Father and Son


"You look like you're in pain?" Do you have indigestion or something?" Dad asked me.

"No," I said. "I've never been better."

"Actually, I was in some discomfort, and my father would soon find out why.

"What's all this?" Dad said as we went to his bedroom, where I had dumped the bag of stuff I had bought.

"Well, you know what this is," I said, holding up the large bottle of lube that I bought.

Dad chuckled when he held up the device I had bought for him, the Iron Man 3000, which according to the package would make you as hard as the name implied.

"Why did you waste your money on this?" he asked. "These things don't work."

"If it doesn't, no harm done. Think of it as a Father's Day gift."

"What's this?" Dad said, a puzzled look on his face as he held up the empty plastic sleeve that held what it claimed was an 8" dong.

I dropped my pajamas and turned around while bending over.

"Good grief," I heard Dad exclaim. "How long have you been walking around with that inside of you?"

"A while," I admitted.


"Wanted to get ready for you," I said, and when he started to protest I cut him off.

"Please Dad," I said. "It's just tonight - our last night. Please don't say no. You want it, and you deserve it. We both deserve it."

"But what if this thing doesn't..."

"It will," I assured him, reaching over and unsnapping his pajamas and grabbing his dangling cock before they hit the floor. "You're going to get hard. Really hard like you did when you were my age, and then you're going to put that incredible cock of yours into my ass, and you're going to take me just like I took you."


For once in my life, I made the right decision when I bought something. I had almost opted to get a cheaper model of vacuum pump, but I was afraid that the size of the plastic vessel on the cheaper ones wouldn't be big enough. For me it would have been fine but for Dad?

Now, after lubricating my father's cock and stuffing it into the chamber, I was confident even though Dad was nervous and much less confident than me.

"Here goes," I said while making the seal as tight as I could before pumping the trigger on the handle.

"Ooh!" Dad exclaimed when he felt the suction around his cock, and although I didn't see much change after a minute or so, I remained confident.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" I asked. "Why don't you work that thing around inside of me. It's slipping out a little.

I swiveled a little, allowing my father to reach the dildo was was still in my ass, and as he grabbed it, he pulled it out before sliding it back into my lubricated opening.

"Good grief! This thing is enormous!" Dad exclaimed before slowly sliding it all the way back in, and when he saw I could take it with a minimum of strain, he seemed to enjoy sliding it in and out of me.

"That's nice, Dad," I said. "And in a couple of minutes, you're going to take it's place. It's working."

"I know," Dad said, his voice cracking either through emotion of strain. "I can feel it."

I kept squeezing the trigger just like the directions said, and kept watching as my father's cock kept getting bigger and bigger, until it nearly filled the over-sized vessel to capacity."

"Look, daddy!" I almost shouted. "Look at your cock!"

He looked down at the swollen member that looked distorted against the plastic and laughed as he pulled the dildo out of my ass.

"Don't hold back, Daddy," I implored him as I let go of the valve and released the vacuum before pulling his fully engorged manhood from the device and scrambled onto all fours. "I want it all."


Dad was bigger than the dong that had been conditioning my anus all this time, but even though he was rock hard, his flesh was more gentle than the hard plastic had been. My anus felt like it was still wide open as Dad moved into next to me.

That being said, when I felt the head of my father's cock begin to penetrate my anus, I experienced more pain than I was expecting. I bit into the pillow, determined to not let him know how excruciating this really was, and even managed to tell him I was okay when he asked.

Finally, I felt the ridge of his glans pop inside of me, and when that did he lurched a little forward, filling more of me with his cock, and as he did the pain changed. It still hurt, but I wanted more, and as I got used to it I began to urge him on.

"That's it!" I yelped. "Fuck me hard, Dad."

His left hand were on my hip and I think his right hand was wrapped around the base of his shaft as he began to thrust harder and deeper.

"Harder!" I cried, dizzy and delirious as I clawed at the bedding while my father really got into it. "I want all of you cock in me."

He didn't, of course, and probably didn't come close to fully impaling me, but what he gave me was plenty, and it was plenty good for both of us.

"So tight, so good," Dad said, and I don't know if he was crying or laughing as it said it, and when he told me he was cumming I was wishing it would never end.

Dad's sweaty body wrapped around mine, I felt his cock lurch inside of me, and then the warmth began to spread all over my insides as his cock twitched away deep in my rectum.

"Son?" Dad asked me as he remained hunched over me while I felt his long serpent-like penis begin to wind its way out of my bowels.

"I loved it," I said without hesitation. "I loved it and I love you."

"Thank you for your gifts," Dad said as we collapsed on the bedding. "Especially the greatest gift I could have ever asked for."


Another Friday night, but a couple of moths in the future, and I was looking forward to a fun-filled night with what I hoped would include a lot of sex.

"You and Andrew really seem to be hitting it off," my father said as he watched me prepare to visit my new boyfriend, a cute Asian-American guy in my Psych class at college. "Spending the night, you said?"

"Yes," I said. "What are your plans?"

"Uh - well," my father said just as the doorbell rang, and since I was right next to the door I swung it open.

"Mr. Peters?" I asked when I recognized the man at the door.

Mr. Peters was a gym teacher back in my old high school, but I was never in his classes and had no idea why he was here anyway.

"Ralph!" I heard mt Dad say as he opened the door wide to let the muscular man inside.

"Hello Steven," Mr. Peters said, clapping me on the shoulder a before giving my Dad a hug.

"Guess I'll get going," I said, my head spinning as I realized what was going on.

"See you tomorrow, Steven," Dad said as he ushered me out the door.

"Oh, and thanks again for that gift," Dad whispered in my ear.

"You mean you're going to use..."

"We already did," Dad confessed. "The other afternoon. It worked great - for both of us."


thank you for reading

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