tagSci-Fi & FantasyFar Pangaea 90: Devil Tree

Far Pangaea 90: Devil Tree


"HELLo James Ian."

"Ummm! Hi. Desmond right?"

"Yes. Forgive my Mother. She will learn her place as I get older."

"Place?" If James could physically swallow in his spiritual state he would. He had a very strong hunch that this Reflection was not right in the head. At least he couldn't read the thoughts James had.

"You are correct James. But, wrong that I cannot read your mind."

"How old are you Desmond? What year is it?"

"2026. I am 6. I was born in 2020. At 6 p.m."

"666! Year, age, time of birth. Wonderful."

"I know. Cool right?"

"So you...you're the Antichrist?"

"No. I am the Ianchrist."

"Say what?"

Young Desmond crawls to his feet and goes to a chalkboard. Grabbing a piece of chalk he steps out into the hall and looks for a wall statue of Jesus on the cross. Pushing a chair over to climb up on it he takes the chalk and etches the letters A and N to the left of the statue and the letter I to the right of the crucifixtion scene. He stops there.

"Holy crap. ANI...IAN. Jesus is the T. So I am the Antichrist. How did this happen?"

"My daddy fucked my Mommy. Here I am."

"You need your mouth washed out Kid."

"I can say what I want. My Daddy says I can."

"Let me guess Daddy's name is Stan."

"You already knew that. You met Dad a long time ago. He tells me bedtime stories. You were the one that gave him the ideas he has set in motion for the future."

"How did I do that?"

"Daddy wanted his own Reflection. After Grampa vanished he knew that it was time for him to assume the Throne."

"Great! I'm too blame for Hell on Earth."

"Smile. Do you want to watch me kill my Gerbil?"

"Nooo! That's sick."

"A shame. Xander is such a stupid name for a Gerbil."

"XANDER? You little bastard."

"Not really. I have a Mommy and a Daddy."

"You know what I mean. Dude! I'm glad Judith spanked your ass. Even though somehow I felt it right along with you. That was weird."

"I like pain. One day Mommy will know pain as well. Daddy tells me to be patient. So I am."

"At least someone is patient. Certainly not me. Time to jump ahead to the next Reflection. Seeya wouldn't wanna be ya." James attempts to move onward through time. For the very first time he was happy to get away from one fire into another. From dragon to Antichrist. As he leapt forward his last thought was, "Lord I hope my next stop is Heaven."

Far Pangaea...on the Island Jack Ramse conquered. Hours earlier before Lucas Dorsey would learn of a capture. Less than an hour earlier before God kissed Ruby Goddard. To Jack Ramse it seemed like days.


In the chaos of defeating the Hordakian warship the atmosphere went to hell and a hand basket. Not only had Circe been dethroned from her imaginary kingdom. Bianca TeLeone had overcome her mutation into a large female Satyr. Addison Rogers wearing a ring that God himself had offered her while trapped inside Jack's mind. Their shared influence brought on bearing gifts. A cache of rings with a rainbow of colored stones presumably crafted by God himself were spread out amongst Angels and humans alike. Yes Angels. Warrior Angels at that. A sizable unit trapped in Pangaea and abused by Circe. A mere woman who first utilized the rings to control those around her in various ways. The Angels were brainwashed easily into sex objects and twisted into Amazons. Their wings visibly removed until Jack Ramse had severed the spell. Jack himself now harnassing Circe's own rings of control and illusion. Rings he intended to use unless God taking over his brain for extended periods didn't interfere. It was strange to be God. No wonder everyone seemed to refer to Jack as a God. To a certain extent he was.

"Yes Our Lord." Twenty five Angels drop to one knee in a stance of warrior respect. The few Hordakians still surrounding the bloody battlefield stand in awe of Jack. They were uncertain what to make of him. Only Jack's traveling companions remained standing otherwise. All save for the Woodland Sprite O'Tah alias Iota. With wings of her own she dropped to the ground as if joining her sisters in the respectful stance. It was too cute.

""Oh boy." Jack mumbled looking at the Angels. He wasn't sure exactly how to approach this. He was a mere human. They had only witnessed God within him for a short while. A very confused Deity at that. Raising his arms over his head he chooses his words carefully, "Angels? Thank you for your timely return and assist. From this moment forward we will work with the Hordakians if they will have us. Too rid this world of the defiler Lucas Dorsey. I ask you for patience as I negotiate with them. Stand guard. Remain peaceful until I command otherwise. At ease."

