tagIncest/TabooFather and Son Incest

Father and Son Incest


I woke up one summer morning and it started out just like every other day. I got up around noon like any other teenager and realized I was home alone. This was the normal for me though. My parents were always busy with work. They seemed to hardly ever be home, but after 18 years of it, I had grown used to it.

I got out of bed and made breakfast for myself and watched some television. It was my typical routine. I was enjoying myself before I headed off to college.

Like any other male, I still had morning wood. I usually ignored it and tucked it between my waistband and stomach but today seemed different. I just woke up in a fantastic mood. I could feel how much it wanted to be played with. I looked at the time and saw it was only 12:30 and I knew my parents wouldn't be home until 6:00. I decided to make it a fun session.

I turned the tv off and put my phone on silent so no one could disturb me and ruin the mood. I then went upstairs and into my room. I closed the door and went into my closet and grabbed a DVD from my secret collection of porn. I walked over to my tv and put the movie in. It was a porn of a twink and someone that could be his father. I laid down on my bed and rubbed my crotch.

It wasn't long before I was moaning an sliding my clothes off. First my shirt flew off and onto the opposite side of the room. I then pulled my sweatpants down and kicked them off the end of my bed. Last but not least was my boxer briefs. I squeezed my shaft before stripping my underwear off too. I revealed my 8inch cut cock. I dropped those underwear to the floor. I felt so good laying on my bed naked.

The porn continued and I rubbed myself slowly at first so I could enjoy the session. I moaned a little bit too. This was all too much.

Due to it being summer, I didn't know what day it was because I never really cared when there wasn't school. I had failed to realize it was Saturday and my dad didn't have work that day. I wasn't thinking and now I was butt naked in my room masturbating. I turned up the volume a bit since I lived in the country and no one could hear it.

I wasn't really paying attention to any noises besides those coming from the porn and myself. I only heard the sound when it was too late.

"Son I borrowed your headphones when I went for my weekly jog," I heard my dad announce right outside my door. From past experiences, I knew he wouldn't knock. I scrambled for the remote and turned the tv off. I then panicked and grabbed a pillow as fast as I could. I covered the most important area to be covered. I was already blushing when the doorknob turned and my dad entered.

He stood in the doorway for a moment obviously shocked at what he was seeing. He was wearing a navy blue shirt and black shorts. He was holding my headphones and let his jaw drop as he saw me. He had dark black hair and a little bit of stubble on his face. His muscles were big from his morning workout I forgot about. He looked so hot.

"Son... What the hell is going on!?" He said with an angry tone. He tossed my headphones onto my desk and his face turned red. He obviously couldn't remember what it was like to be young and horny all the time. All I could manage was to blush and avoid eye contact.

"Well are you going to answer me?" He asked in a rude tone. I swallowed hard and looked down in shame before I answered.

"Nothing...," I squeaked out. I felt my boner start to go away from embarrassment. My dad stood there an took a step forward.

"I thought I raised you better than that!" He fumed. He then realized what was really going on. He caught a glimpse of the remote in my hand and put two and two together. He looked at the tv.

"Turn that on!" He demanded pointing to the tv.

"Do I have to?" I said quietly not wanting to expose what I was watching. My dad didn't know I was gay but he was about to find out.

"Do it!" My dad almost yelled. I swallowed hard and held the remote up and pointed it. I pressed down on the button and the porn came on the tv. The father figure was fucking his "son" when it came on. The volume was still turned up and their moans and claps filled my dad's eyes and ears. It was he'll. I had no clue what was about to happen.

My father was angry and his vein popped out of his forehead. I turned it down so the sexual noises didn't make it worse. It was on the lowest volume without being on mute when my dad said something again.

"Get up," he said simply. His face was red and I didn't know if he knew I was baked under the pillow. I reached down onto the floor for my underwear.

"Put those down and get up, Braden," he ordered me. I swung my legs over the side of my bed and stood up. I held my pillow around my semi erect dick. He walked by me and sat down on my bed. I had no clue what was going on.

"Put your pillow down," he said and I reluctantly put my pillow back onto my bed exposing myself to him. I was standing in front of my dad naked for the first time. My cock was still hard from the porn on my television but my dad didn't seem to care. He was too angry.

