tagRomanceFate Had Brought Them Together

Fate Had Brought Them Together


This is just a nice little fuck story with that happy ending that I just can't seem to do without.


At his sat in the second floor Holiday Inn bar overlooking Clearwater Beach, Matt got his first glimpse of an honest to God thong bathing suit. He'd seen pictures but he'd never seen a real woman with her ass hanging out barely fifty feet in front of his eyes. It was a perfectly formed, extremely fine and quite obviously young pair of butt cheeks and he could not keep from looking. His companion, a product rep who was attempting to convince Matt to introduce him to the key players in his largest account commented.

"It doesn't leave much to the imagination, does it my young friend?"

They weren't really friends and the man with him was legitimately old enough to refer to him as young. He liked the guy; they'd traveled together to some accounts in which a bad performance by a product rep would do no harm. The detail man had handled himself well and Matt had been pleased. Matt changed the subject, turning back to his companion.

"It sort of stimulates the imagination, Anyway, hey! Things went well today. Let's plan to get together next Friday, early, around 5:00 AM and I'll take you in to meet the supervisor at the account you're so anxious to penetrate. You don't show any tendency to press or push which will be critical on this first call. Let her take the lead. Unless she asks, don't try to show her any product. She doesn't see sales people, other than me and one other rep. If she likes you and is comfortable, she'll pull out her date book and schedule a formal sales call with you for thirty minutes and then she expects to see what you have to offer, not make small talk. Are we in sync?"

His companion thanked him profusely, said his farewells and exited the well appointed bar. Matt remained for a few minutes then took his drink and descended the wooden stairs to beach level. The object of his interest was now leaning up against the Tiki bar and placing her drink order. Her position ensured that her young rump was projected to the rear at an alluring angle. He felt like a pervert but he could not pull his eyes away from that ass. She turned, saw him, smiled and walked toward where he was sitting. The front view was everything he could have hoped for.

"We're you checking out my ass?" She said in an almost challenging tone but still with a hint of a smile.

Matt extended his hand. "I'm Matt, pleased to meet you. And it's hard not to. Pretty much all of it is right out there and it is a truly perfect specimen."

"I'm Jenna, and thanks for the complement. It's a lot more enjoyable than teen aged titters or sloppy come ons, or was that a come on?" Jenna said, flashing her perfect teeth.

Matt chose to ignore the question for the moment. "Where are you from, Jenna, local or just on vacation?"

"Vacation and a little business, but the weather is so amazing here that I might just become a local. I'm from Chicago, well, I work for a company there but I'm originally from Indiana."

"What kind of work do you do?"

"Oh, I work for a company you've probably never heard of but I'd like to avoid work talk until Monday; right now I'm on vacation. You, I sense, from the Hugo Boss duds, work and live here, probably in some sort of high end sales and this is one of your favorite places to have a drink after a long day, meet others in your line of work to talk business and scope out the young pussy on the beach. How am I doing do far?"

Matt had been taken aback by her use of the word pussy, but even more so by her precise review of exactly what he was doing at this particular beach front venue.

"That pretty well sums it up, Jenna to include the fact that I too work for some company you've probably never heard of. It's Friday and I'm certainly off the clock; no work talk is just fine with me."

"Are you married, Matt?"

"I haven't had time for that adventure, Jenna, how about you?"

"Adventure? That's an interesting choice of words but probably appropriate. I suppose marriage would be an adventure, one that I've not yet chosen to embark on. How old are you Matt?"

"Jenna, let me save you some time. I'm thirty years old. I've lived and worked here for five years, before that the Army and before that college in Austin, Texas. I was born on the other coast of Florida, moved a lot growing up, spent a few years in high school in Virginia but don't really claim any place as home. I smoke a cigar now and again, enjoy Bourbon and red wine, like dogs and hate cats, live in a house rather than a condo on the intercoastal waterway, have no criminal record, am decidedly heterosexual and have no known diseases or physical infirmities. When I'm not working I like to take my dog to the beach and sail Catamarans. Did I miss anything?"

"Not much. It sounded as if you were interviewing for either a job or a fuck. You have a job so I'm assuming it was for a fuck. Am I on target there Matt? Are you interested in fucking me?"

