tagErotic CouplingsFarmhouse Series Ch. 01 - Arrival

Farmhouse Series Ch. 01 - Arrival


I'm going back through several stories that I had written back in 2001,2002 & 2003 and cleaning them up. This one was one of my favorite series, based on two friends who spend a few days in an old family farmhouse. It is in 14 parts and simply a story, with adult content.

I hope you enjoy it. ~ MI

Eyes rising to the monitor above, she stands quietly with her hands clasped demurely at her waist. Occasionally she looks around ... eyes glancing from the monitor to the clock further down on the wall. At least an analog clock has a second hand that has some form of motion, digital clocks take forever and a day to change from one minute to the next.

Move. Do something. Walk down the corridor to the windows. Time won't move faster, but at least she won't be standing still. Mind spinning as she rechecks everything again, she turns slowly and forces one foot in front of the others and begins following the patterns in the tiles, driving other thoughts out of her head by patiently counting her steps as she moves forward.

Roughly fifteen steps from the plate glass she smiles, seeing her reflection in the window. Her choices had been sound. A soft lilac colored sundress, flared skirt with a cream short sleeved sweater to match and keep her bare back warm from the sudden drop in temperatures. Heeled sandals, hair back in a French braid ... she stands still for a moment with her hands behind her back and nods to the image of the woman looking back at her, pleased that she looks presentable and calm.

Calm is the last thing that she's feeling though. Excitement, impatience ... that oh so familiar ache caused by the thought of him ... and a little concern as she notes the darkening sky starting to crowd out the late afternoon sun. Their plans may have to change slightly; they still had at least a two hour ride to get there. Closing her eyes, her head bows ... breathing in the scent she had chosen ... a citrus, light and cool for the day. There's nothing that can be done except wait and make the decision when the time comes. Opening her eyes, she turns on her heel and begins the measured walk back to the monitors.

The chairs look comfortable as she passes ... however; she has no desire to sit. Better to be up and moving. Plus ... and she's unable to keep the smile from curling the corners of her mouth at the thought of being 'available' dancing through her mind. Her hand drops to her hip to smooth her skirt over her bare skin beneath the material. Sitting only would take a chance of spotting the back of her skirt ... not something that would be a good idea until they get in the car. She can feel the blush steal into her cheeks and she pushes those thoughts to the back of her mind again and lifts her eyes to the monitor again. The flights are delayed ... and the storm is coming in faster than predicted. She had hoped for dinner at a local restaurant first and some teasing before heading up north, but it looked like her plans may have to be postponed for the option of safer driving.

Finally, the word 'Arrived' appears next to the flight number. Several minutes have passed since her own arrival, lips parting as her tongue moistens them in anticipation. Adjusting the thin strap of her purse on her shoulder, she moves with the others to the area near baggage claim to await the passengers.

Hands clasped behind her back as she turns to face the automatic doors, hoping she doesn't start bouncing on her toes at the sight of him ... moments later, the doors slide open and people begin to walk through the opening, carrying all manner of things, packages, briefcases, backpacks, suitcases. It doesn't take long, she sees him immediately ... drawing in air as she suddenly realizes she had been holding her breath, unable to stop the smile from spreading across her face. It's a different walk he has, stronger and surer than those around him. She can feel her heartbeat increase and forces herself to stay calm ... creating a cool façade over the heat that suddenly erupts within sight of him ... and remembers to breathe again and releasing the breath she had been holding while waiting for him.

Though he seems not to be looking, she knows the moment he spots her, his pace and direction changing, the imperceptible nod of his head to her working like a magnet and drawing her forward. The soft cotton of the skirt caresses her skin as she moves into the crowd of people leaving the baggage area, the slipperiness on her thighs suddenly causing her to rethink one of her clothing choices ... or lack of. Clearing her throat, she sees him move to the side and stop, waiting for her to reach him. Head high, eyes on his, she makes her way to him, keeping as calm as possible.

There is a smile on his face as she reaches him, moving to his body appropriately. Hands coming up to rest on his chest, head tilted back to look up at him, lips parted slightly...

"Nice to see you!"

