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Farmer's Market Lovers


My mother grew up on a farm that my grandparents still owned and operated as I grew up. It wasn't huge, what generally would be called a truck farm. It's about ten miles outside of town so my Mom was bussed into high school here, which is where she met my Dad. My grandparents must have sold what they raised, chickens, eggs, vegetables of all kinds, to wholesalers or co-ops. But when I was thirteen my grandfather had started participating in various Farmer's Markets, which was something new at the time. Apparently it worked out well for him, managing to sell things at close to retail prices instead of wholesale.I think he still sold stuff wholesale, too. Since I had nothing else to do, my Mom thought it would be good for me to help my grandfather at these markets, both learning something and earning some spending money. So I did. And in general I think she was right.

I mostly did grunt work, carrying things, arranging them, while my grandfather dealt with customers and collected the money. Since I was in school, the work was part time for me. Gradually, over time, I got more and more involved, also dealing with the public and handling the money. Looking back, it probably got in the way of a social life since I worked rather than dating or hanging out at the mall like most kids. I was big enough that I could have played football or some other sports but I didn't have the time. But overall, I think I came out ahead although it probably left me a little naive when it came to dealing with my peers, like girls.

There was a girl named Rochelle that was about my same age and worked with her grandmother at all the same markets my grandfather and I went to. In the beginning, at thirteen, it took several months before we even talked to each other when things got slow and we had the time. But over several years we became good friends. I learned that I had an easier life than she did. My Dad had a good job and earned decent money so we were middle class, maybe even upper middle. She had no Mom and Dad, lived with her grandmother, and they depended on the income from the markets to support them. So they were barely above the poverty line.

She went to a different school than me and I gather she didn't like it at all. Some of the students apparently looked down on her because she didn't have fancy clothes and had to work. She's good looking enough that I would think the guys would be interested in her but she never indicated they were. But she did well in school, made good grades and worked hard at it. I'll have to admit that school came easy to me and I pretty much glided through. I did o.k. but not as good as most of my teachers thought I should. Fortunately, since I passed everything and got into no trouble, my parents never got on my case very much.

As I got older, I started also helping my grandfather at his farm. There was a lot of work to do and he was slowing down and couldn't really handle it all himself. I was a little surprised to discover than I actually liked it. It made me feel that I was accomplishing something. I mean, on a farm, you see every day how the work you're doing gives good results. You also learn about the problems and the need to resolve them before they become bigger and more difficult. My grandfather even told me that I was good because if I saw something that needed done, I did it without waiting to be told. We got along great. It was obvious that my Mom loved her Dad and was happy we got along so well.

Along the way, Rochelle and I became really good friends. I gradually realized she was a girl, a very attractive girl with a terrific, healthy body, as well as a friend. I think she realized similar things about me and always touched me a lot and rubbed my back or my arm as we talked. We were both seniors in high school by the time we kissed for the first time. That day the market finally closed and we both started loading what we had left back onto our trucks. I helped her some and she helped me some. It was probably six in the evening, getting slightly darker, and we were by her truck. Her grandmother had gone to the people who ran the market to settle the fees and she was thanking me for being of help. She had her arm almost around me, her hand on my back, rubbing me a little, and we looked at each other and she stopped talking and we both leaned towards one another and kissed. She kept her arm around me and I put my arms around her and the kiss lasted a little while. We both just looked at one another and sort of grinned and kissed again. Then her grandmother and my grandfather came back and we both left. I was about six feet three inches and 210 pounds, big like my grandfather. She's maybe five feet seven or so and probably a little over one hundred pounds.

After that we kissed fairly often and touched each other whenever we could. Then we both graduated from high school and could now work with our grandparents full time. I worked more on the farm, helping grow the products we sold at the markets. I probably now worked more than my grandfather. Her grandmother bought what she sold wholesale and then tried to sell it for retail prices. I learned that's what many of the people who ran stalls at the markets did. Some, like me, raised what they sold, but many didn't. I learned that I could add more products, particularly when our products weren't in season, the same way and make a little more, too. Rochelle probably was helping her grandmother acquire their products during the day while I was working on the farm.

