tagIncest/TabooFathers and Daughters Ch. 01

Fathers and Daughters Ch. 01


Sorry I've had such a long break from writing, I don't know why in particular, but now I'm back with renewed energy and I hope you will enjoy my latest offering.


Hi, my name is David, I'm sitting at my desk just now compiling another batch of observations for all you happy people who like to read about this kind of stuff, you know, father and daughter stuff; I know there are plenty of you out there, judging by the amount of feedback I've been getting, for those who are new to my musings though, here's a quick introduction.

I'm a fifty five year old male with an interest in sex that is still very strong for my time of life and basically, instead of being free to indulge my online pursuits further and simply add more pictures of naked lovelies to my already large collection, I'm now being tormented by the very obvious physical delights of my eighteen year old daughter Jenny; she's driving me crazy with her ripe young body, and frankly, I don't know what to do about it, the most amazing thing is that she seems to not realise the effect she has on me.

Yes I know, already you're calling me a pervert, a dirty old man, I can tell that, but before you browse somewhere else for your jollies, just give me a chance to explain and you'll see that it's not really my fault.

The background to my situation is, I've been divorced for eight years now and my sex life has become totally dependent on the offerings of the Internet, my very active imagination, and the pleasures I can conjure up with my own right hand, or maybe my left, it depends how busy I am at the keyboard usually.

Whatever did we all do before computers came along?

We had to go out and buy dirty magazines that's what, and hoped to get served by the old lady with the understanding face.

Yes indeed, let's have a big round of applause for broadband folks, from all the wankers out there!

I've always had an eye for a beautiful woman and I suppose that's where the problem stems from, you see, my daughter Jenny is just so damn gorgeous; I don't really know where she gets it from, I'm fairly ordinary looking myself and her mother was pretty, but certainly not centrefold material; somehow we managed to spawn a long legged, perfectly proportioned beauty, with a sweetly angelic face, peaches and cream skin, sparkling green eyes and straight blonde hair; I swear she looks like some kind of Swedish model straight out of a men's magazine, oh well, I've always joked about having Viking blood in me, maybe it's true.

I'll tell you about what happened recently if you promise to keep it just between us okay?

Jenny recently came home for the summer holidays from college, she wants to be a vet of all things, good luck to her is about all I can say to the idea!

She's only been back for a week and already I'm having trouble keeping my eyes off her, as soon as she walks into the room my gaze automatically locks on to her fantastic body, no matter what she's wearing, or nearly wearing, if you know what I mean.

Why is it that young girls think it's perfectly okay to prance around the house looking sexy and alluring, they wear fine make up and skimpy clothing as if it's quite a normal thing to do, it's as though they're rehearsing what it takes to get men interested in them, with little or no regard for the other men nearby, the fathers, the brothers and the uncles, is it any wonder that stories about incest are so popular?

Like many other men in similar situations, I have to make a real effort to look away before she notices my interest; women can tell when they're being checked out by a man, so I've read, but I just can't stop myself looking at Jenny, how long will it be before she starts to feel uncomfortable with me around?

Stop worrying, just enjoy the view!

If only it was that simple.

I'm on a month's leave just now from work after a company takeover, when that period is over I'll find out if I've still got a job to return to, along with my compatriots, it's not a great position to be in but there's little I can do about it; so you see, there's no way to escape Jenny easily without making up silly excuses to go out and hey, why shouldn't I enjoy being around my own home?

So I made myself think long and hard about the situation and instead of going to pieces over it I decided to do the decent thing and be up front with Jenny, I asked her to sit down for five minutes the other day to discuss a few ground rules, so that we could hopefully avoid any embarrassing moments while she's here.

"But daddy, why do we need rules, I'm just the same girl I've always been, I bit older now of course, but what's there to be embarrassed about?"

"Well that's just it darling, you are very much a young woman now, I'm very aware of that, I can assure you."

It was mid morning and we were in the kitchen, I'd been up for ages but Jenny was still fluffy around the edges from a long lie in, she seemed to stay up half the night on her computer, chatting to friends and listening to music, they all do it at that age these days.

My eyes must have been roaming along with my mind just then because she looked down at her front and then back up at me, with a faint blush rising to her cheeks, I glanced away quickly.

