tagIncest/TabooFarmer's Wife & Her Fantasy

Farmer's Wife & Her Fantasy


Jake had been a farmer since he could remember. His father had left the farm to him when he'd died five years before. His first wife had left him over it, she wasn't the farmer's wife type.

He'd spent years on the farm with his daughter, Rebecca. She went by Becky for short. She was a cute little thing, twenty one years old. Just last spring, he'd also wed again. His new bride was only twenty two. She had been one of Becky's friends.

Kelsey was everything becky wasn't. Becky was tall and brunette while Kelsey was shorter with light blonde hair. Becky had small perky tits while Kelsey's were large and bouncy.

He hadn't told his new wife his secret though. His daughter was also his lover. On her eighteenth birthday, his gift for her had been a ticket to anywhere she wanted to go. He'd sent her to town to choose and plan with a travel agent.

When she'd returned that night, she'd snuck up to her room without him knowing. She'd told him she'd tell him about the trip later. They had a nice, late dinner and afterward, she'd told him she was going to get ready for bed.

When she'd come in to kiss him goodnight a little while later, she'd been wearing a tight, short jean skirt, cowboy boots and a tiny plaid bandana as a shirt. Her nippled poked through the thin fabric. To top it off, she'd worn a cowboy hat.

Twirling for him, she'd revealed that she wore nothing under the top and barely anything under the skirt. "So, do you want to guess where I chose to go daddy?" she'd asked him.

"I'd say somewhere south, maybe texas or out west?"

She laughed, "Well daddy, I do plan to ride a cowboy."

His smiled faded slightly, "You mean ride a horse right?"

She had giggled, "No silly, a real cowboy. Now, do you wanna know where I'm going?"

"Of course darlin, Where?"

She'd insisted he'd close his eyes, when he'd opened them, she was in his lap. "I want to stay right here and ride you daddy. You're my cowboy."

He almost shoved her onto the floor, but before he could tell her how ridiculous she was being, she'd locked her lips with his. Their kiss was filled with temptation, passion and need. He'd explored her mouth with his tongue, she'd tasted him right back.

They'd kissed for quite a while before needing air to breathe. His want for her, his need for her was full blown then. He couldn't have stopped her if he'd wanted to. They'd spent the night exploring each other, making love like lovers do.

He'd experienced every fantasy he'd ever had with her. He'd even allowed her to move some of her clothes into his room, to share his bed at night. He'd treated her like a princess, buying her every sexy outfit she'd wanted. Knowing when they returned home, she'd try them on and take them off for him.

Every morning he awoke with his cock in her mouth. Each evening he'd fill her with his cum and she'd fall asleep on his chest. Every man's fantasy come true had began that night.

They'd decided he needed to date, they didn't want to cause any suspisions in their relationship. That's when she'd introduced Kelsey to him.

he'd dated Kelsey for six months before marrying her. He'd moved her in within a month of meeting her. She was another true to life fantasy. She'd allowed him to fuck her every way imaginable. She'd even hinted at wanting to bring another woman into their bed. How could he resist?

It would be the perfect solution to his problems. He'd been tired out lately. Becky had demanded the same attention his new bride got. She'd even created them a love nest.

A fold out couch in his office, perfect for late work nights when she could slip out to the barn. His days were full of naughty sessions and maximum pleasure.

A typical day for him began at five. He's arise, with a tent pole under the sheet. Kelsey would get up with him, have fantastic sex and fall asleep on his pillow when they were through. He's go down for breakfast and head off to work. He'd tend the fields and the animals before settling to his office for contact work.

He spent atleast an hour a day ordering food, checking the weather forecast, paying bills and getting the livestock sold. Every morning at eleven thirty, Becky brought him lunch.

He'd eat his lunch, then have her for dessert. They didn't have time to unfold the couch, so she'd just straddle his lap and ride her cowboy til he came. When she slipped out, he'd get back to work.

When he was wrapping things up at two, Kelsey would "surprise" him with iced tea for his afternoon plowing of the field. She'd join him on his tractor and by three, they were making love in the pasture. She was quite good at blow jobs and loved to give them to him.

