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Father Fucks Best


And then my mother died.

We knew it was coming; she had been diagnosed with cancer a year ago. All the chemotherapy and radiation had taken a tremendous toll on her. I knew she and my father had not had intimate relations for many months.

The funeral was terrible--even worse than the other two funerals I had attended in the past few years--the one for my first lover, David, and the one for my friend Jessica's husband. Even though we anticipated my mother's death, it was still such a shock. My father fell apart.

Even my older brother, Michael, a psychologist, couldn't console my father. I knew Dad needed something to look forward to rather than dwelling on the past.

Mom said to Dad just before she died, "James, I want you to find another wife--soon. Do it for me. You need a woman to take care of and to take care of you." She said to me, "Sarah, I want you to take care of your father until he finds a new wife, and help him find the right one." She again addressed Dad, "James, one last request. I don't want you to marry unless Sarah approves your choice. She has good judgment--like me." He nodded, and then Mom passed away.

My father is very good looking for a man in his early fifties. He has only a bit of gray hair here and there, and he works out regularly and plays quite a bit of golf and tennis. Dad owns his own business, a large insurance agency with about a dozen employees. He makes his own hours and spent a lot of time with Mom from the diagnosis to the end. He looks quite distinguished in his dark suits, white button-down shirts, and conservative ties.

I have always suspected that Dad could have just about any woman he wanted, even ones my own age. I saw how the girls looked at him--like I looked at a few certain older men whom I found extremely attractive and sexy. Occasionally, I think about finding an older man to spoil and pamper me.

Most of my girlfriends flirted like crazy with my dad. He just ignored them, thinking it was just innocent playing. My best friend, Jenny, once 'accidentally' neglected to fasten her top when we were sunbathing on the back deck at my house. Dad got a very good look at her voluptuous melons. I couldn't help but laugh when he said so seriously, "Jenny, you are going to get a serious burn if you don't cover up." Then he turned and walked away.

Jenny got quite upset that my father ignored her. About a week after she flashed my father her tits, she and I cooked dinner at my house. My mother had gone to her ill sister's house for a couple days to help out. Dad walked into the kitchen as we tossed the salad. Jenny lifted up her skirt. She had gone commando that particular day. "Hey, Sarah's dad, what do you think?" Jenny cooed. "About my new tattoos?" She had a little heart tattoo high on the inside of each thigh. "Would you like to kiss my tattoos?"

My father replied, "I think you need a chastity belt, young lady. I don't think I'll be joining you two for dinner. My appetite has been ruined." He turned around, walked out of the kitchen, and out of the house for the evening.

Jenny sizzled and then asked me, "Sarah, what in the hell is wrong with your father? Is he gay?"

"No, he's not gay, Jenny, and I want you to stop trying to seduce him. Do I do that to your father? Flash my tits and pussy?"

"Sarah, my father is bald, fat, and stupid. Your father looks like a taller version of Michael Douglass, but cuter. So . . . I want to fuck him. What can I say?"

"Jenny, I insist that you to behave around my father!"

"Why? You want him, don't you, Sarah? You want to fuck your father. You always were Daddy's little girl."

"Jenny, you know I don't like that four letter word you have been using. The thought of me and my father like that has never crossed my mind, and I never want you to bring up this subject again--or you and I are history." Jenny never mentioned it again and did behave herself around my father from then on.

My father and I began to spend a lot of time together after Mom's death. We always did but even more now. He took more time off work. I took Dad to the old amusement park where I met my first love, David. Dad knew that David, a new friend of mine, had died, and that I went to the funeral. Now I told Dad the rest of the story. How David and I became lovers, and I lost my virginity. I cried, and I could tell he wanted to.

"Sarah, until this very moment I thought your first sexual experience was with that cop who went to prison for raping you. I'm so glad to hear that wasn't the case. David was such a blessing for you--to show you how it can be. How it should be. How it was with me and your mother."

"Yes, Dad, a blessing. We all need someone to love. You need a woman to love, Dad. That's what Mom said before she died, as I'm sure you remember. She said she wants you to marry again. Soon. And she said she wants me to help you find a wife, and for me to take care of you until then. Remember?"

"Of course I remember, Sarah."

"Well, Dad, what are you going to do about it? Nothing, if I know you. You need a date!"

"Sarah, I never cheated on your mother. The thought never crossed my mind. I haven't 'dated' for more than twenty-five years. I wouldn't know where to start."

