tagIncest/TabooFather's Day Campus Visit Ch. 1

Father's Day Campus Visit Ch. 1


I was excited to visit my daughter for the first time since she went away to college. IT was the first time for her to be away from home. First time in so long for me to be back on a college campus. I was looking forward to spending the father's day weekend with my sweet daughter. She is almost 19 very cute, athletic, fit, and very mature. She is a soccer player.

My daughter is very gorgeous. She is about 5.6, 125 lbs., very fit muscular soccer player thighs, gorgeous legs, flat stomach, very nice round cute sexy ass, and she is the only one in the team that has 34D tits. When she would come running to the car when I go pick her up I can see her hard nipples sticking out from her sports bra. As soon as she gets home she would take her jersey off and walk around the house in sports bra and sexy soccer shorts. When she wiggles her ass in those shorts, it stops my heart.

There was one time when she threw her clothes on the floor and dashed into the shower naked not realizing I was standing right there. That was the first time I had seen Jenny fully naked in her all glory gorgeous cute teenage body. I was amazed at how gorgeous she was, how sweet round and perfect her butt was and how sexy she looked and how she had managed to keep her crotch completely shaved and bald. That night I thought about Jenny while lying in bed.

Anyway she picks me up at the airport - looking all gorgeous and sweet and sexy. We drive to her apartment. Her roommate will be busy studying and spending time with her dad. I went into the bathroom to freshen up and put on my dinner suite. As I came out I saw her dash out of her room to avoid me look at her. She was naked again with the same old cute tooshie and gorgeous butt and sexy breasts. As she ran out she yelled "oh not the second time dad - why you always catch me naked" she laughed and went into her roommate's bathroom.

10 minutes later my gorgeous daughter walks out with a killer black gown-type dress with spaghetti straps. Her breasts pushed up and cleavage looking so sexy. Her gorgeous round tight butt sticking out from her dress, which makes her look, like a model. You can't see her nipples through the black dress but they are hard I can tell. She smiles and says "so how come you always manage to catch me naked dad?" she gives me a smile that can melt iron. I smiled back and said, "May be because you want me to." I winked at her and she winked back and said, "I hope I didn't embarrass you daddy" and all I can say was "no just made me hot" we looked at each other smiled and walked out the door to go to dinner. During dinner she sat next to me and kept placing her hand on my thigh. What a naughty daughter I have. I don't know what had gotten into her but I was not about to complain.

After dinner we went for a quick walk on campus and ended up going to a nice dance club. We both love to dance so after a couple of beers we ended up on the dance floor doing dirty dance of grind and moan to almost any song. I was getting hard - I was afraid she would be able to feel my fat thickness as she grinds her pelvic area against my crotch. I didn't help matters, as when she would grind her crotch against mine I would have my hand on her butt and pulling her more into me. We pretended as if we were on a date enjoyed our time until the bar closed at 1am.

As we got home there was a note on the refrigerator from her roommate that read, "my dad was a no show. My little brother fell off the bike. Hope you and your dad are having a good weekend. Jessica came to keep me company" I was too much into my daughter to think about anything else. We walked over to her room so I could go change and crash on the couch when we both heard moaning and giggling sounds from her roommate's bedroom. We both brought our ears close to the door to hear shelly (her roommate) and Jessica moaning and panting and telling each other how good her tongue feels inside her pussy. My jaw dropped. My daughter smiled at me and motioned me to get away from the door. We didn't say a word then but by our eye contacts, body language, and smiles and winks it was obvious that I was excited to hear that her roommate was having sex with another woman. Anyway I change in Jenny's bathroom into boxers and tee shirt and tiptoed back out of her room to the couch but not before stopping at Shelly's door to hear moans and pants and whimpers and "oh shit oh fuck - fuck me make me cum” I smiled motioned my daughter letting her know things are going well in that room and got under the covers on the couch.

A half an hour later I heard Shelly’s door open and two girls walked out towards the main door. After a few whispers and kisses Jessica left. In the dim light of the room I noticed Shelly was wearing satin panties and nothing else no shirt no bra as she wiggled her ass back towards the bedroom. Interestingly enough she knocks on Jenny's bedroom, the door opens and she stands there for 10 minutes naked talking to Jenny. They finally hug and Shelly goes into her own bedroom and shuts the door and Jenny does the same.

