tagErotic HorrorFated Destiny Ch. 05

Fated Destiny Ch. 05


Every step Desiree took towards Tom and Colleen exuded sex. Her long gown was open in the front down to her navel, exposing her vast cleavage. Her breasts seemed to press the material outward as if they were trying to break free. The bottom of the gown was slit on both sides up to her hips. Her creamy, well-shaped legs showed with every step she took. Tom suddenly remembered what she did to Silverman and began backing away towards the woods.

"Where are you going?" asked Desiree innocently. "Don't you wish to stay here and have some fun?"

Tom felt her words grasp at his mind and he forced them away.

"Not with you...not ever!" he snarled back at her.

"So you have developed a little backbone, I see," laughed Desiree. "That will make it a little more interesting."

"Miss Covington, we've met," said Colleen authoritatively. "I'm Detective O'Malley of the Police Department. Your men are guilty of kidnapping and assault on a police officer. If you don't want to find yourself in the same boat, I suggest you stand aside and let us leave."

"You didn't tell her!" said Desiree to Tom in wonder. "She has no idea what I am, does she?"

"Humph!" scoffed Colleen. "What are you...a drug lord...organized crime boss?"

Desiree laughed out loud, "Oh, nothing so mundane, my dear. Desiree's eyes gleamed in sadistic pleasure. "Here, let me show you."

Tom yanked back on Colleen's hand as Desiree lunged forward. Unfortunately, he tripped over a headstone and went sprawling backwards, pulling Colleen down with him. Tom landed on his rump and looked up in horror at Desiree flew towards them.

Suddenly, Desiree stopped as if she had hit a brick wall. Her feet actually began to smoke as she sprang backwards with a snarl.

"Holy ground!" hissed Desiree, her face beautifully hideous in its loathing.

Tom got to his feet as he watched Desiree begin to circle around him. He looked down and noticed that he and Colleen were inside the small family plot that he and Gretta had found earlier.

"W...Why did...y...you do...that?" asked Colleen, who was starting to shiver again. "We...We...cccccould...have...t...taken her."

"No, we couldn't," replied Tom, turning around as Desiree finished circling the small cemetery.

"Smart boy," cooed Desiree. "Why don't you come out and play?" Tom felt her mind trying to compel him again. "Come, O'Malley. Come to me."

"No," said Tom firmly, putting his hand on Colleen's shoulder as she started to rise. He grabbed his dick and shook it a Desiree. "Why don't you come here and let me fuck you up the ass!"

"You men always seem to think only with those things," stated Desiree in disgust. "Your kind is not fit to walk the earth. There is only one man fated to have me and I killed off his line centuries ago."

"Centuries?" asked Colleen in shock.

"Enough of this," snarled Desiree. "Run while you still have the chance."

With that, she turned around and leaped. Tom's mouth dropped open as Desiree literally jumped over the well and backyard to land lightly beside the shed.

"W...What is she?" asked Colleen with fear in her voice as Desiree banged on the door and called out for Reynolds.

"A vampire," replied Tom, helping Colleen to her feet. "This cemetery must be blessed. She can't get to us in here, but Reynolds can. He's...human."

"Let's run for it," said Colleen.

"We'd never make it to the cars," replied Tom.

"Does Reynolds have a gun?"

"No, but he does have a knife."

Colleen started to look around on the ground. "Find yourself a club, unless you want to face him bare-handed."

Tom found a branch about three feet long. He hefted it as Desiree and Reynolds walked back towards them.

"Alright, you two...drop those sticks and back to the well," ordered Reynolds arrogantly, whirling his butterfly knife open and close.

"Come and make us," sneered Tom. He muttered to Colleen, "Don't worry about Covington. She can't get to us unless we step outside this cemetery. Concentrate on Reynolds."


Reynolds stepped forward, confident in his ability to handle two naked people. He feinted at Colleen and tried to get close to Tom, who he saw as the larger threat. Colleen jabbed Reynolds in the side with her club, knocking him off balance. Tom swung at Reynolds' head, but Reynolds danced back out of the way. He began circling around, certain that one of the two would have to keep and eye on Covington.

Both Tom and Colleen turned to face Reynolds as he circled around. Tom was certain that Desiree could not get to them, but the uncertainty was apparent in Colleen's eyes. Reynolds was opposite Desiree with both Tom and Colleen facing him. He tried to signal for Desiree to make a move towards them to give him the distraction he needed. Reynolds looked over at her questioningly when she did nothing.

"Geez, lady, can't you do anything?" snapped Reynolds as he circled back around to where Desiree was standing.

