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Farewell Ancient Lady


About six months ago my aunt Jackie bought a small house about six blocks from us. She was so excited to own her own home, and she got a great price, but it was a real handyman special, needing a lot of work. She was my favorite aunt, and she liked me too, often giving me presents, always remembering my birthday. She'd fallen out with my mother a few years back and I didn't see her for two years, but they made up around the time she bought the house. It was nice to have her around the family again. She wasn't stuck up like my other aunts, and she knew how to have fun. I think my mother and her other sisters were a little jealous of her because she lived her life the way she wanted, never having married or had children.

At 49 years old Aunt Jackie looked great to me. She wasn't one of those salad-eating scarecrows, and enjoyed good living. It didn't bother her one bit that she was on the large side, which I thought was cool. I've always preferred my women chunky, and as far as I was concerned she had great tits and a magnificent ass.

There was no man around to work on her house, and though my aunt had a good job there was no way she could afford to pay contractors. My mother persuaded my father, who was pretty handy with tools, to help Aunt Jackie out. He really seemed pissed off about it. Every Saturday morning he'd complain over breakfast for about a half an hour before grabbing his tools and heading over to her house. This went on for about three weeks. I used to laugh at him when he complained about all the work that still needed doing.

My mother worked at a local department store on the weekends. My dad had a well-paid job, so she didn't really need to work, but it was her way of getting out of the house. One Saturday morning dad overslept, and took off for my aunt's house without having any breakfast. Mom was also running late. When she realized my father had forgotten the blood pressure pills he needed to take every day, she asked me to take them to him. I didn't feel like getting up, but she got mad at me, saying, "If your father has a heart attack, it'll be your fault."

I had no alternative, so I got dressed, grabbed the pills and headed for Aunt Jackie's house. Actually, I wanted to see her anyway. She used to give me money occasionally - 20 bucks or so - which I found very useful, and I was hoping to get some from her now to help me buy a couple of things I needed for college. I got in my car and drove to her house, the ride taking no more than two minutes. Dad's pickup truck was parked outside, and I noticed his toolbox still in the back. That was odd, because he'd left our house an hour ago. I knew the front door to my aunt's house was broken and the buzzer didn't work, so I figured I'd walk around and get in through the kitchen.

I was expecting to find my father putting up shelves, or painting - something like that - but the house was quiet, and when I walked in I didn't see a soul. Then I heard a faint moaning which stopped me dead in my tracks. I didn't know what it was at first, but guessed something was up. I've always been a nosey guy, so I went into stealth mode and tiptoed toward the sound. The closer I got to the living room the louder it got. It sounded like someone was having a very good time.

"Oooohh...yeah, Jackie. Yeah, baby, suck that cock. God, I love your mouth!"

It was my dad's voice! The door leading to the living room was open a crack. I walked real slow so as not to make a sound, and when I reached the door I peeked inside. Dad was standing in front of the sofa with his work pants around his ankles, and Aunt Jackie was sitting, facing him, on the sofa, with both her hands on his hips. One of his hands was on the back of her head, and he was pumping away with his cock in her mouth. Slurping noises were coming from Aunt Jackie's mouth as my father humped her face. I felt (I almost heard!) my cock spring to attention.

"Yeah, Jackie. Yeah, baby. That's how I like it. Make me cum. Oh god, I've been waiting all week for this, baby!"

My aunt was moaning and making nasty sucking sounds. She really looked like she was enjoying sucking my dad's cock, while he looked pretty funny humping her face. The whole scene was bizarre. You never think about your parents or your aunts having sex. I didn't even think my parents had sex anymore. Certainly my mother made a face any time sex was mentioned.

Aunt Jackie was sucking my dad's cock like a pro, and while she sucked him she was now working his shaft with one hand and massaging his balls with the other. Then the funniest thing happened. My father threw his hands up and started shouting,

"Yeeeessss... yeeessss... I...I...I'mmm... cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuminggggg... Aghhh...aghhh...aaaagggggghhhh!"

He balled up his fist and his whole body started shaking, and I guess, at that moment, he shot his load down my aunt's throat. If I hadn't felt so fucking horny, I would have probably collapsed onto the floor and laughed my ass off. My dad acted like he was at a football game and his team had just scored a touchdown. I've had a lot of girls suck my cock but I never had an orgasm that made me behave like that. I wondered if maybe Aunt Jackie had some special technique. When dad finally put his hands down he looked as if he had just won the blowjob lottery.

