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Farm Girl Thrills Neighbor


A little more than a year ago my husband Mark and I bought a small 10 acre farm. I had always had a dream of operating an organic vegetable farm since I had studied botany as an undergraduate. It was my dream, but it was never Mark's. Mark was very much the corporate type and had a very successful career in pharmaceutical product development. He was a workaholic and had no interest if farming but was earning more than enough money to help me realize my dream and was supportive. I'm sure he would have been much happier in a loft condominium in the city but here we were in a ramshackle 1930's farm house that for the time being didn't even have air conditioning.

I saw very little of him these days. He insisted on being in the office no later than 6:00 am and by the time he worked out in the gym after work he was seldom home before 7:00 pm and often not until 9 or 10. On the weekends, Saturdays were almost always spent golfing with clients. Then he spent Sundays watching sports on TV with a lap top in front of him. It didn't bother me much though, because running a farm and a household gave me more than enough to keep me busy. Farming was hard work. Not so much backbreaking lifting but definitely steady physical labor that required lots of stamina. I was able to handle most of it fine on my own though and loved the way it made my body feel. I had been a gymnast in high school and was very competitive until I grew to 5'9 and was too tall to compete on a national level. It gave me a taught little body though, that Mark seemed to really enjoy...at least until he started his rise up the corporate ladder.

My goal was to make my farm as natural as possible and I did everything I could to reduce our carbon footprint, save electricity, recycle, and compost and make the best use of water resources.

It was in the dog days of August when it dawned on me that it made no sense to dry the laundry in our electric dryer (the biggest energy hog in our house), when the hot Carolina sun could be doing the job for free. It had been over 100 every day for 10 days straight when I decided to build myself an old fashioned clothes line and started hanging the wash outside.

That first day of hanging clothes, I hung a couple of bed sheets, a bunch of Mark's t shirts and then I got to my panties. I felt weird about hanging my intimates out there in public for all to see and I thought about drying them in the dryer. But then I thought how foolish that would be. After all people hung the family laundry on the line for years before electric dryers became so popular, even in the busiest cities. Besides that hardly anyone lived near enough to see. The back of our property beyond the fields was woods. There was an old couple in the farmhouse across the road but their house was on the other side of their property and even if they could see that far, our house blocked their view of my clothes line. The road circled around the south side of the property and passing motorists could get a glimpse, but there were never more than a dozen cars that passed our house in a day. The only other neighbor was Kevin on the west side of the property. Kevin was an organic farmer himself.

Kevin had bought his 40 acre farm about ten years ago. He had been a computer programmer and was working for an open source software company when it went public and had made quite a bit of cash in stock options. When the dot com bubble burst and he got laid off, he took the opportunity to realize his dream. He didn't have millions or anything but he had enough to buy the land, some commercial greenhouses and some nice farm equipment and took the chance that he could turn it into a decent lively hood for himself. His wife Sharon was a university professor and was spending 2 years in Eastern Europe on a teaching/research assignment. She had just left about a month after we met them when they came over to welcome us into the neighborhood.

Kevin was a very successful farmer, he had it all down to a science and I learned a lot from him about setting up my little farm. Mark was always busy and I couldn't imagine him stopping long enough to look at my panties on the clothesline.

So I hung them up with the rest of the basket, but I have to admit it still felt a little naughty seeing my tiny little underwear hanging out there in "public." I got used to it though and it became part of my routine on laundry days. I liked hanging the clothes out in the fresh air. It was kind of a Zen experience. It was hot though. It was usually after ten by the time I got my morning house chores done on laundry days and the sun was already hot by that time.

My normal sleep wear was a t-shirt and panties and nothing else and that's what I wore until it was time to go outside. (Farming has taught me to take my shower at night instead of in the morning) One morning it was so hot and humid that I thought about putting on a swim suit before I went out then realized that taking off my panties to put on a bikini bottom just long enough to hang the clothes was a pretty silly extra step. Panties hide just as much, so that morning I just wore my panties and T-shirt to hang out the clothes. For some reason I felt more exposed that way but I knew it was just my imagination. That morning Kevin was out picking tomatoes in a far field but he didn't seem to be paying attention to me so from then on that's the way I dressed to hang laundry. It was a lot cooler.

