Farm Girl Gets Caught


"That was great, he said. "And I can tell you liked it too."

She removed her panties from her mouth to reply. "It was wonderful. I've never felt anything like that. What is it called, what you just did and what happened to me?"

"It's called eating your pussy and what you did is called coming or having an orgasm. You have a lot to learn, and I want to teach you more, if you want to learn."

"I want to learn everything you can teach me." Josh straightened up, but remained on his knees with his big, hard cock aiming at her. "Are you going to put your thingy in me," she asked, pointing at it.

"It's my cock and, yes, if you want me to, but I have to get it ready. I don't want you to get preggers."

Naomi didn't know what he meant, but she watched as the man of his fantasies took his wallet out of a pants pocket and removed a small package. He tore it open to expose a white disk, which he held against the tip of his long, white thingy and rolled down onto the shaft.

"Reach down here and hold yourself open," Josh further instructed her.

She reached down to her fun hole, and Josh placed her fingers on the sides and demonstrated to Naomi how to spread her pussy lips. It was slippery there, and she knew the slickness would help him slide his thingy into her, just as it helped her insert a carrot or zucchini or other produce. When he was satisfied with her readiness, Josh leaned forward, supporting his weight on one hand while the other guided his cock, until it was positioned between her fingers.

Smiling down at the beautiful young woman under him, Josh rubbed the head against her wetness until it was fully prepared. "Are you ready?" he asked.

Naomi had decided it would be a good idea to muffle herself with her panties right away so she nodded her head. Seconds later, she felt a fantastic gush of pleasure as Josh pushed forward and the tip of his thingy wedged into the place that seemed to have been made for it. She moaned, a sound nobody else heard, and moaned again and even louder when more of the big, white thingy was pushed into her fun hole. The pleasure that rolled and crashed through her body from where she was being stuffed was even better than what had been evoked by Josh's mouth, and her body responded by writhing under him.

"This is the hottest woman I've ever met," Josh told himself. He felt gratified over being correct when he thought there was more to her than appeared on the surface, and even happier that he had followed Naomi to the hayloft that morning.

Repeatedly, he thrust into her pussy, firmly but gently as he burrowed his cock inside her in small increments, until his pubic hair was mingling with hers. By that time, Naomi's sexy body was thrashing around under him and her head was rolling from side to side on the edge of the old quilt. Josh stayed above her, looking affectionately on the beautiful face that was so suffused with lust, and watched her pitching and tossing. He waited another minute before slowly sliding his hands along the quilt until they were under Naomi's shoulders while lowering his body until his chest was resting lightly against her erect nipples.

Her eyes had been closed in bliss, but she opened them and instinctively reached up and put her arms around his neck while smiling at him. Her mouth was distorted from being stuffed with her panties, which Josh still wondered about, but he saw her eyes crinkling and knew she was as happy about their activities in the hayloft as he was.

"You're the sweetest and the hottest," he whispered to her. "And we're going to have the most fun either of us has ever had." She nodded her head in eager agreement.

Josh set out to make his prophecy come true, drawing his cock most of the way out of Naomi's tight pussy, pausing briefly with just the tip still inside, and started driving it back into her. On instinct again, she thrust back to meet him, and their bodies came softly together, with his cock buried to the hilt in the most fabulous place it had ever been. He stayed in that position for a few seconds, before pulling his cock back for another thrust. Naomi responded by fucking back to meet him again and the stroke ended with their bodies pressed tightly together. The side of his face was inches from her mouth and he heard her murmuring her happiness.

Over and over, Josh drove his cock in and out of the delightful pussy under him and she met every one of his strokes. As they continued, Naomi's body rocked from side to side and her hands caressed the sides and back of the man above her. She had learned to masturbate by doing what came naturally and she was learning to fuck the same way. Like a gathering storm, she could feel her good time piling up. It would be the second time that day, which had never happened to her before, which was just one of the many new experiences for her and one of the things she was learning about.

Joshua felt his climax building too and hoped Naomi would come before he did. To help bring that about, he shifted position slightly so his cock was massaging her clit even more fully and started driving it in and out faster. She matched his greater speed and her movements became even wilder under him.

For the second time that day, the virginal farm girl started coming and this one was even more monumental than the first had been. Her howl of unmitigated joy might have blown the roof off the barn if it hadn't been muffled by her panties but only she was aware of it.

Josh didn't hear her cry of ecstasy but he knew Naomi was coming again and he continued driving his cock in and out of her while she bucked and bounced under him. He felt the tips of her fingers digging into the muscles of his back and thought how he was glad her parents insisted they be kept short because they didn't want any "painted devil's talons" on their daughter. Less than a minute after her sudden burst of action that had signaled her starting to come, he felt his cousin's arms and legs clamping onto him and her body ramming up against him as she reached her orgasm. Immediately after that, Naomi completely relaxed under him and Joshua let go of the control he had been exercising. After a dozen more hard, deep strokes, his own climax boiled up from throughout his body and he also came and filled his condom with semen.

The supremely happy couple lay in a warm afterglow for a few minutes before Naomi removed the rolled up panties from her mouth and explained the reason for them. Josh was glad she was so careful because he had no wish to get caught either. She told him the names she had made up for her primary sex organs and he smiled and told her the more earthy words he and most other persons used for the same body parts. They agreed without reservation that they wanted to get together again as often as possible and discussed the subterfuges that would work best. Neither of them believed her parents would be willing to let them go to the barn to pray together because they didn't trust him so they worked out a method for her to signal him so he could come out to the hayloft for a rendezvous.

After the two most tremendous orgasms of her life and the best eating pussy and fucking he had even known, the two happy and relaxed young people left the barn separately and returned to the house, where Naomi put the unused carrot back into the refrigerator. They both hoped for and expected many more trysts on the old quilt in the hayloft before the summer ended and Joshua had to leave the farm and return to the city.

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