My aunt looked up at him coyly. "Mmmmmmm... you came a lot this time, Mike. Almost too much for me to swallow."

This time? Just how many times had she sucked him off? I wondered if he'd ever fucked her.

"That was fantastic, Jackie. Thank you so much. You don't know how badly I needed that. Your sister hasn't sucked my cock for ten years."

He looked a bit down as he said that. My mother was very religious, and he wasn't. About ten years ago, when I was nine, she'd started hanging out with a woman in our neighborhood who was always preaching. I hated that woman. She was the kind that would tell your parents everything she saw you doing in the neighborhood. If you saw her you wanted to go carefully, because whatever you were up to she would report it to your parents. My mom and this woman started going to church together, and soon my dad and I found ourselves dragged to church every Sunday. I knew my dad hated this woman. Even though he never said so, I just knew it. He and I would plan things we'd have to do on Sunday, just to avoid going to church. That went on for about six months, till one day he told my mother that he couldn't stand her new friend and wouldn't be going to church anymore. He added that if I didn't want to go I didn't have to either. Mom didn't even bother to ask me again. She knew I'd never go if my dad said I didn't have too, no matter what she said.

My father continued, "Ten years is a hell of a long time to go without getting head."

"My sister ought to spend less time in church and more time taking care of her husband," my aunt said, fondling my dad's balls.

So that's why he'd hated that woman so much! Even as a child I'd noticed a change in my mother at that time. I understood his feelings perfectly. At the age of nineteen I couldn't imagine going ten years without another blowjob. I didn't feel that my father was cheating on my mother at all. He was just doing what any man would do. He always said, "A man's got to do what a man's got to do." The words seemed appropriate in this situation.

He thanked my aunt again, and she said, "Stop thanking me, Mike. It's the least I could do for you. You've been so kind, helping me fix up this place on your days off. I don't know what I'd have done without your help. I can't afford to pay contractors, but I'm more than happy to pay you in blowjobs."

Both of them started laughing. I was grateful to my aunt for looking out for my dad. At least he didn't have to run about looking for relief. And the fact that it was Aunt Jackie who was servicing him meant that no one else would find out, and she'd never tell my mother.

My dad said, "Well, I'd better get started. The ceiling's not going to paint itself." "OK," she said, "I'll put some clothes on and make us some coffee."

It was my cue to get the hell out of there, and I crept back outside. On my way to my car I dropped my father's pills on the front seat of his truck, next to his toolbox, and took off.

When I got home the first thing I did was run up to my room and jerk off, fantasizing that Aunt Jackie was sucking my cock and eating my cum. My mental picture of her with my cock in her mouth did it, and within two minutes I was squirting my load all over the place. I think I broke my own jerk-off speed record. Afterwards I couldn't stop thinking about the horny scene I'd witnessed, and wondering how it would really feel to fuck my aunt in the mouth.

I was determined to try to get Aunt Jackie to suck my cock, but I needed a plan. The next few days I could think of nothing else. I spent my time jerking off and concocting schemes. I thought of going to her and saying that I'd seen her fellating my dad, and threaten to tell my mother if she didn't do me as well. I'd have felt such a jerk doing it, though. My aunt was a sweet, kind woman. Blackmailing her for sex would be plain wrong. I considered just asking her to do it, but that was stupid too. When you're horny, and a woman takes up so much space in your mind, you go a little crazy.

Wednesday night after dinner Aunt Jackie telephoned and asked my mother if I could help her out. She had bought a new computer and wanted to know if I could set up her computer for her. When my mom asked me, it was my cock that answered, making me say, "Sure. Say I'll be over in half an hour. I was so fucking excited that I had trouble breathing as I ran up to my room and put on a t-shirt. My cock was so hard it was driving me nuts; I couldn't go to my aunt's house feeling like that. I needed something to take the edge off, so I got in the shower and jerked off real quick, and after that I felt ten times better.

When I reached my aunt's house I went in through the back door. I walked into the living room, expecting to find her fumbling around with computer boxes, but though the boxes were there, she wasn't. Then I heard a voice calling from upstairs.

