to repay me?" They didn't really answer, they just gave an, "uh huh." "Well, how about I make a few requests to better enjoy myself?"

I had been fondling both of them while they worked on me and I gave their nipples a little pinch through their shirts before they answered. Of course, I already knew they liked that.

"Anything baby," said Laura

"We're here for you," chimed in Sharon.

"Sharon, why don't you go put on some music while Laura here strips for us. Sharon hesitated for only a moment before she went to her stereo and turned it on. I heard a shuffle of CDs and then some light R&B came on. Meanwhile Laura stripped me to my boxers. Sharon joined me on the bed and continued where she left off, except now she had moved a hand down to my crotch. Laura got up began swaying to the music and found the beat quickly. It was a slow sensual dance and Sharon felt the effect it had on me.

"Ooo, looks like we have a big one here," she whispered into my ear.

Laura was now in her blue bra and matching thong. I adjusted myself so I could sit up a bit more on their pillows and pulled Sharon on top of me facing the show Laura was giving us. Laura was to into the music (drunk?) to really notice or care. I began to fondle Sharon as she watched the show and also began to whisper in her ear.

"You got a beautiful roommate." She merely nodded and then gasped as I began to rub her clit through her panties. "Look at that ass. She knows how to move it. Look, she going for her bra. Her breast must be spectacular." I pinched a nipple as Laura popped of her bra and then continued her dance. "Wow, incredible. I could just suck those nipples all night, couldn't you?" She gave another "uh-huh." I wasn't sure if she realized what she had just admitted. "Well, I'll see if I can get her to let you do that." Sharon just moaned and reveled at the sensations I was giving her. "Now it's your turn to give me a show."

Sharon snapped out of her daze. I motioned the now naked Laura to me and she immediately kissed me. I managed to tear her away from me and place her in the same position Sharon was in earlier. I grabbed her fake tits and pressed her into me. She rubbed her ass into my crotch and moaned. I noticed Sharon watching us and I motioned for her to start.

"Look at her." I whispered to Laura. "You got a hot roommate. Look at those tits bounce even with a bra on." I began to trace my hand lower and lower. I nibbled on her ear and noticed that Sharon wasn't looking at me but at Laura. The dance was for her and I was delighted when I noticed Laura staring back. Sharon turned around and slowly started sliding down her panties. Her pussy was glistening in the moonlight that came in. "Her pussy is wet. I bet it tastes great too. Imagine being buried between her legs." I used my powers to gauge Laura's reaction to all of this.

"I wonder what it would be like to taste her." She said.

"I'm sure she wants you to. Do you want her to do the same?"

"I think so. Can you help me go through with it?"

I stopped using my powers and continued to stimulate Laura during the show. My hand finally proved what I had suspected, Sharon's show was getting Laura wet. I began playing with her clit and only then did she tear her eyes away from Sharon. Her eyes rolled back and she leaned her head on my shoulder. I began to whisper in her ear.

"Have you ever done anything with Sharon?"


"Do you want to?" I slipped a finger inside of her.

"Not sure... oh... maybe."

"I think she wants to. Don't you Sharon?" I was no longer whispering and Laura's eyes flew open. Sharon had stopped her dancing as soon as I began playing with Laura's pussy and had carefully crawled onto the bed next to us. She was idly playing with her pussy.

"Why don't you let Sharon try what I am doing?"

Laura said nothing, but instead watched Sharon slowly moved her hand toward her pussy. Sharon moved her hand with care, like she was about to touch something hot. She was, but it wasn't going to burn her. When it finally made contact, Laura gasped, but still said nothing to make her stop. At this point I was kissing Laura's neck and playing with her tits. Finally Sharon began tracing her fingers all over Laura's pussy and when she touched her clit, Laura moaned a soft but deep moan.

Sharon was encouraged by this and slowly started to slip a finger inside. Laura moaned louder. I then started to push things even further. I whispered in Laura's ear, "I think she wants to taste you. Do you want her to taste you? Do you want to feel her lick your pussy and suck on your clit." Laura nodded and then gasped as a second finger entered her. "Tell her what you want. I know she'll do it."


Sharon was startled and pulled her fingers out. "Yes?"

"Can you please, lick my pussy?"

