tagIncest/TabooFather Daughter Bonding

Father Daughter Bonding


My dad has been working extra long hours since my mom left almost a year ago. I felt bad. He came home after a long day, barely ate, and goes straight to bed. I haven't seen him go on any dates or go out for beers with the guys anymore. I keep telling him that he needs some fun in his life. I just didn't know at the time that he would take that so seriously...

I'm upstairs in my room right now trying to decide between going to the beach with my friends or just going outside to lay out by the pool.

Since my break from college started, I've been trying to enjoy as much as possible. I finally decide to just lay out at home. I don't even worry about putting a bathing suit on.

We live in a secluded area, my dad is of course at work, and who really needs the hideous tan lines? After pulling my hair up in a quick bun, I look in the mirror, and nod approvingly.

About 30 minutes into me first going outside, I'm starting to drift into a nice sleep when I get the feeling that someone is watching me. I jump up real quick, forgetting I'm naked, and see that my dad is standing in the doorway to the patio.

"Oh, daddy! You scared me!" I screamed, throwing a towel at him. He laughed.

"Sorry dear...but hey you might want to take this back to cover up," he said, tossing the towel back at me. I looked down at the naked self, turning red with embarrassment.

"Aren't you supposed to be at work?" I asked, trying to sound annoyed that he was home. In reality, I was happy to have him home.

"I asked the boss for a short day today so I could spend it with my little girl." He flashed me a quick smile. But this smile was much different from his normal smile. This smile was more...predator like. It gave me a warm feeling deep in my gut.

He looked at me like he wanted to eat me alive...sexually. I tried to dismiss any thought of that, thinking I must just be crazy. He is my father after all. Throughout all this thinking, I didn't even realize that he was now standing before me naked, not even bothering to hide his growing erection.

"Daddy! Put clothes on! I don't want to see that!" I tried to look and sound disgusted but I knew it sounded fake.

"So you can be naked, but I can't?" He asked, laughing. I'm at a loss for words. All I can do is shrug my shoulders and lay back down to try to ignore him, thinking he will just go for a swim.

Instead, I feel him straddle my bare ass, and before I can react, he's rubbing more tanning lotion on me. In a way, I'm okay with it because I know I needed some more, but also I could feel his raging hard on grinding into my ass.

After he finishes my back, he gets up and I take this moment to peek at his cock behind my sunglasses. It's pretty big. I'd say 7 or 8 inches and thick. Hell, why did mom leave him? I know they had a great sex life. I could always hear it. It always sounded so wild with all the screams and moans.

I remember walking past their bedroom one night headed to the bathroom, and they didn't close the door the whole way. I couldn't help but sneak a peek.

I saw my mom on all fours, hands tied to the headboard of their bed, each leg separately tied to the footboard, and my dad...oh the things he was doing..I remember standing there for a few minutes, my fingers traveling to the inside of the wet panties.

Before I knew it, my dad was grunting and they were done. I hurried back to my bedroom with the activities playing back in my head to help me finish myself off.

"Dear, are you okay?" I snap back to realize that my dad is standing over my naked body, a leg on each side of the lounge, raging hard cock dangling above me.

"Oh sorry, what did you say?" He laughs. I've always loved hearing him laugh. I love when he's happy.

"Can you roll over on your back so I can lotion the front of you? Don't want you getting burnt." I don't even hesitate. I swing on to my back and trying to stare at anything but his dick right above me.

I close my eyes as his hands start to glide over my abs. I start to get lost in the sensation and start fantasizing about him giving me the full rub down...oh my god! He is! I jump up at the feeling of his hands working lotion into my breasts.

"Daddy! I can do that!" He doesn't bother to move or pull hs hands away. Instead he gets that look again, the look of want...need..desire.

"I love when you call me daddy.." and before I can even respond, his body is on top of mine and his tongue is ravishing my mouth. I try for a couple seconds to push away but give it up when I realize he's not budging. Instead, I lose all control and return the kiss.

His hands start to slide down the sides of my body, and he lifts my one leg while grazing his fingers against my throbbing pussy lips.

"Well there's no denying you want this," he says smiling as his fingers part my pussy and expose the soaking wet hole. Before I can respond, he plunges two fingers into me, as deep as they can go. I cry out, writhing at the sensation. His fingers make me feel full.

I can feel the build up. He must notice I'm about to burst because he pulls his fingers out and licks them clean.

"Oh no, not yet princess."

Before I know it, I'm straddling his body as he carries me to bedroom. I can feel his hard cock smacking my cunt with each step he takes. It takes everything in my power to not reach down and stick it in.

Finally, he kicks open the door and lays me down on his bed, his body following mine. I work up all the strength I have to flip our bodies for me to be on top of him. I start kissing every inch of him.