"You know I'll help you, Dad."

He laughed. "Wonderful! Now Daddy's little girl is going to fix him up."

"I'm Daddy's big girl now."

"Yes, that you are, Sarah. A stunning, beautiful young woman. Lovely long red hair and blue eyes like your mother. And so smart too. I'm extremely proud of you, Sarah."

"I love you, Dad!" I think I surprised him with the kiss. Not your typical father/daughter kiss. I hugged him tightly.

"I love you too, Sarah. Very, very much."

I hugged him even tighter. My breasts pressed up against his chest. We held each other for many minutes. I cried. A few tears fell from his eyes. I pulled away when I felt his erection.

I knew Dad would never consider even for one minute participating in what I had been thinking about. I certainly couldn't talk to him about it first. No, I had to just do it. Then we could talk about it. I had been wavering back and forth, but when I realized that Daddy was sexually attracted to me I made up my mind that I was going to do it. Mom would want me to. She had told me to take care of Dad. He needed what I wanted to give him. He needed it badly.

My father slept in the nude--not that I ever saw him that way. Mom told me. He usually set his alarm for six. I set mine for five-thirty. When I woke I took off my pajamas and walked into his bedroom in just panties. Dad slept soundly on his back and he was covered to the waist by a sheet. I carefully pulled down the sheet. He didn't stir.

Daddy was near the edge of the bed. His side of the bed. I began to cry softly and silently, as I thought about the vacant other side of the bed.

I knelt by the edge of the bed, and I moved my head close to Daddy's penis. In it's flaccid state it looked good-sized, about as big as my first lover David's penis, but Daddy's looked a little thicker. I put it in my mouth to get acquainted and kissed and licked it, exploring the different textures, especially the roughish tender head and the soft skin of the shaft. It began to grow. I slowly put the head between my lips, and kept going until all of it was in my mouth. I began to suck very gently. He began to stiffen.

He woke. "Sarah . . . what . . .?"

I stopped with my mouth and used my hand. "Daddy, don't talk. Don't say one word. Not one. Please." He could only kind of nod. Yes, I was right. No man is likely to say 'stop' under these circumstances.

I slid my lips gently over my teeth for smooth sailing and began to suck. I mixed it up by licking the sensitive underside of his shaft and family jewels, and then I softly blew on the moistened areas. I gave my blowjob a hand, gripping his cock around the base and sliding my hand in tandem with my mouth. My father's heavy breathing and moans of pleasure told me I was on the right track.

"Oh . . . honey . . . ohhhh . . . ahhhh . . . my baby . . . ohhhh . . . oh . . . ohhhh . . ."

After only a few minutes, I could tell his climax was close. I began to deep throat him. All the way in, and all the way out--over and over as fast as I could.

"Oh God, honey . . . I . . . I . . . oh my God . . . ohhhh . . . I . . . oh . . . oh . . ."

Daddy began to thrust his hips upwards to meet my eager mouth. Deeper and deeper in my throat. All of him. When he was on the edge of orgasm, I practically stopped doing anything except hold him tight and let him thrust in and out of my mouth.

"Baby . . . oh my baby . . . ahhhhh . . . ohhhh . . . ahhhh . . ."

And then my father exploded spasmodically. I swallowed most of it. Only once did I come up off him briefly as he ejaculated gloriously. I let him watch his cum shoot in my mouth, as I held the head of his cock on my tongue. I went back down on him to suck out every last drop.

I held Daddy's cock in my mouth until the swelling subsided. When I finally came up off him, I wiped off the little bit of cum that was dribbling from my chin, stood up and said, "My God, Daddy, you really needed a blowjob bad. Now, don't you say one word. Not one. I'm going to sleep with you tonight. On Mom's side of the bed. It's been empty long enough.

* * *

I slipped under the covers of Daddy's bed about midnight. He had just turned out the light.

"Hello, Sarah."

"Hello, Daddy."

I kissed him passionately, and he returned my ardor. We melted into each other's arms, and we began to explore one another's body with fingers and tongues.

"You have such beautiful breasts, Sarah."

"Thank you, Daddy." I began to stroke his cock with my hand. "Daddy, help me get ready to take your cock in my pussy. Here, put your hand over mine and pet the kitty." After a few minutes, I was wet and ready. "Daddy, let me get on top."

"Whatever you wish, Sarah."