"Well not until you complete you're part of the interview but assuming there are no mitigating factors, of course I'd like to fuck you Jenna." Matt replied.

"Very interesting! We just saved all that wasted time over small talk, drinks and dinner. You're cute, Matt; you've got pretty eyes and all of that lovely unsprayed blond hair. You've got nice shoulders, a killer smile and a flat little tummy. I'm twenty-eight. I grew up in Southern Indiana, undergrad at Notre Dame, graduate degree at Ohio State. I've lived and worked in Chicago, the Northside, for two years, three years in Portland, Oregon, before that. Dogs yes, cats no, but I live in a condo so I don't have any pets. I don't mind cigars, red or white if the white is a really solid Chardonnay and bourbon is okay but I prefer a dirty Martini. I'm also exclusively heterosexual with no known impediments or diseases and no criminal past. I like to sail but haven't in years, center board boats not Cats. When I'm not working, well, that's a tough one. I don't currently have a viable hobby."


"Okay? Is that it? No more questions?"

"Are you staying here and do you have a roommate?"

"Yes on the first count and no on the second."

"Would you like to fuck before or after we go to dinner?"

"Yes!" Jenna said, throwing her arms in the air in the gesture often associated with a touchdown. "Matt, that was a first! I have had guys hint, make suggestive comments, beat around the bush, ask and even beg. You are the first man I've ever met who had already decided we were going to fuck and just needed to work out the schedule. You earned your reward---and mine I hope. Before, of course! Let's go." Jenna said, rising from her chair with the expectation that Matt would accompany her, which he did.

Jenna had an upscale ocean front room. "I'm covered in sand and you've been in that hot suit all day so let's start with a shower---together. The rules are pretty simple. You can nibble, fondle and even use your tongue on that part of my anatomy that first attracted your interest but no anal. I don't fuck without a condom; I doubt that you have any but I do. My nipples are very sensitive, no tweaking, sucking or abrading. Don't fucking move when I go down on you; I'm not interested in a skull fuck; I'll take care of the action. Don't try to impress me with your incredible staying power when I'm sucking your cock. You can save that for later. I swallow sometimes, but don't even think about cumming on my face, tits are okay, though. My pussy is very sensitive, gentle, gentle and gentle when you go down on me; you can rim my ass hole with a finger or tongue but keep your damned fingers out. No pain but a little fanny slap every now and again won't offend me. I like to kiss; I like a lot of foreplay. I like to look at a man the first time I'm fucking him; if there is a second time, a nasty little doggie fuck out on the patio would be quite enjoyable. Any questions?"

Matt began to laugh. "I'm sorry, I'm not laughing at you. It's just that usually a guy spends weeks, and months learning all of those things by trial and error. First time fucks are so often awkward and less than ideal. Thank you for your refreshing candor. Now, a couple of thoughts. If you want to fuck my face with your pussy, then I hope you use depilatory or you use conditioner. I hate stubble burn. Do not even think about touching my balls when you're close. I'd like to have children some day. My ears are sensitive; I enjoy having them kissed. Pinching, hair pulling and scratching are out and if you decide to get on top of me for a bronco ride remember that my nuts are down there somewhere. Same exact guidelines on my ass, no dry finger fucks---please! I love to kiss---particularly after I cum in your mouth. I find it extremely erotic to taste my own cum when it's coming from the mouth of the woman who just blew me. I also like to cuddle afterwards. Shall we shower?"

"Same here on the ears and the cuddle." Jeanne said, retiring to the bathroom.

"One more thing, Jenna, do you prefer privacy when you're going to the John?"

"Watching each other pee is kind of a turn on, but I like the door closed and the fan on high when I take a dump."

"That'll work."

The hot shower was a delightful prelude to what would follow. Matt and Jenna both had well toned bodies and took great pleasure in helping each other ensure a high level of personal hygiene. They dried each other off and returned to the king sized bed. Jenna pulled the covers back and they got between the sheets together. They kissed, fondled and explored for close to half and hour. When Matt moved down her flawless form to eat her pussy, he felt confident that she was ready to move on to that level.

