tagIncest/TabooFather / Son = Buds

Father / Son = Buds

byPeter Sanch©

It was going to be so great. I had everything intricately planned out in my mind. My dad and I were going on a vacation to the beach for four days to Florida. We would be many miles away from home, and have nothing to do but hang out together for four days of staying up late, sleeping in, and beach fun.

We packed the car up and were on the road by sunrise. My dad is middle-aged, about 40-ish, with a really in-shape body, wonderful tan, hairy chest, muscular legs, and dark, dark brown hair frosted with some gray…the George Cloony/Tim McGraw look. Today he wore his really good-looking gym shorts, a GAP tank top, and those sexy brown leather sandals. His hair was flipping out a little bit from around the edges of his baseball cap. I’m a reasonably good looking guy; well built and nicely tanned, got all my good-looking features from dad, so it’s fair to say I’m no geeky little boy! I had on khaki shorts, a black ribbed tee-shirt, cap, and brown leather loafers without socks.

The day was hot and humid, and after a while the air-conditioning went out in the car.

“Shitt bud, roll down your window. It’s too damn hot! We need to roll down the windows and take our shirts off!”

“Yee-haw! Ok, wait a sec.” I reached down and rolled my window all the way open. When I looked back up Dad had his shirt and cap off, and just looking at him gave me a hard cock. I took my shirt off and kept it in my lap to cover up what was going on down there. I had imagined so many times, the two of us riding down the road on a long trip, just dad and me, shirts off, shoes off, heads back, no problems. My dad looked really young for his age, and I looked old for mine, so we could truly pass as brothers. He put on his country music and acted like a redneck for a while! He was getting me really horny, and we DID look the country part! All he needed was his beer bottle!

We got to the hotel and checked into the room. It was still the middle of the day, so we both got ready to go on the beach. The beach was my dad’s favorite place to be so he was a really happy man right now. We got two chairs, towels, and some beer, and headed out to the salt and sand. There really wasn’t anyone out, and the hotels seemed very vacant. This was one of those beaches without a boardwalk, so we were right between the sand dunes and the Atlantic Ocean. Dad was feeling particularly good, and because no one was around, he handed me a beer. “You need to learn how to drink this buddy. This bud’s for you… Go for it!”

“Wow, cool. Thanks dad. Finally get to do it with your permission!” He laughed. “I never thought I had a chance to do it openly with you while mom was around! Ha!”

“Fuck no! Go ahead now. I wanna see if ya like it or not.” I took a slurp and it went down roughly the first time, but before he said anything, I got another good chug down smoothly. “Well whaddya think of your ‘first’ drink?”

“I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!” And with that, I took another swig.

We stayed out there ‘til we finished the six-pack, and it started getting dark. We were both HOT and sweaty, so we got back to the beach locker room and showered off in the open shower stalls. I had seen my dad naked plenty of times before, but maybe because we were both a bit tipsy he looked even better than ever before. It was hard to shower off and act normally while hiding my erection. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it seemed like his cock was getting thick and erect as well. I hoped it was, ‘cause this would be the first “real” sign that meant maybe my plans for this vacation could work. We went to the gym regularly together, and since we lived in the woods, when we came home we would hook up an outside shower and shower off outside in the moonlight. Talk about exhilarating! Try it sometime. We would sometimes take our towels off and just walk around and talk. Maybe that could count as the first sign? Anyway…

We got up to the room and watched some TV…polishing off about two more beers each. We decided to have dinner at a local seafood sports bar. Dad put on his Adidas sweats, cap, and sandals and went shirtless. He also had on his necklace, which made him look young, preppy…And HOT! I had my jeans on that made my butt look good, loafers, and a halfway-buttoned up shirt. We truly looked like brothers now!

At the bar, the tender asked BOTH of us what we wanted to drink. “I’ll have a Killians. What’d you like bud?” I tried a Heineken, and we sat there and watched parts of all the games on the TV monitors until we downed two more cold ones.

We had ordered and eaten our dinner then we each got a beer for the road and headed back to the hotel. We watched some more TV in the room while in various states of undress. I wanted to get in the pool with him so badly, so I just said, “Dad! Let’s get down there and go for a swim in the pool!” To my astonishment, he answered, “Yeah! I was thinking the same thing. Let’s get your clothes off and change.” And with that, I turned around only to see this figure in his boxers jump off of one bed and top of me. He was joking, but I could see that there would never come a night, better than this, for sucking my father off.

We got our trunks back on and headed down to the pool. Did I mention my dad looked GOOOD in a bathing suit? Oh fuck yeah! I “accidentally” took only one towel…that was for later use.

There was nobody else in the pool when we got there. I was in the water first and dad jumped in and tackled me. His hairy chest bushed against me many times, and I felt his masculine legs wrap around me under water. I could swear he was getting a hard on from all this incredible wrestling. I kept on feeling something rub against my pelvis. We were so close to having sex. I was so erect.

We settled down after a while and talked. I got this weird lump in my throat when my dad started talking about sex. “You ever done it with someone?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“Just curious. I’ll tell you about me if you tell me about you. You get off much??”

“Fuck yeah dad! What the hell do you think I do in my room? Straighten up?” We both laughed, and my dad cussed one.

“Fuck, my little boy jocks himself. Shitt! You’re a REAL man, ya know?!”

“So tell me what YOU do..!”

“Damn. You know, how it feels to jack.” By this point we were both floating closer to each other and were now within whispering distance. I knew we needed to get away from the lights of the pool so I started thinking.

“Hey, let’s go walking on the beach. It’ll be fun.” He was hesitant, but was willing to end the conversation to get on the beach. Within minutes, we were out of sight from everything, and in the middle of nothing but sand. The night air was still as warm as it was earlier in the day, and so was the sand.

