tagErotic CouplingsFarmer's Daughter Ch. 05

Farmer's Daughter Ch. 05


Ch 5 – The Barn

Cheaters never prosper – except sometimes

NC<18 – No characters under the age of 18 are depicted in this story.

This is a copyrighted original work of erotic fiction. All rights reserved.

"You cheated!" I heard Betty yelling up at Bobbi Jo when I got into the barn.

Bobbi Jo was standing up on the edge of the hayloft, beautifully naked and dancing back and forth from foot to foot causing those big tits to flail around rather sexily.

Betty pulled a play pout. "No I didn't!! You did!"

"Tell her, mister!! Tell her I beat her fair and square!" Bobbi Jo yelled down.

"We'll discuss it when we get up there," I said.

I looked down at Betty and asked, "What's this I hear about you having been a gymnast?"

She smiled up at me, giggled (there went those little tits again) and said, "Yeah. And I'm pretty much still as strong and flexible as I used to be. Give you any ideas?" and she winked.

"Oh, you have no idea," I said as I reached out and lightly swatted her ass. "Now get your sexy little ass upstairs. I'll be up in a minute."

I grabbed a couple of things I had seen during the tour of the barn earlier, then started climbing the ladder.

By the time I got to the top, Bobbi Jo was doing the boxer dance, arms raised over her head and bouncing back and forth from foot to foot. And her boobs were still bouncing. "I beat you, I beat you! I finally beat your ass getting up here and now you're just pissed."

"Tell you what, girls, come over her and sit down and we'll see if we can figure out who won." I spread the blanket I had found on the edge of the hay bales and patted it to either side of me.

I made sure Betty was on my left so Bobbi Jo had to sit on my right.

"Here's the way I see it. Bobbi Jo, you were the first one up the ladder." She started to jump up to dance again. "BUT!" I said in a low deep growl as I grabbed her by the arm to pull her back to the blanket. She stopped and looked at me.

"It seems you cheated."

She started to protest and I held up a hand in a "talk to it" gesture. "Young lady, I know full well what I saw and you definitely cheated. And cheaters have to be punished."

She dropped her head, trying to hide the little grin on her face. She turned her torso toward me and twisted her right leg on the ball of her foot and said, "Gee, mister, I don't know what you're talking about. I took off right when you said 'go'."

"But you cheated because Betty wasn't able to take off when you did."

"But mister, that's not my fault."

"Oh, but it is," I said, "and now you have to pay the price," and before she could move I hooked my right hand up behind her right ear and put a finger-tip on the pressure point and pulled her down across my lap, grabbing both her wrists in my left hand and pulling them to the middle of her back as I did.

"So what should we do with this little cheater?" I said to myself.

She twisted her wrists to try to break my hold and tried to pull herself back to be able to stand up and I put my left elbow between her shoulder blades and pushed her back down.

"I think someone deserves a spanking!" I said and raised my hand and brought it down on her bare ass.

"Oh, please, mister. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cheat. Please let me go." she plead.

"Nnnoooo, I don't think so. Not until you've learned your lesson, young lady," and my hand fell again on her other cheek.

She tried to get up again, a little more forcefully this time. I pushed her back down again.

I rubbed her ass cheeks with my hand, first over one cheek then the other then quickly pulled it back and smacked it back down. I didn't spank her endlessly or rapidly. I didn't make her count. I drew it out, I rubbed her, I caressed her, I swatted her with my flat palm, I swatted her with my cupped palm.

She squealed, she begged, she tried to get away. She tried harder and harder, but I escalated right along with her, letting her test her limits. And my own.

I spread the location of the swats around her cheeks, the sides, the top, the back, the sensitive underside, just at the crease where her thighs met her cheeks. Up and down the backs of her thighs. Never hitting her hard enough to do damage, leave a bruise, but always just enough to torture her tender ass.

She squirmed, she wailed, she protested her innocence, she flailed her legs, but she couldn't get free. And she was really trying to get free now. Not because she was really afraid, but because she was enjoying the feeling of being controlled. Completely. Fully.

I continued spanking her while waiting for the perfect opportunity. Finally I anticipated where the next flail of her right leg was going to go and I quickly lifted my right foot over her right calf and brought it back down again, trapping her leg.

"Oh, my!" I said, "What have we here?" I reached under her and ran the tips of my fingers up her slit from bottom to top.