"Hi, David. Make yourself comfortable. I'll be down in a minute."

I started opening the boxes and getting all the parts for the desk ready, and a few minutes later my Aunt Jackie came downstairs. Her hair was all done up and she looked very nice in her make up. She was wearing a tiny dark blue robe, which did a very bad job of covering her spectacular breasts. Looking further down, I saw that she was wearing sexy white stockings. My heart was pounding like a drum and I couldn't stop staring.

"Wow! Who's the lucky guy, Aunt Jackie?" I said, approvingly.

She looked damn sexy. Her robe came down to about four inches above her knees, revealing delicious thick thighs. She had this playful grin on her face, which I found terrifically attractive.

"I got a hot date tonight, kiddo. How do I look?"

"Well, if you go out in that robe I guarantee it'll be a VERY hot date!"

She laughed. "I'm not going out like this, silly. I still have to put my dress on."

"Who's the lucky guy?"

Like I said before, I'm very nosey, and I was curious to know the identity of the lucky dude who was in line to enjoy my aunt's sexual favours. I didn't know what kind of dress she intended to wear, but what she had on suggested to me that she intended him to inspect her underwear.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you, David."

I didn't understand what she meant by that. I wondered who the guy was, and started to get jealous. The lucky son-of-a-bitch would probably fuck her tonight. I felt a little pissed off, and to take my mind off the subject began to concentrate on building my aunt's desk and setting up her computer.

The desk was easy to put together, and it took me only about twenty minutes to hook up the computer and load up Windows. I could hear my aunt moving around upstairs, getting ready for her date. Then I heard the phone ring, and about ten minutes later Aunt Jackie came downstairs, but now she wasn't smiling.

"Hey, what's the matter? Is everything ok, Aunt Jackie," I said, concerned for her.

"My hot date just called and said that his daughter's sick. He's a single dad, and doesn't want to leave her alone. Ah well, that's life."

I knew how she was feeling. It's horrible when you look forward to seeing someone all day and at the last minute they bail out on you. Even when it's for a good reason you still feel shitty.

I wanted to see her smile, so I said,

"He doesn't know what he is missing. If he could see how sexy you look, he'd get a babysitter."

My feeble attempt to put a smile on her face seemed to work, and she said,

"You're such a sweet boy, David. Thanks for cheering up an old lady."

It was obvious, though, that she was still down in the dumps. She went to the kitchen, returning a few moments later with a drink and sitting down on the couch. It was the same spot where the other day I'd seen her being mouth-fucked by my dad. I could feel that my cock had made a tent in my pants, and was thankful that I was sitting down at the desk I'd just assembled.

I told Aunt Jackie I was all done, and she looked amazed.

"Wow, that was fast! I thought it would take you at least a couple of hours to do that."

"Naw, it was easy. You know me and computers; I can put them together with my eyes shut."

While I was speaking she crossed one leg over the other, showing a considerable expanse of meaty thigh. I wondered if her pussy was just as meaty. I thought of how my father had looked when he was cumming in her mouth, and my cock became hard as a rock. I wanted her so bad, but all the scenarios I had considered to achieve my goal seemed likely to end in tears. As much as I wanted to fuck her, or get her to suck my cock, she was still my favorite aunt, and I wouldn't do her any harm.

"Come sit down, David. Take a break," she said, smiling.

I woke from my daze and went to sit down beside her on the couch, doing my best to hide my erection. We started chatting, though my eyes were glued to her stocking and her thighs, I don't think I heard a word she said.

"David! ... David!"

I was thinking so hard about what was between my aunt's legs that I didn't hear her calling my name.

"What's the matter with you, kid? Ain't you never seen a woman in stockings before?"

She was laughing, and I joined in. I had been well and truly caught in the act, but I tried to pass it off.

"I was just looking at your stockings. I've never seen stockings like that before, Aunt Jackie. You look really sexy in them."

I had noticed before that my aunt blushed whenever I gave her a compliment, so I went on,

"If that guy you were supposed to be going out with tonight was here, he'd probably jump on you. Shoot, I can hardly stop myself doing it!"

What the fuck was I thinking of? How could I have said that? At first she looked shocked, but then she started giggling.

