tagLoving WivesFather In Law Teaches Wife Sex

Father In Law Teaches Wife Sex


My wife and I had been married for ten years. We enjoyed a normal sex life but nothing too wild. I had long fantasized about Cindy being with another man but she always called me a “pervert” anytime I bought the situation up. Cindy was 30 years old standing 5’4” and weighing 115lbs. She was not a model but looked good with a firm stomach, small breasts and shoulder length brown hair.

During the month of August we traveled to Sarasota to visit with my parents. My Dad had retired and they had moved about a year ago to their summer home. My mom had gone to visit her sister in Chicago and we had the house to ourselves. My Dad enjoyed working on his sail boat and for the first several days we saw very little of him. We had enjoyed several dinners and conversation but he would head to his room early and be gone by sunrise the next morning.

My Dad was 64 years old and fashioned himself a playboy. He was strong and fit for his age and was always looking at women and commenting. He enjoyed drinking and loved the party life that Florida had offered him. Several times at dinner I thought I noticed him looking at Cindy. He would tell me privately how lucky I was and how he imagined she was a great fuck. I attributed his comments to his drinking and didn’t think much of it.

On Friday afternoon Cindy and I had spent most the day at the beach. Cindy was wearing a very attractive two piece high cut bathing suit and was looking exceptionally hot all day. As we left the beach area Cindy had put a sheer wrap around her and we walked back to our rental car through the marina parking lot. Just as we got to the car my Dad approached and offered to take us on an overnight cruise with him.

Cindy quickly agreed and told me how much she wanted to take a sunset cruise. I finally agreed and Dad told me to go back to the house and retrieve some clothes, steaks for dinner and some liquor. He said he would show Cindy the boat and we would leave port as soon as I returned. I kissed Cindy and left on my errands.

When I returned to the boat Dad was wearing a pair of baggy shorts and had his shirt off showing his muscular chest. Cindy was lying on the back bench of the boat on her stomach as Dad rubbed her down with sun tan oil. Dad had no underwear on and I could see his enormous cock raging hard poling from the pant legs of his shorts as he applied the oil to Cindy’s lower back and legs. There were several empty bottles of Smirnoff Ice lying around the floor.

Dad looked up at me as I put down the groceries and bags saying “About time you got back son. I’ll be finished with this little lady in a minute and we can get underway, wouldn’t want her to burn would you?”

“I guess not” I replied as I began undoing the deck lines.

We cruised out for about an hour from the coast line soaking up the sun and several more drinks all getting comfortable. Cindy was lying on the forward deck sunning herself and Dad and I sat at the helm with Dad commenting on how hot Cindy was. I could see his cock still poking from his pant legs and was still a little uncomfortable with the conversation but the alcohol was taking effect. Dad still appeared sober and joked and laughed about taking a naturist moonlight cruise. Cindy joined us and seemed flattered by Dad’s comments and intrigued at the naturalist aspect of cruising in the moonlight.

We dropped sail just before sunset and I grilled some steaks as Dad and Cindy talked and drank more. After we ate Dad informed me that Cindy as too pretty to clean up and instructed me to go below and do up the dishes. From below I could hear the two of them laughing together as the sun receded.

As I came back above deck Dad told me to raise the jib and then I heard him say his shorts were cutting off his circulation. As I returned to the helm Cindy was staring at Dads large cock as he stood behind the wheel guiding the boat. Cindy said to me “You never told me how large your Dad is, your Mom is one lucky lady.”

Dad asked me to take the wheel and got him and Cindy both another drink. The moon was full and shone brightly as we glided on the glass like water. Dad told Cindy she may as well get comfortable, after all we were all family. Without saying a word Cindy stood up and turned her back to Dad raising her hair and asking him for help with her tie at her neck. Dad untied her top and removed it and then without asking slid her bottoms from her. He stood back admiring Cindy saying “Now why would you want to hide a beautiful body like yours?”

Cindy blushed all over and giggled. I could tell she was enjoying the attention Dad was giving her. Her nipples became hard in the night air.

Dad walked Cindy forward to the bow spirit and stood pressed up behind her as we cut through the water. I felt mad, jealous and horny all at the same time as I watched my stunning wife naked in front of my Dad and could see his rock hard enormous 10” cock pressed against her. My own cock defied me and was now at full hardness in my shorts as I watched my Dad the master work.

Dad leaned Cindy forward over the bow and began running his tongue down along the crack of her ass. As he spread her cheeks I could see him give her a rim job in the moonlight with Cindy moaning and writhing from his experienced action. “ohh yess that feels so good, lick me daddy” Cindy moaned.

I could hear Cindy climax from my Dad’s tongue in her ass. Finally they backed up onto the deck and she got on her knees and took the head of Dads cock into her stretched mouth. Cindy easily handled my 6” but Dad’s huge cock was providing more of a challenge as she gagged on his rod and massaged his massive cum filled balls. I released my own swollen cock from my shorts and watched my beautiful innocent wife with my Dad listening to their sounds.

After what seemed like an eternity I heard my Dad grunt and tell Cindy he was going to cum. I could see his hot thick jizz drip from the corners of her mouth as she struggled to swallow his massive load he pumped into her hot mouth and throat. They both waked back to the helm with smiles on their faces. Dads cum still dripping from Cindy’s chin.

Cindy hugged me and said “Honey, that was the greatest thing I have ever felt. Your Dad is so amazing.”

Cindy slid my shorts off as Dad said “Here let me take the helm and you two drop the jib for the night.”

Cindy and I walked forward and dropped the jib. As Cindy bent over securing the sheets her wrinkled little virgin rose bud asshole glistened in the moonlight from the pussy juice that had covered it from her excitement. I decided to take a lesson from Dad and knelt behind her and started licking her driving my tongue into her tight sweet hole. Cindy groaned. Cindy began shaking from her own orgasm and I struggled to get my cock into her tight hole. As I felt the friction of my cock against her tight closed hole I shot my own hot load all over her ass crack and cheeks.