Sharon smiled and immediately dove in. I couldn't see exactly what she was doing, with Laura's big tits in the way, but Laura immediately responded. I continued teasing Laura's nipples as Sharon ate her out until Laura suddenly tensed up a let out a high pitched squeal. She took a little bit to catch her breath. By now Laura felt my erection and reached behind her while raising her hips, freed my cock and sat down on it. Her pussy was really wet thanks to Sharon and she started to slowly ride me reverse cowgirl. I suddenly remembered what I had gotten out of Sharon when I first used my powers on them, she hogs the guy's attention. I wasn't about to let Sharon feel left out though. I had made it a goal of mine to get Sharon what she really wanted. After a few minutes I forced Laura forward onto her hands and knees. I got behind her and slipped back in. I directed Sharon to get in position and grabbed Laura's neck and forced her into Sharon's pussy. She did what I had thought, she started licking her pussy. Sharon was not as awestruck by the situation as Laura was. She started giving orders.

"Lick it like you mean it... stick your tongue in there... yeah!! Like that!!... Now, suck on my clit..."

With Sharon's directions, Laura was able to bring her to orgasm. As soon as Sharon stopped squirming, I took that as my cue to get to the real fucking. I had been slowly fucking Laura with enough force to keep her stimulated but soft enough to let her eat Sharon's pussy. I saw Laura grip the sheets tightly as I increased the tempo and force of my thrusts. It wasn't long before Laura stopped licking pussy and picked her head up to moan in orgasm.

"Now I want some cock." said Sharon. I had thought that Laura would be the dominate one of the two, but now that Sharon finally got what she wanted, I think she wasn't worried about screwing up the chance to have sex with Laura.

Sharon moved next to Laura and spread her legs wide. I admired her slick shaved pussy for a moment before I positioned myself on top of her and attempted to slide into her. I say try because her pussy was so tight I couldn't do it. I had to grab my dick and slowly push into her. She obviously didn't have as much sex as Laura did (or at least not with dicks as big as mine screamed my ego) so I couldn't just slide in immediately and ram her into the next morning. I studied her face as she felt my cock splitting her open. I didn't have a problem with it; I always liked the feeling of sliding into a tight pussy for the first time.

When I was finally buried fully into her pussy and felt that it lifted some of the pressure off of my dick, I started to fuck her. She went wild as she wrapped her legs around me and screamed "fuck me!" I was surprised at how fast I made her come but then I looked to my side where her head was turned and I saw Laura playing with herself.

"Why are you doing that by yourself? Get over here and get her to do it."

Laura quickly moved to get her pussy over Sharon's drooling mouth. She didn't sit down and just left Sharon play with her pussy. I eased my fucking to give her the ability do it with some skill. I still gave her a couple of extra hard thrusts that made her cry "Ohmigod!" or "Fuck" in pleasure. Sharon eventually grabbed Laura's hips forced her pussy down so she could taste it. I saw Laura's face scrunch up at the first electric shot of pleasure followed by her leaning her head back and opening her mouth to moan a moan that no one could here. Sharon came again as Laura dropped a load of female juices on her face.

"I want to taste her on you." grunted Laura in lust.

Sharon crawled out from under her to rest as Laura leaned forward on all fours and took my cock in her mouth and savored Sharon's juices still on it. She was heavy on the tongue as she wanted to enjoy the flavors. I then saw Sharon crawl behind Laura and take a long lick of Laura's pussy. Laura moaned and I felt the vibrations. Each girl continued until Sharon came up to share my cock.

"We want your cum baby."

"Please, give it to us."

I loved it when girls beg. That shot to the ego was all I needed and just as I was about to cum, Sharon grabbed my cock and sucked out all of my cum. I was floored by the power of my orgasm and fell back as Laura called Sharon a bitch for taking all of my cum. Sharon responded with kissing her and sharing my load between them. Both girls were all smiles when their lips parted. I was tired and so were the girls. All three of us squeezed into the bed and fell asleep with one girl in each arm. We did wake up once more during the night and each girl took turns riding my face and cock then I passed out instead of falling asleep.

I woke up and found no one next to me. I tried to get up and was suddenly hit with pain in my crotch. Damn, they fucked me hard, especially in the middle of the night. With my abilities I have had a lot of sex in my life so I considered myself to have above average stamina, but they still fucked me past my limit.