"I have a meeting tonight that worth a lot of money," said Desiree. "Going there after a fight would be detrimental. This is what I hired you for."

"I'm not getting paid to get my head bashed in," stated Reynolds.

"You can't take them, then?" asked Desiree.

"Oh, I can, but it's gonna cost you extra."

"How about if I take your hard, throbbing cock in my hot mouth and suck until you can't come anymore," breathed Desiree in a tone that had even Tom's prick twitching. "I even swallow."

"Reynolds, no!" exclaimed Tom. "She'll kill you!"

"Yea, right," scoffed Reynolds to Tom. He turned back towards Desiree. "Blowjob first, then I'll take care of these two."

A flicker of anger and sadistic delight crossed Desiree's face before she said, "As long as you don't mind an audience..."

"I don't mind," said Reynolds. "I just don't want to take these two on and have you renege on the deal later."

"Trust me...that wouldn't happen, but if you insist," cooed Desiree.

Desiree moved Reynolds back several feet from the cemetery. She angled him around so that he could watch Tom and Colleen, but so that they still had a clear view of what she was doing. Walking around behind Reynolds, she mashed her huge breasts against his back, while her hands roamed over his chest. One hand crept down to rub his hard cock through his jeans.

Coming back around in front of him, Desiree twitched her gown away from her knees and knelt down in front of him. She slowly unzipped his pants and reached up to undo his belt.

"No, just take it out," said Reynolds, breathing heavily. "They might try something."

"No, they won't," said Desiree as she undid his belt and pulled his jeans down to his knees.

Reynolds' cock jutted out straight at Desiree's face. With oh's and ah's, Desiree reached up with one hand to stroke the thick, hard prick. Reynolds' breath came out in a long exhalation of rapture as Desiree's small, pink tongue slowly, almost hesitantly, came out to lick over the crown of his cock. Her lips followed her tongue and Reynolds inhaled sharply as his cock sank past her full, lush, red lips into her hot, wet mouth. He started to shake as his cock continued to go into her mouth until the tip was lodged in Desiree's throat and her nose pressed up against his stomach.

"Reynolds!" yelled Colleen.

"He can't hear you," said Tom, unable to tear his eyes away from what he knew was coming. Despite his knowledge of the horror to come, his cock had hardened up to its full length and was throbbing painfully. "Stay in the cemetery no matter what happens, okay?"

Colleen nodded. Desiree's head backed off until just the head of Reynolds' cock was in her mouth. With excruciating slowness, she swallowed the entire length back into her mouth and down her throat. Rocking back and forth on her knees, she deep-throated his again and again.

"Oh, God!" cursed Reynolds in ecstasy. "This is fucking fantastic! You could sell that mouth for a fortune!"

Desiree hummed in approval at his words, which sent Reynolds to a whole different level of pleasure. His whole body was shaking and his knees were bent. If Desiree had not placed her hands on his knees to hold him up, Reynolds surely would have collapsed onto the ground.

Desiree's rocking picked up speed and her cheeks billowed inward with the vacuum action of her mouth. Reynolds' breath was coming in and out in huge gasps and he had both of his hands on her head as if to urge her on.

"Let's make a break for it," hissed Colleen.

"We wouldn't get ten feet away," said Tom. "Brace yourself. It's almost over."

Reynolds shook violently and yelled out his ecstatic release to the sky. Desiree held him so that only half of his cock was in her mouth. Tom could see her cheeks billowing in and out as Reynolds shot his thick, hot cum into her mouth. He also heard her swallowing down wad after wad of the gooey jizz.

"Oh, my God!" gasped Colleen as Reynolds continued to cum and shot his sperm into Desiree's waiting mouth. "What's happening to him?"

Reynolds skin was collapsing in onto his skeleton as Desiree sucked and swallowed his fluid and life-force from him. Tom felt Colleen shiver in fear and swallow hard to keep her bile down. He put and arm around her ice-cold shoulders to steady her.

"Ahhhhhh!" sighed Desiree as she pulled her mouth away from the shriveled, dried-up penis and swallowed the last bit of semen she had extracted from Reynolds. With a contemptuous push, she flung his desiccated corpse across the lawn. She looked over at Tom and said, "I see that turned you on. Why don't you come on over here?"

"Why don't you just come over here and let me shove it up your ass!" snarled Tom.

"I've told you before that you are not the one to have me," said Desiree.

"I might be if you came over here," taunted Tom.

"Nonsense, I eradicated that line," replied Desiree indifferently.

