tagSci-Fi & FantasyFar Pangaea 88 : Celestial Assignment

Far Pangaea 88 : Celestial Assignment


There would be no rest for the wicked.

Lucas Dorsey tossed and turned in his bed. As did another who rarely slept at all. Beside him chained to a bedpost was his future Bride the lost Ganthorian Princess Kym'Ani. His only child within her. Her first child. Laying there awake and tortured by the fact her baby would be a half breed. Least of all it could never rule Ganthor. Dorsey seemed uncaring of that fact. He would constantly tell her that he was giving her something far more important than her petty little world. He was a madman. A murderer of her people. She alone of the X'Hal's crew the sole survivor. Betrayed by their human envoy Dorsey. While hidden away by her Regent, a lesser Uncle who guarded over her safety she learned of Dorsey's deception.

Somehow Lucas Dorsey knew exactly what he was doing. He had planned their crash back in time. Time travel a new untapped potential that her people had never developed. For an incredibly advanced world such as Ganthor there were certain scientific breakthroughs that escaped them. Such as the cloning of a Reflection. That which separated this Princess from all others. Not only was she royalty. She stemmed from a long line of Reflections. Those who had seen the visage of their Deity. Like recording devices each Reflection would bear witness to the progress of each world that God created. Then, suddenly he disappeared. From every world. Unknown to Kym'Ani when she vanished, her own world ceased to breed a new Reflection in her place. This left her Race bewildered. In search of answers. Her own parents giving up their throne to search for their daughter. Love was more important that any throne. The next in line would honor them regardless. Even if what they were doing was against their laws. Laws carried forth from generations past.

With the images of the adjoining moons coming through the skylight Kym' Ani worried. She wanted to go home. Even if it meant her child would not be accepted. Caressing her belly she feels it kick. That alone gave her enlightened moments of peace. For the Man beside her? There would be no peace until after the Celestial Event.

"Unbelievable!" Lucas Dorsey kicked off his Egyptian cotton sheets and sat up on the side of his mattress. Stretching he groans but keeps his thoughts to himself at this moment in time. Not that Kym'Ani necessarily wanted to know them. Her existence was as a slave more than any true mate. If she had her way she would be gone from this City. This Man dead by her hand. Oh she tried. Many, many times. Always unsuccessful. He appeared to be unable to die. That or she was just not finding the right spot. He would always laugh at her attempts and take her to bed. Almost as if his wounds brought on pleasure. Pleasure he wanted to share with her through sex. Disgusted by that fact she gave up trying to take his life just to avoid his passions. For now she would lay there trying not to move. Not to rattle her chains. She would let his sleeplessness lead him away.

Standing up Lucas tilts his gaze toward her. He knew that she was awake and feigning a restful slumber. There was no fooling this Man. Beside his bed rested a table that had a coronation cushion of velvet and gold. Upon it his crown. The King would wear it this night. Lifting a transparent lid that only he could raise. It's sides displaying perfect palm prints that recognized only he. Retrieving the shimmering crown he places its thin circular metal around his head. The moment it was fit into place it glows. A smile creeps across his face as it always did. The feel of power always made him exhilarated.

A silk robe of blue donned he steps away from the bed. His journey not all that far away. He merely needed to step out for a bit of air. Without touching them drapes slip away from two sides as if willed to. Exposing the outside world he then steps out on to a balcony of gold. His entire palace made of the precious metal. Gold procured from all across Pangaea. In mass. A mining operation that never ended. He would own it all. Every ingot. Greed felt so very right.

On the balcony he stares up at the moons. He knew it would only be a matter of days before he would be more than a King of a hodge podge world. He would ascend into Godhood. Not just any Godhood. He would dethrone the God of Gods. All of this would be his. Not just Pangaea. All that was beyond. Beyond the sky. Beyond the veil of what the eye could not even possess. Knowing this gave him goosebumps. Hands raising he lowers his gaze to view the great Black Mountain. The highest point on Pangaea. In this place that would one day be the North Pole. Now a lush paradise of jungle and riches. In another time this entire land mass would be miles thick in ice. During the Ice Age even a mountain would be lost beneath. Not this day. Dorsey had discovered the truth in the 1950's. Archaeology a passion of his. One of many passions. Answers found at an unlikely source. As were all of his collected pieces. Anything of religious value were in his possession. Things retrieved from the future and brought here to the beginning. Things still arriving. Time was the greatest thief imaginable.