When they finished, she'd head back to the house to make dinner while he finished his work. He'd make it back to the house by six each evening. He liked a shower before his dinner. That was usually the time Becky joined him for pre-dinner shower sex. He'd lift her against the shower walls and watch the water roll off her breasts as he fucked her.

They'd arrive at dinner promptly at seven. His wife beside him, his daughter across from him. During dinner, Becky would run her foot up his leg. She'd run it against his cock, teasing him something awful.

After dinner, Becky's chores were clean up. He'd join Kelsey back in the bedroom for another blow job before he made love to her again. When she was safely asleep he would head back to the barn. He liked to leave her happy, so he would pleasure her til she was exhausted.

Usually going back to the barn meant he'd be seeing Becky again. He'd get the couch pulled out and she'd sneak out wearing something sexy. She'd taken his credit card after lunch and went shopping. He couldn't wait to see what she'd bought him.

When he'd sat down at his desk to work and wait, he day dreamed about what was in the bags he'd seen on her bed earlier. He didn't have any idea that his biggest fantasy was going to come true that night. He didn't know that the things in the bag were for him and Becky, but also for Kelsey too.

Kelsey had been talking to Becky about her fantasy after breakfast. She had always wanted to have a threesome. She'd like to have a woman eat her pussy while she was fucked by her man.

Becky had been shocked at the ease Kelsey had told her fantasy with. Becky had grinned, "I could help you out Kel."

Kelsey laughed. "I couldn't ask you Becky, I only want your dad."

Becky's grin widened, "Yes, me too Kel."

Kelsey's face was a look of shock, she wasn't sure she'd heard her friend right. "What? He's your dad? How could you want him?"

Becky leaned in close, "Kel, I've been fucking him longer than you have. He's a damn good lover and I helped him choose you."

Kelsey hadn't known what to say, but Becky had helped ease the news, "It's ok Kel, I don't want to take your place. I'd love to join you guys though. I'm sure daddy would think it was super hot."

When Becky finally had Kelsey convinced, she'd went out shopping for cute outfits for them. She'd bought daddy a little tiny tuxedo thong. He'd look so sexy in it. For them, matching devil's costumes. Tiny red thongs, lacy bras, thigh high fishnets, red stilettos and to top it off devil's horns.

Around midnight, he stepped out of the office and took a walk down toward the lake. He liked to have a cigar here and there, but his women didn't like them. As he walked and smoked, he didn't notice Becky slip into the barn.

She snuck in, left a little gift bag with a note attached. She hurried back to the house. She had barely twenty minutes to get ready.

Back in the master bathroom, Kelsey had put her outfit on. She was standing in her stilettos, fixing her horns when Becky got back.

"Are you sure he's going to be ok with this?" She was quite nervous about her husband's reaction.

"Kel, I've been fucking him for over 3 years. I know what he likes. Now, do you want to have a fantasy come true or what?"

With that said, Becky quickly dressed. When her make-up was on and her horns in place, she rubbed a small dab of red lipstick over her puckered lips. She leaned over and pressed them against Kelsey's.

"Finished, now let's get the room set up."

They quickly remade the bed, sprayed a flowery perfume on the pillows, dimmed the lights and lit the candles. They lay on the bed waiting.

By that time, Jake was back from his walk. Still no Becky. He noticed the bag on his desk. Opening it, he found a little black tuxedo thong and a note. The note read, "Big Daddy, I have a surprise for you. My pussy cat needs your attention baby. XOXO Kelsey"

All the way back to his room, he wondered. It wasn't like Kelsey to surprise him, wasn't like her to be up so late either. He didn't know what to expect. The scene he found when he arrived at his door wasn't what he was expecting.

When he neared, he looked through the key hole. Becky and Kelsey were on the bed together. Both were dressed as little devils and their lips were locked together. He could see Becky's tongue teasing Kelsey's. He could also see Kelsey's hand cupping Becky's breast.