"Now bend over my knees," he said not even looking me in the eyes.

"W-what?" I said shocked.

"You heard me boy now bend over my knees!" He said impatiently. I got down on my knees and bent over his legs.

"If you're going to act like a child, I'm going to treat you like a child," he said and with that he slapped me across the ass open handed. A loud slap filled my ears. I drew in a quick breath from being unprepared and instinctively slid back off of his legs.

"Boy get on my legs! I'm not through with you!" He said angrily and I closed my eyes tight and didn't move. That's when he took things into his own hands literally.

He grabbed my the neck and pulled me back over his legs. This time though, he pulled me over further and reached under me and grabbed my penis. He placed my hard cock between his legs and held it there.

"Now you won't be able to slide off," he said to me. He then pulled back his open hand high into the air and waited a moment. The next moment he swung down very fast and slapped me across the ass again. This time it produced a louder smack. I drew in air through my teeth and held my eyes shut.

Another loud smack signaled that he spanked me again. It felt like fire. I could tell my cheeks were red. He pulled back and slapped one cheek and then the other with incredible force. It hurt so much but in a way, I kind of liked it. The punishment from my dad was pretty erotic. He spanked me more.

The next spank was sent a shock of numbness into my butt. It hurt so much I pushed my hips forward making my cock scrape my dad's legs. I then went back to the original position to receive the rest of my punishment.

The next slap was the hardest of them all. I could tell he put extra effort into this one as his hands connected to my bare ass. The sting shot through me and I gasped at the pain. I clenched my teeth shut and I couldn't take anymore. I fell off of his lap and into the fetal position on the ground in from of him still with a hard on.

I squinted my eyes to see him looking down on me with a slightly less red face. His hand was red so I knew my ass probably looked like a tomato. My hand went behind me to run it and it hurt to touch. I was hoping this punishment was over. My dad had other plans.

My dad looked over at my tv and saw the father shoot his load onto his son's face. It was horrible timing because when the son shot his load, my Dax's face was red again.

"Braden, get on your knees," he commanded. I did as he said and it hurt to get onto my knees. My ass was in so much pain I couldn't help but moan as I did my task. I looked up at him with sad eyes but I could tell he had no sympathy.

That's when things took an unexpected turn. My father opened his legs and pulled down his shorts to mod thigh revealing well filled briefs. It was clearly hard.

"Now since you're sitting here watching gay porn, I'm gonna make you find out what being a bottom boy is really like," he explained as he touched his head.

"Yes sir," I said half scared and half excited.

"And from now on you will call me daddy not sir," he added.

"Yes...daddy," I responded and he smiled.

"Now your mother hasn't been putting out lately so I've got a lot of cum built up in me. So you're going to help my empty it," my daddy explained to me as he lightly rubbed his cock through those tight briefs. I managed a nod.

"You understand. Good. Now give your daddy the best blowjob I've ever had," he ordered. And with that his dick was whipped out. It was long and thick. It had to be at least 10 inches long. And god was he thick. I don't know how I'd ever get it in my mouth.

I scooted closer and put my hands on his inner thighs. I then used my right hand to grab the base of his cock and point it at my face. I stared into his cut piece of meat. I opened my mouth and went in. First was his head. I had to be extra careful so my teeth didn't drag. I struggled with the first inch and my tongue slid all over his bulbous head. It tasted wonderful. I started to go deeper. I got two inches in before stopping again. I slid my tongue all over it and me more and more slide in. I had to breathe through my nose and remain calm as to not choke. It took a few minutes before my nose finally hit his pubes but it was worth it. I was licking and sucking every inch of it. It was so Lon that it went into my throat a bit. I was in heaven. My own father's penis was in my mouth!

I stopped sucking and licking and just let it sit there a moment. My daddy took this as an opportunity though. He slid out but then rammed right back in. I choked a bit at first From not being prepared but I became used to it. Soon enough he was face fucking me and hard at that. He grabbed my head and bounced up and down on his dick. I then readjusted my position to something mor comfortable. I got on my hands and knees to suck him. I popped my butt out too.