"I'm showing too much leg you mean?"

I looked at the floor and coughed.

"Err, perhaps."

I was leaning with my bum against the sink, with a cup of tea in one hand and Jenny was sitting on a high stool at the breakfast bar right opposite me with her back to it, she was wearing a matching set of sleep shorts and a skinny rib vest in a soft cotton material, the outfit was pink, with little faded mermaids on it, quite old and very thin, nipple sharp thin in fact and the vest fitted her snugly; it was just the kind of thing she would wear to bed in warm weather I suppose, but trying to suggest she might put a robe on over it when walking round the house was too much like giving the game away, so I had not dared to mention that yet; the four inches of bare midriff she was showing was fascinating, there's something naturally sexy I think about a smooth tummy with a deep navel.

Down boy!

Sitting like she was, with her long legs crossed at the knee and an acre of creamy thigh showing, her straight blonde hair tumbled loosely around her shoulders, she was cradling a coffee mug while scanning a trashy gossip weekly, in fact Jenny could have been a model taking a break in a photo shoot for a good quality top shelf magazine and I can assure you, they would have been glad to have her on the books; but in reality she was just my eighteen year old daughter and I was meant to be immune to such womanly charms wasn't I, but how do you do that?

"That's ridiculous daddy, I've grown up, that's all."

"Yes you have Jenny, very proud I am of you too darling, but ..."


Her blush deepened and her nipples stood out even more as they puckered up, the outline of her wide aureoles were clearly visible through the thin vest.

"Well you know, I'm a man, you're obviously a woman now, a very lovely one at that, some lucky chap will be ..."

"Oh daddy stop, this is too awful ..!"

With that little outburst and on the verge of tears, Jenny hopped off the stool and slammed down her mug and magazine, she rushed from the kitchen and ran upstairs, leaving me with a vision of her braless tits jiggling to a halt in front of me and then two active little rabbits jogging in her pants as she rounded the kitchen door.

That went well I thought?

Later that same day, Thursday afternoon, I was indulging in my favourite hobby, sitting at the keyboard downloading pictures of beautiful girls from one of my favourite websites when someone knocked gently on the study door.

"Are you busy daddy, can I come in?"

"Yes of course darling."

I quickly switched screens to the innocent looking letter I also had up and running, I felt heat rushing to my face but managed to stay calm, I think.

"Not interrupting too much am I?"

"No no, don't be silly, just catching up on some correspondence, come on in darling."

She entered and I turned to look at her as she came towards me and sat on the spare chair, she was wearing a faded pair of old cut off jeans with ragged hems, they were brief and fitted her like a soft glove, her red and white checked shirt was tied up to show a bare midriff in typical cowgirl fashion, like you might see in any good Penthouse spread, but Jenny didn't see it that way I suppose.

"It's about this morning, our little chat."

"Oh, that, I'm sorry darling, I don't think I handled it very well did I?"

I quickly crossed my legs to disguise the lazy lob I was cultivating in my summer shorts and bumped my knee under the desk in the process.

"Ouch, this bloody desk is just not big enough."

She looked at me rather curiously but I think I got away with it.

"No, it's okay now daddy, in fact, after I'd had a little cry and a good think, I looked at myself in the mirror for a while and, well, I realise that things will never be quite the same between us again, will they?"

"No, I suppose not."

She smiled at me and my heart melted.

"I've grown up, I know, but don't get me wrong, I still feel like your little girl, deep down inside I mean, but, well my shape has changed and all that and I ..."

"It's okay Jenny, you don't have to explain any further, I think I know what you mean, let's just try to respect each other's feelings shall we and give the other person some space?"

She looked puzzled at that and I wondered if I'd said the wrong thing.

"I'm not sure quite how to put this darling but I ..."

She stood up abruptly with a flush rising to her cheeks, those golden thighs were at eye level now.

"Don't bother trying to explain, you don't want me around and that's all there is to it!"

"No of course that's not it, I just mean ..."

She looked questioningly at me and pouted, with a trembling bottom lip.

Find the right words quickly, you dickhead!

