tagIncest/TabooFate Steps In

Fate Steps In


I came from a broken home, my parents died when I was two so I don't really remember, when I was ten I was told that I had a little sister somewhere, but where no-one knew. My childhood wasn't so bad I suppose, I was adopted fairly quickly and though I always knew there was something different about my family I still loved my adoptive parents, even after I was told that I had been adopted. As I grew older I often wondered what had become of my sister, only the orphanage knew why we had been split up and they weren't talking, by the time I was adopted my sister was already gone so I had never even known her, not even her name.

Over the years I kept feeling that a part of me was missing, there was little I could do though until I could afford to hire someone to search for my missing sister and that had to wait until I had left school and was earning a good salary. I was nineteen when my adoptive parents died, ironically they died in a car crash the same as my real parents, as their sole heir I inherited their house, not much, but it was a roof over my head, and a little money from their life insurance, again not much, but it was enough to start the long delayed search for my sister.

After two years of searches I was ready to give up the project, the only thing I definitely knew after all that time was that she had been taken abroad to either New Zealand or Australia, precisely which was something that had not yet been learnt. Still I kept on paying out in the hope that one day she and I could at last meet, until that time I had my life to lead and life had suddenly become interesting in the shape of a new secretary at the company where I worked. Something had drawn me to the woman from the moment I had set eyes on her, it didn't take long to find out that she was called Leona or that she was still single, my own eyes told me how beautiful she was yet I never saw her accept one invitation given to her by the other 'lads' in the office. Leona had been with the firm four months and must have given the brush-off to almost every man in the place before I finally plucked up the courage to talk to her.

"Uh good morning." I greeted her as she passed by my desk one morning.

"Ah," she grinned, "he speaks at last."

She had a slight accent that I couldn't place yet it made her voice sound sort of seductive, I gave her a sickly smile while trying to decide whether her response had been sarcastic or just plain surprise.

"Your the shy type aren't you?" Leona said as I sat musing.

"Well, not really." I replied slowly, "It's just that..."

I couldn't figure out any way of saying that I thought I was in love with her without it sounding stupid, but I had to say something.

"...I thought" I continued, "I'd let you get settled in before bothering you."

"You're about the only one that did let me get settled." she laughed, "I suppose now you'll be asking for a date."

"If you like." I replied crossing my mental fingers.

"Well that's a new approach." she laughed, "'If I like', well I do like, just to satisfy my own curiosity if nothing else."

I was so flabbergasted that I almost forgot to sort out the time and place for our date, but she drew my mind to this small point before she went off about her work, we decided to go out straight from work that very day. Now I had never been what could be called a ladies man, I'd had my moments, few and far between though they may have been, but I seemed to lack the 'hunting' instinct and I envied the successes of other men in this area, but now I found myself the one being envied. Five minutes after I had made the date with Leona it was all around the office, every man she had turned down was asking how I had managed it, a few made certain suggestions as to what I should do with her once I had her alone, one or two gave me sullen looks for my succeeding where they, with all their smooth chat, had failed. By the end of the working day I felt tense and nervous, though I'm not sure why, Leona was certainly a beautiful woman and there was something about her that had attracted me from the start, so much so I was falling for her long before I had spoken to her that first time, yet if I told her that she would probably laugh in my face.

The day came to an end and, as agreed, I waited for Leona in the reception area, half an hour passed with no sign of her and I began to think that she wasn't coming when the elevator tinged and the doors opened to reveal Leona. I must admit that I gaped at the sight of her, when I had seen her that morning she had been dressed in a very proper trouser suit, she stepped out of the lift wearing a dress that clung to her curvaceous body like a second skin and I was lost for words as she came over to me.

"I wasn't too long was I Alan?" she asked with a smile that melted my heart.

There was a faint hint of perfume on the air, which did my equilibrium no good at all as I stood there staring at her open mouthed and wide eyed. Obviously she had gone home and fetched the dress, equally as obviously she had changed before coming down to meet me, but my brain had turned to mush at the sight of her and wasn't capable of working out how she had performed the transformation.

"God your beautiful!" I breathed.

"Thank you." she laughed, "Now if you'd care to pick your jaw up off the floor we can get going, I'm starved."

