tagLoving WivesFatal Attractions

Fatal Attractions


My most sincere thanks to cutiepie8976 for editing the story. Any shortcomings, if any, are entirely on my account.


Samantha nervously brushed back her hair as she waited to be called into Bob's cabin.

At 35, Samantha did not look a year above 30. Blonde hair, blue eyes, full, round breasts and a curvaceous figure, it was hard for anyone to tell that she was married and a mother of two kids.

Samantha regularly worked out at the gym to keep herself attractive.

"Why am I feeling like this?" she asked herself. She had already been to the refreshing room two times since arriving to give herself a final check out. Her body was trembling in anticipation of the meeting, just as though it was her first job interview or a date.

But she knew the answer to that. It was Bob. Bob Anderson.

She was an architect by profession and worked in a leading architect firm of the city. Some time back they she had been assigned by her company to interact with their client on a new project. Bob was her counterpart from their client's office.

About 38 years of age, 6'2'', broad, athletic shoulders and rugged good looks, Bob had a smooth elegance and an aura of confidence about himself.

And he found her attractive. He was always ever so charming, courteous and pleasant. And he would be always coming on to her in a discreet respectful manner. She could sense it in the glances he would throw her way every now and then. And without being blatantly obvious, she had managed to let him know that she wasn't indifferent to his attentions.

Samantha could discern another equally potent wordless communication beneath his cool and calm demeanour.

Senses older and more primitive than the five most obvious had homed in on his interest in her.

She shook her head as she thought about it, allowing a smile to widen her soft luscious lips.

The secretary beckoned her to go inside.

Samantha unconsciously smoothened her skirt as she got up.

"Nice to see you," said Bob in his deep sensual voice as she entered his office.

He stood up as she walked in, his eyes giving her a slow appreciative look over.

"You look beautiful, as always," he continued. His deep brown eyes looked intently at her as he motioned her to take a seat on the couch next to his table.

"Thanks Bob," replied Samantha with a smile on her face.

She could feel a tingling sensation between her legs as he admiringly gazed at the dimples on her smiling cheeks.

Samantha spread the project papers on the table between them and began explaining the designs drawn up by her.

Bob intently listened to her, seeking out clarifications every now and then. It was a major project with numerous complications and meant a lot to both their firms.

As Samantha leaned forward to point out some noting, she could feel his gaze lingering upon her, admiring her ripe, full breasts.

She looked up at him from beneath her dark lashes.

Her forward movement inadvertently popped open her top blouse button. The bra cups fell further than they should have offering him a tantalizing view of her breasts.

"Shit, he can see my tits."

She could have adjusted her position.

But she didn't.

She felt her nipples tightening under his unapologetic stare. Samantha flushed as her body began responding with a consuming desire his gaze had aroused. A warm tingling sensation began growing inside her as she felt her clit coming alive and snuck out of its hiding place.

As she finally moved back she gave him a furtive look.

Bob could barely conceal his emotions.

Although his expression didn't change, he wasn't able to hide his fierce desire.

She could smell it, she thought, as she unobtrusively adjusted her blouse.

With their heads down, the two continued to work on their files for the next half an hour or so. "I think that's about all I can squeeze in for the day," said Samantha after glancing at her watch.

"It's kind of getting late and I have to rush to the super market before I go home."

"Okay, I'll analyze some of the queries you've raised and get back to you," replied Bob.

The twitching between her legs increased as her body soaked in his rich, manly voice.

He escorted her to the door. As Samantha moved out, Bob gently touched her cheeks with his lips.


"I am behaving like a cheap date at a pick up bar," Samantha said to herself as she friskily made her way to the parking lot with a rueful smile on her lips.

She was not unused to the attention of men, but the regular interactions with Bob seemed to be making her more wanton in thoughts and behaviour. Ever since she had caught Bob stealing glances down her blouse, her work had taken a secondary place in her wandering mind as she found herself increasingly fantasying about Bob and herself getting intimate on the couch. Her eyes may have been on the papers in front of her, but all she could visualise was the lips of the man sitting across her playing upon her nipples as she lay with her back on the couch, her skirt riding high and legs splayed wide open to feed his hungry eyes.

