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Far Pangaea 72 : HQ


"So what do we do with the Baby?"

Malcolm Brand like the others watched as the Primitive male Moe which just happened to be the Ancestor of James Ian Pryce as he still held the baby. The baby being a devolved Orin Ridge who somehow got what he wanted. Immortality that started all over again. A baby coordinated enough to have swam the waters of the grotto Tempora just to reach Moe.

"We can't leave him here." Ruby hated the man for what he did but her heart refused to abandon him. Madigan Ridge beside Ruby touched her shoulder thanking her for being logical. This was after all her Husband's Great Grandfather which had done this evil deed. How this effected the future was what bothered her.

"Does this mean Daddy won't be born?" Sophia still holding the body of Elder James questioned.

"You wouldn't be here if he hadn't." Her Mother glanced over.

"Oh, yeah. This is soooo confusing."

Ruby huffs her cheeks. Her body still bronzed over and emitting a slight glow. She looked around her at every single person. Each had evolved in some way. All different than when they had first crash landed here. It was breathtaking. James himself had been the only normal looking one until mere minutes ago.

"Let's hope Moe doesn't just whip the baby around like a ragdoll. Can't tell me he knows how to handle a baby." Cam tries to calm the Primitive from a distance. Beside him followed Madigan who had somewhat befriended Moe back on the ocean liner Beautiful Dreamer. Moe was actually fairly calm about it.

"Easy Moe. Nobody wants to hurt you or the bambino." Cam swims slowly, his exterior light mesmerizing as it fades soft then brighter. The dimming effect relaxing. Moe admired the light and looked rather drowsy. Teetering on the rocks the baby began to cry. The noise made Moe suddenly perk up and become agitated. Initial shock to the unexpected.

Maddy turned intangible and rose from the water over Moe to distract him until Cameron could reach Moe's feet. Cam's body encasing in his light armor also rises up in front of Moe forcing him to gaze upward in awe. Like an offering to the Gods Moe lifts his arms with the baby and gracefully hands him to Cam.

"Thank you Moe." Maddy smiled vividly and lowered beside the Primitive to calm him. Turning tangible once again to crouch next to the Primitive. A hug to the poor misunderstood lad made him relax and feel welcome.

Cam held the baby staring down at Orin. The baby's eyes sparkled as his arms and legs wiggled about playfully. A zestful laughter at the light coming off of Cam made the Pilot swallow. Baby's had that effect on him.

"Okay. One problem solved." Ruby interrupted the moment, "Let's get everyone out of this kiddie pool and dry off. We have a lot to sort out."

Younger James escorted to the edge by Ruby is pulled up by Elle and Malcolm. Facing the couple gave them the chills. His mercurio eyes were almost possessed looking. Elle even brought up Linda Blair in her thoughts from the Exorcist.

"Relax I'm not possessed." He shivers from a chill. His clothing water logged.

Mal peaked an eye brow, "Kid you were dead when your older self's spirit left his body and entered yours. Does that mean you got two spirits? I mean same person should only be one spirit right?"

"I don't know. I'll have to explore my body more." James instinctively looks back at Sophia. She had been staring up at James the entire time. Hearing his words made her squirm. Part of her wanted to help him explore his body then it dawned on her he was now still underage. Even if his older self had joined his body. An older soul didn't count. Right? She was even more confused. Of course now that her body was reunited with the Tyrant Tears sex was pretty much off the table.

"Do we bury Older James?" Greta wonders.

"Right thing to do isn't it?" Mal nods. Gaicazar stepping to him with a cloak obtained from the body of the Vampire ravaged G'Ort. Mal nude offers his thanks and wraps it around himself.

Behind everyone the Ganthorian female Harpea now regained her bodily functions by 70%. In their absorbed environment of self communication she attempted to crawl toward the X'Orr. Her scientist joining her in a very awkward travel plan. A foot seemed like a mile in their awakening nerves. Having to step over the bodies of fallen Hordakians certainly didn't help. Their walk would take them awhile.

Malcolm helps Sophia and Ruby as they usher the corpse of Elder James out of the water. It was emotional for both. Lifting him up in a rain of Tempora Mal rests him on the rocks. Gaicazar again returning with a second cloak to drape over James as his body appeared peaceful. Sophia choked up crying. Ruby hesitantly touching her now that her body was once again encased in Tyrant Tears. Billions of them. Shared through the hybrid Jellyfish known as Jello Shot. His body comprised of highly evolved Tyrant Tears. The ramification of just how they would reflect on Sophia uncertain. So far nobody had been hurt by her union with them. Not even the corpse of Elder James.