His hand moves to the side of her face, thumb brushing her cheekbone. He watches as her eyes flicker slightly as she fights the urge to close her eyes and savor his caress. Knowing the effect his touch has, he moves his hand, brushing her cheek with the back of his fingers, then sliding his hand around her ... slowly, lightly ... pulling her against his body with the lightest roam of his hands down over her hips. Her breath catches slightly, thinking he'll notice she isn't wearing panties ... then he's hugging her before bestowing the lightest of kisses and a smile.

The new surge of people moves around them, a reminder that they aren't alone. Looking up, his eyes fall on the attendant standing near the wall, smiling at the two of them in the middle of the airport. Grinning, he looks back down at her again ... seeing her smile and murmurs that he has to get his bags. She nods, saying she's going to use the ladies room quickly and will meet him back at the doors.

By the time he's collected his bags; she's already waiting and leads him out onto the sidewalk. She looks a little flushed, but smiles, taking his hand and moving quickly across the walkway and into the garage, they head around the columns and toward the back wall where the car is parked.

"Bit of an out of the way parking space. Lot must have been packed when you came in."

She nods absently at his comment, head turned to look at the cloudy sky. "I was kinda hoping to take our time and do a few things, but it looks like the storm is coming in faster than predicted."

Placing the bags in the truck next to a cooler and closing the lid, he frowns slightly upon realizing that she hadn't really looked at him since picking up the bags and comes back around to her, sliding a hand around her waist to steer her to the passenger side of the car. "What were you thinking of doing?"

"Nothing much." Avoiding his eyes and smiling, she places the keys in his outstretched hand ... knowing he prefers to drive. He doesn't miss her movements and catches her before she opens the car door, turning her towards him and pulling her close ... doing the one thing he knows will get those eyes up on his.

"Hi baby."

He can never tell if she likes being called that or not ... her expression each time ranging from a mix of pleasure or amusement to eye-rolling exasperation upon hearing the term of endearment. Exasperation would be his guess this time, but it does cause her to finally lift her face to his and smiles in humor.

"Hi Cuddly-bear."

She smiles, seeing him chuckle as he notes the new name for him. His response is simple, reaching forward to slip his fingers into her hair and tilts her head back for a kiss. It's soft, slightly deeper than the one inside the airport ... arching back slightly against the arm that wraps around her as he leans forward ... his other hand sliding down her arm to her waist, then under the sweater to the warmth of her bare back before sliding down over her backside to hold her firmly against him. She knows it's a little bit of enticement ... wondering to herself if he had an idea what she had been considering. The kiss eases, his hand sliding over her hip and rubbing gently as he lifts his head to smile down at her and murmur that had been a much better greeting.

"So ... in taking our time, what were you thinking of doing?"

The rumble of thunder comes from far off, but seems to echo slightly against the concrete of the parking garage, her eyes darting to the sky outside and back to him as she grins, seeing in his eyes that he knows the moment he created had been broken. "Figured you needed to stretch your legs after the flight and wouldn't want to sit in the car for any length of time immediately, that's all."

"Stubborn female." He kisses the tip of her nose and opens the car door for her to get in. He had noticed the small change she had made since greeting him in the baggage area but decided to keep it to himself ... sure she had considered something, but the weather seems to be more important to her at the moment. Making sure she's settled, he closes the door and strides around to the other side, noting out of the corner of his eye that she's removed a towel from the driver's seat only confirming his suspicions that she had been up to something. Not that it mattered; he had the next five days and six nights to explore and play with her mind and body and enjoyed breaking through the first initial parts of resistance she's put up.

Sitting and closing the door beside him, he pulls on the seatbelt and starts the car. "Where to milady?"

"Guide the mechanical steed in a Northward direction my gallant sir."

The airport parking area is fairly simple to navigate and soon they're on 93 North, heading up into the White Mountains. She chats away absently, asking questions about his trip and work ... eventually her fingers curling into his and they settle into a comfortable silence.