One day after I had done the laundry and all the house work I headed out to the garden. I was standing there staring at my weed infested plot looking at the summer-weary dried up plants when Kevin came walking up to the fence. (I had put on a pair of shorts and my crocs at this point. I felt too naked all the way out there without them)

Kevin asked me what was on my mind and I told him I wanted to till under the spring crops and start a fall garden but was dreading the thought of spending 8 hours in the 103 degree heat wrestling with my rototiller. He said it would only take an hour or two with his tractor. I resisted but he said farmers have to stick together otherwise it is too much work for one person, so I agreed to let him help. He said "the only thing I'm not sure of is whether I can get my tractor with the disk on it through your gate up there by the house."

I invited him over to take a look and walked him up to the end of the fence line that was in front of the house. As we rounded the barn and passed between it and the house I became a little mortified that I had clothes hanging on the lines and of course all the panties and bras were hanging right up front (they would have been behind the sheets when viewed from Kevin's place.)

As we walked by I said "don't mind the skivvies" He said, "don't worry, I didn't come over here to invade your privacy" and kept walking as though he hadn't even noticed. I have to confess that I was a little disappointed but then after about 25 steps of silence and now the clotheslines at our back he said "what I wouldn't give to see you in those little red ones though" and just kept walking without missing a step.

I couldn't do anything but giggle, and then said "you help me out with this and maybe I'll wear those when I hang the laundry in the morning."

He decided the tractor would fit and went home to get it. When I heard it chugging along the side of the house I rushed out to open the gate for him and he gave me a grin and shook his head as he drove by the clothes line.

He was done in just 2 hours and my garden beds were looking beautiful and ready for the fall crop.

The thought of that little flirt with Kevin had me buzzing all day and I was pretty worked up by the time Mark got home. After dinner I took my shower and decided to join Mark in bed without putting on my normal night clothes to see if I could interest him in a little activity. I cuddled up next to his naked body and did entice him to make out a little but I could tell his heart wasn't in it and I let him off the hook and he was asleep in minutes leaving me on my own, to run the day's activities through my mind.

The next morning the first thought that hit my mind was the red panties and whether I'd have the guts to wear them. I slipped on a T-shirt and got up to put on a pot of coffee. Mark barely stirred when I got up and when I got back he had kicked the sheets off him but was sound asleep again. I looked at this beautiful naked body in front of me and he was sporting some serious "morning wood." I usually never bothered him in the morning because I knew how gung ho he was about getting to work early, but this morning I couldn't take it. I stripped off my T shirt and crawled on the bed and took is swollen purple throbbing penis into my soft lips, and stated to gently stroke his shaft with my hands.

He didn't take long to wake up with a smile. I was getting him near the edge when he jumped up, flipped me over on my back, held my wrists firmly against the bed and moved between my thighs. I was so wet that he slipped inside me with ease. He started stroking and worked quickly to a frenzied pace. He was really giving it to me and it felt fantastic. It had been quite a while. He didn't last long though and shot his seed deep inside me. We collapsed together and cuddled for a few minutes until "SHIT! Look at the time!" and he jumped up and rushed off into the shower. I got up too and put my T shirt back on and since I didn't want sperm running down my legs I went to the drawer to get some underwear. You guessed it I put on the red thong panties.

I went to the kitchen to have some coffee and read the paper. When Mark came out he was fully dressed for work and smelling great. I walked him to the door and instead of my normal quick goodbye peck I got a long passionate kiss. As he was kissing me he ran his hands up my tush lifting my T shirt as he went. When he got to my hips and could feel the waistband of my panties, he stopped kissing me and peaked over my shoulder and saw the red thong. He said "you really want to make me late today don't you?"

I said "Nope, I just want you to think about me a little while you are there." And with that I got my normal quick peck and off he went.

