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It was hotter today than most late September days, I think it's called an Indian Summer? I don't know the origin of that term, but it's probably not polite, so I'll just stick with "hotter than normal September". Anyway, I had been running all over the farm keeping up on the chores for my boss. I was tired, and I was headed into the main house to grab my phone and my keys and get home to a hot shower. I felt dusty and sweaty, and the muscles in my back and thighs were tired, but I felt strong.

I'm not your typical girl, perhaps reason number one is the fact that I work on a farm, but I still love to feel feminine and girly, as long as that doesn't eclipse the fact that I can be tough and get dirty when I want to. I wasn't the only female farmhand, but the one other lady was 25 years older than me, and had skin leatherier than my old boots, and her hair was always sticking straight out, full of dust. When she talked, it sounded like a gravelly version of Marge Simpson.

Anyway, I didn't feel like there was anyone on the Farm that I felt like I had a lot in common with. The rest of the farmhands came and went. There were a few old timers. I started working here after college, and that was only 3 years ago, but I was still one of the more tenured employees. Like usual, this summer had brought a new crop of guys. In previous years, I always pretended that I was on some sad and pathetic version of The Bachelorette, where the guys were all stinky, farmers'-tanned country boys with tobacco chewing addictions, and I had the job of finding the least intolerable one to make friends with by the time summer ended, and he invariably moved away. That makes it sound worse than it is. The boys are, for the most part, fine but uninteresting, and certainly not sexually exciting or mentally stimulating.

Until this summer.

Holy fuck.

Okay, so he's taller than me, and I'm tall, so that is nice, but the thing that punched me in the gut the first time I met him was his presence. This sounds weird, but his presence was huge. Like, he's a normal sized, albeit manly dude, but his energy filled a room. I FELT him before I met him, and I have been drawn to him ever since. Also, it doesn't hurt that he has a gorgeous beard, that he actually takes care of, and nut-brown skin, and dark brown, almost black, hair. His voice is deep and chocolatey. One time, I heard him humming to himself, and it made me knees weak. I could get lost in his eyes, and his lips are full and smooth, and all I can think about is what they would feel like if they were gently pressed against all the parts of my body.

This summer has been 1000 times more fun than any other summer. He is the MOST fun to tease and to flirt with. I'm always running into him, and it's rarely an accident. Like I said before, I'm drawn to him. That makes it sound like a magnetism, but in reality, I'm probably more of a doe-eyed puppy dog that's following him around. I've been trying to get better, less obsessed, more independent, but I genuinely can't remember what I was like before I met him. Sort of like in awkward situations, when you forget what you're supposed to do with your arms.

Anyway, I had been playing with him all summer, toying and teasing him. All I want to do is tackle him, kiss those full lips, then suck his cock. But the opportunity never presented itself.

So anyway, today has been a long hot day, and I was wiped out and I had been counting down the hours until I could strip off my dusty clothes and jump into a nice cold shower.

As I was rounding the corner of the farmhouse, I heard a noise, low and familiar, coming from the woodshed that stood just a little ways off the back of the farmhouse. Recognizing his absentminded hum instantly, I slowed my pace and walked the short distance to the woodshed. I found him chopping wood out behind the shed, and my mouth fell open at the sight.

He was wearing earbuds and listening to music. He was wearing his dusty, worn-in jeans, and his work boots. He always looked good and rugged in them, but the thing that caught me off guard was the fact that he had his shirt off, and he was glistening with sweat. His skin was tan and dark, and although he had some tan lines, he obviously went shirtless enough to ensure he didn't have the red and white pattern that the rest of the boys around the farm had. He was hairy, and boy do I love a hairy man. His dark chest hair was curly, and was shimmering with his sweat.

As I stood off to the side, watching, I could see the muscles rippling in his back. He was strong, and his body was gorgeous. He wasn't chiseled like a model or anything, and you could tell that he enjoyed the occasional beer, but there was something about him that was so self-assured, carefree and confident, that made him instantly the most gorgeous person I had ever seen.

I don't THINK I was standing there for too long, but honestly it could have been 2 seconds or 5 minutes. But either way, he must have felt my eyes on him, because he paused mid-way through chopping one of the rounds, and he turned to see me. He smiled and pulled one of the earbuds out as he walked over to me. His chest was rising and falling slightly faster than normal due to the exertion of his chore, and I could see his blood pursing in a vein next to his collarbone.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" He said with a smile as he came over to me. I normally don't have any problem coming up with things to say, but words failed me, as I stared open-mouthed at his chest as a drop of sweat ran between his tan, hairy pecs.