The Angels roar a response of, "YES OH LORD."

That was enough for Jack. He turned his back to them and stepped over to the Hordakian Field Leader Tuskorog who had admired his personal army. Including his approach. Meeting Jack half way they stare each other down.

"I assume there's a Leader over your rank?"

"Yes. Commander S'Lopp will be joining us shortly. He surrenders in friendship. Like you he does not favor Lord Dorsey. If I may...your Warriors are mighty indeed."

"They come in handy. I know it's a little too late but I am sorry your warriors all died. Bianca was not herself. Let it be known I would not advise pissing her off any further. The Angels might be the least of your worries."

"Acknowledged. I am Tuskorog. You are God?"

"Evidently." Jack was not sure, "He speaks through me. You say that you do not favor Dorsey?"

"I do not. He subjugates our people. Bending us to his will. We and other races from the stars."

"How exactly does he do that?"

"He controls our minds. We are a safe distance out here. He can only speak to us by using Holographic communication. He could show up at any moment. My Commander risks much. Dorsey would kill our brothers still in Celestial City if he knew of our betrayal."

"How did your people even get mixed up with Dorsey?"

"My race like many are explorers. In our case we seek battle. Power. Unknown to my level of authority. All I know is there is great power here on this world. Murmurs have driven us to believe it to be the great black mountain Celestial City encircles. The source of which Dorsey derives his own power."

"You say he has mind control? How can he have a hold on to so many? For that matter how many are we talking? Could our forces here even defeat Dorsey? I'd like to believe so."

"There are over one hundred races interlocked around Dorsey. All under his control. Again only whispers of the adjoining moons in the sky giving Dorsey even more power. Of this I do not know how it to be possible. Of the one hundred races, technology exceeds your soldiers. He would have weapons that could defeat most anything. Not even your soldiers could avoid his mind control."

"I'll work on that."

As they converse a small shuttle circles them forcing their attention to its landing pattern. Tuskorog grunts in its direction, "The Commander arrives."

Awaiting a dust clouded landing Jack waves the plume away from his face. As it settles a door opens and three steps automatically lower for Commander S'Lopp to exit cautiously. In his regal uniform he is joined by a tiny garrison of soldiers already on the ground as protection. Eying Jack he approaches ever so slowly. The Angels alone agitated him. They had infiltrated his ship earlier and took it over. If not for Tuskorog the Commander might have left his troops for dead and returned to Dorsey. However, he knew returning empty handed would mean his own demise. A momentary truce was in the cards. One without the interference of Dorsey himself. They all needed to tread carefully and make wise decisions.

"You would be Jack Ramse? Leader of the great beast? Of the army of Angels?"

"Of the gateway to Hell Lad." Lowball yells out as Addison Rogers cringes looking at her ruby red ring. The very same trinket that sent her sinful crew to Hades. She turned pale and stepped away. Addison needed to find a place to sulk.

"Don't let Lowball scare you Commander. While we can conceive a portal to Hell I have no desire to send anyone there. Your people have suffered enough. Not only under Lucas Dorsey's cruelty but of my...guardian Bianca. Her fury claimed many lives this day. If we could have started out as friends this might not have happened. I hope we can settle our differences and join forces." Jack spoke respectfully.

"Indeed. Where is your beast?" S'Lopp leered about a bit worried she might return.

Jack sighs, "Locked away for the moment. As long as we maintain peace so will she." He hoped.

"Very good. We must decide our next move quickly. A report to Lord Dorsey is required soon. Very soon."

"Right. Tuskorog here tells me that you would prefer to escape Dorsey altogether."

"If not for his control over my people we would all fly away from this ugly world. How would you propose we assist one another?"

"Well for starters a ride to this Celestial City would be good. We just need to figure out how to conceal ourselves from knowing we're infiltrating his home. I for one would not want to end up serving that bastard against my will."

"Within a mile of the City we will all succumb to his knowledge. Unless you have a way to shield us all."

"I just might. Circe had a cask of rings. Very ancient, very powerful rings. They are now in my possession. I plucked the one she was using from her. It creates illusion and effects the parts of the brain that cloud judgment. I'll utilize it to mask our occupation upon your vessel. Hopefully it will be powerful enough to trick Dorsey into believing you captured us. Once we reach the City we wage war."

