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Far Too Choosy


Before you Read: This is my first literotica story... I shall have lots more... My fantasies will be shared, this is just one of the many... Hope you enjoy. Would love feedback and critiques.


Caydence never ever understood how she could let her friends talk her into going to these silly clubs at late hours in hope of finding something. For her best friends Kayleigh and Abigail, it was lust. They just wanted a quick fix for the urge that surged deep within them... Somebody to scratch the itch. For Caydence, it was love... How she ached for that one true love that swallowed her up and left her breathless. That more than anything is what she wanted.

Sadly, though, the hopeless romantic had never met the man to bring her that kind of love. She had never even had a boyfriend, because she was always in it for the long haul. Cayd had always imagined herself falling head over heels for one guy and one guy only, but her standards were high. Not that she was shallow, but he did have to attract her to the point that he made her want to melt with just a look... He had to be smart... Able to hold a real conversation with her. And above everything they had to have that natural chemistry...

These thoughts all ran through her mind, causing her to highly doubt that this night had anything remotely promising in store for her. Caydence didn't think she was any sort of beauty, but what she didn't know that many a man had tripped himself up just to get a good glimpse of her. They found her to be a goddess with her petite frame. She stood short at roughly 5 foot 3 inches. She had long naturally brownish-reddish-blonde hair. Yes a weird combination, but her heritage was to attribute to her strange hair color... The natural highlights that were perfectly accented by her cinnamon brown skin color and her light brown eyes.

"Hurry your ass up!" Abby pounded on the door. The fair skinned girl was tinier than Caydence, but could intimidate a brigade of barbarians. Caydence sighed slightly, brushing her long brown hair out of her face before grabbing her clutch, and making her way out of her bedroom. Kay and Abby were more than excited to go and as usual Caydence would be the designated driver if the girls weren't taken back to the respective places of whatever men swept them off of their feet tonight.

It was non stop traffic until they arrived at the suave club that only exclusives could get into and seeing as how the man who was madly in love with Caydence, but didn't hold her heart in the same way, owned the club, they were always allowed entrance. "Hey darlin'." Cooed the bouncer at the entrance. The girls had already slipped inside and Caydence flashed her naturally bright smile at him which made the 6 foot 5 man practically swoon for the pint-sized woman. God she had that affect on everybody, but she hardly noticed. They always had playful banter. "What's up Slick? Having called him that since she met the man who kept his head shaved bald. "Ah nothing, cutie pie. Tonight's a wild one, you best get in there... Don't want to miss out on the fun." He assured her, flashing his own heart melting smile. If she were brave she might ask this man out, but had a feeling they didn't have much in common other than their flirts. "Thanks... I'll see you around." Cayd smiled warmly at him before disappearing into the crowd. Slick had been right, the club was unusually packed. The reason why came on stage a second later, her heart stuttered, and she couldn't manage to find her words. She made her way to the bar wanting to have a seat so she could enjoy this performance, watching the man grab a hold of the microphone. "Who is that?" She asked, but before the bartender who was standing nearby could answer, the man introduced himself.

"Hello everybody... My name is Julian Perretta and this is my band... We'll be playing a few songs for you tonight... Hope you enjoy." His British accent left her weak in the knees, fortunately she was sitting. His eyes scanned the crowd and surely thereafter fell upon her. The way he looked at her alone was enough to make her soak her panties, but he was a natural born charmer... Most performers were or so she convinced herself.

His set was splendid and he ended strong with his hit song "Wonder Why" that had nearly everybody out on the crowd dancing. When he finished, he went backstage to wash up, and the DJ began to spit tunes that replaced him. Caydence felt a little bit disappointed that the handsome man was no longer gracing the presence of the stage... Oh how she longed to feel him inside of her... Making her moan... Scream. Her heated thoughts were broken by a tap on the shoulder. Caydence spun around to find the curly, dark hair, dark eyed crooner standing before her. Her heart leapt out of her chest when he smiled and she prayed that maybe he might catch it.

"I saw you... When I was on stage... I'm Julian... May I be blessed with the knowledge of your name." He asked, letting his eyes invade her soul. "I'm Caydence..." She said to him softly as he brought her hand up to his lips and kissed her soft skin gently. Her throat closed as she tensed from his gentle touch.