"Which line?" asked Tom. "Emilio Parta...my whatever-great grandfather?"

Tom and Colleen were not ready for the effect his words would have on Desiree. She leaped up and rushed forward almost instantaneously to the edge of the cemetery. Her face was almost fearful as her glowing green eyes searched for something in Tom's face.

"You're going to be late for your meeting," said Colleen.

Desiree backed away angrily and hissed, "Yes, and I can't miss it, but what am I going to do with you?"

"Well, you can't get at us," stated Tom.

"Nonsense," replied Desiree. She reached down and picked up a fist-sized rock. With a seemingly negligent throw, she put it through both sides of the shed. "I could kill you both easily where you stand, but I think I need to know more about you." She then smiled wickedly. "I think I'll just disappear. The question you have to ask yourself is...have I gone or am I just waiting for you to step outside your haven?"

Desiree really did disappear in a swirl of mist. Tom looked around, but could not see any sign of her. Her paced around the small cemetery as a cool night mist settled upon them.

"T...T...Tom, I'm...m...m...rrrreally cccold," stammered Colleen.

Tom went over to where she was sitting on a headstone and started to put his arms around her. He stopped when he realized that they were both naked. He could see Colleen shivering. Angling his prick away from her, He wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him.

"Whoa! You're ice-cold!" exclaimed Tom. "How long were you in that well?"

"A dddday...or...s...s...so," said Colleen with her teeth chattering.

"We can't stay here," said Tom. You'll catch your death of cold. Let's make a break for the cars."

"I...I'm ssso cccold...I cccan...har...hardly mmmove," stated Colleen.

Tom grasped his wallet and keys in one hand. He bent down, catching Colleen under her knees and behind her shoulders. She turned slightly and hugged him around the neck, pressing up close to his warm chest.

"Ready?" asked Tom to which she nodded.

Tom turned and ran out to the road. He ignored the painful rocks that jammed up into the soles of his feet. To his relief, no one came after them. Running down the road, he turned down the dirt road and stopped beside his car. Setting Colleen down on her feet, he unlocked the doors and then helped her into the back seat.

Tom opened the trunk and yanked out a blanket he kept back there for emergencies. He winched at his stupidity when he slammed the trunk closed. Getting into the driver's seat, he tossed the blanket back to Colleen and started the car. Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Tom backed up onto the main road and drove away as fast as he dared.

"W...Where are wwwe gggoing?" stuttered a shivering Colleen.

"I'd go to Dr. Maleski's, but I don't know if he is there," said Tom. "I wouldn't trust going to my place or your place, either."

"H...H...Head sssouth on...Y...Y...York Road," stated Colleen. "I kn...know a ppplace."

Tom drove south and followed Colleen's instructions through a series of side streets. He pulled up in front of a large gate with a push-button entry system.

"Another cemetery?" asked Tom.

"Th...Th...Thought it mmmight...b...b...be sssafe," stammered Colleen. "PPPush 1-3-4-8-2."

Tom punched the buttons and the gate opened. He drove in and watched the gate close behind him in the rearview mirror. He drove around the circular road until he found an older section, which had a number of trees and bushes. He back up his car off the road so that it was concealed.

"How are you doing back there?" he asked.

"I'm ssstill f...f...freezing," replied Colleen.

"I have the heat up as far as it will go," stated Tom in concern for her health.

"C...C...Can you jjjoin...m...m...me?" Tom hesitated at that request. "PPPlease?"

Tom got out of the front of the car and opened the back door. Colleen held the blanket up so that he had no choice, but to get underneath it with her. Colleen immediately snuggled her icy body up against his.

"Ohhh, you...you're nnnice and wwwarm," she said in pleasure at the heat radiating off Tom.

Tom draped and arm over her back and began to gently rub up and down. He brought his other arm over to her cold one to maximize the heat he could give her. Between the car's heater and his own body heat, Tom could feel Colleen warm up and her shivering begin to subside.

"Tom?" asked Colleen after she had warmed up. He looked down at her. "Thank you," and she leaned up to kiss him.

Colleen's soft lips gently touched Tom's in a sweet, tender way. Her arm rose to encircle his neck as the kiss went on and Tom pulled her closer. Her lips parted and her tongue grazed over his lips. Tom returned the favor with equal gentleness. Colleen shifted around so that she was now pressing up against him instead of sitting side by side.

Tom could feel her soft breasts pressing against his chest. Their kissing became more passionate and he could feel his cock swell until it was rock-hard. Colleen wrapped her other arm around his neck and brought the other one down to caress his chest and arm.