"And I'm going to use some bad words. Some you have never heard me use, Daddy."

"I'll forgive you, Sarah."

I got on top and quickly slipped Daddy's cock into my eager pussy. "I'm going to rock your world, Daddy. Would you like that?"

"Yes, Sarah, I would," he moaned.

Daddy had made me hot and wet with his fingers. I leaned my torso forward, arched my back, kept my crotch close to the base of big hard cock, and rode him hard and fast. I could really feel the firmness of his pubic bone pressing right against my hot button. Then I started to rock on him faster and faster and developed a rhythm.

"Oh Daddy . . . ohhhh . . . oh yeah Daddy . . . oh yeah . . . ohhhh Daddy . . ."

It happened so fast for me I almost didn't expect it just then. I pulled him upright into my arms, as my pussy quivered in ecstasy on my father's manhood.

"Sarah, you forgot to use those bad words," he joked.

"I know! I just got off so fast. Couldn't help it. But Daddy, you didn't cum."

"No, honey, but I was close. I really enjoyed watching you . . ."

"Fucking you?"

"Uh . . . yes, honey. It was incredible watching you get off like that--the expression on your face--your body language."

"Fucking you was fun, Daddy. We could make a television series called 'Father Fucks Best.' How about it?" I giggled.

"Whatever you say, Sarah."

"What I say is that now I want you to fuck me, Daddy."

I didn't wait for a reply. With his cock in my hand, I rolled over onto my back and pulled him on top of me, and I slipped him inside me. "Fuck me, Daddy. Like you did Mom when you made me. By the way, Daddy, thank you for making me. Now I want to make you. Make you cum. Inside me. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me hard." He did.

"Oh, Sarah! Oh, Sarah!" he moaned loudly over and over, as he pounded his cock deep inside me.

"Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me! Cum inside me, Daddy. Please cum inside me. Fuck me, James! James, James, James . . ."

My father gasped and groaned and shook and shivered. He ejaculated wonderfully inside his only daughter. He held my face in his hands as he did so and whispered, "I love you, Sarah. I love you. I love you so much."

We lay in each other's arms. He played with my hair and I played with his face, fascinated by how rough it was, and I knew he shaved twice a day.

"Oh God, Sarah, that was good. I love you, honey."

"I love you too, Daddy. More than you can possibly imagine. Please don't feel guilty about this. You wanted me. I wanted you. Mom wanted us to have each other. I know she did. She so much as said so. She winked at me when she told me to take care of you, and then she died."

"Yes, Sarah, I think you're right. She wanted this to happen--for all three of us."

"I'll find you a woman, Daddy. The right one--the special one just right for you. I promise. You loved Mom. You love me. Now it's time for you to find a new love."

"Yes, Sarah, a new love."

"But first, Daddy, I may need to teach an old dog some new tricks."

"What, Sarah?"

"Daddy, what do you know about a woman's G-spot?"

"Uh . . . uh . . ."

"Did Mom ever mention anything about her G-spot?"

"No, Sarah, she didn't."

For the next half hour I told my father all about the G-spot, and then I showed him how to find mine. First with his hands and fingers and then with his cock from behind. He admitted that he never did my mother doggy. Daddy was incredulous when I squirted several times.

Afterwards as we luxuriated in each other's arms, Daddy asked, "Sarah, how many men have you made love to? You seem so . . . uh . . . experienced."

How many men had I made love to? There was David. I told my father about David and his death. The renegade cop who raped me didn't count. I did have sex with Jessica's husband, Brad, and with her, but Brad had died tragically several months later. I didn't actually make love to Richard, the paraplegic. He can't. All I did was indulge his panty fetish, and give him a taste.

"Sarah, have there been that many that you have to think about it?"

"No, Daddy. I was just thinking about David. Daddy, you are the only man on earth I have made love to." That was true--I only fucked the others except for David. "David is in heaven. I know about sex because I had a good teacher." I didn't tell him that her name was Jessica. "I certainly didn't make love to that cop. You know he raped me."

"That must have been terrible, Sarah. Being raped."

"Yes, it was. I never told you exactly what happened. Only that I was raped. You never heard the tape that sent the cop to jail. That and the semen on my panties."

"I couldn't bear to listen to the tape, Sarah."

"Daddy, he violated me anally."

"Oh, honey, I'm so sorry."

"Dad, did you . . . uh . . . ever have anal intercourse with Mom?"

"No, Sarah--never."

