tagSci-Fi & FantasyFar Pangaea 71 : Polly Roger

Far Pangaea 71 : Polly Roger


The sea was ominous after dark. The moon a foreboding orange this night. The wind calm. Only the flipping of sails and the lapping of tender waves could be heard. That and lots of loud snoring. Especially from the nasal congestion of a certain Leprechaun named Lowball. Only Jack Ramse sat awake looking up at the stars. That is until the snoring woke up a resting Oracle.

"Would it not be easier to cast him overboard?"

"Don't you know his future?" Jack smirked toward the blindfolded Wretch who moved about in her cloak. Shuffling toward him she sat down on the deck in front of his feet.

"Indeed. Of a sort. Perhaps."

"Riddles all you got?"

"I see much. My new eyes a blessing. The Sprite is indeed a helpful young woman."

"Crazy all that magic stuff. Same for you. By the way you're looking younger every hour. What's up with that?" He raises a lantern to view her better.

"O'Tah's magic I presume. A new lease on life I have."

"So! While it's just you and I why don't you fill me in more on all this God business."

"God or Gods? You are of an Osirian bloodline. Aliens to this world All. Your generations begin and end with you."

"Meaning what? I sire kids then end their lives?"

"Some yes. Some no. Some reborn even as we speak." She eyes the way they had come from even through her blindfold. She felt the resurrection of a troubled young lad. Yet, her thoughts foggy on if he were indeed the child of Jack Ramse. The visions were convoluted. Jack scratched his scalp at the revelation.

"Osirian. Any relation to the Egyptian mythology? I mean last my folks told me I was German with a bit of French."

"We are all descendants of many blends Jack Ramse."

"Just Jack. So why do you go by Wretch?"

"Old. Decrepit. Blind. I have been known by Wretch for many years. My true name is Helena. Born in Pictish times. The Fates deemed me worthy to live a long life."

"You more than just an Oracle?"

"You presume a Witch. I prefer Sorceress. I dabble. Yet I see more than I possess. O'Tah's magic made my self taught lessons slip to the surface. Perhaps I will relearn that which I have forgotten."

"Long as you're on the side of good. Make no mistake I won't put up with treachery."

"Fear not. I live to serve not to lead."

"Then we'll get along just fine. You're looking around fifty years old now. Instead of a hundred fifty. You notice that even your teeth are correcting themselves?"

"Really?" She smiles and caresses her hair at the compliment.

"Still a ways to being a Supermodel Helena. Wretch. Whichever. Wonder where the de-aging stops? I'm not going to deal with another kid. I have three kids now."

"Old of life. Young of spirit. They respect you Jack Ramse. As do I."

"If Lowball doesn't blow us all up like earlier I might believe that."

"Curious he is. It is in his breed. Patience. His time is short."

"Short? What? Are you predicting that he's going to die? Soon I mean."

"Die not. Live not. A burden he will be."

"He's a burden now." Jack grimaces then smiles shortly after. He really liked the Leprechaun. He just had to make light of it. After all he did nearly set off a hand grenade and kill them all earlier. The runt's curiosity led him astray way too often. Jack didn't dig any deeper. He wasn't certain what to believe about all this fortune telling stuff.

"So, the black cat. Pet? Dare I say it your Familiar?"

"Pet not. Familiar not. Found me alone she did. Company much needed."

"I didn't see much food around that cliff dwelling. How did you two eat?"

"Feline hunt. Eat well we did."

"Mice?" He chuckles.

"Oh no. Deer. Lizards. Stronger than she looks."

Jack narrowed his eyes, "No way did that frail cat bring down a deer. Not even a newborn."

"You will see. In time. May I remove my blindfold in the darkness?"

"Long as you don't look up. I don't want Dorsey seeing the constellations. Might be able to tell where we are."

"Madman he is. God he is. He will find us soon enough."

"Exactly what I'm trying to prevent Helena...Wretch. The longer we keep him in the dark the easier we maintain the element of surprise. What can you tell me about Dorsey? What else do I need to know?"

"What else indeed. We are off course."

Jack pauses to growl and pinch the bridge of his nose, "How did I manage that?"

"Be not you Jack Ramse. Friend Lowball wished to learn how to navigate this long boat. You were asleep."

"I haven't gone to sleep once."

"Ah, yes. You are correct. That vision was of the future. It is often times hard to tell. Time here is quite difficult to decipher."

"Great. There goes my naptime. All five minutes of it."

"Can you not have the goat watch over the rudder?"

"Goat? I don't know why you keep referring her to Goat. What do you see about Bianca guiding us along?"