Not even half an hour later, Julian had her in the bed of his hotel. His sleek body covered hers, loving the feeling of her lush curves on his body. He began to kiss down her soft neck, listening to her pant and plead with him. He had managed to slip her shirt over her head sometime during their make out session and she had unbuttoned his shirt. Now his hands were working her skirt down.

"Oh god... Oh Julian..."

Caydence couldn't control the moans that escaped her lips after he tossed her skirt aside and let his fingers sneak their way into her black lace panties. This was anything but what she expected tonight.

"Yeah baby... Moan for me... God you're so wet... So wet. Do you like it when I rub your pussy? Yeah... Do you?"

His hot breath danced on her hot skin as he kissed down her body, her frantic moans answered his question.

"Take your bra off Caydence."

Julian commanded as he slipped her panties down. The virgin was at his bidding and did as he demanded, reaching behind her bra and undoing the clasp that secured her large breasts. They fell free from their encasing and he gasped. "So beautiful... You're so beautiful." He kissed his way down to her breasts, drawing her left nipple into his mouth. His tongue darted across it, suckling it as if he were a hungry child. When her nipple was rock hard, his lips glided over to the other to give it the same treatment. Her moans filled the air as his lustful groans filled the air. There was a painful tightness in his nether regions, his manhood straining to be freed from its prison. He leaned back and began to take off his black jeans.

"Finger yourself." He panted as he slid his jeans off, standing at the end of the bed. His cinnamon goddess sprawled and exposed to his desire. "I've never..." Caydence suddenly felt embarrassed to be so exposed to him.

"Do it.." He cut her off as he eyed her hungrily. His hand grabbing his cock through his boxers, outlining the large appendage. Caydence wanted to taste him so bad, but obeyed his wishes and began to tease herself. Her pussy was so wet and the heat emitted from it put Hell's fire to shame. He groaned finally pushing his boxers off, showing her his big hard cock.

"Moan for me Caydence... Tell me how much you want me..." He groaned as he began to rub his cock. Caydence moaned in sheer delight of watching him stroke himself, fingering herself at the same pace. His dark eyes watched in bemusement. He had to have her right this instant. Before Caydence could even react the man who she lusted after like none other was on top of her. His body was in between hers, legs spread wide. The tip of his cock aligned with her burning entrance. She whimpered as he began to push in, inch by inch. Her virgin walls taking him in. He reached her barrier and his eyes widened along with hers. "Wait.. Wait...No..." Her senses finally coming back to her.

What the fuck was she thinking. He was only hear in town for one night...She was going to be an easy lay... Caydence wasn't about to give her virginity to a man who was far more experienced with one night stands that her. Or so she thought. How was she to know that this was just as unlikely for Julian as it was for her. "What baby... Don't... Please don't deny me this.. I need it.." He groaned as he felt her trying to unseat him from inside of her tight warm heat. "No... Pull it out, please... Please Julian..." Her eyes locked with his and he knew he couldn't take her if she didn't want him. With all of his might he unsheathed himself from her pussy. Frantically, Caydence began to find her clothes and dress. Julian had never seen a woman try to get dressed so fast... It bruised his ego, but far more, it made him realize what she must be thinking... Feeling...

"You aren't just some one night stand Caydence... You knew when I looked at you when I was stage... I felt it instantly... So do you... There's no denying that.." He said, his erection still strong, but slowly softening. He sat up in bed, watching the beauty before him. "This won't last, Julian... You know as well as I do... You'll get to the next city and find some other woman who will get in bed with you and pleasure you." Her words burned into his soul as he eyed her. "You know damn well I don't want another woman... I would have never moved so hastily, but... Something about you melts me... The taste of you... God... Its so... Amazing the way you make me feel." He drawled slowly as he looked at her with a heavy heart.

"Backseat love don't move me, Julian..." She said stealing his line from his song before she finished pulling on her shoes. She shook her head and left in a rush. Thinking nothing of it, she left her clutch on the nightstand beside his bed. Caydence knew there was so much more to him... To them... But she was terrified. How could she have a steady relationship with a man who was always traveling? Hell... He wasn't even from the states... He was only in New York City for a few shows. Then he'd be back on a plane to Paris where he lived... To do his tour of Europe...

