tagSci-Fi & FantasyFar Pangaea 64: Wait Watchers

Far Pangaea 64: Wait Watchers


"What is Jack doing up there?"

Bianca Teleone was pacing the sailboat as it weigh anchor. She herself having sense enough to avoid their drifting away and leaving Jack behind. Finally, she looks about for the Sprite Iota and points toward the shore, "Don't just sit on the Dwarf's helmet filing your nails. Get over there and see if Jack's okay."

Iota in response folds her arms and defies her at first. Then, has second thoughts. Hopping up she nods quickly then zips off toward the rocks. Cozying up to Fenway as the orb gravitated in wait for his owner. Acknowledging her arrival the orb sang a series of pings toward her. Iota grinning at the ball just before gathering the nerve to enter the cliff dwelling.

Swallowing dryly Iota grimaces at the dank atmosphere within. Hearing voices she follows the vibrations until she spots Jack confronting an old hag in tattered black robes. Her face almost entirely shrouded by a cloak. Instead of rushing right up to Jack Iota chose to lay back in the shadows and observe. Call it fear. Call it uncertainty. Perhaps it was the hungry looking black cat that had moved to pacing the outer rim of the large stone cauldron. Its eyes immediately zoning in on Iota as her wings buzzed in the air. This made the Sprite hug the ceiling.

"Look Jack Ramse. Look closely into the oceans of time. See what is and what will be." Chattered Wretch. Her voice excited by the prospect of sharing her knowledge with an unexpected visitor.

"I'm more concerned over our Ganthorian friends here." Jack held back, "How did they end up here? Why?"

"Even the dead seek answers. I am aware of your friends cordial burial of their bodies. They thank you for their release. They have journeyed here to seek me out. My abilities they need of me."


"Yes. I am a medium. They may speak through me. Awaiting you they are."

"Me? Why me?"

"History has chosen you to defend it. You and all of your friends. Those you have close by and those you have left behind."

"I don't know about saving History. I'm only passing through. My curse kind of keeps me moving."

"Curses all. Those you call friends."

"What? Iota and Lowball?"

"Yes. Cursed all. Even the young woman impatiently waiting for you."

"Bianca? How is she cursed? I mean technically everyone in Pangaea is cursed. If not we would have lived long lives in our own timelines."

"Well said. Cursed all. Even me. Yet all cursed in other ways."

"There's a question I could use answered. Why can these few friends not get pushed away by my curse? Is it magic based like I suspect?"

"Magic yes. Infinite energies entwine. The nomad is not alone. They need you as you need them. Some die for you."

"Die? What?"

"In time. Fate will call."

"Right. For everyone."

"Some much sooner."

"Okay. Much as the heads up is appreciated I need to understand the Ganthorians better. You mind?" Jack pushes.

As if taking a deep breath Wretch extends her arms to her sides and chants a low pitch hum. In doing so one of the Ganthorian spirits takes note and literally joins her, body entering body. The feline immediately abandons its perch on the cauldron in favor of the rock floor.

"Thank you for coming Jack Ramse. My name is Science Officer Y'Mof. We have waited on you to reach us. The oracle has told us you would come. We linger in hopes to save our Princess."


"Kym'Ani. She who will rule the Ganthorian Empire."

"From Pangaea? Kind of a hopeless throne from here isn't it? I presume you guys come from the future."

"Yes. She must be returned to our home world. Her bloodline is that of Gods."

"Is that why Lucas Dorsey wanted her? Why he killed you all?"

"He does. We were foolish to ally ourselves with the Humans. They would take much from us. Kym'Ani wanted to share in our civilizations out of peace. We were betrayed by Lucas Dorsey. By Orin Ridge. We fled here in hopes to save ourselves. Gods interacting with Gods. To understand the DNA of Deities."

"You just said you had a God in Kym'Ani. Why did you not just study her?"

"We did. What we did not have was a Male God's DNA. Princess Kym'Ani wanted to breed with another God. To expand that which we need to survive. Dorsey had other thoughts. He wanted Kym'Ani for himself. To attain his own Godhood somehow. She fled him. He now has her. Dark days lie ahead."

"Where does he keep her?"

Before another word all of the Ganthorian spirits unify by pointing out to sea. Y'Mof continues, "In a place of congregation. Many races have joined together in this place. Each with their own motives. Dorsey has found power. He rules over them now. None may defy him."

"The images I saw of Kym'Ani. She looked very young."

"Appearance yes. Age on our world is different than that on Earth. Within our breed means nothing. To comprehend her true age would coincide with an Earthling age of 25."