She flailed her left leg but was unable to find any way to get leverage with it. She tried to wiggle her right leg out from mine, but I pulled mine in and locked hers tight instead.

"Please, mister, don't touch me there! I cheated, I cheated. I'll take the spanking, but please don't touch me there!" she cried.

I ignored her and continued to run my fingers up and down her pussy, slowly increasing the pressure and fitting the tips more firmly up into the creases of her body. I slid the middle and ring fingers between her inner lips without penetrating her and my pointer and pinkie fingers between her inner and outer lips.

At the top of each stroke I would use the tips of my middle two fingers to lightly pinch her clit.

"Stop mister!! Please! I'll do anything you want, but please don't touch me there!"

"Aaaanythiing?" I asked.

"Yes, yes, anything!! Please!!"

"Sorry. I think you still need to be punished," and I slid my middle fingers up her cunt. I knew there was no way I could possibly have hurt her after having seen Betty punch her in the cunt with her entire fist the afternoon before, and especially not with how wet she was, but I doubted my own judgment for just a second or two as she screamed and bucked and heaved.

One of her bucks caused my thumb to brush her asshole and she froze for just the barest of split-second then went back to bucking and screaming.

"Uh oh," I said. "It looks like this little girl doesn't really think a spanking is punishment. I think she's enjoying it. Maybe we need to do something even more humiliating to punish her. I pulled my thumb down to slip it up her cunt too.

She gasped at the extra stretch, then gasped again as I quickly pulled it out of her pussy and shoved it up her ass. She gasped a third time as I bent my fingers to wedge the first knuckles of my middle two fingers inside her lips and pinched her clit between the tips. Hard.

All pretense of her playing at being out of control went out the window as I had to do everything I could to keep her from flying or falling off my lap. Or getting kicked in the side of the head bu her flailing left heel.

Eventually she quieted. I rolled her over onto her back and lifted her against my chest. She put her right arm around my back and her left up onto my right shoulder and nuzzled against my neck.

"Dude!! That was fucking AWESOME!" I heard from my left. I twisted my torso a little to look beyond Bobbi Jo's head and saw Betty laying on her back with her left arm tucked behind her head and her legs pulled up to the sides so the soles of her feet were pressed together. Her right hand was rubbing up and down her own exposed pussy.

"You know her eyes actually rolled up into the back of her head when she came? I think I'm going to, um, give you two some 'alone time'," and she started to stand up.

I braced Bobbi Jo with my right hand and flashed my left hand out to snatch Betty's ankle. "You're not going anywhere!" I said. "She cheated once and got caught and punished. But I hear that you cheat ALL the time. I think you need to be punished, too."

She pulled her leg back and I let her pull away, but I didn't let go of her ankle. She got her hands up under her and tried to crab-walk away. She managed to pull hard enough to get her ass off the blanket, but she still didn't get away. She tried using her left leg, but couldn't get any traction on the blanket.

I slid my right hand down Bobbi Jo's flank until I reached her hip, then pulled her slightly to the right and said, "Baby girl, I need you to slide off my lap and lay down on the blanket for a little bit, OK?"

She murmured softly, eased herself off me and lay on the blanket curled up on her side.

Once I was pretty sure she was settled I turned to face Betty. "So what should we do to you for your punishment?" I mused out loud.

"Shit, mister. I'm up for anything you want to do to me! Call it punishment if you want, but I'm up for it."

"Tell you what. While I'm thinking about how this little cheater should be punished, I want to explore this flexibility you were telling me about. Just how flexible are you?"

"Pretty flexible."

"So if I decided to keep this ankle stretched out over here..." I held her right ankle in my left hand as I slid off the hay and knelt, then spun her sideways so her back was side-on to the bales, "and I took this other one and spread it all the way over here..." I'll be damned, I thought, that is a full sideways split and I didn't have to apply any pressure to get it there.

"Let go, mister," she said.

"I don't think so," I replied.

"No, seriously. Let go. I can hold that position without you needing to hold my ankles."

I let her ankles go and sure enough, she held her legs in that split.

Then she pulled herself back further onto the hay, and rolled up so she was sitting completely upright with her legs still fully split. Amazing! Then she blew my mind by putting her hands on the bale in front of her spread pussy and pulled herself up into a handstand, still maintaining those splits.

