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The first time I met my future father in law, David, something clicked between us. His eyes flicked over me from head to toe as most men's did, for although I wasn't a classic model beauty or particularly well endowed I seemed to radiate something that attracted their attention. Most times I felt totally unclean after one of those inspections, undressed and somehow violated, but with him it was different. I actually found myself enjoying his frank inspection, even puffing out a little more as his eyes seemed to linger a little on my high, firm breasts loosely encased in a thin T shirt.

I hadn't bothered with a bra that day , as I hadn't expected to go visiting. However, it wasn't only the physical attraction, he had a keen wit and a delightful timber to his voice that seemed to warm me right though. Never short of a word or a response myself, we were soon engaged in a light verbal joust, and he seemed to enjoy that enormously. Maybe all Peter's previous girlfriends had been a little on the slow side, because I heard him say to Peter when he thought I was out of hearing range "Well, at least you've picked someone with a brain this time, well done".

We met a few times after that, as the relationship between Peter and I deepened and became an engagement, and our verbal jousting continued, often taking on a rather flirty, almost naughty feel that we both seemed to enjoy. By this time we were on first name terms and totally comfortable in each other's presence even when Peter wasn't around. It was at these times that David's conversation would get a little more flirty and saucy, occasionally making me blush, but always making me feel more like a sophisticated woman than a struggling teenager. He would also occasionally hold me just a little longer than necessary when we hugged, and once or twice his hand, almost as if by accident, would come to rest on my tight ass cheeks and then gently stroke them. I was always amazed at the instant physical and sexual reaction I got from that... my nipples would explode into life, a fact I'm sure he was aware of since they almost bored through his chest.. and my pussy would get incredibly wet. It was at these times that I would blush and hurriedly disentangle myself.. much to his mild amusement!

At age 19 I agreed to marry Peter, who was by then in his mid 20's and well established in his job. It was a simple, but delightful wedding ceremony, and much to my delight both families seemed to get on like a house on fire. But the part I remembered most vividly was the dance I had with my new father in law at the reception. He'd waited almost until the very end to claim his dance with the bride, and I'm sure most people were a little the worse for wear from all the champagne and beer and other drinks that had been consumed copiously... certainly Peter was, in fact he could barely rise from his chair when David came over and asked permission to dance with me. David held me most properly as we wove around the small dance floor, one hand in mine and the other just resting at the small of my back, I even giggled at the rather old fashioned image it must have presented, and I think he realized why I was giggling, because he pulled away slightly and grinned down at me and said, "You realize, of course, that this style of dancing was invented when ladies wore so many layers of petticoats that a man couldn't get closer than a couple of feet to her?"

I giggled, "Oh, do you think I should go and put some more Petticoats on to keep you at a distance?" I asked teasingly.

He threw back his head and laughed, causing a few people to look at us, then he leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "Well you could do that if you want to look all frumpy, or we could just dance differently" he said, "Do you want to look frumpy... not that I ever think you could" he added.

I blushed at his compliment, "No" I managed to whisper back.

"Good" he said, "Then we'll just dance differently," and with that he let go of my hand and slid it around my waist and drew me close to him. My own hands automatically lifted around his neck, and my head went onto his shoulders, and we danced that way, pressed close together. When the music stopped and I lifted my head, I found we were at the edge of the dance floor, a little behind the band, almost hidden form the other dancers. I looked up at David and he was smiling softly at me, "I hope you don't mind if I pinch another dance before you leave" he asked.

I glanced around and laughed softly, "Well, I can't see anyone else claiming the next dance" I said.

He smiled, then brought his right hand around and tilted my chin upwards, "I have to say this, Monica, I've never seen a more beautiful and radiant bride, in fact.... And he paused and took a deep breath... I've never seen a more beautiful and sensual woman" he said, and before I could respond, he leaned down and pressed his lips lightly to mine. Taken totally by surprise I simply froze, expecting any second for the kiss to end, but it didn't... his lips seemed to melt into mine, and before I'd even realized it. , my own lips were responding. The music started again, and our bodies moved with it, but our lips remained locked together. His tongue slid forward and my lips parted to welcome it, my own met it and danced with it to the music. I heard a soft moan, and knew it was me, as his hands moved slowly and sensually from the base of my back down onto my buttocks, and he pressed me into his hardness.