"Looked 15 to me. I understand the differences though. Still seems wrong. So, if Dorsey has her then it's probably too late. It's likely he raped her and impregnated her already."

"There is time. Power he has, yet a Ganthorian cannot breed with a human before the rise of the hidden moon."

"Hidden moon?"

"Your world has two moons. One is beyond your field of sight. Behind the visible moon yet in orbit of Earth's gravity. The dark side as your people call it."

"Seriously? How could NASA and the History Channel not know about that?" He scratches his head.

"In your time the moon is gone. In this time it exists. Like the tides it controls certain features of the Earth. Beasts within. Just as in your time the secondary moon has merged with your larger moon. On a vibrational scale.

"I'm lost. Are you talking werewolves?"

"They do exist yes. But, no in this case the beasts would be the children of Kym'Ani. In order for her to become of child this moon must reach a pinnacle. Revealing itself above the larger moon."

"How in the hell does a moon have anything to do with her getting knocked up?"

"Have you not noticed our resemblance to Earth Lizards? Our females give birth to eggs. Under this moon she can give a human birth. Vibrational scale as I spoke of. As a human would. Dorsey cannot get her pregnant until the moon rises above. Her royal crest prohibits it otherwise. Interbreeding is not allowed. Only a God can override that."

"Then, that should rule out Dorsey."

"You are wrong. Lucas Dorsey has the DNA of a God. If not dormant until recently. That is why he forced our ship here. To enhance his genes. "

"You just said you came here for safety. Which is it?"

"We did not know of Lucas Dorsey's heritage until after we came here. None of his Majestic 12 knew. He sided with them and used their potential to join us as an Envoy between peoples."

"How the hell is Dorsey a God?"

"Much you do not know of the origins of this world. Crafted by the Gods. Conceived by One God. Gods who have lost favor. Abandoned here to live out their cycles. Children born. Each generation their Godhood wanes. Only a strand differentiates them from human. Dorsey has this strand. By coming back to the beginning he hopes to invigorate his cells and attain his rightful place among deities."

"That would mean Gods exist here now. Correct?"

"Yes. The world is quite large Jack Ramse. Each have found a place to call their own. Some peaceful. Others outspoken."

"Where do you and your fellow Ganthorians go from here? Are you stuck on this world or do you go to Heaven?"

"Heaven is who we all are Jack Ramse. Each at peace one form or another. We will travel. Wander just as you have been cursed to."

"Can my curse be removed?"

"It can. It will. When the time is right. You will know."

"That was Wretch speaking. Not Y'Mof. Is the connection fading?"

"Share we do." Wretch adds, "For awhile longer."

"There's something I need to know." Jack lowers his gaze, "Am I a Father right now?"

"Oh yes. In many timelines." Wretch responds only to have Y'Mof take over, "You must know something Jack Ramse. Your own heritage speaks to us."

"Meaning what?"

"You too have the God gene. Long faded as Dorsey's had. Here in Pangaea as you call it even you might find what once you were."

"I'm a God?"

"Descendent of yes. Within your bloodline your ancestors bonded with the Osirian race that moved here. Your last name must have made you curious. Ramses was a King in your Egypt. A line worth noting."

"Wait! I fathered Kings Wretch spoke of earlier. Are you saying that they were my children?"

"Children of children of children. Yes."

"My friend Ruby Goddard is pregnant right now. Is the baby mine?"

Y'Mof and his crew look at each other confused. Wretch forced to peer into her cauldron for answers. What she and Y'Mof discover complicates matters.

"It is unclear." Wretch shudders. This reaction made Jack growl.


Y'Mof closes his connection and fades back into his holding pattern. Leaving Wretch weak and wheezing.

"You're hiding something from me." Jack clenched his fists just as he hears the cat hiss behind him. Now crouched on the ledge of the window Jack had crawled in through. On looking the sea. Iota took the moment to join Jack in his temperament. Her arrival calming him. Something in her wings vibrations changed his mood instantly.

"He comes." Wretch shivers collecting her thoughts. Boney fingers touching her temples.

"He? Who? Dorsey?"

"He also. Yes. For now He who collects the dead."

"Riddles. Dammit." Jack walks over to the window to peer out. He could see Bianca and Lowball arguing. Peering out past them he notes a purple fog brewing in the distance. Too soupy to see through. It had to be bad.

Out on the boat Bianca had worn her nerves thin. Pacing about in her T-shirt and bikini bottoms she eyed the coast. From her pointed angle she could not see Jack in the windows shadow. Hands in her lions mane of hair she snaps.