"Correct. I advise you not to slumber."

"Okay. Knock it off all this futures of everyone. I want to know things about Lucas Dorsey that I don't know."

Wretch lowers her chin as if attempting to sort her thoughts. After careful contemplation she finally looks up, "Dorsey is all powerful. He has accessed a forbidden ritual that predates this world. Yes, I know that we are upon a planet. While I come from an age that lacks of knowledge in such things I can see the truth. Look to the night sky Jack Ramse."

Jack tilts his gaze skyward toward the moon. While it appeared the same as always it did offer something interesting. A corona surrounds it in an eerie cast of blue light. Almost as if an eye were developing.

"What's causing that halo around the moon?"

"Two moons there are. One behind the other. 'Tis the season for it to split into two. Every one hundred years. The forbidden ritual begins its newest cycle. Dorsey will reclaim even more power when the astral body reveals itself at its peak. Lucas Dorsey will be empowered by the stars."

"Two Moons imagine that .How can he achieve that goal?"

"The Congregation."


"Yes. When all alien races unite to partake in the event. Dorsey will utilize their technologies. All of those aliens trapped here in this time period will focus on being released of this world. To return to the stars. To start over. They do not know that Dorsey will be their ruin. They believe in him. His persuasion is strong Jack Ramse."

"Mind control?"

"Yes. Even we will succumb the closer we get to him."

"Great. That means we need to keep our arrival away from his knowledge."

"Blindfold me you did."

"Yeah. But if it's mind control then he would sense our thoughts right?"

"Perhaps not. Control does not mean to read. He will be in search of a way to achieve this goal. Should he find that we will perish before the celestial event."

"Why did he abduct the Ganthorian Princess?"

"Love. She resents. Forced to obey. A wedding will come. Not only is he all powerful. Stronger he will become. On the event the Princess will also become powerful. Her heritage speaks of it. Dorsey will control her power as well."

"What the hell is this power?"

"While God genes born of great power not realized. Dorsey will siphon such power. Those not of this world will fail to know of their undoing. Blinded by Dorsey they are. As is the Princess. She resists but succumbs. A constant struggle. A God in every sense will be born."

"So. If I'm a God where does this leave me?"

"God genes you have. Without the power. That will come Jack Ramse. Did you not heal through a beetle?"

"Weaver bug. Alien variety."


"What?" He pauses.

"An Osirian Scarab. Although altered by the science of others. Yes, I did not say magic. Unlike you I know the future. To learn I must. Science and magic similar. Yet not of the same. I know much. I know very little. Of this I am sorry."

"You look tired. Go get some rest." He nods. Knowledge enough for the moment. "Weary you are. Scarab gives you energy. Not enough. Slumber you need Jack Ramse."

"I'm the only one I can trust to keep us on the trail of that Charon boat."

"I can see the direction we need to go. The Goat can keep us on course."

"Why do you keep calling Bianca the Goat? Because she wears that Ram's head ring?"

"A male ring upon a female. Forbidden. She shall learn."

"Now that sounds ominous. Is she in danger?"

"All are in danger. Of Dorsey. Of the Goat. Of the Boat that will capture us in the daylight."

"Boat? What?"

"Flag black. Red of deck. Bird of cage. Woman of the Future. Hunger. Danger to all." "Can we avoid them? Sounds like Pirates."

"Captured we shall be."

"We can't alter that future?"

"Good night Jack Ramse." Wretch rises awkwardly and stumbles toward the shelter of the small cabin. Jack grit his teeth. He didn't like the sound of eminent danger. He needed the silence to consider his options. The stars on looking his dilemma.

The night eases into dawn. The sun sharing its glorious light upon the blue waters of the inland sea. Jack stood his course. Eyes barely open but aware. All quiet as the snoring from the cabin dimmed. Within Bianca TeLeone awoke with dreary vision. Her slumber deep. As she regains her senses she feels a hot gust of air upon her cleavage. Lifting her head she peers down to witness the cause. A weight upon her left breast had stimulated her nipples through her nightshirt. A thin white cotton that concealed only enough to feel comfortable around the others. Drool all over her shirt revealed even more.

"Get off of me Toad!" She bellows as the Leprechaun Lowball jumped. His mouth gapping in the shock. The sudden yell startled even Jack in his grogginess. Enough to arch the boats rudder to force it against the current. A resounding thump led the boat to shudder and sway. In the turbulence Lowball and his widening mouth fall toward Bianca and molds around her nipple. The gross maneuver made Bianca grab the runt and toss him aside. It wasn't his fault for the sexual nature of his topple. Regardless it did make him smile.