I think it was the sudden realization that he was hard that brought me out of the spell, and I pulled back gasping. Immediately I could see the look of contrition sweep over his face, and heard his mumbled apology, and I think we were both a little relieved when Peter staggered over and announced that it was time to leave for the honeymoon. But even in the limousine on our way to the airport for our overseas honeymoon, all I could feel were David's lips on mine, his hands stroking me, and I shivered with secret delight.

The Honeymoon was a month cruising around the Caribbean Islands, and was as exotic and fun filled as you would have expected. Lots of swimming and snorkeling, sunbathing and relaxing, dancing and eating, and, of course, plenty of drinks for those who wanted them... and Peter showed quickly that he had an unexpected appetite for the alcohol. While we were courting and seeing each other mainly for parties and the like he had always been careful about his drinking, after all, most times he had to drive home afterwards, but being with him 24 hours a day, quickly showed a different side to him. The wedding reception wasn't an isolated incident, every couple of nights he would take on so much drink that he'd have to be helped back to our cabin by me and sometimes one of the cabin personnel, where he'd flop onto the bed and fall asleep without even undressing, not to emerge until well into the morning. This annoyed me initially, but I soon became used to it and used my time alone to go sightseeing and sunbathing during those morning periods. There were even a couple of occasions when other men on the cruise tried to pick me up, but I managed to avoid them with a smile, telling them I was flattered... but very definitely married.

So, when we returned from our honeymoon, I was beautifully tanned, looked quite radiant.. so everyone said... and was ready to settle into married life. The only downside had been that the sex I'd enjoyed with Peter had been in shorter supply than I would have liked over the month. When it happened, it was fantastic, and I discovered that I really did love sex! but when it didn't, well. I got a little pouty at times, but I guess that's only natural.

Of course every one wanted to hear about the trip and see the pictures, so we organized a party for the following Saturday night. Nothing particularly grand, just some friends and family, a few drinks and a little music for dancing. The day of the party was gloriously warm, so I chose to wear a tight pair of denim shorts and a loose half top with no bra underneath. The early part of the evening was spent recounting our adventures and showing around the pictures, and on a number of occasions I felt Peter's dad's eyes on me. When ever I looked over at him, he just smiled his warm smile, but didn't approach me directly. Even when the music started hot and heavy, and the dancing started, he kept his distance, and I felt a strange pang of disappointment.

Eventually I got a little tired of the noise and the dancing, and taking a soft drink from the fridge, wandered out onto the back patio. It was a beautiful balmy night and I stood gazing out over the pool, hearing the noisy laughter from inside, hearing Peter's loud laughter, knowing that he was once again imbibing pretty freely. I sighed and sipped my drink. I guess the noise of laughter had hidden the sound of the back door opening and closing, because I didn't realize someone had joined me outside until a pair of hands folded lightly over my eyes. "Guess who" the deep voice said.

I laughed, "David" I said, "I thought you weren't speaking to me tonight or something"

"Aw, you guessed too easily" he chuckled, letting his hands fall from my eyes. As they dropped away, they somehow managed to brush down the front of my breasts, sending a quick shiver through me. "You're looking absolutely stunning again tonight, Monica" he said, "And in some of those holiday pictures, well... WOW, would be an understatement"

I flushed with pleasure at his words, and chuckled, "Honeymoon pictures, you mean" I said.

He chuckled too, "Oh yes, of course, I almost forgot, well you looked fabulous in them, especially in that incredible blue bikini" he added.

"Oh" I said, teasingly, "Why that one in particular?"

He chuckled, "Because they show so much of these" he said, and slid his hands forwards and upwards, under my loose half top, to cup my naked breasts.

I gasped with surprise, but immediately felt my breasts reacting. As I mentioned before, I'm not overly large, but my breasts are high and firm and very, very sensitive, and as his fingers danced around and over them as lightly as a feather, fire seemed to shoot through my whole body. "I should imagine there's a thin white line just about here" he said as his fingers trailed sensuously over my nipples, nipples that hardened and swelled instantly, and continued to do so as he stroked and rolled them between his gentle fingers.