His cock was rock hard that instant. He was sure he could cum right there. His women, both of them, making out in his bed. He was ready.

When he pushed the door open, they didn't move. Their lips stayed locked, Kelsey's finger tips massaged Becky's nipples and she let out a moan.

He didn't say a word, just sat back in the chair and watched. When Kelsey pulled at becky's bra, her nipple popped out. She leaned her mouth down and slipped it into her mouth. Sucking gently, she teased her other nipple with pinches. Becky leaned back, her breasts poking out more. She moaned again.

Kelsey let go and traced an imaginary path back up to Becky's lips. He thought to himself, Damn, they were devils. They hadn't even acknowledged his presence.

He pulled his thong down, letting his cock loose. He gripped it with his big meaty palm. Rubbing himself while watching the two sexiest women ever in his bed. His cock dripped already, he hoped he'd last til they both were pleasured.

When he released his cock, they finally noticed him. They hurried off the bed and to the floor in front of him. On their knees, they stroked his cock. Each one taking turns licking him.

Kelsey cupped his balls, Becky swallowed his head deep into her throat. Then they switched. Each of them taking a turn at him. Stroking and licking, teasing and tasting him.

Suddenly Becky got naughty. She pushed Kelsey back, taking his entire cock for herself. She swallowed all of him while Kelsey watched. When she came up for air, Kelsey went for her turn. Instead of allowing her, Becky smacked her mouth with his cock.

"Sit back, it's my turn!"

She took his cock in a few more times before pulling him to the bed. She lay on the bed, legs wide open. Kelsey hurried over to the bed. Kneeling on the edge, she spread her ass cheeks. Her pussy was wet and waiting.

Kelsey slid the thong over, taking in all of Becky's bare snatch. She leaned over, pressing her ass up high into the air. Jake slipped between her legs, taking his wife from behind.

She moaned loudly at his insistance. He pumped hard into her, over and over. Her pussy grew wetter and wetter. She suckled becky's clit. Teasing her friend over and over.

When Kelsey had made Becky cum, they switched positions. Becky lay back, spreading her legs. Jake took his place between them, enjoying the warmth of his daughter's cunt. Kelsey lowered herself over Becky's face. She wanted her pussy tasted too.

Becky dove in, licking and nibbling her cunt. She flicked her tongue up and down, in and out of all the folds. Tasting her friend eagerly.

Jake spoke up suddenly, "Ladies, this is amazing, but I'm going to cum soon."

They broke apart to get Kelsey's fantasy filled. Jake lay back on the bed, propping his head on the pillows. Kelsey turned away from him before lowering herself on his cock.

Her back was to her lover, but he was enjoying himself she knew. This was his favorite position. He's reach around and cup her tits a time or two. Pinching her nipples, teasing them til they were rock hard.

While she steadied her rhythm, Becky kneeled between her father's legs. She was close enough to taste, but far enough away to watch too. Jake's cock was long and hard, he was entering Kelsey then lifting her up.

She grinded deeper into him, feeling his balls against her ass. Becky knew it was time. She lowered her face down, inches from Kelsey's sweet pussy and her father's dick.

Kelsey leaned back against Jake, his cock deep in her. Just as she settled, slowly rocking, she felt it. Becky's tongue slithered over Jake's balls, her lips gobbled them into her mouth. She'd suck slowly then release.

Making her way up, she licked his shaft. Pressing on the veins swelled in his cock. Deeper her went into Kelsey. Becky's tongue moved higher.

Slightly spread, she could almost see Kelsey's clit.

"Daddy, show me her clit," she whispered.

He lowered his hands to Kelsey's waist. Spreading her pussy wide, Becky leaned in. She licked and teased. Kelsey tried to squirm.

Jake pulled her deeper onto him, cum was spraying out of his cock into her. She came too, the wetness dripping off his cock. Becky released Kelsey's clit.

They collapsed onto the bed. Each arm wrapped around his lovers, Jake said, "Thanks for the surprise, I'd like that more often."

Becky and Kelsey exchanged looks before smiling and saying, "Anytime Big Daddy."

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