tagInterracial LoveFat Girl Discovers Anal

Fat Girl Discovers Anal


My name is Katherine. A sweet gal who loves the open road. I am rather short and plump. Only five feet two inches tall, thick-bodied and alabaster-skinned, with blonde hair and pale green eyes. I am a curvy gal from the land of the Irish. I came to the USA when I was only twenty years old. Eighteen years later, I still love the land. Especially New England. It's where I live. I am a truck driver by trade. I love working with the guys. In fact, I am in a relationship with a co-worker.

I met Bill when I first came on the job. A big and tall black man with a friendly grin. He looked downright scary back then but he was also a gentle soul. We got along famously. Working side by side was fun. He was funny, and a really nice guy. The other guys were nice too. The only person to give me a hard time was the bitch who was our boss's daughter. I don't like working with women. It gets real catty real fast. I don't need the drama. Guys don't judge you and once they see that you're an okay person, they are decent to you.

Bill and I ended up falling in love. I can't say that I saw it coming. Maybe I should have. We were both outsiders, in a way. I was the only female truck driver in the crew. I was also the only foreigner. Oh, and to top it all, I was bisexual. I kept it to myself. I preferred men mostly but sometimes, I just had to have a sexy woman in my bed. My last relationship with a woman didn't end well. She was the deputy mayor of the town in which we lived. Her husband was the mayor. He had no idea his wife was into women. I feel bad for the guy. Closet cases hurt a lot of people with their deceit.

With Bill, I could be myself. You see, Bill was one of those so-called "down low brothers". What is a down low brother? A black man who identifies as straight yet has sex with men. Bill had a few lovers, both male and female. His relationships never lasted. Maybe it's because he slept with arrogant, flamboyant effeminate queer males and high-maintenance females. Yeah, what he needed was a rugged man or a good, no-nonsense woman. I guess that's why he got me. I'm the original tomboy.

We were very discrete about it but also very passionate. Bill was something else, folks. He's a nice guy at work but in our bed, he was a dominant lover and a very tough guy. He was also the first person I ever fell in love with. I didn't see it coming. At first, we were just two co-workers secretly sleeping together. I never thought I'd fall in love. Oh, well. I guess it's true what they say. Love catches you by surprise and makes you do crazy things.

I remember some of the crazier things Bill and I had done together. We were at a truck stop once, and he pulled me into the men's bathroom. He ordered me to drop my pants, and bend over. Smiling, I complied. Bill spread my butt cheeks wide open and slid a finger into me. I'd never had anything in my asshole before. I was surprised. Bill told me to relax, and he began fingering and licking my asshole. Then, he turned me around, lifted me and planted me on the toilet seat. There, he knelt before me and licked my pussy. He fingered my labia, and also dug up my asshole. Amazingly, I came, shouting loud enough to wake the dead!

Bill held me until I calmed down. He then put on a condom and entered me. His hard cock went deep into my pussy. I gasped. Damn, he was so strong and forceful. I loved every minute of it. After giving me the pussy pounding of a lifetime, Bill told me to put my clothes back on and we walked out of the bathroom. The other truck drivers looked at us. I smiled. Yeah, I just got fucked royally and loved it. What can I say? Spontaneous sex is good for you!

Bill and I continued to spice up our sex life. One morning, I surprised him. He lay on the bed, stroking himself. I came in, naked, with a bottle of lube in hand. I told him to fuck me. Bill smiled, sprang from the bed and reached me in a few seconds. I took a step back. No, I didn't want to get fucked the regular way. Otherwise why would I need lube, right? I wanted Him to fuck me anally. Exactly the way he fucked his male lovers. Bill grinned. Then, he finally granted me my wish.

Bill spread my butt cheeks wide open, and pressed his cock against my asshole after greasing me up. Then, with a swift thrust, he entered me. I gasped as Bill entered me. Even though I braced myself for it, I howled as Bill's thick cock entered my asshole. He gripped me by the hips and thrust into me. He fucked me hard. I would have hoped he'd be gentle since I was a beginner but he fucked me roughly. It hurt like hell but after a while, I started to like it. It actually felt good! oh, and when he finally came, blasting his load deep into my ass, I screamed like a woman possessed!

After this first time, I became somewhat of an anal addict. I loved it when Bill would just grab me and fuck me in the ass whenever he wanted. I'd never had a lover like him. Not the male boxers I used to date, not the butch lesbians whom I sometimes took to my bed. He was so rough and passionate. I loved every minute of it. Sometimes, after a good fucking, I felt like I was glowing. Hell, there were times when I had tears in my eyes. He was that good! I was one happy woman! After decades of searching this world for the right person to be with, I had finally found a good man. Yes, I thanked the stars for my good fortune.

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