Just like at the wedding reception, my body seemed to freeze, I knew it was wrong, I knew it shouldn't be happening, yet I couldn't seem to do anything about it. "Mmmm, it's almost a pity you had to wear a bikini" he whispered, "I'm sure these beautiful nipples would love to be kissed by the sun, love to be admired, love to be touched" His fingers were like velvet, caressing me lightly, and my body writhed back against him, my head lifting, a low moan coming from my lips. My breasts and nipples were aflame, and so was the rest of my body. His lips were roaming over my neck, his hot breath whispering into my ears, sending shivers through me, and his hands... god his hands... making my breasts come alive like never before, my nipples felt like they were a mile long.... and so, so hard.

I don't know how long we stood like that, time seemed to stand still, "Mmmm, I'm surprised you didn't find a secluded beach and go sunbathing without your costume? He said softly.

I gulped, "I... I... I did" I finally managed to whisper.

"Oh," he chuckled, "I didn't see any pictures of that"

"I.. I... well.. Peter wasn't with me, he was sleeping" I said.

He chuckled hotly, "So you were all alone on the beach?" he asked.

I felt my throat constrict, "Well, no, not exactly" I replied, "There were a couple of other people from the boat there"

"Mmmm, men or women?" he asked.

"Both" I murmured.

"Mmm, and did it excite you that the other men were seeing you naked?' he asked.

"A little" I admitted softly.

"And did any of them offer to put sun lotion on you?" he asked.

I felt myself blush, "Yes" I replied, "But I didn't, you know, let them"

He chuckled, one of his hands slowly trailing down from my breasts towards my damp pussy.

I shuddered, and jerked, "No, no, David, we mustn't... you mustn't" I cried.

I heard his soft sigh, "You're right, of course, I've overstayed my welcome" he said, and in an instant his hands were gone, and then he was gone, I heard the back door bang slightly as he left, but I just stood there, my whole body on fire, aching with desire, desire for him... Oh god, what was happening to me... my hands came up and almost crushed my breasts into my body, trying to tell them to stop feeling so good, so alive, so... Mmmm I shuddered and shuddered.

It took quite some time for me to calm myself sufficiently to return to the party, a party that was already in the throes of packing up. David was nowhere to be seen. The rest of the time seemed to pass by in a haze, laughing and chatting and saying farewell to people until all that was left was the usual after party mess... and one very drunk husband sprawled on the couch. I looked down at him in dismay, and a little disgust, "Oh Peter, I needed you tonight" I half whispered.

Then there was a slight sound and I turned around, and David was standing just inside the door, he looked at me and smiled softly, then glanced at Peter and shook his head, "I thought this might happen when I saw how much he was putting away, leave this to me, I've had experience of it before" he said, and walked over and lifted the unconscious form of Peter over his shoulder and carried him from the room.

Feeling a little lost, I wandered into the kitchen and put on the Kettle for a coffee, automatically setting out two cups. When David walked in he grinned, "Well, I don't mind if I do" he said, "Nothing quite like a hot coffee to soothe the nerves"

I looked at him questioningly, as it seemed a strange thing to say, but he just smiled at me, "I've put him in the spare room" he said, "I thought it best in the circumstances as he was snoring quite loudly"

I giggled, "Yes he gets like that when he's... " I blushed.

He looked at me tenderly, "It must have been hard at times on the trip, with Peter getting like that" he said.

"Oh it was ok" I said, rather defensively.

For the next few moments we were both silent, sipping our coffee, then he reached over and picked up one of the packets of pictures and started flicking through them. He set one aside and at the end asked me if he could keep it, "Why?" I asked, "Which one is it?"

He lifted it up and showed me, and I felt myself blush, it was probably the most revealing one of the whole lot. Taken on a beach, of me lying on my stomach on a towel, propped up, smiling at the camera. But my bikini top had slipped down so that the whole of the tops of my breasts were on display, and even a fraction of my nipples. I felt my mouth go dry as I looked at it, "Why that one?" I croaked.

His smile widened, "Oh, I think you know why" he said, "In the absence of any from the other beach"

I felt myself turn bright red, "I.. I.. don't think I could" I whispered, "Peter really likes that one too, and if it was gone. "

"I understand," he said, replacing the picture, then his grin widened, "Guess I'll have to take one for myself sometime... that's if you'd pose for me" he said.

