tagInterracial LoveFar Away Joe's

Far Away Joe's

byGrey Eagle 286©

I turned the rental car to the left where the sign directed me. Nothing looked familiar. Twenty years was a long time. I drove on until the next sign said to turn to the right. Now I saw the building. I still didn't recognize anything. The parking lot was much bigger than I remembered. There were about twenty cars parked out front, not bad for ten in the morning. There was a sign saying additional parking on the side.

I parked and walked to the door. There were two doors, one said 'exit only', the other said 'entrance'. Made sense to me. A large sign said "Far Away Joe's Café. Totally Nude Dancers. Ladies and Couples Welcome." Another sign said "No alcoholic beverages sold or permitted on premises." Still another said "No Smoking Allowed Inside."

I shrugged and looked around. Everything was as neat as a pin. The outside was very well cared for. I entered and a very large man asked if I was a local. I grinned and said I thought I was going to be, but that I wasn't now. He told me there was a ten dollar entrance fee. I paid it and he gave me a printed sales slip with a number on it. He told me to present it when I ordered anything.

I went into another large room and saw a narrow stage along one side of the room. There were other rooms on each side. There appeared to be a large kitchen behind the stage. The stage had a long bar with bar stools facing it, behind it was an elevated stage. Brass poles were about every three feet along the bar.

Young girls in various stages of undress danced on the stage. Some stood on an unseen ledge, about a foot or two below the bar top and gyrated in front of the customers seated at the bar.

There were three dancers, they moved to dance in front of different customers who showed their appreciation by inserting money in the garters each girl wore around their thigh. A sign above the stage said the girls were not paid and that they worked for the tips. It exhorted the patrons to be generous.

There were several rows of tables parallel to the stage. I sat in one of those. A young gal wearing a lacey bra and shorts sat across from me and asked if I wanted to order. I ordered a coke. It was a dollar and a half. Reasonable price. It was marked on the slip. The three girls on stage were all totally nude now except for one who wore a pink fedora. Cute. All the little pussies were shaven and the tities jiggled enticingly. I enjoyed the show. Every now and then a customer would talk to a girl and usually push a bill under her garter. Each of them had a lot of bills sticking out of the garters.

I saw one squat down and talk to a man for several minutes. She stood and danced in front of him for a couple of minutes then put on panties and slipped on a little top. She stepped down and escorted the man down a hall to the right. There appeared to be a row of rooms down the hall.

Hummmmm. What was this? Surly not a brothel this openly. They were gone about twenty minutes. Another girl took her place on stage. She was tall and wore white platform boots that had about four inch platform and a ten inch heel. The boots made her walk in a different way. They seemed to make her breasts bounce more. I didn't care for them. (The Boots.) She stood on the step behind the bar and held two of the poles and pushed her hips in and out. Her pussy was within an inch of the face of the customer in front of her. She slipped her hands down the poles as she moved in and out. Now her breasts swung out and almost brushed his face. Nice place to sit. I toyed with the idea of moving to the bar. I wanted to get a better impression of what was going on first.

A cute girl stopped and asked if I had had a Private dance yet. I said I wasn't ready. There was a full restaurant menu printed on the table top. The prices were bit higher than a normal eatery would charge but with the scenery it was worth it. It would definitely be a nice place for guys to lunch.

I had noticed the room on the right was a shop of some sort when I had entered the place. I left the sales slip on the table and walked over and entered the store. It was an adult book store, the usual stuff. Girlie Magazines, XXX Magazines, Porn videos, DVDs and adult toys. Considering the entertainment, it should do well. Especially when a lonely guy was headed back to his pad.

I went back to my table and watched the girls for a few minutes longer. I looked at my watch, it was almost noon, the place was beginning to fill up. I got up and paid my bill. I asked the large muscular guy who took my money where I could find J.B. Martin. He told me to go outside and walk to the back of the building. He said I would see a sign saying Office.

I entered the office and was greeted by a young lady who asked my business. I told her I had an appointment to see J.B. Martin. She asked me to be seated. She looked at papers on her desk, she looked up and smiled, "You must be Joe Delaney."


