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This story is the second in a series of events that have actually taken place over the last two years. Although names are fictitious to protect the ‘not-so-innocent’, places and events are factual. I have put ‘pen to paper’ for three reasons: i) to preserve the images and memories in our minds; ii) to share the images with you. Had I not experienced these events first hand, I would not have believed what is written, and probably treated these words as fiction; and iii) what has happened over that last couple of years has injected even more excitement into our sex lives – so much so, that even as I trace back over the images and transpose to text, I have to periodically stop and relieve myself – with the help if my lovely wife, Tanya, of course. So, read and enjoy in the knowledge that the words are relating true events; and when you feel stirring in your loins, feel free to relieve yourselves of any stress that may be swelling up.


Since our Tenerife holiday, our sex life has flourished. Tanya’s more liberal attitude allowed us to experiment with sex toys, new positions and even more erotic fantasies. But, in the three months since our holiday, we’ve stayed strictly monogamous, and we were both quite content to keep it that way.

We received an invite to visit and stay for a weekend at Steve and Jan’s smallholding in South Wales. Jan was one of Tanya’s old school friends from way back, and had always kept in touch, usually by telephone and, on the very rare occasion, the adhoc visit.

Steve had just completed an extension to the house to incorporate two additional bedrooms, an extra bathroom and a sauna, and had decided to celebrate with a party. They had invited a handful of old friends, many of whom neither Tanya or I had seen since our school days.

We accepted the invite and two weeks later, on a warm, sunny Thursday afternoon, we found ourselves driving down the M4 and across the Severn Bridge.

The welcome was tremendous. Hugs, kisses and traditional Welsh fuss and hospitality. As soon as we unpacked our travel case, we found ourselves on the patio with a couple of long tall glasses of ice-cold white wine.

”Well, this is nice,” Tanya commented as she sipped her wine, admiring the view.

”Yes, it’s beautiful this time of year, especially when the young foals are running about in the field.” Jan went on to describe how the smallholding was becoming more like a small farm. The cattle herd was numbering more than a hundred head, their six horses had just given birth to two foals between them, and the geese were having a free run of the yard, cackling as they hurried past, heading for the pond.

“Looking forward to meeting some of the guys tomorrow,” I told Steve. “I haven’t seen most of the guys since, oh, must be 1984,” I commented.

“Yeah, should be a wild one,” Steve took a sip of his drink. He went on to describe how the group had begun to meet regularly, once every other month and had begun to beef up the party atmosphere. “The guys are really looking forward to seeing you two again, that’s for sure.”

“Yes, and Phil sends his love to you too Tanya,” Jan chuckled.

Phil Davies was an old flame of Tanya’s. They were a serious item until I came along and whisked her away from his greasy little fingers. I could never tell though, if Tanya had ever made out with Phil. I had asked several times in the early days of our relationship, but she had always avoided answering the question telling me ‘not to be so silly’ and ‘you shouldn’t be asking me questions like that’ but, a guy’s gotta know what a guy’s gotta know.

After more drinks, news and gossip, we decided to go inside the house before the midges feasted upon us.

Tanya and Jan sat on the sofa, looking at old photographs whilst Steve took me on a tour of his handiwork.


“Hey Tanya, that sauna looks so inviting,” I said as we sauntered backed into the lounge.

“I’ll fire it up. It’ll be ready in a half-hour. We’ll have a quick sauna before we hit the sack tonight,” Steve insisted.

“Sounds great,” I said as I winked at Tanya and a million neurons flashed through my brain, giving my loins a slight stir.

Tanya gave me a slow wink in return and I knew we were going to have a good fuck that night.

Tanya and I stripped naked and wrapped in large white bath-sheets, then entered the sauna where Steve and Jan were already waiting.

“Here, sit here, but before you sit, make sure the towel is between the bench and your skin, it gets quite hot,” advised Jan as Steve dowsed the coals with water and menthol, causing a cloud of steam to rise, hissing loudly and raising the temperature several degrees.

Jan had stretched out on the bottom bench, her towel loosely covering her large breasts. Jan, with brown hair and eyes, look a typical Welsh farmer’s wife – strong and built like a proverbial out-house. Although she was probably 20 to 30lbs overweight, it wasn’t flab. Her arms were as big as mine, and her 5’5” frame carried at least 160lbs. Her face wasn’t likely to win her a Miss Wales competition, but she wasn’t a ‘Plain Jane’ either.