Younger James looks down at his older self. He hadn't really had a chance to talk with him. Knowledge that he possessed about their future would have been helpful. He was just glad to be alive. With Ruby over Sophia's shoulder James felt alone suddenly. That feeling faded as he found a hairy paw reaching out to him. Turning his head he finds Moe. James meet James. All over again. With a cheesy grin Moe screeches and points toward the Ganthorian ship.

Noise made the others follow Moe's finger. Trying to march up the ramp were Harpea and T'Ule her scientist. Creeping along. In their trek they were easily caught up with. Ruby taking the lead. Stopping Harpea she sits down on the ramp blocking their way. Elbows on her knees.

"Don't know you. Time we talked. I'm Colonel Ruby Goddard. You are?"

"Science Officer Harpea. My right hand T'Ule. We only joined Orin Ridge to learn from him. Of the Anomaly."

"Obviously you came through time in this boat. Can you get us home?"

"Yes." Harpea narrows her eyes.

"What exactly have you learned here today?"

"That God is not to be manipulated. Orin should have known better."

"Any thoughts on him reverting to a baby?"

"Perhaps. Orin had us perform a risky blood transfusion using the Older James mere hours before his Granddaughter arrived. It would seem that the transfusion has indeed earned him immortality. As he mentioned often of this grotto being a baptismal. Life anew. The same can be said of the Anomaly. He too has found a renewal. All of them have."

"So James has been reborn. Something new compared to his timeline?"

"Look into his eyes. That should be obvious."

"What about his older self?"

"His spirit is alive if not his body. Ask your ghost to explain."

"Madigan?" Ruby looks around the Ganthorians. Maddy stood close enough to hear Harpea's words.

"Ask me what?"

"You are deceased are you not?" Harpea points out.

"Yes. My original body is buried. Strangely I share space with my body. It doesn't decay. When I'm a ghost the body is in the ground. When I'm normal I presume my ghost is in its place that is."

"The Anomaly is now within the young one. His body there beneath the cloak. Should the body rise where would the spirit reside?"

Everyone looks at the corpse of James. Even James the living. Sophia more than confused.

"Explain." Ruby directs.

"The waters of the Tempora altered the boy. Why would it not alter the Man? A spirit soars. A spirit finds a home. A body to rest within and without."

"Are you saying the older James could still be alive as a ghost like Maddy?" Elle took interest.

"Touch the Man healer." Harpea looks over her shoulder. She had witnessed her delicate reconstruction of Gaicazar's eye.

Everyone parted as Elle Franklin stepped toward the corpse. Her stress level at this point worried that he might rise as a zombie. Sophia hovered over Elle as she knelt beside the Man. Pulling the cloak aside Elle retracts her diamond hands outer shell to reveal her real hand. Trembling Elle lays her palm on the Man's chest. Beneath her palm she felt a heartbeat. Her eyes widening at the possibility. As the hand remained in contact young James shivered. Feeling strange.

"What's happening?" James feels the spirit of his older self rise up and drift toward the older body. Sophia squealed with awe.

"Is he alive like Mom is?"

"I don't know." Elle removes her hand. The spirit returns to young James.

"Whoa! Head rush." James stammers. Cam catching him with one hand.

Ruby sizes up the situation, "So he's caught in between life and death. Purgatory."

"An assumption." Harpea acknowledges, "Unlike your ghost his body has not been exposed to the Earth. Decay will come unless he is placed where he might remain himself."

"Nutrient bath. Like the hybrids were in." James erupts.

Mal and Cam meet at the Man and pick up his body. Ruby standing. Assisting Harpea as Maddy helps T'Ule they enter the ship. The others following. All except Antonaeus. He chose to hang back. As he had at the Hilton. For reasons of his own.

Filing in Ruby held on to Harpea until they reached the labs. Within stood the other two Ganthorian Scientists. They somehow had been prepared. A tank in which to lay the body of Elder James within. With guidance Cam and Mal introduce the corpse to the waters. There he floats lifelessly. Guided by tiny aquatic robots to upright the body. Tendrils enter from the sides of the tank that suction upon his flesh. Vital signs still negative.

"Monitor him we will." Harpea tells Ruby.

Sophia steps up and touches the glass. Ordering her cells to behave. In her mind she throws out words, "Come back to me."

Younger James hears her thoughts clearly and felt sad. While he stood back Moe shuffled in and spotted the floating James. Walking up to the tank he slaps the glass. Almost as if trying to communicate. Young James again feeling strange. Holding his stomach the group bears witness to the older James spirit rise once again. Floating past them toward the tank. All expecting a reunion. One that became instead the unexpected.