"The wedding will take place tomorrow. We would need to hurry if there is any hopes of preventing the unholy nuptials. Lord Dorsey prepares for much. Not only the marriage to the Ganthorian Princess Kym'Ani, we are told she is the Reflection of her world in the future. She carries Lord Dorsey's firstborn child. The ceremony has something to do with..."

"The twin moons merging. I've heard." Jack looks to the sky to see a faint glimmer of their shapes low on the horizon. It would be dark soon and then they would be visible.

"Yes. If your plan should work there is still a problem. He would still have control over the populace. Our own people would be sent to kill even we. Perhaps even we might be forced to break our truce due to his powerful influence."

"Let me get a grasp over each of the rings. If we can combine their powers somehow to our advantage maybe we can break the census and recruit them against Dorsey. I have something for you Commander. What I offer will prove to you my sincerity in saving your people from him. All of those trapped by his motives."

"A gift?"

"Yes." Jack reaches into his pocket and produces yet another of the twelve rings. This one he had learned was a transmutation device used by Circe to turn others into something new. Mainly Hordakians into Pigs. There were still Hordakians running wild in swine form. Hearing the squeals of their metamorphized people S'Lopp and Tuskorog stir uneasily. An Angel had herded two pigs toward Jack as per earlier request. In doing so Jack uses the ring to return the Hordakian to his original form. It was a gross transformation as bones break, enlarge, and reconstruct. S'Lopp was in awe of its power.

"You have my thanks Jack Ramse. If there are more of my people running free I would see them returned to us."

"All yours S'Lopp." He tosses the ring at the Commander, "Just remember I give this as a show of alliance. Should our allegiance be severed at your discretion I will cut these Angels of power loose on you. I do not want that. If there is hope in defeating Dorsey before the moons do their damage we must work together. I--wish there was something I could do to revive your fallen soldiers. We both know my friend Bianca was not herself when they met their demise. Her ring brought out her inner savagery. I hope by uniting both rings in a paradox that she can control herself better. If not even we might suffer the same fate as your legions."

"Understood. As I said we must hurry. If I do not report in within the hour Dorsey will return in holographic form to find us joining our forces. That would be the end."

"I have access to the illusion ring and a power ring. Grace has a similar power ring. I'm guessing invulnerability due to her flight into orbit with that nuclear warhead. Otherwise she would not be here now. I'll cast a lasting illusion to interfere with Dorsey's perspective. Just wearing the ring it responds to my thoughts."

"What of the thoughts of he whom shares your mind?" Tuskorog had a point.

"Good question. Maybe I'm not the best candidate for the illusion ring." Jack looks around him at the assembled Angels as well as his compatriots. Nobody stood out at the moment. Certainly not Lowball. Wretch was blind. Addison was tormented by her portal ring. Bianca had two already and needed every ounce of focus to maintain her own demons. Faith was a living shadow whom Jack found useful knowing she could step out of anyone's shadow and kill them before they knew she was there. A useful talent he thought. That alone gave him ideas. The perfect Messenger.

"Where is Detroit?" He realized Bastia was missing.

"I believe she is tracking Circe and the Satyr Pan." Wretch offers insight.

"We might need Circe to pull this off. She already knows how to manipulate the ring. Not my first choice but it could become necessary." He pauses to look at S'Lopp, "Find your people while we have time. Heal them. I'll make my decision shortly."

Tuskorog joins his Captain leaving Jack to make his rounds. So many of his group needed a shoulder. Bianca TeLeone his first stop. Finding her hidden away behind some boulders he clears his throat to get her attention.

"Holding up alright?"

"I will never be alright again. I am a mass murderer Jack. Perhaps your friend Addison should send me to Hell. She already offered me up to demons."

"About that, Addison feels pretty low for that Bianca. I know you may think I'm defending her. I'm not. I just found out that she has ties to the woman I...love. She is Ruby's niece. As dark as this may seem she did come to rescue you. Her entire crew did. That Djinn did a job on their personas that led to bad decisions. She's not begging forgiveness for letting her crew rape you. She just wanted to be a part of making things right."

"How can I be forgiving of this Jack?"

"Don't. Just don't let it lead you down a darker path than you've already been forced down."

"How can these rings be Heavenly? I was a beast. An uncaring brutal killing machine."

"Still learning more about the rings Bianca. Hopefully with my mind shared by God I can sort this all out. I need you to pull yourself together. We must stop Dorsey in a little over a days time. Those moons up there are going to multiply his power. He could very well be the new God. I can't let that happen. Fight beside me Bianca. Beast if necessary."