"I can't take it here any more. I need to know if Jack is okay."

Lowball seeing her frantic nature felt obligated to try and calm her. Attempting a hug which went unnoticed due to he being three feet shorter than she. It was amazing that she hadn't trampled him in her excessive movements.

"Deep breath Lass. He be returning soon."

"WILL HE?" She blurts out. Finally, she had enough of worrying. Looking over the edge of the boat at the water she shakes her head first. Then her hands. In a bold move she steps one foot up on the boats threshold and grits her teeth. Lowball's eyes bulging at her actions. He lunges just as she launches herself into the air for a dive. In doing so Lowball snatches her bikini bottom with the intention of preventing her from leaving.

"Donae leave me L--ASS." Her tethered bikini bottoms were left behind. Lowball holding the cloth as her escaping body disappeared below the waves. Watching her swim against the tide the Leprechaun reached out with her bikini as if to remind her that she had left them behind. Then, he spots her own behind. Bobbing to the surface with a succulent beauty. He had to sigh. That led to snivels. He quickly realized that he was now alone on the boat. A man who couldn't swim. A man who had never been on a boat in his life. A man fighting sea sickness as it was. Tears well up under the stress. Tears that he dabs with her bikini bottom. It helped. The scent making him smile. For the moment.

Bianca battled the current. Jack made the swim look so easy earlier. It wasn't. Still, Bianca Teleone was a fighter. Always had been. Tougher than she looked. Not even the fear of sharks stressed her out at this point. She needed Jack Ramse. She refused to live her life without her new friend. It was hardly love. It was her sole connection to humanity. He was her rock. She would fight to reach his side.

Lowball grabbed up the binoculars and watched her every move. Whining as he spotted fins erupt from the depths. More sharks. In a panic the Leprechaun calls out, "BEHIND YE LASS! BEASTIES." His words unheard.

Jack stormed the window ledge after seeing Bianca's struggle. The cat evading his lunge to bolt back toward Wretch.

"Stupid girl. Sharks circling her. She won't make it." He frets, "Fenway! Pull Bianca from the water. Quick."

The hovering orb pings his response then zips out over the water. Firstly locating the sharks and forcing a gravitational nudge to make them heavier. As if a warning to back off. Bianca continuing her swim valiantly actually reaches the rocks and attempts her exit from the water. The battering of waves nearly pounding her against them. Up above Jack leans out the window to watch her. She was pretty remarkable. As Fenway races to obtain her Jack whistles at the top of his lungs. The drone stopping cold in the air to await his next command. Jack wanted to see just how dedicated Bianca could be. Her climb on the rocks was spectacular. As if she had done it before. Being from Crete it was a safe bet she had done her share of rock climbing.

Behind Jack, Iota fluttered over the cauldron peering down at the water with curiosity. Her attention not going unnoticed.

"Daughter of Menis and SQ'ewl. You seek to know your destiny?" Wretch extends a finger for Iota to perch herself upon. The cat prowling below with its tongue flipping in and out as if awaiting a morsel. Iota points at the pool below.

"O'tah home?"

Jack hearing O'tah's first word that wasn't just her name turned hesitantly. Making certain she was safe as much as his concern for Bianca below. The Ganthorians merely watching.

"Far from home Dear." Wretch sighs offering her the chance to stand on the cauldron ledge by resting her withered index finger on the stone. Iota steps down and leers into the water. Seeing others of her kind flying about in a green glow cast from living plant life. She could feel a vibration from the visions.

"O'tah miss family." She pouts. The visions looking up at her as if seeing her themselves. Her parents together reaching for her soon joined by hundreds of her kind. Iota begins dancing on the ledge giggling. Wretch merely hesitating as if absorbing the images into her mind. So much going on around her she grew negligent.

"The goat climbs the walls as it always does." She expresses toward Jack.

"Goat? Oh, you must be picking up on her Ram's head ring. Yeah, she's a trooper I'll give her that. I'm more worried about that purple fog in the distance. That's usually a sign of things getting lost in time."

"He comes. To collect the Ganthorians."

"Any way we can avoid that? Do they deserve being lost in Time further?"

"Not lost in time. To carry them forward. Where destiny lies."

"So, the Ganthorians still have a purpose?"

"Indeed. Rescue Princess they will. Not move on until." Wretch acknowledges as the black cat leaps back up on to the ledge crouching. Its eyes darting from the joyous Iota to her visions in the cauldron. The cat growling faintly at the visions.