Suddenly, Tom stiffened. His head snapped back, breaking off the kiss as his hand quickly grabbed Colleen's wrist. Her hand had started to move down past his navel.

"What's wrong?" asked Colleen, a little breathlessly.

"Nothing," replied Tom, not able to look her in the eye. "I...um...uh...I..."

"You have a girlfriend?" suggested Colleen with a slight smile.

"No," replied Tom, looking down in embarrassment.


"Not that either," stated Tom. "It's just that...Well, I've got...uh..."

Colleen chuckled. "We've been running around naked together most of the night. I know what you've got."

"Yea, but..."

"Tom, I'm not looking for a life-long commitment. I just need some...tenderness, care, and normalcy after what I saw tonight."

"I can understand that," said Tom. "It's just that...I've never been with a woman before."

"Don't worry," smiled Colleen. "I've done this before."

She leaned back in and passionately kissed Tom. Colleen could feel Tom try to relax and go with the flow. She smiled inwardly as she felt his hand come up hesitantly to touch her breast. She moaned as his fingers gently brushed over the soft swell and graze over her nipple, which hardened at the erotic touch. His hand continued over to her other breast with the same light touch.

"That's nice," breathed Colleen into his ear, glad that he was not a grabber.

Colleen brought her hand down and wrapped her fingers around Tom's huge cock. Tom immediately inhaled sharply and tensed up, but did nothing to stop her.

"Oh, my!" thought Colleen in surprise. Tom was definitely bigger than what she had thought she had seen. "No wonder he's super-shy around us girls. It must have been hell for him in school. He's so tense he'll blow before the second stroke. Shit! It'll just be like my second boyfriend. He popped just at the sight of my tits, leaving me high and dry..." Colleen mentally shook herself. "Stop that! It's not the same and so what if he does. He saved my ass tonight."

Colleen's musing took less than a second. She carefully unwrapped her fingers from around Tom's prick and moved her hand away. Tom let out his breath in a long sigh and his whole body seemed to sink down in rejection. Colleen figured that she had guessed right about the school girls going out with him just to see the size of his prick and not doing anything. She knew that the girls would tell all of their friends to make a big joke of it.

"What are you doing?" asked Tom as Colleen sat up and scooted around to throw a leg over his hips.

"Time for the big event," cooed Colleen with a smile.

She hunched upwards to rise above his hips. Her breasts gently smacked Tom in the face as she positioned herself. His cock, which had started to wilt, hardened back up to its full eleven inch length. Colleen reached down between them and tightly grasped his cock between her thumb and forefinger. Tom winched a little at the pain, but his libido kicked down a couple of notches.

Colleen squatted right above his prick and shifted a little so she was in the right position. Tom looked down and saw her hand holding his cock upward so that it was pointing right at her pussy. Colleen had a very small triangle of dark auburn pubic hair and no hair at all around her slit. Her labia were engorged and glistening wetly. Tom gasped as her hand started to slide down his shaft as her hips lowered.

Tom began to shake as the tip of his throbbing cock touched Colleen's wet pussy. Colleen tightened her hand around his shaft, which caused Tom to grunt in pain and for his shaking to stop. His dick was leaking a copious amount of pre-cum and Colleen rubbed the head back and forth over her slit. With a hiss, she lowered herself onto his thick penis. Tom watched as her cunt stretched out wide to accommodate his girth and stared as four inches sank into her hot, tight hole. He started to shake again as his balls tightened up.

Colleen had to released his shaft and put both hands behind Tom's neck to support herself. She had been squeezing him hard to keep him from coming too soon, but now she needed the extra support to keep from falling over. Colleen had never seen such a large cock before and she was uncertain if she could take it all in. Tom was not only longer, but thicker than average. Her cunt was stretched out wider than it had ever been before. She could feel him shake for his pent-up sexual tension.

"Oh, Geez!" gasped Colleen.

Tom's trembling had transmitted up through his cock. With her pussy being stretched open, the trembling was hitting a sensitive G-spot inside her vagina. Colleen fritted her teeth as a small, but powerful orgasm coursed through her body. Gasping after it had run its course, Colleen opened her eyes to look at Tom. He was mesmerized by the sight of his cock stuffed into her tight hole.

Colleen smiled to herself and slowly raised up until just the head of his hard prick was inside her. She then lowered herself back down, taking an additional inch of his shaft inside her. She raised up again and just as she was lowering back down, Tom gasped loudly and shook all over as his muscles tightened up.

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