tagIncest/TabooFather and Son Bonding Ch. 02

Father and Son Bonding Ch. 02


(as a reminder) “Oh God,” Steve moaned, as his son freed his erection and began stroking it with his very competent hand. All Steve could do was moan some more as Jake smiled up at him. When his son enveloped his cock with his sweet, wet mouth, Steve’s head fell back in ecstasy.

Jake knew by now his father’s reluctance was gone. No matter what Steve preferred, he was responding to his son’s erotic mouth. Jake had never given a blowjob before, had never wanted to. But he went with instinct and by his father’s reaction, Jake knew he was doing it right. Steve’s hips bucked towards his son’s mouth repeatedly until Jake could tell his father was about to cum in his mouth.

Jake had other plans for his father’s load however so he moved his mouth from around his father’s cock. Jake began to kiss and lick his father’s thighs, feeling them quiver under his loving touch.

“Jake . . .” Steve moaned in protest. “Please.”

A smile spread across Jake’s face as his father begged him for relief. Jake took his father’s shirt off. He moved his mouth on a path up his father’s chest, licking and sucking his nipples until he reached high up on his knees to kiss his father. Jake had no idea how his father would react to this invasion. Steve was so far gone in his state of arousal, however that he sucked his son’s tongue into his own mouth and kissed him passionately. Jake knew he had his father now.

Jake moved his hands to his father hard cock as father and son continued to kiss. The heat that came from Steve’s cock had Jake breaking away from the incestuous lip lock to moan. He then allowed his lips to travel to his father’s ear where he whispered, “Fuck me, Daddy.”

It was then Steve’s turn to moan.

Jake moved away from his father and helped him to lie down on the couch. Willingly, Steve lay on his back and Jake recalled this position. It was his father laying on this very couch and jacking off that got Jake turned on to him in the first place. Jake’s own cock got even harder at the memory. Steve watched his son undress and Jake saw his father lick his lips in anticipation.

Leaning towards his father’s cock again, Jake allowed his mouth to become even wetter in order to lubricate Steve’s pole. Though Jake didn’t know much about anal sex, he knew lubrication was a must. Not knowing if his saliva would do but getting too aroused to care, Jake faced his father and straddled him, lowering his hot hole onto his father’s waiting cock.

Jake lowered himself very slowly, wanting to slam himself down but knowing it would rip him apart. His father lay very still, yet Jake could feel the quivering in Steve’s body, which was no doubt burning with eagerness.

As the first inch of his father’s cock entered Jake’s anus, Steve sighed but Jake became even more excited. He lowered himself even more. It hurt like hell but it felt so good too. By the time his father’s entire shaft was inside him, Jake was sweating from the strain, aching from the pain, but moaning from the pleasure. He could feel his father’s balls underneath his ass and it drove him wild. Jake stroked his cock and moved it along his father’s chest, loving the sensations his body was feeling.

Steve was moaning like crazy at the feeling of his son’s tight, hot hole squeezing his dick. He began jerking his hips up towards his son, worried he was hurting him but needing to relieve the enormous pressure in his groin somehow.

Jake had moved passed the pain, however. He began moving along with his father and encouraging him. “Yeah, fuck me, Dad! Fuck your son hard! Yes! I love your big cock inside me, Dad . . . Fuck me, Dad, fuck your son!” Jake would lift himself almost completely off his father’s cock only to slam down again to their mutual enjoyment.

The great fuck and his son’s words had Steve cumming in no time. Jake followed soon behind, loving the feel of his father’s juices spewing deep inside of him. Both were smiling as Jake leaned down and rested his head on his father’s chest.

“This was so wrong,” Steve said, his breathing not quite even as his cock softened and fell out of his son’s ass. Despite his words, he moved his hands over his son’s back in a way that could not be mistaken as a fatherly touch.

Jake glanced up at his father, wondering how long it would be before he could fuck him. “But . . .?” Jake prompted, knowing by his father’s touch that he wasn’t regretting anything.

Steven leaned towards his son and kissed him long and hard. “But we have to do it all again as soon as possible.”

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