Her eyes were moist and those big lashes waved up and down like seductive fans, she rubbed her hands nervously on the fronts of her thighs, those lovely tapered thighs, with the shorts cut so high and ...

"Don't run away again, stay and talk it over with me?"

Jenny sniffed, and I thought she was going to burst into tears and dash off again, I turned away on my swivel chair to look out of the window, it was lovely outside, a gorgeous July afternoon and I needed to change the subject fast.

"It's lovely out there, why don't we ..."

Before I could finish speaking, soft hands encircled my neck and I felt the firmness of her young breasts leaning into my shoulder as she gave me a big hug.

Stay sitting down you fool, do not stand up!

"I'm sorry daddy, I'm not sure I understand the problem but I'll try not to make a nuisance of myself, you're right, we do need some space."

She leaned into me, her hands were clasped on my chest, not a million miles from my troubled groin area, so I turned my upper body towards her quickly and she pulled back a little; with her shirt gaping open like that down to the third button I risked just the briefest of looks, my mouth feeling very dry all of a sudden.

Did she notice?

"Silly me, you get back to your letter now and I'll go and get us some cold drinks, it is nice outside."

She stood on her toes to see past me out of the window and arching her exquisite form like that emphasised the cute lift of her butt.

Oh yes, thank you Lord!

She stepped back a little, and as she bent again to kiss my forehead I stole a longer look down into that inviting pink valley between her well formed tits, she wasn't wearing a bra, I guessed her to be about 34C but she didn't really need the support.

You should know Dave, after all the tits you've drooled over.

"Love you daddy."

As she walked towards the door I checked out the ragged edges of her shorts, they were only half concealing those magical creases where her buttocks became her thighs, she paused and looked back at me over her shoulder.



"Fruity, fruit juice, or milk, or a beer if you really must?"

"Oh, no, not beer, orange juice would be lovely."

"Are you sure you're okay daddy?"

"Yes, yes, I'm just a bit warm, that's all."

I was unable to control my penis and it was straining to get out, I kept my hands over my lap and pushed down, thanking God for baggy shorts, I already felt a damp patch forming from the pre come I was oozing; Jenny just didn't seem to get it, there I was, turned on by my own daughter's presence to the point of wanting to wank myself stupid, but she just breezed off without a care in the world.


I heard her in the kitchen next, as she clattered some bottles around in the fridge door, I put my hand in the pocket of my shorts and gave my dick a good squeeze.

Leave it alone, she'll be back any minute!

I flicked the keys back to the other screen and a sweet young thing with black hair and slavic features was stuffing her tight looking cunt with a banana for me and a few million other online viewers, the banana was the only thing she was wearing just then, apart from a broad smile on her cute face, she was all of sixteen at a guess, but of course the website claimed she was eighteen like they always do; who the hell checks while they're all stripping out of their pretty little underwear, that's what I'd like to know?

I so wanted to get my cock out and do something that would need tissues, but I knew I couldn't with Jenny around, as I've said already, for an older guy I'm pretty horny, at least I think so anyway.

How many times a week do you masturbate, what is normal?

"Here you are daddy, I put some ice in it, and a slice of lemon."

Just in time, I'd switched screens again as she came in and handed me the cold glass, I took a long sip through the straw and tried to calm my racing heartbeat, I felt sure she would notice my agitated condition but I kept my legs crossed and hunched my body forwards to hide the problem.

"Mmmm, lovely, just what I needed."

I held the glass to my cheek and breathed out very slowly, Jenny was perched with her bum against the front of my desk, leaning back with her long legs crossed at the slender ankles, she was wearing a delicate gold chain there which I remembered buying for her wrist one birthday, I have to admit it looked much better worn like that and her bare feet and painted toe nails made me think of harem girls for some reason.


My face was quite close to her well toned thighs in my ungainly position and I couldn't help noticing the tiniest of pale golden hairs just catching the light there, I wondered if her pubic hair was also soft and downy, was it blonde too?

You know it will be!

Another pearl of stickiness pulsed from my bell end as I found myself pondering what my daughter's quim looked like as she stood right in front of me, I took a gulp of cold fruit juice and closed my eyes.

Keep your head Dave, think about something mundane, look out of the window again.