Lowering his gaze away from the Mountain he spies lights as far as the eye could see. In a circular grid were thousands of alien spaceships unified as a connecting city. All called here for this day. All seeking answers to forbidden questions. All serving a single Man. Lucas Dorsey. All against their will. Slaves. Slaves leading slaves. Humans from all eras herded here like some mighty concentration camp. Millions of them. More arriving by the day. While some who managed to escape his notice were fortunate, others defied his rule. The closer they got to Celestial City that might change. Let them come. Mind control was a beautiful thing. Mental tinkering a precision beast. Should any spend much time here their conditioning would outstretch beyond the boundaries. Dorsey owned all. He would own more. Much more. Many more.

Still, recently something made him fear the future. A situation had arisen that he needed to find a way to contain. An unexpected visitor not expected to show until the Celestial ceremony. How could he be early? He never showed up to anything. Yet the masses always felt his presence. Dorsey demanded that same effect. His people would worship Dorsey. Or, they would be wiped from existence. It was good to be King...better to be...


Eden, many, many miles below Celestial City. A place forbidden to Dorsey. One that would someday be his if he played his cards right. From the furthest stretch of lush greenery in a foreboding desert of lost vessels Lillian Black maintained her celestial form. Giving way to her souls true appearance. The Green awaited its maker.

"How is this possible?" She mumbles as she watches an old man nude and strangely spry stumble along in the sand. Heading for her. As if searching. He appeared confused. Lost even.

"That there is God?"

"Yes Lionel Warjorj. We must bow. Lower your gaze." She drops lower in her swirling form of pollen. He too drops and removes his Stetson out of respect. Dragging young Abigail down to his side. Expectant Gaea awaits her first communion since birth. To her shock the old man stumbles right past her. Without even a recognition. Lionel made certain Abigail had her eyes sealed. She was too young to witness a naked man. Least of all a Deity.

"Great One?" Gaea recites realizing he overlooked them completely. Troubled she rises and dares to watch him storm through the plant life. Vanishing into Eden's deeper foliage. In a whirlwind Gaea dissipates leaving Warjorj to wave away the dust kicked up about them. Gaea had given chase.

Knowing the direction of their camp the U.S. Marshal nudges Abigail, "Go on and warn Stefan and Franz. Tell 'em to stay put until I come get 'em." She swiftly bolts into a run. Abigail was a good youngun.

Following the old man Gaea grew up from shrub to tree in her watchful eye. Each time he faded away into the green so did she. It almost felt like an Easter Egg hunt. Darting from place to place.

"What are you searching for Great One?" She ponders.

Reaching the great lake the Old man stops looking puzzled. Why was he standing there? Peering down into the water the Old man sees his reflection. For a moment there was recognition. As rapidly he lost the memory mumbling incoherently. All around him the animals of Eden congregated. Greta Winston's cattle. Her horse Quiver. It takes the calf Betsy to nuzzle his hand to garner a reaction. At that moment God sat down. The cattle all joined him as a cool breeze sifted over the trees.

Daring to approach Gaea switches form into interwoven grass from the lakes edge. Her beauty still shapely and elegant, "Great One? What is it you search for?"

Looking up at her the Old man winces, "I know I left it here somewhere."

"Left what here Great One?"

With a creased brow God fidgets, "I wish I knew."

Keeping a distance Warjorj had tracked them, crouching behind a shrub to watch. This was God? Not what he expected. Who was he to expect anything? As he observed God Lionel realized he was not alone. Beside him nestled a pair of rabbits. One peering at God the other choosing to look at Warjorj. Bright blue eyes glow for a moment then return to normal. Both then hop away.

"A mite odd." He winces, "What ain't strange in this place?"

The old man hugs Betsy lovingly patting the calf's head. Tilting his own bearded head from side to side he plops his feet into the water. Without rhyme or reason the lake suddenly sparkles far more than sunlight could grant it. The effect amazes even the old man. Removing his feet the glistening effect ceases. Back into the cool water it begins again.

Childlike laughter breaks the silence. Regardless of her respected Leader Warjorj or the other men of her caravan Abigail eases from the bushes to Warjorj's far left. Carrying a folded set of clothing she waltzes right over to the Old man and covers her eyes with one hand. Dropping the clothing beside him she darts back to the gypsy Stefan who shrugs at Warjorj for not keeping up with her.