So I went about my morning house work and when it was time to dry the clothes I headed outside with nervous anticipation. When I got to the line and started hanging up some Jeans I looked over and saw Kevin planting what looked like broccoli in the field closest to our house. After a while he stopped and walked over to the fence. I glanced over and my heart started trying to jump out of my chest. He made a gesture with his arms as if to say "well, let's see em." I made my best embarrassed pose putting my hands to my face, then looked over my shoulder to make sure there were no cars coming by, took a deep breath, held my thighs close together, lifted my T shirt up to just below my breasts, and cocked my hips a little to strike my sexiest pose.

Kevin immediately flashed a huge smile and gave me thumbs up. Before he dropped his arm he made a spiraling motion with his index finger telling me to turn around. That shocked me a bit. This would be very different. From the front these hid just as much as bikini bottoms no big deal really. From the back I would be practically naked and I wouldn't even go to the beach like that. Well I'm no chicken and he was so goddamned cute over there with is devilish grin. I slid my T shirt back down and turned around, this time looking very carefully to be sure that no one else was around. I looked back over my shoulder to Kevin and hiked the shirt up as high as I could and wiggled my ass for him. He looked like the happiest guy alive. If he had jumped the fence right there and then and came over, there would have been no stopping me. Luckily he was a gentleman and started whistling and happily went back to work.

When I got back into the house a sudden dread fell over me. What had I just done? I mean its one thing to flash a bunch of drunken frat boys across the quad in college (another story for another time) but this guy was my next door neighbor! I'd have to see him every day, and he would often even come over for Sunday afternoon barbeques with me and my husband. Would he say anything? Christ I'm such an idiot. But then again, you only live once; and what a rush that was. Guilt and thoughts of fidelity and loyalty would have to wait. Right now all I wanted was to touch myself. I stripped off the last of my clothes right there in the kitchen and walked off to the bedroom. (Passing a sliding glass door and secretly hoping Kevin could see in. Fuck guilt, this was fantasy time and I liberated my mind to think anything it wanted to think, and feel whatever I wanted to feel and imagine whatever or whomever I wanted to imagine. This went on for at least 2 hours and was about as much fun as a woman could have alone.

But I did have work to do. Fall crops to plant in my newly tilled garden plot which was not more than 30 yards from where Kevin was working. Oh boy, how awkward.

It wasn't though, as it turned out. Kevin stopped to make small talk for a few minutes as though nothing unusual had happened and I immediately felt completely comfortable and we both went about our work. I now felt a closer bond with him. It was so cool that we could flirt that much and he could handle it without getting all crazy and thinking it was more than it was. Not many guys are like that. Most of them lose their mind if you give them the slightest hint that they might have a chance of getting in your pants.

We went on through the end of summer and into fall like that, except that we were now much closer. We cooperated on each other's farms. He helped me design and install a makeshift irrigation system that captured rainwater from the barn on heavy rains and had a pump to use the water for irrigation when it was dry. It even had a timer to make it automatically run for just ½ hour each day, and when it rained enough I just unplugged the pump. Simple and efficient. When I had time I'd help him harvest veggies on Fridays for the Saturday farmer's market. We became like best friends and almost business partners although I didn't have that much to contribute yet. There was never a mention of the red panties incident and he never tried to make a move on me.

By late September my crops were doing great, my best so far, and the first time I've had a real surplus to sell. Trouble is I didn't have an outlet to sell anything. Tables at the farmers market were sold by the year and you couldn't get space for the fall only.

One Saturday Kevin invited me to share his table at the market to sell some of my veggies. I made $180 dollars that day and had a great time. I didn't get to socialize with Kevin all that much because we were each busy, but I enjoyed his company and he had a great engaging style with the customers. They seemed to love him and seemed happy to buy what he had to sell.

When I got home that afternoon Mark wasn't even home from the golf course yet. When he did come home he was drunk and smelled like beer and cigars, and went off to crash on the bed.