This went on for maybe a year. Then one day at the end of a market, as we were loading up, Rochelle said to me, "Do you like me?"

I was a little surprised but I answered truthfully, "Yeah, Rochelle, I like you a lot."

"Well, I like you a lot, too, Mike. Do you ever think about sex, I mean between a girl and a boy?"

I'm sure I grinned,. "Oh, yeah, a lot."

"Have you ever had sex with a girl?"

"Well, no."

"I've never had sex with a boy, either. Do you want to?"

"Well, yeah, I guess overall I do. But it's not really all that simple."

"Well, I want to, too. And I agree that it isn't that simple. I mean, that's how babies are made so it's serious. And from what I hear from other girls, it can be absolutely terrific or it can actually hurt and be a big disappointment so I would hope that when it finally happens to me that it's terrific. Which means it will have to be with someone I really like and who will take his time and we can both learn from each other and make sure it ends up terrific. And I really like you."

How do I answer that? I'm no dumbbell, I understand she's saying she wants to have sex with me. Well, I want to have sex with her, too. But I also realize that we're moving into an area that's very serious and we may be making a bigger commitment than just losing our virginity. "Rochelle, I really like you, too, and I think you're extremely sexy and I would love to investigate every inch of your gorgeous body but I also realize this is likely the first step toward something pretty serious. Are you o.k. with that?"

She puts her arms around me and kisses me and rubs her whole body against me. She has to be able to feel my very strong erection pressing against her. She leans back, seeming to actually press her lower body tight against my cock, and says, "Mike, I'm way beyond o.k." and kisses me again.

"I guess we're going to do it," I say. "I don't know about you but it scares me a little. I mean, I want us both to think it's the greatest thing ever but I've never done it and I don't want to screw it all up the first time. I really don't know what I should do or how I should do it."

She kisses me again. "Neither do I but I bet we can figure it out."

"Well, at the farm, if I don't know what to do I read the manual or I ask someone who knows or I go on the internet. Maybe, that's what I should do, go on the internet. I bet there's some porn or something that would show people doing everything we want to do."

"Yeah, maybe. But if you're going to find out then I should too. So maybe we should look at something on the internet together." Then she grins and kisses me again. "But lets do it really, really soon."

"Well, I'm sure I can keep the truck this evening so I can pick you up but we can't go to my house and I don't think your grandmother would approve of us doing this at your house. So I'll have to get a room somewhere."

"Our first date will have us getting naked and making love, no minor dates at the soda fountain or movies, we'll jump right to the main event, won't we?"

"You're the one that suggested it, we don't have to."

"Oh, yes we do. I've finally got you this far, I'm not backing down now. Pick up some condoms, too, I'm not on the pill." She kisses me again and hugs me and goes to her grandmother and I go to our truck with my grandfather. While we're riding to the farm, I ask him if I can keep the truck because I have a date with Rochelle. He lets me know that I certainly can and he's glad I'm finally getting around to something I should have done months ago and that she's a terrific girl.

I look through the yellow pages to find motels. I can't afford anything expensive but I need one with a TV and dirty movies available. I make a call and the first one I try has what I think we need. So I drop my grandfather off and go by a drug store and buy a package of condoms. It's actually a little difficult, there are so many different types so I choose the one that says it's like being naked instead of ones with ribs or flavors or bright colors. I then go to the small place where Rochelle lives with her grandmother and go to the door. Her grandmother seems as happy that I'm dating Rochelle as my grandfather was. Maybe I've been missing something. Rochelle waits until we're in the truck to hug me and kiss me. She sits right up against me and it feels so good for me I don't even say anything about her not having a seat belt on. We stop at a fast food place and go in and we each have a burger and fries and a drink. She kids me about needing to build our strength up. I drive to the motel and go in the office and check us in. I sign us up as Mr. & Mrs. and the clerk never blinks an eye, just takes my credit card and lets me know there will be a charge for the movie that I asked him about. I just wanted to make sure our room would have it.