She made her way back home after making the household purchases at the market, the ongoing happenings in her personal life playing in her mind. She had never ever before experienced such feelings for sexual intimacy with another man since marrying Fred. Before meeting each other, both she and her husband had sowed their share of wild oats. But that was part of entering adulthood, a phase all young adults pass thru before they finally select their mate and settle down. But now here she was, feeling and behaving like a silly young girl all over.

She and Fred had been married for now almost ten years .They had two wonderful kids, Jeff and Pattie, a house in one of the better suburbs and a sufficient income to plan an annual family vacation. Such foolish thoughts and behaviour was certainly not warranted or acceptable from a woman like her. Sure married men do invariably stare at a winsome beauty passing by and married women too at times steal a quick look or two at a masculine personality. But that's just harmless admiration of a person.

But this was getting a bit too far. "Shit girl, hang on to your pantyhose," chided Samantha at herself.

The kids were playing with Fred in their room.

"Honey I'm home," she called out as she clicked her way to the kitchen with the groceries.

Jeff and Pattie charged into the kitchen and wrapped themselves around her, each of them trying to outdo the other in telling her what they had been up to with their father.

Samantha bent down and gave them both a loving, motherly hug.

They were priceless to her. Watching her family around her never failed to bring about a warm glow on her face.

She could not imagine achieving the perfect balance between a growing career as an architect in one of the leading firms as well as a successful homemaker without Fred by her side.

They had married when she had just graduated university. Jeff had come along during her final Master's term. Those were the difficult years. Her husband had just started his career as an electronic engineer and like any other fresh, young recruit he was coming to grips with the requirements of his job. But Fred was always by her side, making sure she concentrated on her scores. Fred was her lucky mascot.

As the children rushed off to watch their favourite cartoon show, Samantha felt her husband's nearness even before he kissed her cheek from behind.

"Missed you baby," he whispered in her ear as his arms encircled her waist.

He drew her close to himself and rubbing his semi erect cock against her ass cheeks.

"Mm ... that feels good," he muttered.

He moved his hands inside her blouse and began playing with her nipples.

Samantha blushed as her husband rolled his fingers over her nipples already aroused by the memory of Bob's passionate stare.

Hell! She was horny and her husband's foreplay was heating her up.

At the same time Samantha felt unsettled by the way her body had reacted to the very presence of Bob.

She leaned back and rested her head against Fred's chest and closed her eyes.

Fred moved his right hand beneath her skirt and slid his hand inside her panties. He began caressing her pussy with his palm while his other hand continued to tease her nipples.

Samantha felt her belly churn as her legs went weak.

Her husband's fingers continued to caress her soft mound. There was just a small landing strip of hair, and her lips were soft and smooth. Fred felt the first drops of her wetness. Samantha arched her back as her husband gently pried her lips apart.

Her breathing became shallow and ragged.

She remembered the manner her pussy had moistened and responded to Bob's desirous admiration of her boobs.

Her husband's caressing and the events of the day were making her body shiver in heated excitement.

"Got something for you to wear after the kids go to bed. Till then don't go into the bedroom," Fred whispered as he sucked her ear lobe.

He removed his hands as the kids came running back with some fresh mischief in their eyes.

Samantha just couldn't wait for the kids to call it a day! Finally, with lot of gentle but coercive persuasion, she managed to put them to bed.

She then went straight to their bedroom. Her panties were by now a wet sodden piece of cloth. Her boobs were trying their utmost best to burst free from their enclosure. She wanted to fuck. The quicker the better.

On the bed lay a pair of sexy panties and a bra.

Fred had bought her a red tight stretch satin bra and a matching G - string.

Samantha smiled.

She took off her clothes and stepped into the new outfit. The stretch bra cups barely concealed her areolas. And the heated state in which she was, was making her nipples jut out like small pebbles.

Samantha brushed her hair and applied a dark shade of lipstick as she gave herself a quick look over in the mirror.

She could hear the music system playing some soft music as she sexily walked into the sitting room.

Fred was sitting naked on the couch with a drink in his hand. His other hand was stroking his manhood.

His semi – hard cock began to grow as he watched his wife make her way towards him.