She pressed a button on an intercom and picked up a phone. "Mister Delaney to see you. OK." She pointed to a door on one side of the room. I got up and opened the door and went in. It was larger than I had expected. From behind the desk rose one of the loveliest black women I had ever seen. She was breath taking. She was about five six or seven, light skin, soft brown hair, big brown eyes. She walked to shake my hand and greeted me warmly. "Hi! I'm J. B. Martin, won't you please sit down. I am so pleased to meet you after all these years of corresponding." I sat in a comfortable leather chair.

She asked if I had found a place to stay as yet. I told her that I had not, that we had been delayed by bad weather and I had only arrived a couple of hours ago.

"Are you going to live here permanently now?"

"Yes, there are too many memories on the west coast for me since my wife died. I thought I would come home."

"I was distressed to hear of your misfortune. We do have an apartment you can stay in until you get settled if you would like. We need to talk about how this is going to work. We have been partners in this business for twenty years, Joe, and it has been wonderful. You have given me a free hand. I really appreciate that."

"Miz Martin, I am the one who is appreciative. You have almost doubled the income every year from what was a backwater Bar and grill . The place was run down and barely breaking even. You wrote and wanted to lease the place and told me you wanted to bring in entertainment. Your proposal made me think, I liked everything you said. I really didn't need the cash at that time as much as I needed a tax write off. So then you proposed a partnership. I liked the idea. I was suppose to fly out and meet you, but never did. You agreed and started sending me checks every month. I told you to hold off on sending the checks until you completed renovating the place."

"Thank you, may I call you Joe, Far away Joe." She grinned. She was stunning when she smiled. "Call me Jenny, please."

"Jenny, you know this story better than I do. Let's just say I could not be happier with our partnership. I do not plan to become an active partner.

If I can assist you in anyway I would love to do so as long as it was not on a daily or permanent basis. I read with great interest your plan to open several more places like this in other cities. I want to stay your partner. No strings."

"You have just made me very happy, Joe. You are a perfect partner for me. You always have good advise and I have used several of your suggestions. When you have time we need to get together with the accountants and show you where we are. We have quite a large surplus on hand."

"I am at your disposal, I am foot loose and have no plans at all except to do some fishing. I sorely missed the fishing here."

"I didn't know you are a fisherman, I love it. Let me show you our boat. It belongs to our company. Come on, it is right out side the door so I can sneak off and play hooky when the sails are running." She came around the desk and said, " Wait a second." She kicked off her high heels and slipped on boat shoes. "Let's go." she grinned.

The boat was a thirty five foot sports fisherman. It was spotless and fully equipped. A young man was shining some bright work. He look up and smiled. "You ready to go out?"

"Not today Tommy, I want you to meet the famous 'Far Away Joe."

He looked at me, "Really, you are the man?"

"I guess so."

Jenny smiled at him and said, "He is going to be using the boat a lot from now on. When ever he wants to use it, it is his. Except you have to call me to see if I can go too." She grabbed my arm and pulled me aboard. She started to go up the ladder to the flying bridge, stopped and looked at me, She smiled and said , "After you." Damn, it would have been very interesting being behind her with the short skirt she was wearing. She delighted in showing me everything on the boat. Her enthusiasm was infectious. I was ready to go fishing. She was fun to be with. We went below to the cabin and we sat and talked fishing, she was surprised that I had been a light tackle fan and had fished the Keys extensively.

"Oh! I have always wanted to do that. I would love it."

"Well, I used to be friends with several guides down there. If you want I can see if I can set something up. Will any one in your family be going too?"

"I have no real family. No just you and I."

"Let me think, Have you heard of Flip Pallot, Stu Apte, Tag Gordon, Bill Curtis, or Lee Baker?"

Tommy looked at me with his eyes wide, "You know those guys? They are the best of the best, most don't guide any more they just have TV shows."

Jenny seemed impressed too.

I looked at her and asked if I could buy her lunch.

She smiled and said, "I would love it, but not here. Tommy get the car." She looked at me. "Do you have a rental? Baggage? Tommy can follow us to the condo and we can drop off your stuff. He can turn in your car later. You won't need it, we have several you can use, business, right?"

I said, "Right." Damn I liked this lady, the little dress she was wearing was adorable and I had trouble taking my eyes off of her. She ran in her office and returned wearing her high heels and carrying her purse. I thought her trip was worth it. She really looked hot in her heels. She held my arm as we walked out to my rental. I was proud to have her on my arm.