"Oh yeah, boy. Suck that cock!" He said fiercely.

My daddy then reached over my back and started to finger me. I knew then that he planned to fuck me with his monster. After a moment he put a second finger in. That's when the next unexpected move occurred.

His fingers went deep into my hole and he pulled up. His fingers hooked inside of me so he was holding me up by my asshole. I put my hands on the ground to keep balance. In one swift move, he swung me over onto my bed and laid there under me. His dick never left my mouth and now my hole hurt as well as my cheeks. I rested my body and he pushed my head away from his dick. Drool connected my mouth and his head and I looked up at him

"Hands and knees, Braden," he said as he stood up and stripped his shirt and dropped his shorts and underwear. I did as he said not from fear but from lust. I got on my hands and knees on my bed and popped my butt out and gave him a clear shot of my hole.

He then spit in my hole and worked it in making it all nice and lubed up. I prepared myself for maximum pain because I knew it was huge and I knew I was tight.

"No get ready to be fucked boy," my dad said sexually.

"Yes daddy," I replied seductively. I dropped my head and felt his head touch my skin. It was so intense.

He then began to push and he pushed hard. I didn't even think it was gonna fit. I was about to give up when the head slid in and he stopped. I felt how big it was an breathed heavily. He then resumed pushing. My daddy's throbbing cock was penetrating my tight ass!

It felt like I was being ripped open from the ass. The shaft was sliding it making squishing sounds from all the lube. It was so painful as he forced in the last few inches. He finally pressed against me and his balls pressed between our skin. I was moaning and breathing hard trying to get used to his huge cock.

"Oh you're so tight son," he moaned into my ear.

"I think you've just got a really big member daddy," I moaned back. He moaned at this and squeezed my red cheeks.

His dick was filling every last space inside my hole and was stretching me beyond my limits but I didn't care. I just loved the pleasure he was giving me. Then, his massive penis began sliding out and just before he exited me, he slammed right back in. I gasped at the reentrance. He did a few more times before picking up a rhythm. He was going hard now. He pulled in an out and I could feel his shaft's skin rubbing against my asshole. The sound of clapping filled my room and I felt his balls swinging and slapping my skin too.

I was really having sex with my dad! I had only fantasized about this moment before. I felt him fucking me hard as my moans grew louder. The very cock that I was in a little over 18 Years ago was penetrating my anus. I felt so alive and I gained confidence.

"Oh daddy! Daddy! Fuck me harder! You're so big!" I yelled out. I heard him let out a hot breath of pleasure. He picked up the pace and went faster and wilder. I didn't know he could move so fast.

"Oh son... Son I'm gonna... I'm gonna cum!" He said right before he hit his orgasm. I felt him shoot ropes and ropes of hot liquid goo up into my ass. It was so warm and slimy. It felt amazing. He squeezed the rest out and I clenched my hole so I could milk any leftover juice out of him as he pulled out. I got the full load in me. I flipped onto my back and looked at him.

He was breathing hard and his cock was softening but was still pretty big. It was covered in his own man cream. I smiled and he noticed my boner. He reached over and jerked me off. I shot my load all over my chest and stomach.

"We'll I hope you learned your lesson," my father said as he grabbed his clothes.

"Yes daddy I did," I told him.

"Now get up and go take a shower before your mother gets home," he said and left my room.

I stood up and put my clothes in the dirty laundry basket and got some new ones. I then forgot about what I was filled with and relaxed. As soon as I did, my dad's cream spilled out of me. He wasn't kidding when he said he said he had a lot of cum. It slid down my legs and I hurried to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

My father and I were on our way to a much more intimate relationship.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/11/17

Next Episode

I loved the story. I wud've liked it more if the father sucked the son's cock and taken the cum in his mouth.

Where can I read the next episode? Hope its even more exciting.

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by Anonymous08/17/17


the many times i was on my knees blowing my dad just thinking about it gives me a hardon mom would never let him cum in her mouth i loved bobbing my head up and down his grunting spurred me on even moremore...

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by kinkygay8711/23/16


Fantastic story, you really know how to turn a guy on. I'm loving all of your stuff. X

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