Rather than entering the tank with his original body it chose to dive into Moe. The primitive doubling over and rambling noisily. Sophia stood in shock.

"Good to be back." They all heard. Moe stood as upright as his spine could at this stage of evolution, looking about at everyone, "What?"

Even Harpea had to wince at the outcome. Her Scientist's all stopped cold to observe this dramatic turn of events.

Greta now holding the baby Orin felt the baby stir in her arms. Watching the situation unfold as if understanding it. How was that even possible?

"Town hall meeting Folks. The baby knows something." Kansas spoke chilling at the link.

Ruby approaches Greta and claims the baby, holding him out before her. Baby Orin merely cooed and eyed her breasts. He was hungry. Rolling her eyes she hands the baby back to Greta.

"No way can he understand any of this." Ruby frowns, "Okay. Moe? What exactly is going on here?"

"Moe's kind of blocked right at the moment Mom. My spirit as long as it inhabits another body can speak through it. Keep in mind Moe's vocal chords are not as evolved as ours are. Thus my voice is raspy."

"This is getting out of hand. I have three living breathing versions of one son now?"

Younger James Ian chuckles, "She actually referred to me as her Son. Awesome."

"Don't rub it in."

Cameron laughs at her awkward recognition, "How do you think I feel? I have a twin brother that's really me."

Harpea is taken back by his words, "Explain please."

"Another time. We don't trust you guys enough yet." Ruby directs a glare, "Until you get us home safely."

While the gathering processed things Baby Orin starts giggling. Bubbles forming from tiny lips. Pointing at Ruby he pees a stream on the floor. Greta barely managing to escape the assault. As the giggling persisted an alarm goes off. Suddenly, a hologram appears before them all. One of Orin Ridge before his altered body.

"You know the drill. If you're seeing this then I'm dead or worse. Before the Renewal process I prepared a failsafe in case I was betrayed or killed. If you think anyone is doing any time travelling think again. A program I designed myself has disabled the Time Drives in the X'Orr. Nobody gets home on my watch. So, Fuck all of you bloody aliens. Anybody else that hears this too. If the Renewal Process did work then I'm a God and you're all dead anyway. Either way. Kiss my lily white backside. Sayonara Suckers."

The room paused to breath. Nobody could have predicted that. Not even a Telepath. Orin Ridge had a microchip embedded inside his brain that blocked telepathy. Sneaky bastard indeed. A chip still active even now in his much smaller brain.

"Can I drop the baby on his head now?" Greta winced.

"Not yet. I'll consider it though." Ruby wasn't serious.

The lights flicker as a loud grinding noise stimulates the air. Followed by a nasty smelling odor. Harpea and her scientists scurry about the lab. Some leaving the room to investigate the actual Time Drive in the Engine Room.

"Elle? Animahni! Go after them. Monitor everything they do." Ruby nods allowing Young James to go along. She knew he couldn't resist. That left her with the possessed Moe. Elder James inside the primitive was hard to swallow. Even more difficult for Sophia. The Monkey Man was flicking his tongue out at her. Her hormones wanted to go crazy. She was happy to know the Elder survived even in spirit but regardless she had to resist.

"Don't tempt me. That might be bestiality."

"Monkey see, Monkey screw. Wanna risk it and swing from the rafters?"

Maddy jumps in quickly before they did something both would regret, "Enough! I don't want hairy Grandchildren."

"No worries Maddy." Moe/James snorts, "She would eat me alive if we tried. The Tyrant's are more fierce inside her than the original batch. Piranhas in heat. I just like teasing her. Oh, by the way pardon Moe's erection."

Maddy dares to look down at the primitives erection rearing skyward through matted hair. It was quite disturbing. Even Sophia had to look away. If not to hide her giggles.

"Bananarama Baby." James/ Moe sways his hips to let the penis wag from side to side.

Ruby lost it, "SHOW YOUR AGE!"

"Ummm! One hundred seventy million years old Mom. I kind of am. I'll behave though. Not much we can do without a Time Drive getting everyone home. All of this just rewrote history yet again. Pretty obvious I don't get us home for dinner now. Besides my eyes don't look all dreamy like my Younger self. I'm pretty sure we just created a Temporal mistake."

Harpea couldn't agree more, "You have given us much to ponder. Tests must be performed."

"Not yet." Ruby intervenes, "Can this boat at least fly?"