I noticed that the sun seemed to be up pretty high and I wondered what time it was. I found my pants next to the bed and carefully reached for them to check the time on my phone. My phone was gone. I began to wonder if it fell out when I barely heard the clicking sound of a camera phone. I ever so slowly managed to get on my feet and put on my boxers and pants. It was difficult since my muscles were a bit sore from the sexual activity. I suddenly remembered what one of my conquests said after a night of fucking once, "If you're not sore the next day, you're not doing it hard enough. I stumbled a bit to the door and carefully peeked outside to make sure the girls didn't have anybody over. I found the girls giggling as they handled my cell phone.

"Hey, Loverboy." Said Laura as she hid my phone behind her back

"What are you girls doing with my phone?"

"Oh just a present for last night." answered Sharon.

"So you girls enjoyed yourself? I was a bit worried when I realized that was your first time having sex with each other." I wasn't actually.

Laura looked down a bit shy from the remark while Sharon shot me a shit eating grin. "Well it is college and it's the perfect time for experimentation." said Sharon. I had to laugh at the cliché and so did Laura.

The girls and I made a bit of small talk over some coffee before I had to leave. I had homework to do and the girls made sure to tempt me to stay, but they knew they had things to do as well, they just wanted to tease me a bit. I finally got my phone back and they made me promise not to open it until they called. I got in my truck and immediately got a call. My eyes went wide as Sharon's number came up and a picture of her with Laura sucking on her tit. I almost didn't answer.


"Ok now wait for Laura's call."

I hung up and got the call the picture was the same but positions were reversed.

"Thank you for the present."

"Oh there are more. Have fun with the rest. Just don't beat off to them to much. We want to be able to fuck you again and need to keep up your stamina. Bye Loverboy."

I checked the rest of the pictures, ten in all. Each one was better than the last, ending with them in a sixty-nine on the couch. I didn't even know my phone had a timer.

I headed home with my head buzzing but satisfied. This was the most I had ever used my powers in such a short period of time. I always had a fear of losing touch with reality which made it easier to not go nuts with my powers, but now it seems I couldn't even use my powers all that well anyways. When I got home I just crashed. I was still tired from last night's antics to do anything productive.

When I did wake up I just concentrated on homework. I had to take some aspirin to help with the soreness I was feeling all over. Luckily I didn't have much homework as it was just the first week but it did take me a couple of hours. I didn't study. I always found I could pass any multiple choice test if I knew as long as I usually paid attention in class. In fact it seems that that's all public school taught me was how to take tests to prepare for the state mandated ones so the school could get their funding.

When I was done I took another nap. My head still buzzed from time to time so I resisted the urge to have some fun with my powers. Laura and Sharon had given me enough anyways. I got a couple of calls from friends wanting to know if I was up for going out. I told them I was too tired and one of them asked enough for me to tell him why. He called me a lucky son of a bitch and told me to not use that excuse the next time because if I was man enough to fuck two girls I should be man enough to hang out with the boys the next day. He didn't know Sharon and Laura.

I awoke Sunday morning with that buzz still in my head. It wasn't painful only slightly annoying. Jenna started to enter my mind so I ran some errands and went to buy some clothes since I noticed some of mine getting worn to get my mind off of her. I, like most men, don't like shopping for clothes, so I planned to be in and out pretty quick. I bought a couple of shirts and a pair of pants and that that would hold me over for now. If I found I needed more I would just come back. I was about to head out of the mall when I noticed someone familiar on her cell phone. She had her back to me and I got close enough to hear her conversation.

"What do you mean you can't make it?... So what, you can fuck your boyfriend whenever... Fine, but you owe me." I came up as she hung up.

"How can a girl like you be stood up?" Clara turned around and instantly recognized me.

"Robert!" she came up and gave me a peck on the cheek.

We started making small talk and just naturally started walking with no particular destination in mind. It was a nice conversation, I got the feeling that even if she wasn't so smoking hot, I would like to hang out with her. Eventually she confided in me that her friend had ditched her because her friend's boyfriend still lived at home and had the house to himself, so she went over to take advantage of the opportunity. I mentioned it was better when your lover has his own place and that moved the conversation into a good direction.

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