Farm Family


Mary hadn’t said a thing while the men swapped places. She wrapped her legs around her husband and pulled him in her soaking cunt. Ty was lying next to them on the bed. She reached for his cock and pulled him around until she could take him in her mouth. He was still hard and she swallowed him down her throat. She was having the best time of her life. Her husband was fucking her just fucked cunt and her black lover was playing with her tits while she tried to bring him off in her mouth. The three climaxed, at the same time.

After a short rest they were back at it again. They continued like this several times a week. When the holidays rolled around and the kids were home from college they included them in their activities. It took a little getting use to seeing Ty fuck his daughter. It was turn on like the first time he saw Mary with Ty.

Life on this family farm had taken a turn for the better. John and Mary didn’t know if or when either of the kids married that they would be able to continue. Hopefully the in-laws would see the advantages that this life style contained.

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