tagMatureFast Times at Ridgemont Retirement Ch. 02

Fast Times at Ridgemont Retirement Ch. 02


Fast Times Ch. 02

Johnny took his time walking the long, sterile corridor from Mrs. Alcand's room. His tennis shoes squeaked on the shiny floor, a sound that seemed to echo down the pastel colored hall. It would still be several hours before his grandmother woke up so he really had nothing to do.

He smiled, recalling the odd, makeshift audience Mrs. Alcand had set up in her room. Hung like a bull indeed, and then, what was it that one had said? Yes, "Damn Johnny, no condom? You better hope you didn't knock her up."

That was a benefit here, you didn't have to worry about birth control and since all these fine ladies were well beyond menopause, they were ready to leap, anytime, anywhere. Some of them were especially randy after taking their pills.

Looking ahead, he saw a shadow in the light that spilled out of the next doorway. It was Ethyl's room and she was probably ready to pounce with that new tube of lube. Since he had started wandering out from his grandmother's room, he figured lubricant had been in high demand, with the old ladies fighting each other for the greasy substance.

Johnny tried to walk past the open door, but a wrinkled hand suddenly closed around his arm. The fingers, stiff with arthritis, jabbed painfully into his skin as Ethyl pulled him into her room.

"Johnny, I got some new lube, the kind that gets hot. I've been using it on my hands and it really works. It gets hot I mean, nothing will help these," she said, holding up the knobby hooks her hands had fused into.

"Ethyl, where did you get the lube, you didn't steal it from Mrs. Balcon again did you?"

"No, it came in the mail. I sent off for it from one of my magazines."

"One of your magazines?" Johnny asked wondering what she might be reading.

"Cosmo," she said, as if she had read his mind. "Yeah, and I learned a few tricks too."

Johnny sat on the bed as Ethyl closed her door. After a few painful attempts, she finally locked the door and then turned to face him. She then got that look on her face that still made Johnny's balls tingle. He adjusted his growing erection as she moved towards him, jutting her hips with each step in a motion that was almost frightening to him. Envisioning her throwing out her hip in one of those jerking movements, he unfastened his belt.

When Ethel reached him, she pushed him back on the bed and watched as he opened his pants and lowered them to his ankles. He hadn't removed his shoes, so he let them simply bunch up in a heap. Feeling an odd vibration roll over his back, he realized she was raising the bed with the foot control. Soon he was well above her waist level, but before her could ask her what she had in mind, she pulled out her teeth and placed them on the table. She then leaned her elbows on the bed and moved her head toward his crotch.

Ethyl closed her mouth over his hard cock, letting the gums squeeze tightly on him. Bobbing her head up and down over him, he felt a buzzing sensation over the length of his shaft. The gently musical sound that came from his crotch confirmed his suspicion, Ethyl was giving him a hummer!

Blown away by the thought of this old lady giving him a hummer and by the incredible sensations washing over his shaft, he closed his eyes. Although her arthritis prevented her from adding some hand action to her sucking, the expertise in her mouth was driving Johnny wild.

He began thrusting his hips up, trying to get more of himself into her fantastic mouth. Moving up and down on the bed, Johnny watched as his rod appeared and disappeared from her lips. Her humming continued as he felt a pressure building in his balls and suddenly, he arched his back and began spurting his cum, into her beautiful mouth.

Ethyl stopped the humming as soon as the first cum splashed deep in her throat, but she kept her mouth firmly attached to his cock as she swallowed and swallowed. After a few moments, Johnny felt the cool air on his wet member and he looked down at her. A bit of white liquid dripped from the corner of her mouth until her tongue slid out, curled around the pearly fluid and drew it back inside.

She smiled and asked, "Well Johnny, how did you like that."

"Wow Ethyl, that was great, but you didn't use any of your new lube."

"Well fuck," she swore, then moving her claw to her mouth she continued, "Pardon my French Johnny."

A bit shocked, he said, "That's okay Ethyl, we'll use it next time."

Fixing his pants, Johnny headed to the door, unlocked and then opened it. A strange music flowed into the room.

"Oh my, Adria must have gotten that new phonograph. Just listen to that music, oh yes, I remember it all. I just love that song, I could sing it to you now."

"You sing Ethyl?"

"No, not anymore, but if you come back soon I could hum a few bars for you."

Johnny smiled and whispered, "Maybe next week." He stepped out into the corridor and headed toward his grandmother's room.

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