Starting from his lips down to his pelvis, stroking his pulsing hard on every step of the way, I look up at him and meet his eyes. He gives me a quick smile. I return it with a more devilish grin, lick my lips, and take his every inch into my mouth.

I hear him let out a groan and an "oh fuckkkk" as I pump my mouth and hands up and down, twisting my hands in a nice steady rhythm. I can feel him getting harder every single second that passes. He starts bucking his hips to match the speed of my hands. Just as I feel like he's going to cum, I stop. He sighs, actually almost whimpers.

"Baby girl, don't stop!" I smile up at him.

"Oh no not yet daddy. I got other plans for you." He looks down at me with anticipation. I walk out of the bedroom, telling him I'll be back in five minutes. I see him stroking his length as I leave the room.

I really didn't have any plan. I wasn't going to get anything. I stood outside his bedroom for a few minutes just out of torture. I loved the idea of him desperately needing a release. You tease me, I tease you harder. I laugh evilly to myself.

Finally, I decide it's been long enough. I walk back into his bedroom, but he's nowhere in sight. Just as I'm about to call out of him, he grabs me from behind, covers my mouth and pushes me to his bed.

My knees hit the side of the mattress and I fall on top of it. He still has me covered from behind when he plunges into me. I try to scream out but his hand is over my mouth. He pulls mostly out, just the head is in. He stays like that for what feels like an eternity.

I try to bring myself up to meet him but he has me pinned down. My body is shaking in pure lust. It needs him. I need to feel every inch. And then suddenly, he slams deep into me. He continues this a few more times until he's really pounding me. I feel him pull out, just leaving the head again.

"Ughhh not this again..." I think to myself. But then I feel a new sensation, something I've definitely never felt before. His tongue is probing my ass. He's teasing my tight little hole with the tip of his tongue as he shoves a finger in. I groan in pleasure. I never had anything in my ass because I always thought it'd hurt. Boy was I wrong.

He withdraws his finger, spreads my cheeks and tongue fucks my ass. My fists are clenched and this may just make me cum. I'm going through so much pleasure that I almost don't notice two fingers pumping in and out of my pussy as he continues his anal pleasure.

I can feel my body start to tense up, and he must've too because sure enough, he withdrew his fingers and tongue. Just as I'm about to whine about it, his thick member slides balls deep into my ass. This time, I cry out in pain. But the pain only lasts a few thrusts, then it's pure pleasure.

Once he notices that I'm okay and it feels great, he starts to slam into my tight ass as hard, fast, and deep as he can go. I've never moaned so loud in my life.

I'm gripping at him, his sheets, pillows, anything I can find. I start to grope my tits and pull and twist on my already erect nipples. He pulls out of my ass suddenly and plunges back into my pussy. He pumps a few times back and forth on each hole. Keeping himself inside of me, he rolls onto his back, me on top of him.

As I slam my ass down onto his full length, I finger my dripping wet pussy. I pick up a nice pace of pumping my fingers in and out and swirling them around. My juices start to drip down my hand and into my ass crack.

I reach back and shove my fingers in daddy's mouth. He sucks roughly, savoring every drop. I pull myself up just long enough to turn my body so I'm facing him. I lower myself back onto him and moan as his thick dick stretches my pussy.

I lean down so he has full access to my tits. His hips thrust forward in a frenzy, fucking my swollen self like it's the last time he would ever be able to fuck. I cry out as his teeth clamp down on my left nipple and his fingers tug and pull on my right.

He reaches down with both hands, lifts me off of him, and slides me up to his face. All I can see when I look down is his forehead. I feel his tongue enter my already soaked hole and swirl around in circles.

Reaching back, I grip his firm cock, and stroke as fast as I can. The room is filled with the smell of sex and the sounds of moans and the slurping of pussy juice. His tongue starts to dance around my swollen clit. I tighten my grip on his cock and really start to twist and pump.

We both let out a couple final grunts before my body convulses and sprays cum all over his face and I feel the warm liquid from his cock drip down my hand.

I pick my shaky body up off of his face and lay down next to him. Looking down at my cum covered hand, I lick it clean, maintaining eye contact with him. I see his cock start to twitch with excitement.

"Daddy, that was perfect." I kiss his mouth and lick his lips.

"And my pussy does taste amazing." I wink at him.

"Hell yeah it does baby girl. Haven't had a good meal like that in a long time." He looks over at me and smiles. Next thing I know, he has me in a deep, tender kiss. I feel his cock flick against my leg, growing in want.

"I think he's ready for round 2," I say with a evil grin. Daddy reaches down and slams two fingers into my pussy, feeling how wet I am getting again.

"I think you are too baby." And at those words, he slides down my body, shoves his fingers deep inside and sucks and nibbles on my bud, and I got lost in sensation again...

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