"Kind of difficult succeeding that mission being ghosts isn't it?"

"Your friend Madigan would say differently. Would she not?"

"You know about Maddy even. How she died and came back as a ghost. She's managing both worlds now. Human and spirit realm."

"Trouble comes for your friends. Loyalty tested." Wretch pauses tilting her head, "Oh my!"

"Oh My? What are you seeing?"

"Many of one."

Iota hears her words then points at the water below which held hundreds of her Sprite family members. As if Wretch had meant them.

"Little help understanding that Wretch." Jack mentally nudges.

"Children. I see many children. Many, many children."

"Please don't tell me they're all mine."

"Oh, no. Not these. You will have many others." She again pauses to calculate with her hand as if writing on the air itself, "I am wrong. Yours yes." She seemed to doubt herself. Jack merely covered his eyes and groaned.

Behind him he hears a squeal as Bianca reaches the precipice. Upper body folded over the stone sill peering in with strained vision.

"Watch it back there." She calls out as Fenway rises above her curvaceous backside. He had carefully monitored her climb in case she needed help. Letting her do it on her own strength. Only a last second gravitational boost to reach the window felt upon her butt cheeks made her squirm.

Jack looks back, "Couldn't wait in the boat?"

"I missed you. I don't like being left alone with little people." She rolls to the floor. Hands holding her up as her body still hugs the wall.

"Leave something behind?" He raises a brow. She realizes her loss as she drops to the floor in a roll.

"That little gnat. He stole my bottoms." She fidgets growling under her breath, "Think I'll drown him like a--cat?" She spots the black cat long before even seeing Wretch herself. The feline hissing at her remark. Still disturbed by the visions in the bowl.

Helping Bianca to her feet Jack eyes her wet T-shirt hugging her massive chest. Nipples stabbing outward like bullets. She tries to tug her shirt low over her thighs but gives up quickly. It was too short to be of service.

"Live with it Jack." She grimaces.

"I was looking at the shirt. Ironic! Deep Purple." He then points out the window at the approaching fog. As Bianca notices she bulges her eyes.

"What is that Jack? Will it steal our boat?"

"Who knows."

Her attention turns behind them as she takes the room in. Ghosts of aliens. A ragged old crone in a blindfold called her cloak. Iota dancing beside a cat.

"Umm! Who are they?"

Jack smirks, "Meet the band. The ghosts are dead aliens known as Ganthorians. They inhabited the spaceship I lived in before striking out on my own. The old lady is called Wretch."

"Befitting." Bianca holds her breath as her eyes dart between she and Jack. Her body hugging up against him for warmth. He winced at her closeness but let it slide. Choosing instead to escort her with an arm around her toward the cauldron. He wanted to see what Iota was so happy about.

"O'tah party." The Sprite spins on her toes.

Bianca and Jack eyed the infestation of Sprites in the pools vision. Both taken back by the reaching Sprites. As if trying to bring Iota home. The cat promptly pawing at Iota with gentleness to keep her from getting too close.

"Your pet doesn't seem to like Iota getting too close." Bianca opts to mention.

"Pet not. Her eyes my own. To get too close to the visions can be deadly. Guardian she is."

"Not much of a guard dog." Jack shrugs.

"Beware! She is more than she seems. Guardian enough." Wretch appeals.

As the visions fade Iota begins to grow emotional. The cat's tail carefully comforting her without menace. Iota didn't seem to notice. The scene even made Bianca misty eyed. A moment of silence became necessary. Jack needed to think.

Down on the sailboat Lowball's emotional state led him to do what he always did when stressed. Salvage. In his time alone he decided to go through every single thing in the boat. Starting in the cabin. Rummaging through bags of clothing. Booty he might say. Fashion magazines written in French boggled his mind until he saw the bathing suit issue. A sheer nightie was presumed to be a bridal veil is cast aside. Then came the sexual toys. Butt plug examined he tosses it aside with a shrug. A vibrator buzzes in his hand making him jump and drop it to the floor. Stomping it until the outer plastic cracked. Batteries toppling loose from their chamber.

"Die Beastie." He snaps and plants his boot upon it once more out of victory. Once satisfied going through Bianca and her Greek friends things he turns to Jack's backpack. Discovering his Glocks he points out to sea after a closer look down its barrel. Trigger pulled to no avail. Luckily Jack kept them unclipped just in case of such a situation. With no luck he sits them next to him and delves deeper. In the pouches he finds a hard fruit. Attempting to bite its exterior found nothing juicy and succulent.

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