Snapping my mouth shut I blushed as I held the doors open for her, but as we walked along the road I felt proud to be walking beside her, she kept up a constant chatter which I did my best to respond to and after a while my brain got back into gear and I was able to talk intelligibly with her. The evening went well, much to my surprise, after a while I relaxed and was able to control my eyes somewhat, we dined at a small Greek restaurant near the office then went on to a nearby disco to dance away a couple of hours, we laughed, joked and plain talked until nine at which point Leona asked me to walk her home. Home, when we reached it, was a one room bed sit in a rundown area, I was surprised that she would live in such an area.

"It's cheap." she replied to my comment, "With what the company pays me it's the best I can afford."

I shook my head as I looked at the peeling front of the house she lived in and thought of me rattling around in a three-bedroom house that was a mansion in comparison to this. Then the idea struck me, Leona could rent one of the spare rooms at my place, it was certainly in a better neighbourhood and was closer to the office, but before I could make my offer Leona invited me in for a coffee. I accepted without hesitation, glad of any excuse to be close to her and a few minutes later I was sat on the edge of a bed watching her boil a kettle on a rickety table in a corner. Leaving the kettle to its own devices Leona came and sat by me on the bed, she sighed and kicked off her shoes, wriggling her toes and stretching out her long, long legs.

"That damned kettle takes an age to boil," she commented, "you're not in a rush are you?"

"No rush," I grinned turning my head towards her, "no rush at..."

The words dried up in my throat as I found myself looking deep into her ice blue eyes, I felt that I could drown in her eyes and my heart skipped a couple of beats, the next thing I knew I was kissing her, or she was kissing me, I'm not sure which. All I know is that feel of her lips on mine was sending electric tingles of excitement shooting down my spine to my cock, twisting my body towards her I held her in my arms as our kiss drew out, she seemed to melt against me as I held her tight. With a will of its own one of my hands started to roam over her body, it hovered over her boobs, rubbing, pressing and squeezing them through her clothing then slid down to her thigh, Leona moaned as my hand slid under her dress and straight to her hot pussy. I was surprised at how damp her panties were when I ran my hand over them, using the heel of my hand I rubbed at her pussy gently and Leona gave a shiver against me, her hands went to my chest and I tensed as I expected her to push me away, instead she began tugging with almost desperate haste at my shirt buttons, nervously I let my free hand slide up her back until I held the zip in my fingers. Expecting a protest I pulled the zip down all the way, barely had I opened it than Leona was wriggling out of the top of the dress and it was only then that I noticed that my shirt was flapping open, with a deep breath I moved my hand from her panties and shrugged out of my shirt while Leona stood up and took off her dress completely. Then she was kneeling in front of me, her hands tugging at my belt, pulling at the fastenings of my trousers, she stood up again and pulled me to my feet and my trousers fell around my ankles, laughing gently I sat down again and struggled out of my shoes, socks and trousers then looked up at Leona. Her eyes seemed to sparkle as she reached behind her to undo her bra, when her boobs were revealed to my excited gaze I sucked in a deep shuddering breath then gasped as she pushed down her panties, I felt as though I were dreaming when I stood up and removed my underpants. My hard cock sprang up against my stomach and Leona licked her lips as she looked long and hard at it, I let her look at me for a few moments before taking her in my arms again, the feel of her skin rubbing against mine sending blissful signals all over my body. The only sounds in the room were our heavy, excited breathing and the low moans that Leona made as I played with her boobs and nipples, a sharp click informed us that the kettle had finally boiled, but we didn't care about that any more.