We arrived at her condo and took the elevator to the top floor. There were only two apartments on that floor. 1001 and 1002. She pulled a set of keys from her purse and handed them to me. I opened the door and let her enter first. The place was lovely. Tastefully furnished with a spectacular view of the intercostal waterway and the Atlantic in the distance. It was a two bedroom with two baths. Large rooms. Very, very nice. Tommy came in with my bags and I gave him the keys to the rental. The rental agency had it on my credit card so he would have no problem. He said he would be waiting for us in about half an hour.

Jenny asked if I would like to sit and talk for a while before lunch. We sat and she said, "Joe, I am so glad you agreed to continue our partnership. I was afraid you would want out. I wore this dress just in case."

"What do you mean?"

"I was going to use my charms to change your mind."

"Well the dress worked, you could melt a brass monkey in that little outfit."

"Thank you."

"How far would you have gone to get your way?"

"I don't know."

"I hate to tell you this, I have been reconsidering my decisions regarding the business, the cars, the boat, condo and all."

She looked shocked. "What do you mean?"

"I mean you get a chance to see how well your charms will work."

She didn't know how to take me. She was half frightened. I couldn't keep my face straight and it broke my heart to see her in distress. I grinned at her.

"I just can't stand to see you hurting, I was only teasing, please forgive me."

"Far away Joe, I think I like you better Far away." Then she started giggling. I loved that, it made her breasts jiggle delightfully.

She stood and I stood also. She asked, "Are you ready for lunch?" I nodded. She wanted to know if I wanted to go somewhere or if I would come next door to her apartment where she could fix us something to eat. I told her I was going to change into some shorts and be right over.

Ten minutes later I tapped on her door. She yelled for me to come in. I did. She had changed too. She wore a little halter top with tiny white shorts. Luscious. Damn I wished I had worn baggy shorts. Wow! She was good on the eyes.

She fixed us a nice tuna salad with fresh tuna. Excellent. I enjoyed every bite. I told her I loved the salad. When we were done I took her hand and led her to the patio. We looked at the ocean and agreed we should be out fishing.

"Jenny, You are a very, very beautiful woman. I like you a whole lot. I enjoy being with you. I want to learn more about you so we can be better partners. I have one problem, I can not believe you are the same person I have been in partnership with for going on twenty years, you are far too young. You can't be over thirty years old." She pulled my head down and gave me a kiss on the lips. Not a passionate kiss, just a friendly kiss.

"My, you are a sweet talking man, Granny used to say to watch out for sweet talkin' men, she said they would talk you out of your store bought teeth, and your panties too."

I said, "I am trying."

"I don't have store bought teeth."

"I didn't think you did."


"Just how old were you when we started together?"


"No, seriously, How old are you?'

"Forty one."

"I can't believe you, Kids?"

"One, grown and gone, you?"

"Two, grown and gone. I have to tell you that I have never been attracted to anyone like I am to you."

"I know exactly what you mean, and for me that is unusual. I prefer girls."

"Well, that works good, I do too."


"I like girls too. A whole bunch better than men. I love everything about girls."

"Are you ever serious?"

"It is hard when your heart is being broken."

I looked at her. She looked back. She said, "I think you really mean that."

"I do. Forget it. Let's talk fishing or business. OK?"

She looked into my eyes, she stepped closer. "No, I have to know something first." She took another step and put her arms around my neck and kissed me. I parted my lips and met her tongue half way. My arms went around her and I pulled her to me as tight as I dared. The kiss was long and passionate, for me anyway. We broke for air and she just stood looking at me. Finally she said, "Joe, I had to see if you turned me on. Now I know how to treat you."

She turned and walked over to a bar and asked if I would like drink.

I stared at her. "Well? What did you find out?"

"Do you really want me to tell you or do you want to find out on your own?"

I sighed and walked to the balcony wall. I looked over the water. I didn't see a thing. Tears ran down my cheeks. I felt her arms around my waist. I turned in her arms and looked down at her. She smiled gently at me and put her head on my shoulder. I put my hand under her chin and tenderly lifted her face and kissed her warm sweet lips with all the love I felt welling up in my body. She put her arms up and pulled me closer. I stepped out of her arms and softly said "Thank you, I will be out of your hair in just minute." I started across the patio.