Harpea nods, "If we hurry. The Time Drive feeds off of our Engines. If the Engines drain too much we will be trapped here."

"I've been buried once already. Let's not try for twice." Maddy adds.

"Alright. Let's navigate out of this place and park this Hotel next to the Hilton."

"The X'Hal." Moe/James offers insight to Harpea. The woman agreed. Being buried in this place would not be welcomed. Motioning to her Science Officer T'Ule he moved away to prep a flight.

"Antonaeus is still outside. We sure could use those flyin' horses too." Greta avoids swatting hands against her cheek. The baby Orin loved slapping.

"Mal? Go drag the Roman inside. Cam? Figure out a docking area and get those bikes locked in. Greta's right. We need all this tech to survive the future."

"On it." Both men jet away at Ruby's order. Once they were gone Ruby grabs Harpea by the arm, "Listen to me. We don't have to be enemies. Let's work together from this moment onward. I could really use your Science. I have some things I want to get to the bottom of. Can we do that?"

Harpea stares blankly at first. She knew her loyalties were once with a Madman. Did that make her just as Insane? All she and her people really wanted was to learn the truth. With this event unfolding they might actually crack the code. Trust would be tedious on both parties.


"Perfect." Moe/James adds, "Before we move this crate I need to take a walk outside. My birthright. You know?"

"Hurry it up. We leave as soon as possible. Greta? Go find a place to lay Orin down. He's yawning. Tie him down and buckle up."

Greta eases away and goes from room to room finally settling on Orin's own residence. Maddy chose to join her on the venture. Feeling obligated to care for her Husband's Great Grandfather in his devolved state. He was family regardless of what he did.

Outside Malcolm tracked down Gaicazar. He stood in the shadows talking to himself in Ancient Greek. Getting closer he realized that the Roman wasn't alone. He was chatting with the Vampires. One of his battalion stayed close out of memories returning. Without Verago and Lilith to cloud his mind the few Roman's left found themselves reunited with their past.

"Fear not Friend Malcolm." Gaicazar leers over his shoulder, "Draedaius and Caraponos are of no danger. A pact we have made. I merely give my Men my thanks for standing beside us."

Malcolm remained in the light of the Tempora Ladder. Just in case.

"Ruby wanted me to coax you inside the X'Orr. We plan on taking this ship topside. Better living quarters and we can eventually get ourselves out of this hellhole. I know you don't care to go inside but it's a long walk up to the surface. Rougher terrain even."

"I will embark upon yon flying chariot. My friends here will guide me to the surface. I owe them my life. They owe me theirs."

"Alright then. I'll tell Cameron to leave a bike out for you. See you up top."

"Aye. Travel well my Friend."

Malcolm leaves the Romans to their talk and drops closer on to the battlefield. Meeting up with Cameron they leave one bike out. Cam flying the other few up inside bay doors opened on the side of the X'Orr. Once they were all installed Cam and Mal look out at Moe hobbling along by himself. Stopping at the edge of the Tempora pool. There he stood looking up at the illuminated etching on the canyon walls. Leading up for miles to a pinpoint of light. Cam stops Malcolm from going down. He wanted a moment alone with the kid.

"Did you like the way I made them dance earlier?" Cam spoke along the way down, loud enough to hear. Moe/James nods without looking at Cam. His gaze glued to the markings.

"You gave me an idea Cam."

"I did?"

"Yeah! I loved the dance party. Funny as heck. Of course I only saw it mentally through the eyes of my Younger self. Pretty rad though. You know you're a God right? Not just God. Another form of one. REGION had a hard time containing you when I got us home in 2027. You were so cool. Like Superman flying through the sky."

"No shit? Ever think maybe we should just stay here in Pangaea? Make our own life. I mean who needs strip clubs and Mai Tai's. I'm sure this place has everything we need to survive for years to come."

"Maybe. I'm not sure everyone feels the same as you though."

"Maddy is dead. Sophia is a biohazard. Mal is a Giant. Animahni a fish hybrid. Ruby...your Mom is even evolving. We all are Kid. Do we fit in with society back in 2019? You said it yourself REGION held us prisoner. What kind of life is that?"

"I hear you. You know I envisioned us to be a Superhero Team when I was 15."

"16. You just had a birthday right? Doesn't that mean your Younger self aged a year too?"

"True. Maybe you can bake him a cake and change the future a bit more. I don't recall a cake at 16, 17, or 18. Just don't let Sophia pop out of one. I don't think my Younger self is ready for that."

"I really wanted to pop out of a birthday cake. Way to ruin the surprise Dork."

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