She was facing away from me so I could see her asshole and pussy clearly from where I stood.

She slowly shifted from hand to hand until she had turned completely around and was facing me with an impudent grin on her face. "I thought I could distract you from punishing me" she said.

I stepped forward, wrapped my left arm around her with my upper arm under her hip and my right in the same position. She tried to pull her feet down to cover her pussy or at least block me from getting to it. But I was too quick for her and ducked my head so her little heels bumped into the back of it.

In that position, the way I was holding her, I had unrestricted access to her and took advantage of it.

I began to lick her cute little slit and her hands reached down to start stroking my cock with one hand and bracing herself on my thigh with the other.

"Like I said, I was pretty sure I could distract you from punishing me!"

I looked over at Bobbi Jo and she was mouthing a word at me, but I couldn't make it out so I lifted one eyebrow in a question. She spread her hands then bent all of her fingers and both thumbs at the same time a few times. Ah. Tickle!! Wait, not with what she has her hands on!

"Hey, Betty, I bet you can't stay in that position without using your hands, can you?" She fell for it and raised (lowered?) her arms up behind her back, waving her hands so I could see.. Since I was supporting her weight with my arms, I was easily able to capture her wrists in my empty hands, one on each side of her body.

"Wow, you can! That's great," I said.

I turned so her back was to Bobbi Jo and went back to licking her sweet little slit.

As I did, I watched Bobbi Jo slowly and quietly sit up and then ease across the hay bales and blanket. I shifted my position just a smidge and carefully relaxed and then re-grasped her wrists.

I lifted Betty just a little, then ducked my head down to get my mouth firmly placed on her cunt and my tongue stretched as far into her pussy as possible, then gave Bobbi Jo a little nod.

She reached out and ran the pads of her fingertips lightly up (down?) Betty's spine. She shivered.

Bobbi Jo tried to reach around Betty's arms and I had to figure out how to pull her arms away from her sides without dropping her.

I finally figured it out and Bobbi Jo slipped her fingers between Betty's arms and her sides and slid her fingertips across Betty's ribs. She squirmed.

Then she managed to get her fingers up onto Betty's sides and stomach and I was glad I had a firm face-plant into her crotch, 'cuz she went wild then herself.

Her legs helped with the way she had her heels clamped on the back of my head. At least at first. The pressure on the back of my head suddenly left and I twisted my head left then right with my tongue still buried up her cunt to see her legs in full splits, the muscles in her legs standing out clearly under her skin and vibrating with tension as she shuddered through her orgasm.

She finally relaxed. Hell, she went limp. Trying to hold onto her at that point was like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall.

I managed to lay her down on the blanket without dropping her. She grinned up at me and said, "Give me a minute to catch my breath and then we'll see what other things I can do to show my flexibility."

She rested for a minute or three, then said, "OK, let me show you just how flexible I am. Bobbi Jo, I'm gonna need your help with this if you don't mind?"

Bobbi Jo grinned. "Baby, if you're going to do to him what I think you are, not only don't I mind, I'd be pissed if you didn't let me play too."

Betty pulled one of the bales of hay out from the rest, which was a sight all on its own, her cute little ass hanging out there in the air and her little tits bouncing while she braced her feet and herself backwards to use her body weight to help un-wedge it from the rest. She got it out and flipped it up one edge so its narrow side was up, then looked at us and asked, "What are you two smiling about? Did it occur to either of you to offer to help?"

I said, "Sorry, but that was too cute of a show."

She told me to stand up, so I did. She started pulling another bale out so I helped her pull it out, flip it and push it end-to-end with the first. Then she took the blanket off the bales and settled it over those, patted it and said, "Come lay down here, mister."

I laid on the bales on my back with my head, torso and ass on one and it and my legs stretched across the other bale with them together.

"Bobbi Jo, I need you to straddle the bale down here by his knees 'cuz I'm going to need some help with this next part I think."

Once Bobbi Jo was in position, Betty straddled my stomach, stretched out on me and kissed me a few times, then asked, "Where should we start? Wait, I know."

She rocked herself backward down me until Bobbi Jo reached down and guided the head of my throbbing cock into the opening of her pussy. She continued to slide down until her clit was rubbing the base of my shaft then she paused.

"Wow!! You were right! You did need Bobbi Jo's help with that!" I laughed.