And then we're in the room. A nice enough room. Big bed, TV and bathroom, pretty much what we need. "Do we take our clothes off first or what?" I ask Rochelle.

"Why don't we get the movie on first and see how we feel. We can always pause it can't we?"

So I get the TV on, figure out how to bring up the movie menu. I think we need one where people enjoy having sex, not some group thing or something too kinky, and one of them seems to sound right so I get to it and get it started. We're sitting on the edge of the bed, tightly against one another. She puts her arm around me, so I do the same. A fairly nice looking couple are on the screen. They talk a little and head into the bedroom and begin to undress. As she gets naked, I realize the female has a very nice body, slim with noticeable breasts. Then he's naked, too, and he has a pretty big cock sticking up into the air. She reaches out and wraps her hand around his cock and steps up to him and they kiss and she tells him what a great cock he has and kneels down and gets her face to it.

She kisses his cock and licks back and forth on it then gets her lips around the head and slowly seems to swallow it. "Can you rewind that and show it again?" Rochelle asks. I can, so I do. We watch it again and then the girl goes on to slide her head back and forth on his cock, her fingers around the base of it, and she seems to be jacking him off some as she licks and sucks on him. "Rewind it again," Rochelle says, so I do. We watch it all over again and the girl goes on to suck and lick him for a couple minutes, slurping and humming, seemingly enjoying it, and he lets her know he's going to cum. She backs off his cock and uses her hand to jack him until he starts shooting cum on her face.

"Pause it," Rochelle says. "Did that turn you on? I mean, would you like me to do that?"

"I'm sure I would like it," I tell her, "but you don't have to do anything that you don't want to or don't feel comfortable with."

"Oh, I thought it was very sexy. I think I'll enjoy doing that. But why does he cum on her face? That seems messy. I thought the girl always swallowed."

"I don't know for sure but I've heard that they always show the man coming, just to prove he really did. If he left it in her mouth, people watching wouldn't know for sure if he came or not."

"Yeah, that's probably so. Well, let's see what happens next." The two of them, naked, got on the bed and they kiss and he started feeling her body, He holds her breasts and seems to pinch her nipples or squeeze them and then kisses down and gets his mouth to first one and then the other. "Rewind that a little," Rochelle says so I do and we watch it again. Then the movie goes on and pretty soon he's kissing down across her stomach. She spreads her legs and he's way down there, looking right at her pussy. The girl is shaved, all clean, no hair. She brings her feet up almost to her shoulders, which raises her butt some and he's right into her, his tongue out, licking her. This goes on for a couple minutes and Rochelle says, "rewind it again." So I do and we watch the guy get down between her legs and start licking her all over again. The camera moves so we get different angles and can see what he's doing pretty well.

"Watch what he's doing," Rochelle says, "and remember it. He seems to know how." I've been watching and I have to admit that it turns me on a lot to see the guy getting the girl all worked up. You can actually see her getting wetter and wetter, the light glistens on the moisture, and pretty soon the girl's hips are jumping and she's yelling pretty loud and his mouth seems to be almost eating her, using his lips to suck on her whole pussy. And then he moves up over her and starts pushing his large cock into her. She keeps on yelling and gets her legs up around him, her heels on his butt and he seems to pound hard into her, pulling out and pushing in pretty fast. I realize that he doesn't have a condom on and just as I'm thinking that, he pulls his cock out of her, grabs it with one hand and sits back and aims it at her and jerks it a couple times and starts shooting his load onto her stomach. "It would be better to leave it in her, I think." Rochelle almost murmurs next to me.

The movie then cuts to the two of them, still naked, getting into a shower and washing each other. She actually sucks on him a little, making sure he's hard, I think, and he gets his face into her crotch a little and then she's got her back to him and is leaning forward, her legs spread, and he starts pushing his cock into her again from behind. "Just pause it there, or rewind to the beginning or something," Rochelle says. "I think we've seen it. Are you ready to do the same thing with me do you think?"