When Caydence got home she took a well deserved bath before crawling into bed, she didn't even realize she left her possessions with him. The next morning she was awoken to the sound of the doorbell. She figured it was one of her roommates coming home from a night with their respective one night stands and simply forgot their keys to come inside. Instead, it was Julian. Her shock was written all over her face as he stood there. "You forgot this..." He said holding her clutch out to her. "Thank you so much, Julian." She said softly, her soft eyes locked on his.

Oh the way she said his name was alone to make Julian's head spin and his heart stutter. This could not be healthy, but many a man said love wasn't healthy. He knew he was in love with her. He knew it the moment he laid eyes on her. He had tried to convince himself it was lust, but he found himself wondering what it would be like to make this woman his wife... To have children with it... A real life... He couldn't let her slip away and fate wanted them together... That's why they met... That's why she left her clutch at his place... Because they were destined to be together. That's how he logically explained it though.

"Its no problem, but that's not the only reason why I'm here, Caydence..." His words quickly blended into another sentence. "Be my girlfriend... I know it must seem crazy... We hardly know each other... But last night.. What took place... Everything about it... I know in my soul... In my heart... That you are the only woman I want to be with.. Can you please, find it in your heart to give me a chance... We'll take it as slow as you want.. I know you cherish you're... Virginity and I won't take it unless you wish to give it to me... But please... Grace me with the luck of being your girlfriend." His speech had her swooning and it wasn't long before she had her arms wrapped tightly around him, kissing his cheek, and accepting the offer. She would be his girlfriend.

The long distance relationship was hard for them. His tour lasted six months and was driving them equally crazily. They had so much in common... They were two passionate people who desperately wanted each other. They spent late nights having sex on the phone or the webcam, revealing their dirtiest fantasies, confessing their undying love for one another. The sounds of him moaning as he came was all Caydence could take.. She wanted to feel her love, her soul mate, cum inside of her. Caydence regretted not having sex with him when she had the chance. She needed him desperately and love was driving her to do crazy things... Such as hopping on a plane to go to his home in Paris.

She knew he only had a couple of days of down time before the next leg of his tour began, she wanted to surprise him. Caydence knocked on the door of his home which was a beautiful estate. It reminded her of him, nothing too overdone, but extraordinarily gorgeous and something of magnificent wonder. When the door opened it was answered by a beautiful dark hair little boy. He looked a lot like Julian and she couldn't help but smile. He had to be roughly six years old. "Hello... Who are you?" The little boy asked curiously, his curly hair wild like Julian's. "I'm Caydence... A friend of Julian's... Is he here?" She asked, wondering what relation he had to her boyfriend. "Yes!" He giggled. He ran off to return in Julian's arms, his arms wound around his neck. Her hear turned into a puddle of mush. "Caydence! You're here! But... When... How?!" He was delighted to see the love of his life here, he kissed her deeply, forgetting that they were in the presence of young eyes. "Eww!" Squeaked the little boy who went by the name of Jean-Baptiste. "Oh be quiet." Julian chuckled. "This is my little brother, Jean... Jean... This is the girl I've told you all about, Caydence..." He let his brother down who ran running to his mother screaming that Julian's girlfriend was here. Julian rolled his eyes, but pulled Caydence into his grasp.

"You have no idea how much I've missed you." He told her in a husky voice, his eyes revealing something more than just love... Lust... "I've ached for you so bad..." Caydence hushed Julian with a longing kiss, not even caring that she hadn't even crossed the threshold of his home. When they broke away gasping, she giggled brightly. "And I, you." Julian wanted her so bad, oh how he wished to pin her against the wall and just ravage her. "I want you so bad... But we'll have to wait.. My parents and brother are here for the afternoon... They won't be here much longer, we'll have the evening to ourselves... Do you mind?" He asked her, but she didn't. She was excited to meet his family. "Not at all." Cay assured him with a shake of her head. "Good, come... They've been dying to meet you." The afternoon was well spent. His mother absolutely adored her, his father looked on her as if she were the daughter he never had, and Jean was absolutely smitten with her. The six year old was sitting on her lap after they had eaten a light lunch and was snuggling with her. It was easy to see that Caydence was just as smitten with the little boy as she was. "Are you going to marry my brother?" He asked her. "Because I wouldn't mind if you did..." The whole family went up in laughter at the way Caydence turned bright red as her eyes fell on her boyfriend, anybody could see they were head over heels for one another. "Umm... Perhaps... Someday." She answered the little boy who seemed pleased with the answer. Little did Caydence know that his parents were pushing for him to marry the girl, knowing their son couldn't do any better, she was the best.