Gently I picked Leona up in my arms and lay her on the bed, lying beside her I let my hands run all over her body, her hands were on my chest then sliding down to grasp my cock as I pushed two fingers into her pussy and teased her nipples with my other hand. Leaning forward I kissed her again, her lips were warm and responsive under mine and I felt the flames of my excitement flare higher, one of her hands was wanking me while the other ran in little circles on my chest, I could barely breath with the excitement that filled me and when Leona parted our lips to give a gasping low cry I knew that I could not wait any longer. Moving my hand from her pussy I rolled over onto her body, my weight held on my elbows as I prepared to push my cock into her, I could feel Leona's hand guiding me as I pushed forward and as soon as my cock started to slide into her she moved her hand away. Wave after crashing wave of ecstasy rushed over me as I sunk my cock into her tight pussy, her legs closed around my back, her hands wrapped around my chest as she pulled me down even tighter to her trembling body, she sobbed with pleasure as I began to move, my cock sliding deliciously in her grasping pussy. Slowly, tenderly I slid my cock in and out of her responsive body, Leona gasped and cried out as an orgasm washed through her, yet her movements kept pace with mine, it was an amazing experience feeling her respond to my every movement as though it had been choreographed and her cries ringing in my ears only added to my pleasure. Gradually our movements became faster, Leona was writhing beneath me as orgasm after orgasm hit her, her pussy clenching and rippling on my cock as it slid in and out, in and out like a piston, her nails raked my back and all I felt was the bliss that her pussy was giving me then I felt my bliss swelling and exploding. With a deep thrust I groaned as my hot seed burst inside Leona's pussy, she cried out and pushed up tight to me, her body trembling and shuddering as a final orgasm hit her like a solid blow, our lips locked together in a kiss so passionate that the room should have burst into flames. Then our peak faded, though I kept moving my cock in her pussy I could feel it slowly shrinking until at last it slipped from her and I rolled off her trembling body to lie gasping at her side.

"God," I breathed some minutes later, "I've never felt so good before!"

"Me neither," Leona sighed then laughed softly, "and I've never let anyone screw me on the first date before, but I've been waiting so long for this moment."

"You have?" I said in surprise, sitting up and looking at her.

"I know you're going to laugh," she sighed, "but I've really had the hots for you from the day I first saw you. You don't know how many times I sat there praying for you to come over to ask me out."

She was right I did laugh, but not at her words, at the irony of the whole situation.

"Its taken me four months to pluck up the courage to talk to you," I laughed, "what an idiot I've been. That day you walked into the office I wanted to run over and take you in my arms, I've felt the same every day since."

We laughed at the whole situation, holding each other in an embrace that was both exciting and loving at the same time, in my mind there was no doubt any more, I loved Leona with everything I had.

"Will you marry me Leona?" I breathed in her ear.

"Yes." she sighed.

When I woke in the morning Leona was curled up against me with a happy, contented smile on her lips, I sighed and looked at my watch and sat bolt upright. We were late to work that morning, but when we announced that we were to wed all our sins were forgotten and forgiven. In a simple ceremony a few weeks later Leona and I were married, we spent our honeymoon in Paris, which would be followed by another week at home. It wasn't until our return from Paris that Leona's few possessions were unpacked, needless to say it didn't take long and the last thing she unpacked was a faded framed photograph of a family, I gasped when I saw it.

"What's wrong Alan?" she asked with concern.

"The photograph," I gulped, "where did you get the photograph?"

"This?" she answered holding up the picture, "It's all I have left of my real parents, they died when I was a baby and I was adopted by a family that moved to New Zealand. Why? What's so important about it?"

"Who's the other kid?" I asked going over to my chest of drawers.

"He is or was my older brother," she replied with a frown while I rummaged in a drawer, "I don't know where he is now or even if he's alive. What is going on Alan?"

"Oh your bother's alive all right," I sighed as I finally found my copy of the photograph she held, "very much so. Only I'm not too sure you'll be happy to see him."

"Jesus Alan!" she cried crossing the room towards me, "If you know where my brother is for God's sake tell me!"

"He's here." I said quietly holding out the photograph I held.

She looked at it then at her own then at me, her face went pale and I quickly took her in my arms as her knees sagged, she leant against me staring at the two identical photographs.

"I've been looking for you for years," I smiled down at her pale face, "I've spent a small fortune on it and now I've found you I don't want to lose you."

It had quickly dawned on me that I really didn't care that by having had sex with Leona we had committed incest, knowingly or not, all I knew was that she made me feel like I'd never felt in my life before, I wanted to have my cake and to eat it, to have Leona as both my wife and my sister, but that would be up to her.

"Alan," she breathed at last with the colour returning to her face, "my pussy has gone all wet. God, what a shock it was to find that my brother is the one man that can satisfy me. Please Alan, let's not tell anyone you and I are brother and sister."

"You've just made my wish come true." I laughed, "Leona I love you as my sister and as my wife, it will be our secret dear. Now, assume the position woman, I want to fuck you knowing who you are."

She had her clothes off and was on the bed so fast she left a hole in the air; the second hole was me joining her.

We were both grateful for the day fate stepped in to stir things up.

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