tagIncest/TabooFather's Day Present Ch. 2

Father's Day Present Ch. 2


I couldn't believe what just happened. My gorgeous daughter woke me up by slurping her wet sweet mouth around my swollen cock and made me cum and drank all my milky white cum.

... Still dumbfounded and half dazed I follow my gorgeous daughter out of my room. She is wearing no tee shirt, no bra, just white cotton panties that hug her sweet round tight gorgeous ass really tight. As she walks her ass wiggles, the cloth of her panties slides all the way in and then out of the crack of her ass - the wiggle of her tight ass and the sway of her hips and the movement of her gorgeous waist is all I see - as she drags me by my hands out of my room and into the bathroom.

I have no tee shirt on and am standing there in the boxers with a slight tent pole which is starting to rise looking at my daughter's gorgeous ass. I stops, turns around and slides her hands in the elastic band of my boxers. Slowly as she slides them off she gets down on her knees. She kisses my semi-erect cock and fondles my balls and then gets up. All the time have this incredibly naughty smile on her face. Now she makes me sit facing out on the edge of the tub and standing in front of me proceeds to remove her only piece of clothing that she has on -her white cotton panties. I noticed that her crotch area had a dark liquidy patch on it - very wet - almost dripping. I can also smell the strong sweet smell of her sex - my babygurl is a woman. As she slides her panties off I notice that the front of her panties are sticking to her shaved mound due to wetness. As her panties reach her feet, she removes them and while still bent over she turns around and tosses the panties into the hamper - giving me an incredible view of her swollen pussy lips, wet pussy, hard clitty and oh my goodness - for the very first time her sweet tight pink ass hole.

After wiggling her butt in front of my face for a few seconds she turns around, gets me up and makes me stand under the showerhead. Warm water hits us both and she starts to shampoo my hair - coming very close to me - enough to rub her nipples against my hairy chest and rubbing her crotch against my cock.... kissing me on the cheeks a couple of times and smiling that naughty smile.

After rinsing my hair she proceeds to lather up the smooth washcloth with some nice smelling body wash - making me turn around she works my back, my shoulders, lower back and then my ass cheeks. I can still feel her hard nipples against my back and it’s driving me crazy. I feel her soapy hand slide in the crack of my ass and massage my butt. I don't know what it is about when women massage my ass and play with my hole I get harder and fatter and bigger. My wife knows to finger my ass while she is sucking my cock - she knows it makes me fatter, harder, and bigger and makes me cum even more. After a few seconds of that torture my daughter turns me around to face her again. My eyes are closed due to intensity of the feeling. I feel the cloth on my arms, my chest, my neck, my stomach, then on my cock and under my balls and over my balls, and then she wraps the soft cloth around my fat cock and massages me for a few seconds. - Then she proceeds to get down on her knees and massages my fat cock and my heavy cum-filled balls and my legs.

After rinsing me - she hands me the wash cloth, smiles and says "my turn now daddy - will you do me now? " I soap up the cloth, give her my daddy smile and turn her around - giving her the same treatment in the back that she gave me. Only she leans over a bit while I was massaging her round ass and spreads her legs so I can easily see her pink ass hole - I had to return the favor so I slid my finger inside her tight little ass hole which made her moan out load "oh God daddy - yes" as I slide my finger slowly in and out of her sweet ass hole - I take my thumb and slide it over her pussy at the same time - making her shudder with cum - Then I turn her around to face me and I proceed to massage and wash her breasts and hard nipples and her pussy lips and her hard clitty her legs and on my way back up again her cunt and her gorgeous puffy pussy lips. As the water started to rinse her while I was still on my knees I could not resist the shaved bald pussy with swollen lips and hard clitty - in front of me and I slide my tongue over her clitty -

She grabs my head and pulls me deeper into her cunt, forcing my tongue to slide in her cunt all the way - her legs spread and she starts to cum and cream my face - I grab her ass cheeks and massage them and finger her ass crack as my tongue laps at her cunt, sucks on her pussy lips and slides in and out of her gorgeous pussy hole. After making her cum a few times we got out of the shower and dried each other in silence 'cause we just couldn’t take this teasing anymore.

She turns around ... "daddy - are you ready for your present now? " with that naughty smile and I felt a little jerk in my cock. That’s yet another story ...

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