“Ya know what, bud… When I was in college, I’d go with a bunch of the guys to the beach at night and skinny dip in the surf. Boy that felt good.”

“Well what’s stopping ya now?”

“Well, I don’t know. You want to?”

“Sure, you know I’m game for whatever you want to do!” So we stripped down and ran into the ocean. This time dad attacked me from underwater. We were totally naked, and wrapped around each other. I wouldn’t call it an embrace, but it sure was making me horny.

Somehow we ended up facing each other, and slowly our heads came together. His tongue went into my mouth and I melted in his masculine arms. Our balls were touching and the feeling was sooooo intense. “Son, let’s get on the beach.”

It didn’t take long for us to get onto the sand. I put out the towel and he laid down. I kneeled over him and ran my hands over his beautiful chest. He was so pumped up, and his cock was at it’s full erection. I leaned closer to him so my cock was touching his chest and his was touching mine. I kissed him passionately and ran my kissing mouth all over his shoulders and chest; inching closer and closer to his abdomen…giving daddy’s nipples extra special attention to which we grunted in pleasure. I passed his meat and moved down to his feet. I felt them with my face and lips. They were the most manly feet I’d ever admired, and having such manly legs attached to them. Yum! I worked my way up his inner thigh and flicked my tongue through his pubic hair. “Oooohhh buddy!!! Whew! Take me in before I cum! Oh fuck!” I wrapped my lips around his head, and began sucking my father off. He started to lean up and was breathing heavy; whispering, “Oh, eat my cock bud, take me whole. Oh fuck…that feels sooooo, sooo good. Ummnnnahh!”

“Ummn dad, I love your cock. I want more. Give me more of your thick, hard cock daddy!” He was deep within my mouth and I took him into my throat. That’s when he let out the most sexy sound I’ve ever heard from him and came in my mouth. “AhhhGh!!!!!! Oh fucking shitt! Fuck! Goooooood man! Damn that was good. Owhh..”

His creamy cum was all sticky in my mouth and I swallowed hard and fast. It was so good, and I couldn’t wait for my turn. Just as all these sexual, passionate thoughts raced through my mind, my father pulled himself up to my face and we were kissing again. “Oh… fuck me daddy! Please! Fuck my nasty hardcore ass! Shimmy up inside me, PLEASE!”

Dad instead went straight to my cock and took it in his big, hot mouth, teasing me with his teeth, and sending shots of pleasure throughout my whole naked body. He took me in so deep, I felt like my entire body was experiencing the warm tonguing motions he was supplying to my fat cock. I could feel the tightness, and the perfect ness of the whole movement. In and out, and in again. It’s surprising I didn’t orgasm the first time. Just looking up at this man’s huge, smooth arms, and shoulders made my cock want to shoot. Then, oh….oooo, that sexy manly chest, darkened by the curly hair, and simply erotic tan. I was lost in such a trance that I erupted twice without knowing it, and was still hard for more. I pulled out of his mouth and saw his lips with my cum all over them. He came up and gave me an even more intense kiss than before. “Oh daddy, you are soooooo sexy; oh my fuck you are so good, you big hunk of meat!!!!!!! Ohhvvv! You sexual THING!!!!!!! OH BABY…TAKE ME! HAVE ME! NOW! DAMN IT YOU FUCKING OLD BASTARD!!!!! OwwwwHHHH!” The whole time we were moving up and down, and sliding over eachother’s bodys. I turned him over and plunged myself into his beautiful butt. I went in deep, and laid down over his back and humped him until I came and we both shrieked with pleasure… I could clearly see he needed to got off again, so I slinked beneath him and let him masturbate on my chest. The whole thing was so satisfying, I jocked myself while he rubbed his dick against my chest. He was in such a high of horniness that it didn’t take long for him to explode. Shots of fluid got cought in my neck, to which I delighted. He came up and ate his own cum off of my neck and chin which made me splatter my cum all over his backside! I had never experienced anything more exhillerating. SUCH a good looking hunk of a man with all the manliness and sexuality that a amn could posess was making love to me, in the sand, on a beach, at nighttime, and we looked so good together. Me and daddy, more like two buddies now. All I needed now was what I had been craving the most.

“Hey you, sexy boy, fuck me.” That’s all it took, and the father I just called sexy boy, took complete control over the situation and dominated me with his hot, naked body. We wrestled around in the sand, far away from the blanket now, and played with each other a while and then he tickled my ass a little; sliding his boner up into me slowly. “Oh daddy…fuck me. Fuck me good you sexy son of a bitch! You fuck me with all of your heart, give me every inch of muscle you got! Oh shitt! You feel…oh damn…oh fuck, oh fuck me! Fuck! FUCK! FUCK!!!!! Oh my nads! Oh…put yourself inside me; make me feel your hot, hard boner up my ass! GO damn it!!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! And my dad exploded so hard, it felt like a bomb had shattered throughout my whole body, as if I could hack his cum out of my mouth.

I didn’t know it, but as soon as he finished up, he came over to suck me. I was about to come, and he pulled away and took it in the face. I enjoyed liking my cum off my father’s face, and kissing his manly facial attributes.

We laid back in the sand and after a while he reached over to stroke my cock. I got hard as a rock, and he did too as I began to pump his along with mine. We lay there and jocked each other off. I looked down and noticed how similar our naked bodies were. Our legs sure did look good mingled together. They should stay that way. Just looking at our masculine, hairy legs and our tough, ample, muscular feet made me another level of horny. “Hey buddy, let’s go wash off in the sea.” So we did, and we fully enjoyed the feeling of floating free in the salty, wavy water. Away from everything…even our clothes. I think next time dad and I get together, we’ll do more daring things…..We’ve got three days left, why not make them three days in paradise…..

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