"You have no right to use my chest as a pillow. Nor my nipple as a thumb. I hate you little man. I hate you."

Lowball poises his palms out in front of him as he licks his lips. Her perfume still tasting upon his palate, "Forgive me Lass. I donae know what I do in me sleep."

"You don't know what you do when you're awake. Stay away from me."

From the wheel Jack smacked his cheek to regain his thoughts, "That's enough. Bianca? Get out here and man the boat. I need to stretch. For God's sake Lowball...put some pants on."

Bianca hadn't even noticed. Wincing at the Leprechaun she eyes the unexpected. Lids flaring wide she turns away from all that might see her expression. A thin smile creeps across her lips. Luckily nobody here could read her mind. Even she was ashamed of herself. Behind her Wretch cackles. She found an alternate future quite amusing. Bianca however turned with a sneer, "Blind cow."

"Stupid Goat." Wretch whispers in retaliation.

Lowball hurried to pull up his britches. He merely wanted to rest comfortably. His dirty little mind was not even in overdrive last night. He only desired less constriction between his legs. Naïve he was. Naïve he is.

As Bianca grabs a pair of white shorts with fraying hem she marches out into the morning sun and pulls them up her long shapely legs. Once up Jack returned his gaze toward her. Smirking he pats the bench next to him, "Just keep our course for an hour. All I need is a catnap."

Hidden to his right in the shadows rested the black cat. Cocking its head up at the term catnap it growls. Jack hearing the feline looks down into its green eyes. Shaking his head at it he notices Iota laying upon the cats back. She looked at peace. At least she wasn't pestering his crotch. Bianca claims the bench and looks down at the cat.

Attempting to pet the cat led to hissing. The Greek beauty withdraws her hand to place it on the wheel, "Puss in boots? Try under my boots." Her thoughts to herself.

As Jack found a comfy spot to lay his head down Lowball lingered over his shoulder. Feeling his breath, smelling his breath was enough to pop his momentarily sealed eyes open, "Do you mind?"

"I donae know what to do. I be bored in tight places Laddie."

Groaning Jack reaches for his backpack pulling out his binoculars. Handing them up to the runt he keeps a firm shared grasp with the Leprechaun, "Drop these over the side I swear you're going after them. Sink or swim. UNDERSTOOD?"

Trembling Lowball nods, "Aye Lad. Treat them like me own I will."

"Not yours. Just look out for beasts and boats. Land even."

"Aye Cap'n."

Jack smirked at the Cap'n comment. He liked Colonel better. At least giving Lowball a mission allowed him rest. That is until Wretch sighs loudly. Jack rolls his eyes, "He's going to drop them over the edge isn't he?"

"Not this day. Another however. It is destiny."

"That's good. Can I sleep now?"

"Yes. I will wake you when the boat arrives."

Fluffing a pillow he covers his head. She could hear his frustration. It made her grin. More teeth had grown. Her smile less repulsive. Try as she might she could not envision her final transformation. This alone bothered her.

Outside the cabin Lowball teetered about from side to side. Binoculars covering his face all he could see was water. Birds flying made him consider that land was close by. He kept that knowledge to himself. Scanning from side to side his eyes land on a mountain range. Not of soil and stone but of flesh and fullness. Bianca TeLeone hadn't noticed his peeping. Stretching with one hand in the air as the other maintained the wheel. Her tits monsters indeed. Nipples a half an inch protruding in the cool morning air.

Suddenly, Lowball's belly growled. Her chest reminding him of breakfast. He would glance away each time she sneered his direction. Chuckling under his breath. Cursing under her breath. She had a strong suspicion he was ogling her but kept her teeth gnashed. Even the cat below heard her snarl. As all beasts do.

Lowball decides to climb on top of the cabin. His loud footsteps making Jack roll his eyes beneath his pillow. Each creak and thump made his anger intensify. Combine that with Bianca singing aloud and he was ready to give up. Yet, he remained. Drifting off even under the conditions. Now Wretch couldn't sleep for Jack's snoring.

Thirty five minutes expire as Bianca looks up to see Fenway zipping by on watch for big fish. That was comforting to her. She knew the softball sized orb was a force to reckon with. Her little Wrecking Ball she thought. Smiling she felt peace. As if her man was right there beside her. Looking out over the sea she became lost in the past. Recalling her wedding plans. The dress. Her Grandmother and Mother bickering over the cake recipe. Fond memories indeed.

Above her Lowball stared straight ahead. Motionless. Almost as if he were asleep standing up. Staggering finally he lowers the binoculars and yawns while turning to face her. Eyes bulging he lifts his head and hesitantly points. Down below Bianca drops her gaze to her chest, "You better not be pointing those at Sonny and Cher."