He rested his admiring gaze upon her ripe, succulent breasts. He began stroking himself harder when he saw the areolas peeping out. Fred turned her round to view her ass cheeks, slowly running his palm over their softness.

His manhood grew again. He motioned her to sit on his throbbing cock. As Samantha settled herself on his lap, her wet G string pressed against her husband's cock - wetting it with her seeping juices.

Fred took her in his arms and drew her face towards him. His lips pressed upon hers and she opened her mouth for Fred to put his tongue inside her mouth. Their tongues rolled against each other. As their mating increased its tempo, Fred's withdrew his tongue from his wife's mouth and began giving gentle licks with his tongue on Samantha's cheek, then trailing down towards her breasts - kissing her neck, licking the areolas peeping out from her bra. He burrowed his face between her breasts and Samantha let out a moan of pleasure , pressing her juicy pussy on her husband's growing erection. A wave of sensation flooded her body as she felt his manly hands exploring her curves.

Fred lifted Samantha in his arms and laid her down on the Turkish rug they had purchased from her first pay check.

He lay on top of her and unhooked her bra and began playing his palm over his wife's firm, succulent breasts. Her ruby red nipples stood erect like a child's little finger. Fred leaned closer and kissed the tip of both the taut nipples turn by turn. Samantha moaned in delight as Fred sucked her right nipple while pulling and tweaking on the other.

Samantha writhed in ecstasy. After an extended session of good, extended foreplay, his hand released her breasts and made its way inside her G - string.

Samantha could no longer resist the sensuous storm roaring inside her.

"Come on honey" she gasped and she adjusted her legs for his cock.

Fred pulled down the sodden G string and looked down at her swollen vulva. Her pussy lips were puffy and engorged. He could see his wife's pink inner labia peeking thru, her juices seeping down to her ass crack. The room was filled with her womanly scent, the signs of her arousal.

Then, inch by inch Fred slid inside her honeywell. He lay motionless for a minute on top of her. His erection was completely embedded inside the treasure trove of his children's mother.

In the beginning his movements were slow. Steadily he increased the momentum. Fred's cock slid in and out in a smooth frictionless movement. The slapping of his balls against her thighs was the only sound of mating to be heard in the stillness of the night.

Fred looked deeply in his wife's eyes as he positioned his left hand near her shoulder, his right palm touching her cheek gently.

"I love you," he whispered softly.

Samantha smiled as she heard those three precious words.

Fred continued to gaze at her lovely smile and sweet lips. He pressed closer and pressed his face to the right side of her neck and began giving gentle licks with his tongue.

"I love you," responded Samantha as she wrapped her arms around her husband and pulled him closer. Her eyes were closed, legs splayed apart, and feet pointing towards the ceiling. She was oblivious to everything except the joyous sensation of their union.

Lights flashed across her vision as her husband's erect manliness again and again caressed the sensitive, inner walls of her hot love tunnel. She could feel his life force connect with hers. It was like two bodies becoming one with his erect organ playing the role of the connector, just as Mother Nature planned.

The events of the day seemed to be again unfolding in front of her eyes.

She could feel her breasts burning under Bob's smouldering stare. Samantha hungrily clung on to her husband, even as her tightly shut eyes envisioned her lover mercilessly pounding her pussy, letting loose a wild storm of unbridled passion and lust.

Samantha thrust her hips upwards to meet Fred's incoming penis with the vision of Bob's and not her husband's face lustfully staring down on her from above.

Her body arched upwards as her orgasm slowly took control of her body till she felt nothing but pure nirvana and a sense of complete peacefulness.

With a final thrust Fred went still and then shot his load inside her.

Samantha felt her husband's baby making seeds filling up her moist, welcoming womb. Fred groaned and fell upon her as she clasped his face in her hands and covered it with a flurry of passionate kisses. Or was it guilt for replacing her man with another in her ultimate moment of passion? She wasn't sure. Inexplicably, Samantha felt insecure, almost scared. She pressed closer to her husband as though she may be suddenly and eternally separated from the man who had promised to share his life and dreams with her, and to whom she had borne two lovely children as a sign of their love and respect for each other.

They lay entwined together for a long time as their ragged breathing slowly evened out and sleep took over their exhausted bodies.

End of Part 1(to be continued)


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