After the Perretta family left, Julian and Caydence found themselves naked in his bed. They were on the making love track and fast. "I love you... I love you so much." He cooed into her ear as he slowly pushed his hard cock deep inside of her. He broke her hymen and she whimpered. The pain was sharp and intense, like none she had ever felt before. He stayed still as she grew accustomed to his size and the unusual feeling of being so full. She gasped when the pain disappeared and gently rocked her hips forward to meet his. "Fuck baby... You're so tight." Julian grunted as he began to pump into her. His cock receding before being buried deep inside of her once again.

Her heels dug into his ass, her legs wrapped tightly around his frame. "Oh yes!" She cried out in sheer pleasure as he began to pound into her. His cock filled every inch of her, right up to the hilt. She could feel him throbbing so deep inside of her and it felt better than anything she could have ever imagine.

"Yeah baby... Moan for me... Say my name... Say it..."

He grunted as he leaned back slightly, angling his cock inside of her, and thrusting with a fury unknown to him. He placed his finger on her clit, a bucket of nerves as she began to writhe beneath him in sheer pleasure.

"JULIAN! Fuck me Julian! Harder! Fuck my pussy harder!" She begged as her fingernails clawed at his muscular back. Her frantic desires and pleads egged her on. There was no doubt in his mind that he was going to spill his seed inside of her soon. "Yes fuck baby! Cum for me... Cum on my cock." He said as he continued to pound into her while rubbing her clit. He dipped his head down, capturing a nipple between his lips. That was it for Caydence. She began to shake and tremble, her walls contracting around of his cock. Her orgasm was in tense and it melted right into another as he continued to thrust. Her second orgasm set him off as her tightness milked his cock. The pleasure was excruciating. They both screamed out each other's names. His warm cum filled her up to the brim before slowly leaking out of her pussy, his hard cock still buried deep inside of her. "I love you..." Caydence panted when she found her words. A wicked smile spread across Julian's lips, hearing her say that. "I love you too Caydence..." His still hard cock began to grow even more as he started to rock his hips once more.

"Round two?" He teased as he kissed the base of her throat. "Mhm baby... Yes..." She moaned in delight. "I want you on top this time." Caydence easily obliged by rolling over on top of him. This new position provided them both with even more pleasure. She rose and fell on his cock like it was all she wanted to do for the rest of their lives. Each time she came down, Julian thrust his hips upwards to meet her body. It wasn't long before they were both shouting out each other's name in intense pleasure. His hands held onto her hips, watching her breasts bounce as he shot his cum into her. Exhausted from their love making, they fell asleep, curled up in one another.

Caydence woke the next morning missing the warmth of his body next to hers. On the pillow next to her head was a note. "What a well spent night... I look forward to an even better morning... Meet me on the balcony..." Caydence sat up curiously, looking at the robe neatly folded at the edge of the bed and the rose petals leading out of the bedroom to the balcony that overlooked the beautiful city of Paris slightly off in the distance. Her heart pounded fast in her chest as she made her way out to the balcony after dressing in the robe. Julian stood on the porch only in boxers and a white tank top.

"Beautiful, as always... Good morning my love..." He greeted her with a kiss. A delicious breakfast decorated the small table off to the side. With his hands hidden behind his back, he stepped backwards. "Now, love... Where to begin... In this year alone you have made me the happiest man I have been in my entire lifetime... I knew the moment I laid eyes on that you were the only one for me... I love you more than you can possibly imagine... I want to be your husband... I want to have a family with you... I want to be yours forever... Will you do me the pleasure and honor by being my wife?" He knelt down on one knee, revealing the small velvet black box behind his back. He opened it to reveal the most stunning ring she had ever seen in her entire life. His eyes were moist with tears as he took in his love's reaction. She was speechless, but somehow she found her voice. "Yes.." Her voice cracked as she was overcome with tears. "Oh my god yes!"

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