tagIncest/TabooFather's Day Campus Visit Ch. 3

Father's Day Campus Visit Ch. 3


I dozed off right away. Jenny in my arms. Her head resting on my hairy chest. 4 hours later I woke up to find Jenny still in my arms her eyes starring at me and she has a smile on her face to die for. “Shelly took off dad – she had a study group for the rest of the day” I smiled “did you like fucking and getting fucked by shelly sweetie” and all I got was a naughty nod from her biting her lower lips. “But daddy I’d rather have this monster cock to play with every day” as she said that her hands slid under the sheets and she started to cup my shaved balls and stroke my semi hard cock. “Honey we better get some breakfast-I need some energy” all we could do was smile and close our eyes. My hand caressing her soft hair and sliding down to massaging her butt and her hand just resting on my fat cock.

We woke up half an hour later and after breakfast and some grocery shopping came back to her place. Jenny was looking rather sexy with her short blue sweat shorts clinging to her rather round tight and sweet gorgeous ass. Her light blue thongs showing from the top of her shorts when she would bend over or lift her hands up high because her tee shirt was very short – making her incredible large sexy breasts stick out – with nipples hard and showing. I could not resist several times while we were out to kiss her on her lips and grab her butt. “Daddy not in public – you are going to make me wet and then I am going to have to take you right here – hehehee”

We got home and were so hot for each other that we went right to the bedroom. We undressed each other and got completely naked. I admired her gorgeous body touched her all over and caressed every inch of her body touching her soft body with my hands fingers toes chest and hardening cock. Her hands were roaming all over my body and every chance she would get she would grab my butt.

I got on the bed on my back and got on top of me – kissed me on the lips and started rubbing her pussy against my fat cock. I looked her in the eyes and said, “honey turn around” we both smiled and she swung around. I was starring at the most gorgeous teenage pussy in the world and starting to feel a rather wet and warm mouth around my cock. I spread her pussy lips wider opened her pussy saw that she was already creaming and slid my tongue inside her tight little pussy hole – wet and sweet I could suck and lick her clitty and fuck her pussy with my tongue or suck on her puffy pussy lips making them puffier and wetter. She was cumming like a waterfall. Drenching my face with her babygurl’s juices. At the same time the feeling of her warm wet mouth around my cock and her soft hands cupping my balls and massaging them or sometimes sucking my balls in her mouth drove me nuts. She knew when I was close to cumming and she would stop and blow warm hair on it from her mouth to stop me from cumming.

I was about to shove my tongue deep inside her pussy one more time and spread her butt cheeks so I can poke a finger up her anus – I heard “what the fuck is going on here” We both jumped and looked towards the door to find my wife- her mother standing there with her mouth half open. “Just what in the fucking world do you two think you are doing?” Mark, you are just …. Jenny you are such a slut for fucking your father ….. “. She got angrier with us cause we had a sharp smile on her faces – then finally after mumbling a few crazy words she realized why we were not scared or afraid of the fact that we got caught fucking. She was standing by the doorway – wearing light blue dress that came down to her knees she had her front two top buttons open flustered look on her face and she had one hand between her legs rubbing her crotch and other hand slowly reaching for her breasts after dropping her handbag. I don’t know what came over me – all I said was “oh honey just get naked and come taste your daughter’s sweet pussy it tastes just like your sweet gorgeous cunt” “yeah mom come fuck my pussy mom – let me taste your sweet pussy too – see what dad brags about “ My wife, as if under a spell, sheds her clothing and walks over to us. Jenny gets off of me and pushes me over so she can lay on her back next to me – My wife has a glazed look on her face and licking her lips – she gets down on her hands and knees in front of her daughter between her legs spreads them wide exposes her pussy with her two hands and sticks out a long wet tongue to slide over her daughter’s hard pink clitty – sending jenny into trembles and screams of cum. Jenny tries to find something to hold onto but all she can get her hands on is her dad’s fat hard cock. She grabs onto my fat prick and starts to stroke it and massage it and cup my balls again as her mother clearly starts to eat her cunt sucking her pussy lips licking her clitty shoving her tongue down her wet pussy hole- I said to my wife “honey poke her anus she likes her ass poked while getting fucked – just like you” my wife looks up into jenny’s eyes gives her the naughtiest smile I have ever seen on a girl and spreads her ass cheeks by sliding her hands under her. Her face disappears into jenny’s pussy hole and cunt licking action while she starts to probe jenny’s anus with her sweet long fingers.

Daddy come closer bring your cock over here – as I move closer on my knees jenny so sweetly and gently holds my balls in her soft hands and brings my fat cock to her mouth and starts to suck and lick my balls and my cock. My wife looks up for a few second to watch my cock go in and out of jenny’s soft mouth “you like sucking daddys fat cock don’t you you little slut” “ you like having your pussy licked and your butt fucked by your mommy uh sweetie? “ And all jenny could do is nod her head her mouth pack with daddys huge fat cock and her cunt being eaten and sucked on by her gorgeous mother. I was pinching her nipples that were getting harder and larger. The site of my gorgeous wife sucking and eating my equally gorgeous daughter was an incredible site in the world. I could not hold any longer and had to cum. I thought about it for a second and my eyes were locked on my wife’s gorgeous butt spread eagle as she was bent over doggie style to eat my daughter’s cunt. After dropping some pre-cum in my daughter’s mouth I jumped up and got behind my wife and positioned myself to take her. I slid my cock in her pussy realizing how dripping wet she is already. I had no problem sliding my whole 8-inch long and 4” thick cock in her tight little pussy hole. As I start to pump her cunt her face was getting shoved deeper and deeper into my daughter’s cunt and her tongue was sliding deeper and deeper inside her pussy. I could not resist looking at such a gorgeous puckered ass hole and shoved a finger up her butt. That did it – my wife shoved her finger up my daughter’s anus and sucked on her clitty so hard. She started to wiggle her butt against my finger and my cock so that her clit was rubbing against my hard shaft and my balls were slapping against her pussy. It was so intense that all three of us came at the same time – you could hear nothing but moans and screams and an occasional “fuck oh shit - oh fuck yes yes” from any one of us. We all collapsed in one bed on top of each other almost with smiles on our faces. My wife said “so this is what the father’s day weekends are like – I wonder what we can do for the mother’s day weekend” and both jenny and my wife giggled like little gurls. "I came to surprise you guys cause I was so lonely at home alone - and you guys ended up surprising me - I like that"

We all dozed off with my daughter’s soft hands on her daddys cock and my wife’s head resting on my hairy chest as I scratched her back with my fingernails gently.

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