tagMatureFast Times at Ridgemont Retirement

Fast Times at Ridgemont Retirement


Fast Times at Ridgemont Retirement Center

Johnny pulled into the parking space, checked his watch and leaped out of his car. It was quarter after ten in the morning and Mrs. Alcand’s meds would just be kicking in. He hurried up the concrete steps, opened the large glass door and stepped into the lobby, moving quickly up to the reception area.

“Well hi Johnny, here to visit your grandmother again?” the young lady behind the counter said.

“Yep, just a quick visit today,” he said, printing his grandmother’s name, entering the time and then signing his name.

“I hope she is doing better today.”

“Thanks,” Johnny said to the receptionist as he headed through a door and down a long corridor. Partway down the hall, he peeked into Room Three Twelve, confirmed that his grandmother was asleep and then walked back to the main hallway. He crossed over to another wing of the building and headed down a different corridor and then passed through a side door out into a small courtyard.

Ignoring the few residents milling around, Johnny passed several large rose bushes, completely oblivious to the beautiful, large roses. He skipped up the steps to a different building and stepped into a large recreation room.

“Hey Johnny boy, Edith is looking for you. Says she got a new tube of lube and is ready to go,” old Edwin.

“Oh, okay, thanks Edwin,” he replied, thinking, “Edith? Edith? Oh yes, Mrs. Calcourt.” Mrs. Calcourt meds put her to sleep, so Johnny knew he had at least four hours before she’d be wandering around.

“Edwin, have you seen Mrs. Alcand?”

“You mean Mary, yeah, saw her getting her room ready. Oh yeah, she looked hot today, if only they hadn’t taken my Viagra I’d be visiting her now.”

“Thanks, I’ll see you later,” he said, heading for Mrs. Alcand’s room and wondering what she was setting up.

“Give her a good one for me,” Edwin said, waving.

Stepping into her room, Johnny saw her bed, neatly folded down, with a line of four women in wheelchairs lined up beside it. Johnny called out, “Mrs. Alcand are you here?”

She peeked out from the bathroom and said, “Johnny, close and lock the door.”

“But what about them?”

“Don’t worry about them, they come and go.”

“But why are they here?”

“I just get so tired of trying to convince them of what we do, I figured I’d let them watch. They won’t remember a thing, but I can honestly tell them that they saw us together. They’ll be quiet, I promise.”


“Oh come on Johnny, show these ladies what you got. Now close the door.”

He turned and closed the door, locking it. Turning back around he saw her step from the restroom, gracefully untie her robe and open it, exposing her naked body. Feeling his cock begin to rise he gazed at her, her silver gray hair curled down onto her shoulders. He continued looking her over as he unbuttoned his shirt, admiring her sagging breasts. He just loved the way they drooped over his hands as he slid his hand up under them.

He tossed his shirt over a chair, kicked off his shoes and quickly unfastened his pants. Seeing Mrs. Alcand smile, as he let his pants fall to the floor, he ceremoniously eased his jockey shorts over his erection, thrusting his hips forward.

Suddenly one of the ladies cried out, “Careful Mary, that one’s hung like a bull.”

Johnny looked over the four ladies, but they all simply stared ahead, glassy eyed. He looked over to Mrs. Alcand who said, “Oh, that’s just Dorothy, she used to live on a farm. Just ignore her.”

He walked over and waved his hand in front of each lady’s faces, but none responded. “Do they always…”

“Come and go? Yeah, they tend to drift at times.” She walked over to Johnny and lifted her breasts to him, letting him run his mouth and tongue over her nipples.

He reached his hands up, running them the loose skin of her hips, up her stomach to underneath her breasts. She released them and they folded over Johnny’s hands, the soft flesh molding to his fingers. Gently kneading both breasts, he felt her hands sliding up and down his hard cock as she applied the lubricant.

Mrs. Alcand then eased around the row of wheelchair bound women and climbed onto the bed, opening her legs. Johnny followed, kneeling and leaning forward letting her expertly guide his cock into the loose folds of skin around her pussy. He moved slowly, letting the lubricant coat her delicate folds as his cock inched inside her.

She moaned, when Johnny finally penetrated her fully, he withdrew and then slowly thrust into again, repeating the movement as he increased his pace. Johnny felt her arms and legs wrap around him as she pumped her hips up to him. Their bellies slapped together as they came together and her pussy made wet, slurping sounds as he pulled back. The sounds excited him and he groaned, letting the sensation of this woman pulse through his body.

Getting closing to coming, he was distracted as another of the old ladies in wheelchairs shouted out, “Drive that pipe boy, drive that pipe.”

He stopped his thrusting and turned to look at the ladies. All four simply stared at the wall. Mrs. Alcand reached up to his face and turned it back to her whispering, “Oh that’s just Beatrice, her late husband was a plumber. Now come on Johnny, you got me hanging on the edge here.”

Johnny looked into Mrs. Alcand’s eyes and began pumping his hips again, watching her face as it contorted with pleasure. Her eyes then closed as she arched her back and came, breathing hard through her nose as her pussy opened to him and then squeezed around him. Seeing her ecstasy, he let himself go, feeling the sensations course through his body, down the length of his cock. He pressed deep into her aged cunt and came, filling her with his warm, sticky cum.

Gently laying his head on her shoulder he sighed, noticing the feel of her loose, wrinkled skin as the stuck damply to his. Moving his hand to her breast, he squeezed the soft pliant flesh.

He lay silently on her as his cock slowly shrank and finally slipped out of her wet pussy. Leaning his head up to kiss her, he heard, “Damn Johnny, no condom? You better hope you didn’t knock her up.”

He turned his head and saw one of the ladies give him a wink, before her expression went blank. Looking back at Mrs. Alcand he watched her smile and whisper, “Anita was a nurse at an Ob-Gyn clinic.”

“I better be going Mrs. Alcand,” he whispered, as he climbed off her.

“Okay, give my regards to your grandmother.”

“For sure,” he said as he dressed.

Sitting up on the bed, Mrs. Alcand looked over her friends and said with a laugh, “I wonder if any of them will remember anything.”

Johnny just shrugged.

“Well, if they did, I think we made their day, hell Johnny, I think we made their decade.”

“See you in a week or so?” he asked, turning the knob on the door.

“Sooner if you want and if Ethel will let you get away,” she replied, blowing him a kiss.

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