Discovering the clothing the Old man fidgets and looks it over. Picking it up Lionel realizes they were his own extra set of long johns. With narrowed eyes he recalled the missing buttons in the seat. Poor Fella couldn't catch a break. Still, the Marshal had to grin. The girl was doing the right thing. Watching Stefan hold Abigail, the Comanche Warrior Chokote stepped in behind them. Seeing the old man the Indian drops to his knees and begins chanting in his native tongue. The reaction was priceless. The old man himself mumbled along and nodded his head to follow the rhythm.

"Yup. Gets stranger." Warjorj put his hat back on. Looking about Lionel winces, "Wonder where ole Franz got off to?" He knew the German liked to wander.

Gaea could only marvel at the sight. God himself was here.

To the South of their position the German Tank Mechanic stumbled about in the darkness of the cave that Sabbath Black had adopted. It's offshoot tunnels weaving in and all around the Garden's above. The home of many other not so friendly folks. Vampires. Franz Kruger did not care. He had his mind wrapped around what someone once told him at a Birthday Party. A scientist for the Nazi Party. Something about Time itself finding inspiration. All marks lead from point A to point B were spoken by another man who was an Archaeologist. Those words were recurrent in his thoughts. As if bred into him. No true advice mind you, yet in his troubled new life here in Pangaea he clung to the past...his future. A and B.

Reaching where the path ended and a chasm dropped off into the shadows of forever Franz stops. It was here that he broke out a chisel and a hammer. Dusting at the wall before him he begins pounding away. The echo of each chiseled piece attracting attention of bats. Screeching as if tormented. Within an hour Franz stood back with his lantern and admired his work. Upon the wall he had carved a large Swastika. Here was a place he might allow generations to remember his heritage. Discarding the hammer and chisel he stands tall. Boots clicked together his right arm extends high and he coughs up words of meaning.

"Sieg Heil!" Victory was hailed. A future set in stone to be discovered someday. The Future not so kind for Franz however. He would be dragged into the chasm. His ability to recreate all food or water from minimal amounts had been heard of since his arrival in Eden. The Vampires now had a new source of constant food. Franz would fill their bellies with a never ending supply of his own blood. If they no longer had an Immortal Roman he would be the next best thing.

Back at the Ganthorian Hilton night gave in to day. All through the night things were tedious. None even aware that Briar the alien sprout of the World Tree from its interdimensional roots had taken her leave. Malcolm Brand having rested a bit waiting on Ruby to head out on a second rescue mission to save their friends spotted footprints leading out into the desert. It was fairly easy to figure out who when each footfall had left a nurtured mound of cactus. After an examination of the footprints Malcolm sighs, "Maddy?"

Where had the ghost gone? Now that she had given her physical body although deceased to Briar as a Host she had shied away. Everyone giving her space to cope with the loss. Mal decided to look around for her. Outside the two Ganthorian starships found nothing but disarray. The primitive man Moe which was the Ancestral Reflection of James Ian was asleep on the ground covered by the Tutu he had discovered in a cargo container. Cute fella Mal let him sleep. Moving on he found a campfire still burning. The Roman Gaicazar and Greta snuggling up in their own peaceful slumber on a rolled out sleeping bag. Cute couple. Mal let them sleep.

Entering the X'Hal fully confident that he was not going to grow unexpectedly he searches for life. Only James Ian Pryce and the Ganthorian scientists working on the disabled ship were around. Finding James in his room seemed off balance. Normally he might be right there bugging the Ganthorians and absorbing knowledge from them. But, not today. The boy sat in a lotus position in his quarters. Knocking did not get the boys attention. Calling out his name did not. Finally, Malcolm steps in and nudges the boy. He had not realized the young man was floating a foot off of the floor. Since when could he do that? Shaken awake James stirs. Eyelids popping wide in their Mercurio gaze he darts his haunted pupils toward Malcolm. Then, he fell to the floor. The jarring to his backside made the lad cry out, "OUCH! What the?" He looks behind him then to his sides.

"You normally sleep sittin' up and floatin'?" Mal scratched his temple.

"Floating? Really? Wow! I don't know how that happened." He realized his legs were asleep and had to peel them apart with a painful expression. A hand extended Mal pulls James to his feet. The feeling returning slowly.