Her pussy was fresh and delightfully fragrant. She had a blond muff to match her blond hair. It was soft and not remotely unpleasant. It was trimmed tightly on the sides to accommodate her beach wear but there was no hint of razor stubble. Matt loved eating pussy; he found it more erotic than the fucking which would follow. Jenna did not cum particularly quickly but she moved, moaned and whimpered and he knew he was on the right track. As he inhaled her delightful female essence he really didn't care how long it took her to get off. He couldn't remember the last time he had enjoyed eating a woman this much. After fifteen minutes of what he was sure had been delightful for both of them, Jenna came, pressing her little quim against his face. Jenna was not a talker but nor was she silent. She made delightfully erotic sounds when she was pleased. He wasn't much of a talker either. All she said when he looked up into those deep baby blue eyes was, "nice" and she was grinning.

With few preliminaries she worked her head down toward her designated target. She teased his cock with her lips and tongue while running her hands over his tight abdomen. She took just the head of his cock in her mouth and swirled around it with her tongue. When she had decided that Matt had endured enough agonizing teasing she engulfed his turgid tool in her hot, wet young mouth and took him to Never-Never Land. Matt loved to get blown; he'd had his share of blow jobs---good, mediocre and even really bad. This one promised to be off the scale on the spectacular side. Matt had good control but even had Jenna not warned him not to demonstrate it while she was sucking his dick, it wouldn't have mattered. Matt came with a scream exactly when Jenna wanted him to, and it wasn't that long after she started to blow him in earnest. Jenna had a PhD in cock sucking; the grin of satisfaction on her face as he moved up to kiss her said that she damned well knew how good she was.

They kissed and explored for almost another half hour. Matt was certainly hard enough to penetrate her quite adequately but he enjoyed the play time every bit as much as Jenna seemed to. By the time both seemed to sense that it was time, he was as hard as he could remember in a long time.

It was wonderfully sensual but also quite a tender fuck. He wanted it to last forever. It had all the trappings of two people making love and these two people had known each other for a little less than two hours and had come to this room to fuck. Jenna spoke first, whispering in his ear.

"I don't cum like this, never have, but I love the fullness of your cock inside me, it's always the very best part. I'm going to play with my clit, okay? Don't hold back now and don't wait for me, just cum!"

Wordlessly, Matt accelerated his pace and began thrusting into Jenna's delightfully hot little pussy with deep thrusts. He felt her clamp down on his cock with her exceptionally toned fuck muscles. He grinned at her expertise and knew it was all over but the shouting, which is exactly what he did as he shot his load of cream deep inside her special girl hole. He continued to move, elevating slightly to ensure that he was rubbing his pubic bone at precisely the correct spot on her anatomy. She removed her fingers and let him take over and came a few seconds later making her own earth shattering sounds. Matt wrapped his newest friend tightly in his arms and kissed her. She snuggled into him fitting as if she had been created to be right there and only there. It had been very, very good for both of them. It had in fact been almost eerily perfect.

Jenna wanted to deny it; she started to return to the challenging banter with which their relationship had first begun but she still could not let herself release from Matt's safe embrace. Matt had no intention of letting go of her; she accepted it more willingly than she might have wanted to. She wanted to tease him in an attempt to break the intimacy that neither could fairly deny. He would have none of it.

"Stop! You're trying to minimize what was for me pretty damned amazing. Please don't do that. I promise I'm not going to say, 'I love you' or propose. Just lie in my arms and let me revel in what was, at least for me, very special. It certainly didn't hurt that we laid out all of the ground rules in advance but I am, in my heart an old style romantic guy and what we just did was way beyond two strangers fucking in a motel room. It was special and you damned well know it; let's not screw it up."

Jenna shut up; she didn't want to admit it was special. It shouldn't have been! They hardly knew each other. She had brazenly asked a strange man back to her room to fuck. It had been an amazing fuck; Matt was a perfect lover. Lover? No! A perfect fuck and that was that. Don't get all sentimental about it.

"I'm assuming were going to do some more of this kind of stuff this weekend?"

"Sure, why not. We did move pretty well together, didn't we?" Jenna replied, half bantering and half something else.

"That too. Look, I think we talked about dinner. I have to go home first and feed my puppy. Why don't you check out of here and come stay with me for the weekend?"