After about an hour of driving, she suggests pulling off to grab something to eat and pick up a few supplies for the night. Motioning to park over near the side of a general store, then they walked across the town square to the only eating establishment available, assuring him the food is excellent ... a small mom and pop restaurant to which there seems to be a wait. Finding a slat bench outside on the sidewalk, they park themselves and watch the quiet town move about its business. Even for a weekday it's fairly quiet, there are a few people moving about.

"This town always had a Norman Rockwell-esque feeling to me."

"Wrong modes of transportation and clothing, but yes ... very small town feel here." He nods in agreement, moving an arm around her shoulders and pulling her close. "I get the feeling you're happy here."

The sounds of a baseball game reaching their ears adds to the local feeling and she laughs softly leaning back against him. "I always liked it in this area. Several of the towns have grown over the years, but I like the small town feel. In a sense it's like stepping back in time"

She smiles, looking up at him and receiving a kiss on the tip of her nose and returned smile. Her eyes rise, surveying the sky, surveying the clouds. It hadn't started raining yet, but the clouds were getting heavier and darker.

"Is it supposed to be a bad storm?" His eyes follow hers.

She shrugs, her hand resting on his thigh. "No, not really. But up here in the mountains sometimes it seems that they get caught and become worse. This one shouldn't be too bad, nothing spectacular out of it."

"But," she turns her head and drops her voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "When a good thunderstorm hits up here, watch out. I used to love how the lightening would have illuminated the entire valley and the crack of thunder seems to reverberate against the mountains for minutes not just seconds. You can feel the whole thing in your system; your entire body would become charged with the energy of the storm."

Enjoying the way her eyes light up at the description, his own eyes look up at the clouds. "And this isn't supposed to be one of those storms?"

"No." She sounds a little disappointed. "Looks like basic rain ... but I'd still like to get up there before it hits just in case it becomes heavy."

"How much further do we have to go?" He stands and holds out his hand to her as the waitress comes out and motions that their table is ready.

"About an hour. We should be able to grab some food and groceries and be back on the road before it hits."

· * * * * *

She had been correct about the food being good, even in simple sandwich form. Everything made from scratch, from the sandwich bread ... right down to the spear pickles served on the side. But her hopes about the rain were off, a light drizzle had begun as they left the restaurant and they dashed back across the common to the small general store for the few supplies she said they needed to pick up. He follows her through the small isles, puzzled as she reaches into a cooler to take some eggs.

"I thought we were staying at a farm?"

Nodding, she puts the half dozen eggs and milk next to the other things in the basket and heads towards the front of the store. "It's not a working farm, hasn't been for decades. For the most part it's empty, just a place that the family kinda uses for vacations. Some of the land is leased to other farmers in the area for their crops. That pays for taxes and upkeep ... one member of the family has the adjoining property and keeps an eye on it, harvests the apples, maintains the grounds. He has the actual working farm that we'll get other things from tomorrow. This is just to get us through tonight and the morning."

"You're going to the Plymouth area?" The older woman at the cash register begins tallying up the few items in the basket, nodding knowingly. Small town, small area, everyone knows what's going on. She winks at him, and then nods, opening her purse. "Yes, should be there this evening."

"Power's out up there. Thought you should know."


"Ah-yup. Rain came in from the North, knocked out a few towns. May want to hunker down for a bit and let it pass."

"Thank you."

He reaches over and picks up the bag from the counter, noting the look of concern on her face. "Let's put this in the cooler and get back into the car. We'll decide what to do then."

Stepping outside, he realizes her why she had been worried. The raindrops had become larger and heavier, the sky much darker ... almost giving the area an aspect of night. No one else was around; even the few people that had been sitting outside the restaurant had found shelter. Tossing the bag into the cooler next to water and ice packs, they get back into the car just before the skies open up.

"I think I understand why you were concerned. I think we're stuck here for a bit."

This wasn't simply rain; it was a deluge. They could just see the brick wall of the general store, the view of everything else had been blocked by sheets of water. Starting the car, he turns on the heat to ward off the chill that seemed to come with the deluge.

"You're correct; we may be here for a little bit." She's looking out the window, noting what he had already seen ... almost as if they're cut off. "It'll be a little bit, but we can wait it out."