Then I lost control, and my body, which had been waiting all summer for this moment, snapped into gear. I licked my lips, reached up and grabbed either side of his neck with my hands, and I pulled his head down and kissed him deeply on his full, soft lips. I didn't stop there. While my left hand still locked him into my passionate and thirsty kisses, my right hand tracked down his neck to his chest, lightly grazing my finger nails against his rough and weathered skin.

He responded instantly, and I felt his arms wrap around my lower waist for a few seconds, before his hands slid down the back of my shorts and cup my ass. With a slight lift, he picked me up, still with his hands on my ass cheeks, and he carried me into the woodshed, without stopping for air from my kisses.

He set me down on the workbench inside. The room was shadowy and smelled musty with a layer of wood shavings and chainsaw oil. My skin prickled with intensity, and I couldn't sit still. I was ravenous, and I was already unbuttoning his jeans. With one hand, he stilled my frantic fingers, and then he slowly, teasingly, raised my shirt up and over my head. He easily unsnapped my bra, and then he dipped his head and slowly, lusciously, licked and sucked each of my tits, lightly grazing my nipples with his teeth.

I could hardly breathe, my heart was in my throat, and my pussy was getting wetter by the moment. I was so focused on the sensation of his beard against the tender skin of my breasts, and his teeth gently nipping against my tits, I didn't notice his hands were otherwise occupied until I felt him sliding my unzipped shorts down off of my wide hips.

I helped and shimmied my tight shorts off of my big ass, and easily kicked them onto the dusty ground. I looked down, and saw his hard, thick cock, waiting for me, with a drop of pre-cum ready to enter me. He pressed the head against the entrance of my pussy, and I closed my eyes ready for the penetration that I had been longing for.

Nothing happened, and I opened one eye and peered up into his face. He was smiling at me and silently laughing. "You little fucker!" I laughingly scolded him. "Don't you tease me. I've been waiting for this all summer!"

He leaned forward, and in my ear, he whispered huskily, "So you've been waiting for this all summer, have you?" Then he lightly bit down on the side of my neck, as both of his hands locked down on my hips, and he entered me with so much force, that I felt the impact through to my belly.

"Oh fuuuuuuuuck," was all I could say, as he pounded me again and again. With one hand, I massaged my clit, and with the other hand, I braced myself against the workbench and lifted my hips to grind into him with every thrust.

"You like that, huh? Do you like my cock in your tiny pussy?" he whispered.

"Yes! Oh I want your huge cock deep in my pussy. Harder! Give it to me harder!"

I was about to cum, and I barely was able to tell him between moans. Then he suddenly stopped, and I wanted to punch him. He pulled me down off the bench, and pushed me gently down onto the ground.

I wanted to suck on him, and was reaching forward to do so, and he grabbed me by the chin and said, "No, you filthy girl, not this time, we'll save that for next time." And he spun me around until I was on my hands and knees in front of him.

He spread my legs until my pussy was at the right height, and then he continued his assault, pounding into my slit from behind. "Fuck, your cock is so huge!" I groaned. I reached between my legs and stroked my clit, as I arched my back into each of his thrusts.

Then he pulled out, and pressed the head of his cock against my asshole. "Oh my god, yeeeees! This is what I've been waiting for!" I said.

I was already dripping wet from our combined juices, and he entered me easily with little force. He pressed into me slowly at first, allowing my ass to adjust to his girth, then with a small grunt, he began to press in deeper.

I was gone. Being pussy fucked is wonderful, but I rarely can last more than a few pumps in my ass without giving into a deep, ravaging orgasm. This time was no different, and I gasped out a warning before I gave into the mind-shattering force of a monstrous orgasm.

His thrusts increased in speed, and his hands gripped my hips with almost painful intensity, as he guided my ass forcefully back onto his hard cock. Then, with finality, he came deep in my ass. We both collapsed, shaking, on the dusty concrete floor.

I lay there, sweating and naked against the sawdust-covered floor, pinned beneath his heavy, heaving body. I could feel the prickle of his chest hair against my smooth back, and I felt his cock, still semi-firm in my ass. I could taste his sweat on my lips from our kisses, and I still felt the pressure of the weight of his mouth against mine. His chin was on my shoulder, and his beard scruffled against my neck as he chuckled softly into my ear. "You wild little girl! I know what you're think, you want more don't you??"

As a reply, I raised my hips, and ground his cock into me again. We were going to have plenty of fun together.

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by TANSTAAFL5806/04/18

Short and hot as fuck. See if your heroine can try to last a bit longer, and describe the feeling a bit more. Thanks.

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by Anonymous06/03/18

Fell asleep

Dull. Uninspiring.

1 star


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