"Oh, I don't know." Jenna said as her safety wall was being threatened. "Okay, I'll go halfway. I've only got this room for tonight and Saturday night. I'll pack my stuff and go with you but I'll keep the room for tonight. If things work out, I can check out over the phone tomorrow. If not, I can always come back. I'm moving to another motel on Sunday anyway, in town and closer to where I have to be Monday morning. I've got a rental; I'll follow you. How far is it?"

"Not more than twenty minutes."

"Normally I like to shower after making...fucking, but I like your smell on and in my body. How about you?"

"I may never shower again. The scent of your body is all over me and I'm not sure I ever want to wash it off."

"That was absolutely the best line I've ever heard in my life! And you already got laid!"

"Yea, something like that. Look, I know I'm asking a lot. You're right. It was just a fuck, albeit a fantastic one. We can't pretend it didn't happen. I came down to the beach with one aim, getting some pussy; it wasn't the first time and it probably won't be the last. You were obviously amenable to that idea. You came over and sat down with me looking for some cock. So, we just had casual sex! Let's, kinda, sorta, just start over. It's just a weekend; I know that but let's have fun in or out of bed or wherever else we decide to fuck. Let's see if we can just be a man and a woman enjoying a weekend together, a normal weekend like a normal couple even though I guess it's all about sex. I'm a big boy; I don't have unrealistic expectations of what we mean or don't mean to each other but let's have a good time and not get all hung up on what it means or doesn't mean. I'm rambling, are you with me?"

In spite of herself, Jenna moved in and kissed Matt tenderly and wrapped her arms around him. "You're a pretty sweet guy Matt. I'll do my best. Thanks for trying to make the little slut feel like less of one. I really appreciate that."

Shit, Jenna thought to herself as she followed Matt back to his home. He's a nice guy and great in the sack. Why don't you ever meet his kind closer to home? Fuck it. Maybe he likes rap music or voted for the goofy looking guy in the last Presidential election. It's just fucking; that's how it began and that's how it will end, sometime on Sunday afternoon. You'll exchange business cards but you'll never actually call each other unless one or the other is in town and wants to get laid. It all about cock and pussy and nothing more.

When Jenna walked through the front door of Matt's spacious water front home her resolve took an immediate hit. "Who is your decorator? I love this place!"

"I have a very dear Jewish friend who takes my sometimes disjointed ideas and gives them structure but I picked out everything you see myself. It's just me."

It was also alarmingly her; she owned several of these same pieces of furniture. The art was in her style while not identical to what one would find in her condo.

"Who did you vote for in the last election for President?"

"The less goofy of the two guys running." Matt said, naming the only viable choice.

"What kind of music do you like?"

"Pretty much anything but rap, easy listening and Bruckner. Is this going to be a long exam? Should I get pen and paper?"

"Not right now, maybe later." Jenna said with a grin.

"Jenna, while I would hope that we would end up in the same bed this weekend, let me set you up in the adjoining room to the master. We share a bathroom, funny I think we've already done that, but there's lots of room to put away your things and if you get really pissed at me there is even a decent bed in there. It was actually designed to be a nursery someday. Not that I have any prospects in that area but I always wanted to be prepared."

"You're not a vegan are you?" Jenna asked only half joking.

"Not remotely."

"Good. How should I dress for dinner?"

"Well, let's see, do you want meat or fish?"

"What I eat determines how I dress?"

"The best steak place is dressier while the best fish places are very casual. But don't even think of changing until you meet Fergus, my Black Lab. He's certainly been hunting for rotten sea life while I've been gone, he's only marginally trained---he still a pup---and he thinks he's a lap dog. You're not scared of very big but terribly friendly canines are you?"

"Not in the least."

Fergus was a handful or more accurately a lap full. He loved meeting knew friends and was very much the kissing bandit. Jenna giggled like a school girl as Fergus welcomed her to his home. His dinner distracted him and seemed to calm him down. She began to explore.

"You have a damned pool and a hot tub?"

"Doesn't everybody? Everyone in this state seems to, anyway." Matt replied.

"Can we get naked out here?"

"No one can see the back of the house; occasionally a fishing boat will cruise in close but you can see them coming."

"Which is closer, dressy steak or casual fish?"

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