Steve, an ex policeman, was super fit. He had six-packs on his six-packs, but again, even with his black wavy hair and dark brown eyes, he was no male model.

But, with all that said, they were the salt of the earth, and great friends.

Steve was stretched out on the top bench. Perspiration ran down his forehead, he sat up making room for Tanya and me.

“Better loosen that towel Tanya,” advised Jan, “or you’ll pass out in no time.”

Tanya did as she was advised and laid her head on my lap, her right leg resting on the lower bench, her left, bent at the knee, fitted between Steve’s right calf and the sauna’s bulkhead. Her towel, now loose across her chest, had given way at her thighs and had there been a little more light in the sauna, would have given Steve full view of Tanya’s shaven, tattooed and pierced pussy.

We relaxed in the warmth and few words were spoken. After twenty minutes or so, I decided to slip out for a cold shower to take away some of my body heat. As I stood, my towel unwrapped itself and fell to the floor.

“Ooh, tasty,” said Jan, as she let out a snigger.

Steve raised his head to see what was tasty, “Getting a bit boisterous aren’t we?” he laughed.

I reached down to pick up the towel when Tanya gave my ass a playful slap.

“Right!” I snapped, playfully, as I pulled Tanya’s towel from her, letting it open up to reveal her nakedness.

“Jan’s got some of them too,” added Steve as he reached down and pulled away Jan’s towel.

Within seconds, all were naked, with towels either in hand or flung on the floor.

Laughing and giggling, we settled down, only now our towels were in use only to wipe away beads of perspiration from our bodies.

“I think I’ll take a shower to cool off,” I said to break the shy silences. I stood again and picking up my towel, headed for the shower, closing the sauna door quickly as to conserve the moist heat.

The cold water hammered my back, taking my breath away in the process. I managed no more than half a minute before I gave it up and re-entered the sauna.

Jan was sat on the upper bench now with Steve’s arm around her shoulder, his fingers playing with her right breast. Tanya was sat on the lower bench, legs slightly parted, her pierced labia clearly visible, pouting through her pussy’s outer lips.

I knelt between Tanya’s knees. Kissing her, my swelling cock gently nudged her pussy, and with a slow, gentle push, her moist vulva parted as my cock slid into her folds of skin, moist with her own juices and perspiration.

“I think it’s time for bed,” suggested Jan as she took Steve’s hand and led him into their bedroom.

“Sounds like a good idea to me too,” I whispered in Tanya’s ear. We stood, took a quick shower, and went to our room where we made love.

As I rested on top of Tanya’s hot body, my cock sliding in and out of her vagina, I reminded her of the fun we’d had in Tenerife and that we may get a similar opportunity this weekend.

The memories and thought suggestions were making her pussy juice’s flow. Her groans were beginning to become more audible, and her vagina began to pulse as she came to orgasm with a strong climax.

My cock couldn’t hold out much longer, and as I told Tanya I was about to cum, she ordered me to spray it over her face.

I knelt over her chest and as she slowly pulled on my cock, I could feel the swell of semen rush through my loins, exploding over Tanya’s face, hair and breasts. She raised her head and licked the tip of my cock, making me squirm as the intense sensation drove spasms through my body.

I collapsed by her side and we both drifted off to a dream-filled sleep.


Next morning, we arose late. Jan and Steve were about their chores, so, after Tanya and I had fixed some breakfast, we wandered through the yard and across to the barn.

The hay looked fresh, even though it had been last year’s harvest. Tanya and I found an area of straw-bails neatly laid to form a flat area about eight feet square. I pushed Tanya onto her back and dived on top. She began laughing and as she tugged on my shirt, pulling it out from my trousers, I fumbled with her blouse buttons, exposing her firm breasts and large erect nipples.

We tumbled about like teenagers fighting in a schoolyard brawl. Tanya’s blouse was now completed removed, and as I hunted for her denim skirt’s fastener, she managed to undo my zipper and extract my cock.

Pushing me onto my back, she took my cock in her mouth and began to suck on it, with the occasional tease of her tongue as she licked the length of my shaft.

I assisted with the removal of the rest of my clothes and within seconds we were both nude.

Tanya, poised over my loins, slowly lowered herself down onto my hard cock, letting the purple head ease its way past her folds of moist skin. Her pussy swallowed my cock as she began to writhe, grinding her clitoris hard against my pelvic bone. I caressed her breasts, tweaking her nipples, making Tanya moan with pleasure. Tanya’s nipples were very sensitive, and several times I have been able to make her cum simply by gently fondling her breasts and squeezing her nipples.