"Would you like to with me, Daddy?"

"I'd love to fuck you in your tight little cute ass, honey."

"That's not what I meant, Daddy."


I recalled fondly what Jessica and I did to her husband Brad with the strap-on.

"Close your eyes, Daddy, I have a surprise for you." He did. "Now, don't open them until I tell you that you can."

I quickly ran to my bedroom and strapped on the harness with the big blue silicone dong attached. My father heard me come back into his bedroom. "Can I open my eyes now, Sarah?"

"No, not yet, Daddy. I want you to get on all fours on the bed." He did, and I got up behind him.

But then he suddenly opened his eyes without me telling him to do so. "Sarah, you are poking me with that dick!"

"Well, you poked me with your dick, now didn't you, Daddy? I'm going to give you a rectal exam.; a man your age should have one frequently."

"I didn't know you were studying to be a proctologist, Sarah."

"You are such a bad boy, Daddy, a very bad boy--seducing your daughter and fucking her silly." I slapped his ass a couple times.

"Yeow! I didn't seduce you--you seduced me!"

"Whatever!" I smacked him again, but harder.

"Hey! Damn, that hurt!"

Not to worry, Daddy, I'm going to kiss it and make it all better."

And I did. As I kissed and licked his bum, I reached around and played with his big cock and balls with my hands. Then I used my hands to gently massage the area around his ass crack. I traced circles on his butt with my fingers.

"What are you doing now, honey?"

"I'm painting a target on your ass with the lube. Now you just relax, Daddy. I'm going to put my finger inside you now." I put lube on the middle finger of my left hand and slowly pushed it in. He didn't jump. I applied a liberal amount of lube to the blue dick. "Now something a little bigger," I purred.

"Ouch!" he cried, as I inserted the head of the blue dick inside him.

"Relax, Daddy, I'll go nice and slow and gentle."

"I can't fucking relax!"

"Think about fucking my tight little cute ass."

"I wish you wouldn't use language like that, Sarah. But can I? Fuck your ass?"

"Soon, Daddy, soon, but first . . ."

I pushed a little deeper, gently moving my silicone penis in a shallow, circular motion, stimulating his sphincter nerve endings. He breathed deeply and exhaled. I probed even deeper and leaned over and rested my breasts on his back so I could fondle his balls and big hard cock with my right hand as I directed the dong with my left hand.

"The tips of your nipples are like arrow heads, pressing into me like that, Sarah," he moaned.

"I'll try not to leave any scars, Daddy," I joked. "Fucking you in the ass is turning me on like you wouldn't believe." I shifted the angle of the dong until I heard my father groan.

"Ahhhh . . .ohhhh . . .damn . . .ahhhh . . ."

"Did I find your prostate, Daddy?"

"Uh...yeah...you sure did . . . ohhhh . . ."

"Does this feel good?" I stroked his cock faster and faster, as I rammed the blue dick all the way up his ass and started humping like crazy.

"Oh...ohhhh . . . ahhhh," he groaned over and over, while I continued to fuck him in the ass enthusiastically.

"You're going to cum, Daddy. You're real close. I can tell. I want you to cum in my ass." I pulled the dick from his ass and got on all fours. He got behind me and tried to stick it in my rose bud. "Use some lube, Daddy!" He did. Then he shoved his dick up to the hilt and pumped twice and shot his wad.

"Well, that sure didn't take long," I said, trying not to sound sarcastic. "Daddy, you better rest," I cautioned, worried. "I don't want you having a heart attack or something." I helped him lie down on the couch and joined him as we cuddled and kissed.

He played with my hair and touched me tenderly. "That was awesome, honey, truly wonderful. But what can I do for you, my dear daughter?"

"You're not going to believe this, Daddy, but I got off while I was fucking you in the ass. Well, I was rubbing my clit. So I'm good. Hold me, Daddy. I'm sleepy now. Hold me like you used to do when I was little."

He did. The last words I heard that night were, "I love you, Sarah. I love you so much. You used to be Daddy's little girl. Now you are Daddy's big girl. Sweet Sarah. Sweet, sweet Sarah."

In the morning when we woke I whispered to my father, "Daddy, I'm going to find you that special woman. Just like I said. I promise. We can never do this again. But it was wonderful. You are going to make some woman very, very happy. Just like you did Mom. She loved you so much, Daddy. I love you so much."

"I love you, Sarah."

* * *

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