Her realization settled in as Lowball began pointing even more dramatically. His voice lost in his panic stricken state. All Lowball could do outside of pointing a finger is stomp his right foot. His only solution to get Jack's attention. Bianca finally turns in her seat and joins his eye bulging. Her own mouth dry and at a loss for words.

Within the cabin Wretch reaches over and shakes Jack's shoulder. After five times he rolls over, "WHAT????????????"

"The boat has arrived."

He hears the thumping on the roof from Lowball's boot. Sitting up he peers out the cabin at Bianca now standing facing the rear of the sailboat. Swallowing he slowly rises to his knees and grabs his Glocks.

"Stay hidden. Do not show these people your eyes. Play blind and mute both. Understood?"

"Yes Jack Ramse."

He crawls out into the open and stands tall. Behind his head Lowball drops to his knees on the cabin roof.

"They snuck up on me."

"A ship that fucking big got less than a hundred yards from us? Seriously?"

"Ram us they might." The runt winces.

"Doubt it." He looks up at the deck of the large wooden vessel, "Spanish warship. 1600's I'm guessing. Nice."

On the deck looking over stood two dozen men. None of them appeared to be from the same era. Vikings. Conquistadors. Black slaves. Savages. Indians even. Standing taller yet was a woman with short red hair. Shorter in stature but on the shoulders of a big bruiser with grey skin and huge muscles. Bushy hair hid her legs.

"AHOY!" She called out.

Jack waves at them with confidence. Fearless in expression. Behind him Lowball once again pissed down his leg.

Quietly, Jack looked down at Iota and the Cat. The Cat hid further under the bench. Iota waking up sensed the intrusion but chose to eye Jack first. As if reading his mind she remains hidden alongside the cat. Jack in turn whispered as he palmed the tiny controls for Fenway. The Orb hearing his command drifted low under the front of the boat and remained idle.

"AHOY!" Jack returned, "Colonel Jack Ramse. You are?"

The woman crawls from her beast of a man and straddles the edge of the Warship. Shaved legs gave Jack a clue she was civilized.

"Addison Rogers. First mate of Captain Mordecai G'hulle. You're lost as we are?"

"That we are. You do realize that we're lost in Time right?"

"Look about me. Should be obvious. Colonel you say? What era?"

'2019 is where I left. You?"

"2036. Lost over China in the third world war. White pyramid turned purple and my jet went down. Here we are."

"Friends I hope?"

"Unless you prove otherwise. The sailboat looks 1960's."

"Bianca here is from 1972. She doesn't speak English. Only Greek." He glares at Bianca who took his cue to remain quiet.

"Good. Our man Petrolus speaks Greek. Now he has someone to relate with." A man in Roman attire steps into view dressed similar to Jack's friend the Centurion Antonaeus Gaicazar. Waving at them he smiles at Bianca. It was hardly a friendly smile. More devious. That made Jack uneasy. Bianca equally as cautious.

"Land out that direction?" Jack points toward their course heading. Idle chat until he knew what they were dealing with. The hair on the back of his neck was electric. A good sign that caution was wise.

"Land in every direction." The First mate nodded, "Wherever we are the coast is long but no openings to any true ocean. This bowl is the size of Lake Michigan."

"That's pretty hefty. No river systems inland?"

"Oh there's rivers but none big enough to sail this monster down." She eyes Lowball with curiosity, "Who's the midget?"

"His name is Lowball. A Leprechaun."

Laughter follows Jack's revelation. Lowball growing irritable due to the mocking. "He doesn't look very lucky that one." Expels a British bruiser with huge arms. Snapping his suspenders while rousting his fellow crew members.

"Come on down here I'll be showin' ye who be a Lucky Lad." Lowball grows cocky. Jack in turn glares up at him on the cabin roof with disdain.

Hearing a challenge the Brit clamps a dagger between his teeth and crawls over the edge of the Warship. Prepared to make the jump regardless of the height.

"That will be enough Mister Kensington." Addison Rogers plants her sword over his chest halting his advance. The Brit snarling at Lowball. Knowing he was safe Lowball growled back and swiped his battleax through the air menacingly. Then he drops it accidentally. Lodging in the roof he struggles to remove it. Tangled in the neck strap of the binoculars. More laughter fueled the tension.

Lowball loses his temper and bellows, "If'n ye don't fear me...fear the God there. He be fierce and savage."

Jack shakes his head, "Do you ever think before you talk?"

"Nay. We have them where we want them." Grumbles Lowball.

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