"You that wore out from your trip to Avalon?"

"You heard about..." It suddenly dawned on him, "DUDE! YOU'RE ALIVE!" James throws his arms around Malcolm's waist. Patting the boy on the back the Sargent chuckles.

"Took you long enough to figure that out. You must have really been tired. I don't recall you even coming to see me on my deathbed. Yeah, Maddy got me an apple. Lots of good to go with the bad though. Maddy gave her dead body up to a living tree named Briar. Host body kinda thing. She's back to being trapped as a ghost."

"Unless she touches your runes. Remember?"

Caught by surprise Malcolm loses expression, "Dang! I totally forgot about that. I wonder if that might still work? I mean what if it hurt that Briar by doing it?"

Groggy James fidgets, "I don't know. Does anybody? Only one way to find out."

"Y'know you actually looked more like you were meditating. What's up with that?"

"I think I was trying to examine my brain from the inside. Kinda confused. I know I want to get in touch with Jack. Let him know my older self gave me a parchment from that Book of the Living you and Cam found in the desert. The one that disappeared. It ended up in Merlin's possession. Merlin being Me gave it back. The page with the spell to remove Jack's curse that is. My new Telepathy being stronger I think I attempted to reach out over the distance. Obviously didn't work. I'm still learning. More practice I'll break through."

"Ruby's with Harpea. She got some weird feedback from Briar. Something about her pregnancy. Her womb is another dimension."

"Whoa! I'm from another dimension?"

"You sure her boy is even you?"

Pouting James puckers, "I wanna go back to sleep. Thanks for bursting my bubble. I liked the idea of Ruby being my Mom."

"Yeah, but what happens when he's born? You're born. Two of you...three of you existing here all at once? Hard enough putting up with you." Mal smirks.

"You're a riot Applejuice. Wait..." James looks puzzled, "I can sense my older self. Comes and goes."

"You really did sleep through everything. Sophia said your older self is back to life. Amnesia maybe."

"He--I am?" Pondering the ramifications of it James bolts around Mal and races from the X'Hal. A quick jaunt up the ramp of the X'Orr leads him to search for Ruby. Finding the lab easily he barges in to find Ruby and Harpea. Ruby was totally nude and standing inside an examination tube. Seeing each other James immediately turns his back to her. Too stunned to give him hell by the recent news Ruby merely huffs, "It's been a long night I'm not even up to yelling at you James."


"What happened to calling me Mom?"

"Malcolm brought up a valid point. If your womb is another dimension that may mean I...your son in your belly might not be the Me version. He might be my twin from another reality. So might baby Kym."

Harpea nods, "A distinct possibility."

"James?" Ruby crawls from her cylinder and motions Harpea to hand her a robe. Putting it on Ruby approaches James from behind. Surrounding him with her arms she hugs him tightly, "Real son or not. I love you."

"You...love me?"

"Come on now. You know I do. Biological son or not I claim you."

"I need to tell my older self. How could he not know already? He...I was with us for years until I got us home safely to 2027. He should have known we might not...we really never got a chance to learn our futures up to that point."

"Well, he's back from the Future again it seems. Although not quite himself."

"Mal told me. How could I not have felt his return?"

"Let's go ask him. Maybe seeing you again will jog his memory."


"Let me get dressed."

James Ian tried to achieve a mental connection to his older self. Nothing. That worried him.

New Mexico June 14th 1947

Miguel Rodriguez searched for missing sheep in the hills. The desert heat horrible as he roamed on foot with only a border collie sheep dog and a length of rope to tie into a leash for the missing lamb. During the early morning loud sounds of a crash had spooked the flock. Sending many in all directions. His Father Carlos searching less than a mile away.

Today Miguel would spot something that would alter the course of his life. Coming upon the scattered debris of what appeared to be a field of aluminum foil and broken framework. Wiring and shattered glass. Curious the 14 year old boy raced down the hill as his dog barked at something in a clump of metal. Reaching it his eyes bulge at the sight. Before him lay a very tiny man with grey skin and bulbous eyes. He was alive.

Miguel feared nothing as he knelt beside the little man. A thin finger poised as if reaching for the boy. Without waver they touched hands. Memories flood between the two. Thoughts enter Miguel. As did a certain spirit.

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