Her vagina tensed as she began to climax. Her juices ran down her pussy, onto the base of my shaft and down my balls and thighs.

”Fuck me, fuck me,” she gasped. “Ah, ah, ah,” to the rhythm of my cock’s penetrations. “That’s it, that’s it… fuck it , fuck it,” she demanded as she came, soaking both my balls and the straw beneath us.

“Well, I can’t let the cattle feed on that now,” teased Steve. He’d slipped into the barn unnoticed and watched us make out. His cock in hand, he had been masturbating in time with our strokes. “Mind if I join you?”

I waved Steve over. Tanya was still quivering as she began to recover from the intense orgasm. I slowly restarted my fucking rhythm and soon Tanya was beginning to groan again.

“Ah, that’s it, fuck it, make me come again,” she ordered.

Steve knelt behind Tanya and began probing his cock over Tanya’s ass, sliding it down over her rear entry and along the soaking outer lips of her vulva. He gently pushed, I could feel him slip in beside my cock.

Tanya let out a gasp as she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate two cocks. Her body shuddered to another climax as I felt more of her juices trickle down my balls.

Steve began to increase the pounding rhythm and soon we had synchronised – my cock sliding in as his slid out. Tanya was in a state of bliss, a continual orgasm thundered through her like a steam train. “Ahh, ahh, ahh, fuck, ahh ahh,” she shouted out. I could feel my balls tighten and sensed my fluids begin to build up for a climactic explosion. I let go and emptied my semen into Tanya’s pussy, pulse after pulse of hot, slimy cream filled her hole. Steve, sensing this, ejaculated, mixing his with mine. Tanya trembled as she came in a continual orgasm. “Oh, oh, don’t move, don’t move,” she ordered as she soaked up the tingling sensations raging through her as our cocks pulsed inside her, oozing out every last drop of semen.

The three of us collapsed in pools of sweat. “Fuck, that was good,” exhaled Steve as he blew the full content of his lungs into the air.

We got dressed. “Where’s Jan?” Tanya asked.

“Checking on the heifers in the top field,” Steve informed, “she should be back any time now.”

As we left the barn, I commented that it was a great place to take some sexy photographs. “Already been done,” Steve added quickly.

“I’ll have to see those,” I said.


In the kitchen, Tanya filled a kettle to make us coffee, whilst Steve opened up a drawer and pulled out a pack of photos. Jan was dressed in a cowgirl’s rig, fringed boots, Stetson hat, denim cut-offs and a fancy denim and silk blouse. Her hair had been pulled up and her make-up had been professionally applied.

“These are good quality,” I told Steve as I flicked onto the next in the series. Jan was opening her blouse, revealing a purple silky bra.

“Yeah, they cost me a couple of quid too,” Steve recalled as he helped Tanya with the coffee. “Had a friend of mine, a professional photographer, come over and take these for a glamour magazine – you know, one of those ‘Reader’s Wives’ sections.”

Steve went on to describe how Jan had lost a bet with Steve and as a forfeit, she had to get some photos done and send them into a magazine.

The next picture showed Jan opening her shorts and teasing them past her hips, her purple g-string left to cover her mound. By the time I had reached picture fifteen, Jan had slowly stripped naked, laid across a bail of straw and raised her legs above her head, exposing her pink lips, moist with her juices – no, wait a minute, on closer inspection, it was semen. Jan must have had sex some time before the photoshoot and remnants of her lovemaking was now beginning to ooze from her slit.

“Dave’s pretty good with a camera too,” Tanya commented as she looked over my shoulder at Jan, laid out in the hay. “He took some shots of me in the snow a couple of years ago. Never sent them into a magazine though,” Tanya added, feigning disappointed.

“Well, they printed these. She got £25 per picture. But the best thing about it all was, the guy taking the picture ended up having a wank over Jan’s tits at the end of the photoshoot. She offered him a blowjob, but he settled for palm instead. Takes allsorts I suppose.” Steve placed the pictures back in the drawer and then pulled out a copy of ‘Fiesta’. Turning to page 38, we saw two full-page spreads of Jan in her cowgirl kit.

“And talking of cowgirls, here she is,” I announced as Jan came into the kitchen.

“You can put that away,” she demanded at Steve, pointing to the magazine.

We all laughed. “Talking about cowgirls, anyone fancy a horse ride?” asked Jan.

“You guys go ahead,” answered Steve, “I’ve got some more chores to finish now, or I’ll miss the start of the party tonight otherwise.”