What seems like an hour or more, I heard Jenny's door open and I see her shadow walk out and towards me. She comes over and sits next to me and looks me right in the eye. "I can't sleep daddy - I am just restless” Not knowing what’s wrong I asked her if she was thinking about Jessica and Shelly and she said "no daddy I am thinking about our dancing - I liked it can we dance again right now” I didn't know what to think but all I saw was my babygurl's sweet innocent face asking daddy to dance with her. I got up in my boxers and tee shirt and followed her to her room. She shuts the door and puts on a dance number but very soft. We start to grind dance again but this time she seems more aggressive. She grabs my butt and pulls me towards her; she grinds more hard against me and kisses my cheek and lips several times. Then she turns around and faces her butt to my crotch and starts to grind and wiggle and tease me with her butt cheeks. I can't help but hold onto her waist and guide her grinding motion against my crotch, which is harder than hell right now. She was bent over so far down and her ass was sticking to my crotch so hard that I was obvious she was doing this on purpose. That was confirmed when she brings her hands back holds her ass cheeks wide apart and pushes her crack into my crotch resting my hardness almost between the crack. I hold onto her waist and move in the fucking motion no longer dancing to the beat.

After a few minutes, she turns around slides her panties off and yanks my boxers off and start to grind dance again - only this time her moist pussy lips are grinding against my hard fat daddycock. I am about 8" long and 4" thick its hard fat and I shave my balls and crotch area clean. As Jenny grinds her pussy against my hard fat cock I hold onto her back and guide her motion to help her grind it just enough to rub the head of my cock against her wet slit. She then repeats her motion of grinding her ass against my cock - only this time my cock is resting between the crack of her gorgeous ass as I grab hold of her waist and start to grind with her. This goes on for a few minutes until she turns around kisses my cheeks gets down on her knees and engulfs my FAT hard cock in her mouth all the way cupping my heavy balls and stroking my base. No words were spoken just heavy breathing and panting sounds and sucking and slurping sounds of her licking my pre-cum off the tip of my thick swollen cock head.

As I look down I see my gorgeous daughter looking up in my eyes and smiles as she stuffs her gorgeous sweet mouth with my full fat thick mancock. She moves her head up and down to suck my cock and give me the feeling of sliding my cock in a tight little wet cunt. Only that it was her mouth and that I was holding the back of her head to guide her sucking and fucking motion. As my balls get tightened, her mouth gets wet and hot, my cock gets thicker, and I moan and start to shoot gobs and gobs of sweet cum into her mouth. She drinks it all except a few drops that drool out of the side of her mouth and onto my balls, which she later licks them clean. I lift her up kiss her mouth hug her tight and lay her down onto the bed, spread eagle. I get between her legs and first time see a gorgeous puffy lipped swollen lips bare shaven and pink pussy lips of my babygurl up close. I slide down between her legs and start to slide my tongue over her hot little clitty sucking her pussy lips and sliding my tongue inside her pussy hole. After 10 minutes of eating her gorgeous pussy she crosses her legs around my head and screams as she cums and cums and cums into my mouth.

As we recover from our craziness, she says " oh god daddy that was the best pussy licking I have ever felt - now I need a hard cock to pound into my empty cunt - will you please fuck my pussy daddy?" All I can do was nod and before I could say anything Jenny's mouth was locked around my cock and she was sucking it to make it hard and fat and thick again. In no time my cock was fully erect and I was ready to slide it into my babygurl's sweet pussy hole. She pushes me back onto the bed. As I lay on my back with my cock sticking out and up, she lowers her gorgeous honey sweet cunt onto my fat cock pole - slowly at first to get used to an incredibly fat thick knob. Once she got used to it she started riding me like a fucking horse that I am, grabbing the thickness of my cock with her cunt lips. I massage and pinch her nipples and massage her gorgeous thighs and waist and butt cheeks as she slams her cunt onto my fat cock and shoves it up her cunt all the way until my balls are slapping and grinding against her ass crack. In no time I hear her moan and whimper as she throws her head back and drenches my cock and balls and my thighs with the sweetest pussy cream ever. As she comes down from her natural high she feels my cock getting harder inside her hot cunt - she grinds her ass cheeks against my balls, flexes her muscles and massages my cock and balls until I can't take it anymore and shoot my load of cum into her horny cunt. My balls still grinding against her ass crack.

As she sat there on top of my cock getting softer inside her horny cunt and as I lay there feeling her cunt juices drip down my thighs we sensed a presence of somebody. It was Shelly standing by the door with her hands in her panties no shirt, nipples hard, a smile on her face as she said "Can’t wait to share the family..."

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