Cindy snickered at me and Dad howled “Son, you wasted a perfectly good fuck there. Dad will teach you how to control yourself this weekend.”

Cindy got up and kissed me fully on the mouth and we walked back to the helm. I noticed that Dad was again rock hard as we sat around with a few more drinks in the warm moon lit night air. Watching Cindy move around the helm with the dried cum on her chin and ass got me hard again in no time.

Dad got up and told Cindy he was going below to get things ready for us to turn in. Cindy and I fastened the deck lines and anchor and then went below. Dad had the lights down low and some soft music playing from his CD player. The hatches were all open fully and the moonlight shone brightly through the port holes. Dad looked at us as we walked in and said “Cindy, I have wanted to fuck you since you married my son. I hope you want the same thing tonight.”

Cindy almost floored me as she responded “Daddy, I have dreamed about you taking my tight cunt and using my body since I started dating your son.”

Dad said “You have been a naughty little girl making me wait this long. Now come over here.”

Cindy walked over to my Dad and he sat down lying her over his knees. He began kneading her ass cheeks and rubbing her then he suddenly raised his hand and smacked her cheek causing a red handprint to instantly appear. Cindy cried out and squirmed from the blow but did not try to get up. He continued kneading her ass before repeating the smack on the opposite cheek with the same effect. Dad soothingly said “Do you feel that hard cock pressed against your belly? See what you have caused all these years?”

Cindy looked up with a tear in her eye saying “I’m sorry Daddy, spank your naughty little daughter-in-law and teach me to be a good girl.”

Dad did not hesitate in delivering a stern spanking to Cindy’s bare upturned backside. He also spread her legs and taunted her swollen pussy lips with several little slaps causing her to jump and moan out in ecstasy.

Dad picked Cindy up like a rag doll after delivering his punishment and bent her over the galley table and bent down licking her redden ass cheeks. Cindy looked absolutely stunning lying across the table whimpering as my Dad caressed her ass with his thick tongue. Dad proceeded to give Cindy the most intensive rim job I had ever seen in any porn flick. I could hear and see Cindy climax several times before he relented and backed off.

Dad took Cindy by the hand and lead her to the main stateroom berth. He laid down across the berth and pulled Cindy on top of himself and I watched in disbelief as he slowly guided Cindy onto his rock hard huge cock until he was fully impaled into her tight hot cunt. Cindy groaned “Oh god I feel like your going to split me in two it feels so good.”

Dad let her get used to his enormous size and then started driving in and out of Cindy as she rode her own climax from the fullness. Cindy rode Dad like she was ridding the bucking Bull at Gilley’s screaming in pure delight.

Dad looked at me and said “Son, I should have trained you better. Your wife is as fucking tight as a virgin I’m going to break her in for you.”

Dad sucked on Cindy’s tits leaving hickey marks all over her breasts until he finally slowed down and looked up at me and said “Son, just don’t stand there with your dick in your hand put it up her beautiful virgin ass and let her have some of both of us.”

Cindy’s ass was already wet and slick from my earlier deposit of cum, the rimming and her own leaking juice as I placed the tip of my cock head against her puckered hole. As my Dad would pull out I pushed and got the head of my own cock inside her anal ring before feeling my dad push me out from his drive inward. I pushed again and got a little further in with each stroke. After many attempts I got all the way in. The tightness was incredible and as Cindy would tighten her anal muscles from my Dad’s fucking it felt as if she would pull my cock off my body.

I finally got my own rhythm going in pace with my Dad and could hear him groan that he was going to cum. As I felt his cock twitch and he drove hard in Cindy and held her tight on his cock my own orgasm hit me and I spilled my seed deep into Cindy’s bowls as I held her tight. Cindy howled with her own climax and then passed out on top of Dad. Dad and I both pulled out and laid Cindy on the bed as we sat on the couch having a cold drink catching our breath.

Dad told me he had a lot to teach me. I agreed and finished my drink as Cindy got up and came over and sat on my lap. I could feel the combined cum of my Dad and I leaking from her used holes on my lap. She kissed me and then my Dad and said “Thank you for really making me a part of the family.”

Dad bent over and kissed Cindy back before moving down to her tits taking them into his mouth. Cindy laid back against me resting her head on my shoulder. My cock twitched as it nestled in her extremely wet and hot crotch.

Dad reached down and guided my hardening cock into her sloppy stretched pussy as he stood up and placed his own cock into her mouth. After a few minutes he took Cindy back to the berth and knelt her down on the bunk. He got behind her and began fucking her again with his hard cock. He continued using her pussy until he called me over to the bed and as I laid down he placed Cindy on me sinking her gaping pussy down onto my now hard cock. I then felt him enter her ass.

Cindy screamed “Oh fuck!” as she tried to scoot up the bed impaled on the hard shaft invading her ass. As she adjusted to the monster in her ass she started moaning “yes put it in my ass Daddy.”

Dad and I both fucked Cindy for what seemed like an hour before I finally came and grew limp falling out of Cindy. Dad continued driving into my wife for a little more before he too blew his load rolling off Cindy and laying across the bed.

Dad looked up at Cindy and said “Good girl, now before you go off to sleep use your mouth and tongue to clean your husband and your Daddy up real good.”

Cindy smiled and said “Yes daddy, I want to be your good girl.”

I feel off to sleep with Cindy alternating between sucking my limp cock and balls and my dads.

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Mr. Lucky

I saw my DaD & girlfriend have sex about 2 years ago, yes he still fucks her I am a cuckold, NOTHING better than seeing DAD make her cum. XOXO.

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