"Wait, where are you going?"

"Can't say yet, maybe Mexico, Hawaii, Just don't know."

"Why are you leaving?"

"Sweetheart, I just can't do it, I can't see you all the time and know I can never have you. I am too weak for that."

"Wait, you don't have to go. I loved your kisses, especially the last one. Nobody has ever turned me on like that before, it scared me. I want you to stay. I need more time, I am all mixed up. But I do know I don't want you to leave. Please stay, please."

"I'll stay for awhile, OK. I want you to know this has nothing to do with our business agreement, you can tell me to go fuck myself and it won't change that. This is strictly personal, between you and I. I have no more claim on you than any other man. All I want is honesty from you. Hey, I am too old, too ugly, too white, too anything, the magic is just not there. What ever reason or no reason, that is good enough for me. Hey I am a big boy, I get over things."

"Joe, thank you for being you. I like you more than I can tell you. Let's give it some time, for the first time in my life I am not in control of my emotions. Let me sort things out. OK?"

"I don't think that is unreasonable, I know I came on like gangbusters. It wasn't right to do to you. You don't know me from Adam. Jenny, I'll tell you what, why don't you just call the club and have them send over two of the little dancers to give me private dances tonight next door. OK. I don't want them if they don't come with instruction books, OK? I haven't made love to anyone in so long I forget what to do."

"I hope you are teasing me again, I don't fix my girls up with anyone. How long has it been for you? I haven't had a lover in five years."

"I have you beat, double yours."

"What the hell is wrong with us. You are a very, very nice handsome man, I am not that bad looking. Why don't we have anyone who loves us." I saw a tear in her eye. I pulled her close and held her, "Maybe we are too careful, too wary, or too faithful. I just couldn't cheat on my wife even when she wouldn't let me touch her. It wasn't her fault she got sick. I just couldn't do it." My eyes got a little moist.

'My lover was killed by a drunk driver five years ago. I just haven't wanted to take a chance on being hurt again, I guess."

"Hey, girl, we all have our fears and doubts. We have to move on. It may not be me. But you need someone to love and to love you. If you had died first would you have wanted them to find someone in due time, or to live the rest of their life in misery over your death. I know you well enough to know you would want them to be very happy with someone, someday." She reached up and pulled my lips to hers. It was another long slow lovely kiss. She moaned a little and said, "That was very nice, I loved it. Lets go in and sit close to each other and hold hands or cuddle a bit and learn more about each other. I like everything I am learning about you when you relax and are just your self."

We moved in on a comfortable couch. We held hands and I told her about my life, how, I had come to own the club and the property. How my wife didn't like me running the place, and when her parents were ill and she wanted to go be with them I closed the place up and intended to sell it. I lifted her hand and kissed it as I talked, I rubbed it on my cheek loving the feel of it. I told her how I had loved to fish, I had done a lot of fishing and diving in South East Florida and the Keys, the islands and in the everglades. She seemed to move closer and I suddenly realized I had my arm around her and was kissing her soft hair. I loved her smell. I think I forgot to say anything for a long time. Then she told me she had had to leave home young and fend for her self. She had become an exotic dancer. She loved the dancing and did very well at it. She didn't like the life and had ideas about how she would run a place. She happened across my closed bar and went to the court house and got my address. She could not afford to buy it, renovate it, and alter it so she wrote and suggested partnership. I would be a silent partner and assume no liability. She struggled and when she was asked who owned the place she would tell them, Joe, who was far, far away owned it. When it was time to put a name on it she racked her brain but didn't like anything she came up with. Then a carpenter who was looking for work asked her if this was far away Joe's place. She jumped on it and that is how my name got on it. She now had her head in my lap and I was tracing her lips ever so lightly with my finger tip. She looked up at me and pulled my head down for a kiss. It was sweet and tender. It curled my toes. She smiled and asked me if she could take me out to dinner at her favorite place. I said I would love anything that let me be near her. She smiled and said that suited her to a Tee. She told me she needed a shower and a change of clothes. I said I did too and what should I wear.

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