Tanya and Jan left for the stables whilst I stayed and gave Steve a hand with the chores – milking the cows.


We talked about our Tenerife adventures and how liberated Tanya had become since our holiday. “Can’t get over how much more we are enjoying ourselves. And I thought we were on the top of the world before too,” I explained as I attached another nozzle to a waiting cow’s udder.

“We just fuck anywhere and anything we can now. It wasn’t always like that though,” Steve said.

“We got an invite to a party a couple of years ago. We arrived thinking the place would be full of couples; as it turned out, it was a stag party, so, not wanting to leave Jan on her own, she hung out with us, just like one of the lads, only, she couldn’t hold her beer and got absolutely plastered. I put her to bed in one of the spare rooms then rejoined the lads. Someone had ordered a stripper and she arrived just as I came back into the lounge.

“The stripper ended up giving us all a blowjob, collecting our semen in a glass, then after standing over John (the stag), she sat on his face, making sure he had a good mouthful of her pussy as she up ended the glass and swallowed every drop! She left, leaving the lads feeling horny.

“I hadn’t noticed two of the lads slip upstairs. They snuck into the spare room and had removed Jan’s panties. They fingered her pussy; she was only able to slightly come around. She told me later that she thought it was a dream at first and enjoyed her clitoris massage. Then one of the lads mounted her, pushing his cock deep into her cunt. He fucked her, emptying his sack into her. The second lad quickly took the first’s place and fucked Jan to orgasm as he shot his share into her. They both slipped out leaving Jan dozing in sweet slumber.

“Word must have got around, because within the next hour, most of the lads had slipped up to the room in pairs, fucked Jan, and returned to the party. It wasn’t until later when Jan finally came round, realising it wasn’t a dream, she stormed downstairs, burst through the door into the lounge, and stood naked, demanding to know who had fucked her.

“The room fell silent, then one by one a hand was raised. All except John and I had hands in the air. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I felt fury and lust at the same time, and seeing Jan standing there, naked in from of a bunch of fellas was such a turn on.

“One of the lads chirped up ‘You’ll have to fuck John, you can’t leave him out’. The place erupted in laughter, myself included. Somehow, Jan saw the funny side and struggled to hold back a laugh. She stormed over to John, pushed him onto the sofa, and stripped his clothes off him. Then, she fucked him there and then in front of a dozen or so lads and me. I tell you, my cock was just about to explode in my pants.

“When we got home, Jan was convinced that I had set it all up. It took me ages before she’d believe I had nothing to do with it. But in the meantime, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Our sex life had taken on a new lease of life.

“Since then, we’ve been to quite a few swapping parties, had some threesomes, and had contacts through that magazine Jan’s in – couples, single girls, married housewives, business men, you name it. It’s been brilliant!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Our Tenerife story seemed so insignificant in comparison. Listening to more of Jan’s sexploits had my cock swelling up in my pants.

“I’ll get Jan to see to that when she gets back,” Steve laughed.


“How was your horse ride?” I asked as the girls unsaddled their rides in the stable.

“Fantastic,” Tanya replied, beaming.

“Yeah, it’s a fucking blast when the saddle catches you in just the right place,” Steve added, teasing the girls as he mimicked an orgasm, his hand stroking an imaginary clitoris.

Upstairs, I helped Tanya undress for a shower, I told her Jan’s story.

“I know,” she said, “Jan told me all about it when we were on the horses.”

“Sounded like a blast,” I said as I handed Tanya a fresh towel.

“Yeah, Steve’s right you know, I had an orgasm when the horse began to canter. It’s no wonder so many women enjoy horse riding.”


That evening, the guests began to arrive shortly after seven. First was Phil Davies, Tanya’s ex boyfriend. They kissed on the cheek and welcomed each other with formal greetings. It was like watching Ambassadors from two foreign countries meeting just before a major peace negotiation.

By eight, all of those invited had arrived. It was a strange atmosphere, almost alien. Although we were with old friends, we were with strangers. After several drinks, Tanya and I decided to go for a walk to watch the sun set behind the Black Mountains.

We made love in the barn again and returned to the party the best part of an hour later.

Most had already left, and there was a distinct distaste in the air. It had transpired that Joni had been having an affair with Richard, Karen’s husband, and Karen had been having an affair with Phil. An argument had developed and had almost escalated to a fistfight. Richard and Karen stormed off, followed shortly after by Phil and Joni and her husband. The edge had been taken off the party and all but two, Geoff and Siân, had left.

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