The windows are already fogging up and she leans back, smiling with a thought, her hand falling on his thigh and rubbing.


"Huh?" Blinking at his question, she looks up at him and grins. "What did you ask?"

"I asked what?" He grins back, turning in his seat to face her and tapping her forehead lightly with his fingertip. "I know that smile, what image played across your mind just then?"

"Nuttin." Her eyes dropped and she's trying to hide the smug smile, though not very successfully. It's the same smile she had in the airport upon greeting him, reminding him of the parking garage.

"Oh, my dear girl," he crooks a finger under her chin and lifts her face up to his. "You forget ... I know that smile. I know that look. And I know how your mind works. I've been looking forward to every minute ... no, every second of playing with you for the next five days and now you're going to tell me 'nuttin'? Don't think so."

Her mouth opens and closes almost as if she's about to protest, and then she relaxes. "I was just thinking about being a teenager and necking in a car. The windows would steam up and that we're too old to be silly kids again."

There's more to what had flitted across her mind, he's sure of that and taps her nose with his finger and tsking. "You used to neck in the car. Naughty girl, Miss Beth"

"Like you never did, Mr. Kevin."

He grins evilly. "Oh, I did. I did much more than neck."

She can feel her face heat up at the look in his eyes, all sorts of images dancing through her mind's eye. He knows where her mind is dipping, she can see it in his features ... the way his eyes dance over her own face and he moves forward, whispered breath warm on her skin.

"Miss me?"

Nodding slightly, his lips barely brush hers before she bends her head slightly to rest her forehead against his. "Of course."

"How much did you miss me?"

Shrugging, she gives him a coy grin. "Lots."

Tilting his head, he grazes his lips against the corner of her mouth teasingly. "Just lots? You can do better than that."

"I can." She agrees, her own lips making a path along his cheek. "But I know better than to stroke your ego."

"Ego wasn't exactly what I was thinking about your stroking now," he whispers in her ear, reaching behind her and lowering the back of her seat.

"We can't!" She laughs, trying to sit up as he adjusts the back of his seat to lie on his side next to her. "Someone will see."

"Mmm ... no. It's still pouring rain; the windows are completely fogged and we're parked out of the way of any possible foot traffic ... which reminds me of where you parked in the garage." He shifts slightly, very aware of the fact that the console creates a mild barrier and leans over enough to place his hand on her chest to push her back down. "What made you change your mind?"

"About what?" She protests lightly, finally giving him an eye roll as she relaxes.

"Did you think I wouldn't notice you didn't have panties on in the airport, but did in the garage? You had something planned; I'm guessing the weather changed your mind. Tell me what you were thinking of doing."

He's caught her, she's embarrassed ... unable to stop the giggle as she covers her mouth with her hand. He leans forward, kissing the back of her hand, then biting it lightly, indicating she should uncover her mouth. "Tell me."

"It's improper." She whispers as he kisses her lips.

"Intriguing." He nibbles on her lower lip before moving to her neck. "In public?"

"In the vicinity of."

Shifting, he rises ... slipping his right hand under her neck to turn her head towards him as he slides his left down her side. She's grinning at his indulgence with their word game as he thinks of his next response.


"Inappropriate." Her arms slip around him, lifting her head just enough to kiss his lips.

"Interesting." His hand slides down over her hip and begins drawing her skirt up.

"Impertinent." She purses her lips, seeing the amusement crosses his features as he feels her legs tighten with his touch.

"Inquisitive." Slipping beneath the material, fingers touching her thigh lightly.

"Impulsive." Her hips turn slightly away, eyes glancing at the window before he shifts over her a bit more to bring her eyes back to him and continue the word game.

"Inquiring." Keeping her skirt down just enough to hide his touch, his fingers brush the edges of her panties, pleased to feel lace before sliding his fingers down between her thighs and rest his hand at her juncture.

"Inspecting?" It took her a few seconds to come up with that word, he can see the darkening of her eyes and shakes his head, pressing against the moist heat he's found. He's going to win this word game, he usually does when he can get her thoughts divided and bends his head to kiss her lips.

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