"I'm definitely ready if you are. That really has me turned on and I was glad to see what all I should do with you. But I should tell you, I don't think I'm as big as that guy."

Rochelle actually giggled a little. "That's all right, I've been worried that I'm probably not as well built as that girl, either. But I'm sure turned on too. I guess we might as well get our clothes off and go ahead and try it all, huh?' She gets off the bed and stands up and starts unbuttoning her shirt so I do the same. "I feel like I should turn off the light or go into the bathroom or something but I want to see you so I guess you probably want to see me."

In no time, we're both naked, standing about five feet apart, facing one another. "Rochelle, you're beautiful," I tell her. And she is. I think her breasts are at least as big as the girl in the movie. Her hips are probably a little wider and her pussy has a thatch of hair around it. Her legs have great shape to them. I've always thought she was pretty. Black hair, eyes that are either green or some off shade of blue, a small nose and a nice even face with a strong chin.

She's looking at me and grins really big and says, "You're beautiful too, Mike, and you're easily as big as that guy in the movie. In fact, you're big enough it's a little scary, thinking it's going to fit inside me." And then she's right up against me, her arms around me, kissing me. I kiss her back and get my arms around her. While we're kissing, she pushes one hand down between us to grasp my cock. She moves her hips back a little to give some room. She holds me and keeps kissing me. "I want to do what she did," she tells me as she pulls away from kissing me. "It was about the sexiest thing I'd ever seen in my life." And she drops down, holding my cock and gets her face right up next to my cock.

"You don't have to do that," I tell her.

"Oh, yes I do. I really, really want to," she says and then kisses the head of my cock and sticks her tongue out and licks the head. "This is the absolutely sexiest thing I've ever seen," she says as she licks along the side of my cock. "I'd never have figured out what to do with it if we hadn't watched the movie." she says just before she gets her mouth wide open and her lips around the head and starts licking me, my cock head in her mouth. She still has one hand holding me and the other hand is playing with my balls, just like the girl in the movie did.

I've never felt anything so sexy before in my life and I'm sure I won't last long. I almost feel like cumming already. "I don't think I'll last as long as the guy in the movie, this is way too sexy," I say out loud as she's slowly taking more and more of me into her mouth, licking and sucking inside her mouth. She pulls her head back and looks up at me, which makes me realize that she'd had her eyes closed as she was sucking me.

"I love doing this, I love the feel of you, the taste of you, it's the sexiest thing ever." And then she gets half of me back into her mouth to lick and suck some more. She's also sliding her fingers back and forth on the part of my cock that's not in her mouth. Then she grips me with her lips and slides back some, then swallows me again and slides back again, her fingers moving behind her lips. "This is why I had you rewind it," she says as she pulls her face back for a second, "So I could see what she was doing." Then she swallows most of me again and starts sliding her lips back and then taking more of me in and then sliding back again.

"Im about to cum," I tell her and she seems to swallow even more of me and I can feel my cock sort of jumping a little as I shoot my sperm into her. She coughs a little and slides her head back some. I can see her cheeks full up some and then she swallows, I can see her throat move, and then she takes more of me into her mouth again as I shoot off about four times. She slides her lips back as if she's almost milking me and then licks the head, getting whatever last drops might be there and then sits back on her legs and stares at my cock a few seconds, holding it with one hand.

She looks up at me with a big grin, "That was just terrific. We can do that over and over." And then she starts to stand up so I reach down to help her and she leans against me and puts her arms around me. I put a hand under her chin and tilt her head up a little so I can kiss her. I put my arms around her as we kiss. The kiss does taste slightly different. I guess I'm getting a second hand taste of my sperm,but I feel very loving right then.

As we finally break the kiss I say, "I guess it's your turn now. I want to do everything that guy in the movie did to your beautiful body. I want to kiss every inch of you." She squeezes me with her arms and then lets go and backs up a little and climbs onto the bed.

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