tagInterracial LoveFatima Sayyid of Vanier Ch. 11

Fatima Sayyid of Vanier Ch. 11


"Good morning my love," Fatima Sayyid said, smiling beatifically at her lover, the handsome Raul James. The tall and burly Haitian stud sprawled on their bed, a look of anticipation on his dark, handsome face. Without further ado, Fatima squatted over Raul's face, and began smothering him with her thick bronze ass. Time to get this show on the road...

"Now that's what I call breakfast in bed," Raul James said, as Fatima's big ass squashed his face. Grasping those voluminous ass cheeks with both hands, Raul began working his tongue deep into his lady love's delicious asshole. A happy sigh escaped Fatima's lips as Raul's tongue slid deep into her backdoor. That's more like it, Fatima thought happily as she began rocking back and forth on Raul's face.

"Eat this ass, if you know what's good for you," Fatima teased Raul, totally getting into female domination mode. Lately, she and Raul had been experimenting with kinky sex, and the Haitian stud seemed to be quite turned on with her bossy side. If that's what Raul liked, then that's what Fatima would be for him. Pinching her nipples with one hand and rubbing her wet, hairy pussy with the other, Fatima moaned in pleasure. This morning was turning out to be a lot of fun...

"Yes ma'am," Raul paused to say, and he savored every sensation and every smell as he devoured Fatima's asshole. A lot of brothers out there refused to admit that they enjoy the taste of female ass, but Raul was not of them. The Haitian brother ate female ass the way other men ate chocolate, and he was quite passionate about it...

"Oh yeah, just like that," Fatima squealed, and Raul twisted his tongue inside her asshole, causing the Arabian Muslim MILF's squeals to reach a whole new pitch. Raul knew her body almost as well as she did, and he knew exactly which buttons to push, so to speak. Fatima's stomach rumbled, and she tensed up, sensing a fart coming. When she warned Raul about it, he actually laughed it off.

"Blast those farts away, Habibti," Raul paused to say, and Fatima bit her tongue, squeezed her thick ass cheeks, and then cut loose. Seconds later, she actually farted, right on Raul's face. While a lot of men would have been disgusted, and seriously turned off by such a turn of events, Raul actually welcomed it. The Haitian brother loved his favorite Arab MILf's ass...and everything to do with it. Opening his mouth, Raul actually swallowed Fatima's fart, and then tickled her asshole with his wicked tongue...

"Oh fuck yeah, suck those mommy farts and eat that ass," Fatima shrieked, driven absolutely wild by how voraciously Raul ate her ass. The Haitian stud propped her up on all fours, face down and ass up, and ate her ass like a hungry man. And he didn't rush things either, instead, he took his sweet time. Raul's tongue explored every fold, every nook and cranny of Fatima's asshole, and she felt herself melt. Indeed, the foxy gal was like putty in her man's hands, and they both knew it.

"Now that's what I call ass play," Raul James said, a little while later. Fatima Sayyid lay in his arms, panting a bit, still glowing from the thorough ass licking she just got from him. The Arab Muslim MILF looked at her handsome Haitian lover, and smiled faintly before taking his face into her hands. They shared a passionate kiss, and then continued with their wicked fun.

"Let's do this, sexy man," Fatima said, and a smiling Raul knelt before her, and then kissed her feet. The Haitian stud proceeded to suck his lady's toes, one at a time, while she sat on the bed, pleased with his display of adoration and obedience. This female domination thing is actually erotic, Fatima thought, and she felt a tingle in her pussy as Raul continued to worship her. This was going to be so much fun...

"Let me take care of you, my goddess," Raul said, and he spread Fatima's thick bronze thighs, and inhaled the unique scent of her womanhood. Fatima smiled as Raul proceeded to kiss her sex, and then he teased her clitoris with his tongue. Fatima leaned back, thoroughly enjoying herself as Raul began eating her pussy like his life depended on it. She was actually impressed with his dedication to this kinky session and its myriad rules...

"Do your job," Fatima murmured, and she watched, amazed, as Raul ate her pussy with a passion which surprised her, even though they'd been seeing each other for a while. The brother licked, probed and teased her pussy like a hungry man. when Fatima came, shrieking passionately as hot girly cum came out of her womanhood like a flood, Raul drank every last drop of it.

"Are you ready for more, my goddess?" Raul asked, and Fatima nodded, smiling at him. Without another word, Fatima grabbed Raul's dick, and looked at it, long and thick, dark and glistening, right in the palm of her hand. Fatima knelt before Raul, aware that this was definitely breaking the female domination/male submission protocol, and not giving a damn. Raul sighed happily as Fatima began sucking his dick like it was nobody's business...

"You came without my permission, Raul, for this I must punish you," Fatima said, a few moments later, stroking Raul's dick after he came all over her face. Raul mumbled an apology, and Fatima rolled her eyes dismissively, and then ordered him to get on all fours. Sighing, Raul did as he was told, both turned on and disturbed with how easily female domination came to his usually soft-spoken Fatima...

"I am yours to command, my goddess," Raul said, and Fatima donned a pair of gloves, and then reached into her purse, pulling out a bottle of Aveeno cream. Fatima ordered him to spread his ass cheeks, and when Raul did that, she began fingering his asshole, and then lubricated him before fingering him some more. Time for the Haitian stud to find out what Arab female domination was all about...

"The things I'm going to do to your cute ass, my sexy man," Fatima said to Raul, as she pulled a phallic object out of her purse. Raul smiled as he watched Fatima don the strap-on dildo, and she glared at him menacingly, in full domination mode now. Fatima got behind Raul and smacked his ass none too gently, then spread his cheeks wide open. Pressing the dildo against Raul's asshole, Fatima leaned into him and gave it a good thrust. Raul sighed as Fatima began to fuck his ass with slow, deep thrusts.

Raul groaned as Fatima gripped his hips and fucked him silly. The curvy, big-bottomed and totally sexy, fifty-something Arab gal fucked him with a vigor beyond her years. Raul felt her dildo invade his ass, and he absolutely welcomed it. He had been fucking each and every one of her holes for months, and he wanted to see if Fatima Sayyid could overcome fourteen centuries of Arabian Muslim social and cultural conditioning and become a domination. The answer was a resounding yes...and Raul absolutely loved it. Fatima fucked him hard, and did not let up until Raul actually begged for mercy...

"I hope you had fun, handsome," Fatima Sayyid said to her lover Raul James, as they stepped into the shower, a few minutes later. Raul nodded eagerly and kissed Fatima passionately. Fatima smiled as Raul grabbed her thick ass and slapped it playfully, and then they began making love. The passionate couple has broken new ground in their lovemaking and it was a wonder to behold. What will they think of next?

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