"David, you're funny. I know you're trying to make me feel better about being stood up. But I'm much too old for you. I'll bet there's a lot of hot sexy skinny girls your age you can fool around with."

If she only knew she was my type, I thought. If I only had the balls to tell her how I felt, and what I wanted.

"You're not that old, Aunt Jackie. You look great to me. Anyway, for your information, I've never dated a skinny girl. I prefer my women chunky," I said, looking her in the eye.

"Stop teasing your old, ancient aunt. You're nineteen years old, and a good looking boy." She hesitated before she added, "If you weren't my nephew...I don't know.."

I did a mental double take. What was that she'd nearly said? I sat there, paralyzed. Was it possible that she fancied me? She was laughing and smiling, so she must have been fooling around. My cock, though, wasn't so sure. I had learned that, with girls, timing is everything. Sometimes you just get one shot, and if you blow it you find yourself later that evening with your cock in your hand, wondering why you hadn't jumped in when the door had been left open for you. My aunt had just left me a huge opening, and I jumped in feet first.

"I'm ready whenever you are, auntie," I said, faking a laugh.

She was wearing that amazed expression again, but this time it contained an element of curiosity. It was her turn to wonder if I was kidding. I took my hand away from my crotch; where I had placed it for modesty's sake, and sat back on the couch with my legs slightly open, emphasizing my bulge. She glanced at my crotch, and her eyes lit up.

"My God, David, what's that? Have you forgotten that I'm your aunt, your mother's sister?" She was chuckling, but she licked her lips, and her eyes stayed on my bulge. She added quietly,

"Jesus Christ! I used to change your diapers when you were little."

Thing were happening quickly. Timing was everything.

"That was a long time ago, Aunt Jackie, and some things have gotten a lot bigger since then. Wanna see?"

Without waiting for a reply I jumped to my feet, unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down to my knees. My cock sprang out, stiff and proud, at an angle of 45 degrees. She stared at it as if fascinated.

"See, Aunt Jackie? See how hard you got me, and see how big I've grown in nineteen years!"

She continued to stare at my cock. The mood in the room had changed utterly. Teasing and flirty talk were out of the window. When she next spoke the sound of her voice was very different from before. In a low, husky voice she said,

"David, I...I...can't. I'm your mother's sister. I... don't know... you really ought to put your pants back on, and then we'll forget about all this, honey."

I saw that she was in two minds, and reached down and grabbed her hand. I placed her unresisting hand on my cock, and she instantly wrapped it around the shaft.

"See, Auntie. See how hard you've got me. You're so beautiful, Aunt Jackie and I love you. Let me show you how much I love you," I said in my most persuasive voice.

I could see desire in her eyes, though she never looked up, her focus remaining on my erection. Without saying a word she began moving her hand slowly back and forward on my cock. It was great!

"David... I don't know, sweetie... This isn't right," she said, now using her other hand to massage my swollen balls. My aunt had the softest hands in the world, and the way she touched me it was as if she was soothing a hungry animal that happened to be swinging between my legs. I felt as if I was in one of my wet dreams, standing where I had seen my father stand the other day.

"That feels so gooooood, Aunt Jackie. God, your hands are so soft," I moaned, barely whispering."

"But David, this is so wrong... you're my nephew," she sighed, still fiddling with my private parts.

"I'm a man, Aunt Jackie, and I can't help wanting to have sex with the beautiful woman who's sitting in front of me. Look at me! Look into my eyes, auntie."

At that moment I felt overwhelming love and desire for her, and when at last she raised her head and looked into my eyes and smiled, I knew there would be no turning back.

"I love you, Aunt Jackie. Let me show you how much. See how stiff my cock is. I've never felt this way about any one else."

"Oh David, you know this is incest, don't you?"

I just looked at her and shrugged. "If I go any further, things would change between us for ever. Are you prepared for that, honey? Could you handle it, sweetie."

"Yes, I can handle it," I replied gravely, trembling with anticipation.

I took a half step closer to my aunt, putting my cock about three inches from her mouth. Meanwhile she continued to stroke my cock and fondle my balls lovingly. I looked down and I saw her stick out the tip of her tongue and lick her lips. It was hard to stop myself from just shoving my cock into her mouth.

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