"Oh well father, that's me sorted with some fluids in, so I'm going out to give that exercise bike a good hammering, call me if I get too carried away won't you, half an hour should be long enough I reckon in this sun."

She plonked her empty glass on the desk and headed for the door, her hips were hypnotic once again and she blew me a kiss as she departed, I wondered what she would think if she knew I was, at that very moment, trying to figure out what kind of knickers she was wearing under those denims, if any at all.

Does she wear thongs?

I stood up and went to the open study door, I waited until I heard her open the back door, all the while rubbing my burning erection through my shorts, I was in a right state by this time and I knew I wanted to do something serious about it, but what exactly?

Jenny said half an hour, that's plenty of time!

That's right, half an hour, it would only take a few minutes once I got my cock out because I was so well primed, the easiest option was just to go back to the computer and soak up some more pictures, grab the tissue box and ...

That's boring, do something different for a change.

Yes, why not, but what exactly?

I picked up the used glasses and tiptoed quietly to the kitchen, Jenny had left the back door wide open and I could easily hear the humming noise made by the flywheel of the exercise bike out on the patio, so I kept my head low and took a careful peek out of the window.

There was my lovely daughter, only half under the big sun shade, she'd be working up quite a sweat judging by the pace she was setting; the bike was sideways on to my view, facing towards the double garage doors of our L shaped house, Jenny's shining legs were pumping up and down and her shorts were already sticking to the saddle so as to reveal the higher curve of her thigh, along with a fair slice of bum cheek.

Yes, go on girl.

Suddenly, I realised I had my hand down the front of my shorts and was holding my stiffness, only a few feet separated us and yet I wanted to flip myself out and have a wank right there and then, I could easily get off just by watching my daughter's body moving, her tits were on the loose inside the small shirt, her thighs were a golden blur, I wanted to spurt all over the kitchen floor right then but it was just too damn risky!


I couldn't do it, she only had to stop for a few seconds and she might hear my heavy breathing.


What if I was right on the vinegar stroke and she hopped off the bike to come inside for another drink?

Stop dithering!

Then it hit me, if I went up to Jenny's room which was right above the garage, I'd have a full frontal view of her on the bike, yes, go for it!

I took the stairs two at a time and nearly tripped on the top landing because my shorts were half way down my legs by then, I threw them into my bedroom as I passed the open doorway, then I strolled calmly into my daughter's room with my hard on bobbing from under my tee shirt lewdly; as I stood in front of her full length mirror I gave myself quite a start.

You dirty old bastard!

My reflection was quite impressive though, not bad for someone of my age, I stood there with my hips thrusting a couple of times and sucked in my belly as much as possible, I turned through ninety degrees and examined my reflection, I moved my hips from side to side and let my meaty cock slap against my thighs a few times; I've got a good eight inches down below when it's erect, with a very loose foreskin that I can pull right back to the base and I did exactly that as I looked at my shining pink bell end, I wanked slowly and luxuriously for a minute and thought about Jenny in those skimpy pyjama's earlier in the day.

She's bloody gorgeous man!

Behind me on the bed, the mirror revealed an assortment of discarded clothing which included the pj's she'd worn that morning, a lot of it was skimpy stuff and included underwear, Jenny was never known for being tidy in her room, I ran my fingers over the soft pink sleep shorts and actually picked them up for a sniff, it was the first time I had ever done that with any of Jenny's things and I knew it was so wrong, but so exciting at the same time and my dick pulsed warmly in my hand.

Have a look in her underwear drawer while the coast is clear.

I was torn between that idea and Jenny on the bike.

Stop wasting time!

I turned and edged carefully towards the window with my burning prick in one hand and the sleep shorts held to my nose, I peered cautiously round the curtain until I could look down to the patio and see Jenny.

Look at those shorts riding up!

I rubbed myself harder as I took in the amazing sight of my eighteen year old daughter pumping away on the bike, she was really giving it some effort and from that angle I could see her tits moving freely inside the shirt, she'd opened a fourth button for more ventilation and there was only the knotted part above her tummy that was keeping them from spilling out, it was a pity I'd left those mini binoculars of mine in the car, I could have zoomed right in.

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