"What else have I to do? Live here on this island alone eating grass?"

"Nope. As long as I'm alive you're my right hand. Forever your friend Bianca."

A tear quivers in her eye, "I am yours Jack Ramse. Will you be honest with me about something?"

"I'll never lie to you."

"When I was the beast. Did I really have a penis?"

"Sadly bigger than mine. Let's try not to think about that aspect."

Bianca lowered her gaze and shook her head. At least she was all woman in her normal form.

Interrupting them Iota the woodland Sprite zipped about then hovers over Bianca. Forcing the Greek beauty to lift her chin to see her fluttering about. It was then Iota used her tiny arms to show her the size of the beasts well...beast.

"Bitch." Bianca tried not to laugh. It was needed. Iota swooped in to hug Bianca's nose. It was too cute to be bitter over.

Jack rolled his eyes and moved on to Addison. She too isolated herself leaning on a rock while holding her ring finger out in front of her face. The hulking Troll Synu sat next to her with a sadness in his eyes.

"Pull yourself together. What happened was unfortunate. As we learn more about these rings it may be we can rescue your crew."

"Do you think if I remove it I'll go to Hell too?"

"I told you to leave it on. Look Addison I'm going to reunite you with Ruby here soon. I'm cursed to avoid her but I'll make darn sure my curse doesn't keep you apart." He no sooner than finishes his sentence his expression changed. Jack was gone. Addison noticed very quickly as Jack's eyes darted about with confusion.


"Why does everyone call me Jack. My name is..." The confusion grew dimmer, "It will come to me."

The change in the air brought a flock of Angels to their position. Grace their Leader now known as Seraph recognized the atmosphere about Jack. A change in his aura.

"Father of All?" Seraph spoke with lowering knee. The other Angels dropped in unison.

"Oh Dear. I remember you. We were...rather horizontal."

"Yes Father. Your seed has been planted."

"Seed? Oh my. She must not know of my-indiscretion."

Addison stepped closer, "Are you telling me he really is God?"

"Bow." Seraph orders without looking.

"Not this lifetime. I'm done bowing. If you're God how do I get my friends back from this damned ring?" She sticks the ring into his face forcing Jack's eyes to cross.

"Very pretty it is. Very deadly. The red one was always troublesome."

"Is this truly a portal to Hell?"

"O-oh yes." God/Jack stutters, "My son's favorite vacation spot." He then looks puzzled, "I have a son?"

"Many sons Father. Many daughters as well." Seraph offers up.

"How do I get my friends back dammit?" Addison was losing it.

"Try the blue one. It may take time." God looks confident, "Or was it the white and gold one?"

Hearing the options Addison looked about her at the gathering of Angels to see who might be wearing the two rings he mentioned. Neither were in sight. That meant they were in Jack's pockets still. A maddening rummage Addison plants her hands in his pockets. In the process touching the covered formation of Jack's manhood. It popped up readily even as she removed rings to look them over.

"Not the time Jack." She growled. Then it dawned on her, "Oh for crying out loud I think I just turned on God."

Over it she examined each ring. The blue one was not amongst them.

"Where is the blue one?"

Minutes later Jack returned pushing God back to his true body in Eden. Watching Addison pat his pockets for more rings he shook off his lapse in time, "That's enough rummaging. Give me the rings."

"Where did you go?" Addison grimaced.


"As in Garden of Eden? Seriously?"

"Yep. That's where Ruby is. We had a very short reunion. Thankfully my curse didn't nudge her away while I inhabited God."

"You saw Aunt Ruby?"

"Yep. Her belly is getting huge. She shouldn't be that far along yet. Only been two months tops. I think the moons are moving her pregnancy along faster than normal."

"I'm going to have a cousin?"

"Yep. We never got around to that bit of info did we?"

"Shit! God I hope you didn't knock me up too. How would I ever explain that to Ruby?"

Jack grits his teeth, "That and -" He uses his head to motion toward the Angels. Addison understood. They too could be pregnant. A hand over her eyes Addison sighs. There was way too much going on.

"I also found out that Ruby is carrying another Reflection. A Ganthorian. How that's even possible only God...knows. We need answers and there's really no time for them. We defeat Dorsey then focus on friends and family. Our new home depends on it."

"I need the blue ring. God told me it might help save my friends from Hell."

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