"Oh, hush!" she said, then she sat up and leaned back against Bobbi Jo, which made a REALLY interesting picture since her head was now framed on both sides by Bobbi Jo's boobs resting on Betty's shoulders.

I started to laugh at that, then Betty snaked her arms up and under Bobbi Jo's shoulders until her hands emerged to rest on Bobbi Jo's shoulders from behind. As soon as she had what appeared to be a good grip, she slowly spread her legs in that horizontal split she had been in before. THAT did interesting things to the way her little pussy gripped my cock!

Then she slowly flexed her arms and pulled herself up, sliding herself up Bobbi Jo's torso (and coincidentally lifting Bobbi Jo's boobs with her shoulders), then back down. She rode me for a few minutes like that and I thought she was going to keep doing that until I came, but then she lowered herself all the way onto my prick and tilted her head up to whisper something to Bobbi Jo.

Betty started rocking her hips from side to side with her legs outstretched to the side and that felt pretty good, then I realized her left foot was getting closer to me and her right farther away. At just the right time, Bobbi Jo lifted her right leg to let Betty leg pass to the inside of it.

She finally stopped rocking when her left heel was on my chest near my shoulder and her right foot was stretched out on my left calf. I could feel a couple of things at that point. I could feel that her cunt was grasping my cock in yet another new way and I could feel her putting pressure on my chest and calf with her feet as if she was trying to slide her little pussy up and down my shaft that way.

She finally gave up and pulled Bobbi Jo up against her back again to use her for support as she rode me for a few more minutes.

She whispered up to Bobbi Jo again, then shifted her weight to her left hip and swung her right leg slowly up until her right heel was on my chest as well.

"You were right, you are flexible," I said.

"If you like that, you are going to absolutely LOVE this next one," she said as she slowly lowered her torso to rest on mine between her slightly-spread legs.

And she was right, because the next thing she did I didn't think was actually possible until I saw that little minx do it.

She smiled up at me as she slowly reached her right arm down the inside of her right leg and then pulled it forward. As she did, her leg slowly slid up her arm and inward until her calf was resting on her upper arm just outside her shoulder. She repeated that with her left arm and leg until her entire body – arms, legs, torso – was covering me from only the cock up.

"Can you sit up?" she asked.

"I think so," I replied and tried. Turns out that after I dropped my feet of the bales to the floor I could.

When I had reached an almost-upright position with my legs on either side of the bales Bobbi Jo ducked around to sit behind me to support me (and put those fantastic melons of hers on either side of my head now).

"What now?" I asked.

"I want you to grab me by whatever you can and just slam me up and down on your big hard cock as hard and fast as you can. Just use me to jack yourself off, like the world's biggest sex toy!"

I started off slowly, wanting to make sure I wasn't hurting her. She reached out with her hands and grabbed my upper arms, squeezed and said, "Seriously dude. Harder. C'mon, you can do it."

I began to pick up speed. "Yeah!" "That's it!" "Harder!" "Fuck!" "My!" "Little!" "Cunt!" "Cum!" "In!" "My!" "Little!" "Pussy!" "NOW!!"

And I did.

She slowly unfolded herself and sat on my lap as my cock slowly relaxed.

Bobbi Jo said, "I really hate to interrupt this, but we do have evening chores to do."

Betty said, "You two go ahead. I'll be down in minute."

When we got to the top of the ladder, Bobbi Jo said, "You first mister."

I climbed down and stood at the bottom realizing what I had missed earlier by not following them up immediately. As Bobbi Jo swung around the top of the ladder I could see her pussy and asshole wiggling and winking at me as her cheeks swayed with her stapes down the ladder. When she reached the bottom she stopped and said, OK Betty."

I saw Betty walk along the edge of the hayloft kind of awkwardly, holding her thighs together to her knees and only using her calves to walk. Wonder what that's all about?

Then I found out.

As she swung around the top of the ladder her pussy opened a little and the combination of our orgasms started to seep out.

A drop fell and Bobbi Jo expertly maneuvered herself to catch them in her open mouth like someone would catch a piece of popcorn. It even looked like popcorn – white and oddly shaped. With every step down the ladder a drop would come out and Bobbi Jo caught them all until Betty finally got low enough that Bobbi Jo could plant her mouth around Betty's (literally) dripping slit with her back to the ladder.

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