I lowered my head, not wanting him to see the excitement that had suddenly burst inside me, I nodded, "If you'd like me to" I murmured, so low that I wasn't sure he could even hear me.

My head still down, face flushed, I heard him push his chair back, sensed him get up and come around the table, then he was lifting me from my chair and turning me to face him. "Monica, you understand what I'm asking, don't you? I want one of you the way you would have been on that secluded beach, I want to see you the way those other men saw you" he said, his voice sounding even deeper.

I nodded again, and gulped, then lifted my eyes to his, "Yes, I understand... and I want it too" I stammered.

The smile that broke over his face was a wondrous thing to see, and he gathered me in his arms and kissed me gently... and I responded... just as I'd responded at the reception, my body molding to his, my hard nipples burning into his chest, my tongue dancing excitedly with his, a long, passionate kiss that left us both breathless and flushed.

Then he pulled back, and slowly lifted my half top up and over my head, and tossed it aside, and I stood proudly, naked to the waist, loving the way his eyes were devouring me and loving it even more moments later when first his hands and then his lips devoured my breasts also. "Oh god, I just knew you had magnificent breasts" he whispered hotly as he licked and kissed and stroked them.

"David, Please" I heard myself whisper, but this time I wasn't asking him to stop, and he knew it. He quickly unzipped my shorts and peeled them down over my hips, taking my lacy blue panties with it... and I was naked... totally, completely and gloriously naked... and he groaned as he stared at me with lust filled eyes. I think my shaved pussy was a total surprise and an excitement to him, as he immediately dropped to his knees and pressed his lips to my naked pussy lips, running his tongue slowly up and down them. I grabbed his head and held him there, savoring his gentle touch, bucking and shuddering into his face as a preliminary orgasm cascaded through me.

Then he was standing up, lifting me in his arms and carrying me out of the Kitchen, through the lounge and into the bedroom. I managed to register that the door to the spare room was shut before he deposited me lightly onto the bed and stood back. gazing down at me, only the bright moon through the window lighting the scene. "My god, you are even more beautiful, exciting and sexy than I thought " he whispered, and I squirmed on the bed, my hands lifting up, silently begging him to come to me.

It didn't take long for his clothes to disappear, and I gasped in surprise and delight when I saw his big, thick hard cock, bobbing and throbbing above me, I shivered, drinking in his beauty, reaching up to cup and stroke it as he moved closer. I heard his faint moan as my fingers began to trail up and down his cock, cupping and hefting his heavy balls. Then he slid onto the bed beside me, gathering me into his arms and kissing me, at first gently, then more passionately. His hard cock lay between us, pressing into my belly, and I writhed against it loving the feel of it's hardness and its length. His hands were everywhere. sweeping down over my back and my tight buttocks, down over my thighs and along my legs, then back up again, and I moaned into his mouth.

Our tongues became like wild snakes intertwining in a magic lustful dance, and the heat grew and grew inside me. Then he pulled his lips from mine and rained my face with short, sharp, angel kisses, his tongue lightly trailing over my skin, sending shivers right through me. He lifted slightly and moved his lips to my neck and my ears, increasing the shivers running up and down my body... then on to my breasts... oh God, I almost exploded in orgasm as he took first one nipple then the other into his hot mouth and licked around them before whipping his tongue back and forth over them. My whole body jumped and jerked as my breasts and nipples responded like never before, seeming to swell and lift onto his eager, probing tongue.

And as his lips and tongue drove my breasts and nipples wild, his hand moved slowly around and began to lightly caress my nude pussy lips. Immediately my left foot drew upwards and fell apart, opening my pussy to his questing fingers, and I gasped loudly as his fingers slid inside to caress my throbbing clitoris, "Oh yes, David, yes" I moaned as he stroked and stroked and stroked. My whole body was on fire now and my own hands were running over his body, searching for and finding his throbbing cock, rubbing it against my belly, then moving it slowly towards my pussy, to rub against my lips as his fingers still probed and twirled around my swollen clitoris, "Oh, please, please, I want you David. " I cried out. my body lifting up and shuddering. But he seemed immune to my pleas, as his lips slowly left my breasts and trailed down over my belly to touch and tease the very top of my pussy lips.

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