I made the Saturday market a regular appointment through the fall even when I didn't have anything of my own to sell. Kevin seemed to really appreciate the help and the company and it was just a fun thing to do. Farmer's market patrons are usually very nice very cool people. I got the feeling that Mark was a little unhappy about it since I had to be up at 5am on a Saturday and maybe he wasn't too keen on me spending so much time with another man but he never really said anything about it. We just seemed to be snapping at each other more than usual. I thought about not going, but then for what?

In October my crops were doing really well, too much to sell at my shared table at the Saturday market. Kevin asked me if I wanted to join him at the Wednesday market at Duke University. Duke's medical department had the market in campus to encourage healthier eating habits among the students and faculty. It was a more upscale, less "hippy dippy" crowd compared to the city market but they spent money freely so it was a great place to sell some extra produce.

That morning I was up at 5:30 after having boxed up my produce the night before. I put on a pair of nice "Capri pants" style jeans and a very feminine white sleeveless white cotton blouse that buttoned up the front and tied at the waist and showed just a little midriff. I was looking in the mirror to see if it was thin enough that I needed to wear a bra but had decided it was ok. I could throw on a sweater in the chilly morning but the sun could still be pretty hot in the afternoon and I had gotten accustomed to the unconfined feeling of no bra. And ok I'll admit it, I felt like looking a little sexier than my normal dirty farm clothes.

Mark even commented on it as he was slipping on his sport coat. "Damn Lisa you're really getting dressed up, to go sell cucumbers." I explained the upscale crowd at duke and that looking nice helped to sell to college professors. He said, "I see your point, I'd buy some broccoli from you even if I just threw it away later. He seemed to buy it but I wondered for a moment if he was getting a little jealous. I said "I'd wear something way sexier if I knew you were coming hungry for...produce." I hoped I'd put his mind at ease.

Was he jealous? It seemed unlikely. Besides that fact that he was paying very little attention to my body these days, he just wasn't the type. It had only been a few years ago when we were living in the city that he regularly tried to get me to do a threesome or even a twosome with his best friend Joe from college. I had even made out with the two of them and let them take off my shirt unsnap the snap on my jeans. I only stopped it all when Mark had slipped my jeans half way down over my hips. I don't know why I stopped there. It was feeling great to have both guys feeling my body. But we hadn't been married long and I just didn't want to go there.

Another time, about a month later, Joe was crashing at our place after a night of heavy drinking by all three of us. Mark and I were going to sleep on the futon in the living room so Joe could have the bed. Mark begged me to sneak into Joe's room buck naked and surprise him a blow job. He swore he wouldn't mind and that it would be a hell of a turn on. I turned him down but he wouldn't let it go (and wouldn't let me sleep!) So I told him I'd make him a deal. Bra and panties and just a hand job but nothing else. He giggled like a little boy and sent me on my way. I slowly opened the door. The room was dimly lit by the glowing TV but I still couldn't tell if he was asleep or not. I slipped in under the sheets but he was awake and said "ok, what's going on?" I said Mark won't let me sleep until I do this so just lie back enjoy, and thank God for your friend out there on the futon. He said "no arguments from me."

I rolled over on top of him and whispered in his ear and he said "he wanted to give you much more but I said you'd have to settle for a hand job." With that I slid myself down over his already stiff penis and straddled his thighs and sat up with the sheet falling behind me so he could watch me work. I grabbed him softly and started to slowly stroke him up and down. He was clearly enjoying every minute and looking over every inch of my body but pausing to look me right in the eyes. I was having a good time too, I had never seen him naked before, and it was sexy as hell to know that Mark was just in the next room and that he was totally behind this, but it was taking a long time and I really did want to sleep, so I slid forward a bit and started rubbing his dick against my panties. I could tell this was getting him closer but he still wasn't quite there. I slid back down and leaned forward so I could rub his dick on the bare skin of my tummy, and that did it. He shot his load all the way up my chest and onto by bra. I leaned forward and give him a deep French kiss and told him goodnight.

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