tagRomanceFatso, Peanut, & Stallion

Fatso, Peanut, & Stallion


Most people thought of Ma and Pa Tully as "White Trash." They weren't really. They are "Swamp People" living as several generations of their kin had before them. They scratched out a living working the swamps and bayous, living in a three room ramshackle house near "Forked Lake," South of Abbleville, Louisiana

Tilly Tully is a second generation child. Ma was forty-three when Tilly came into the world. Once Tilly was weaned, she pretty much was on her own. Ma, was just worn out. She was a fat woman, weighting all of three hundred pounds, which she carried poorly, even thought she was six foot tall.

Tilly weighted two hundred pounds by the time she was a senior in high school. She rode the school bus each day to and from Abbeville High School. Abbleville was a small school. Everyone had a nickname. Tilly's was Fatso. The other kids did not think of her as a girl, she was just Fatso.

Tilly was gifted with a quick wit, as well as the ability to tell jokes and stories that were funny as hell. Because of that, she was included in the activities of both the boys and the girls, neither thinking of her as a girl, just a fun person to have around. Sort of like a mascot.

After she graduated, she took three classes at the local business college. Her much older sister, trying to help her better herself, mentioned that she had heard that old Mrs. Middleson had let it be known, that a ward of the state in her care, was too much for her, and she was willing for someone else to take over his care. The state would pay $925.00 a month to a person that took him on.

For Tilly, that was the break of a lifetime. A week later Tilly was introduced to her ward. He was Milton Edward Shorhampton, better know as "Peanut." He was twenty-four, stood 5' 8", weight one hundred, fifty-three pounds, was average looking, with a lovable smile on his face. Retarded.

Tilly was allowed to become his ward because he was easy to manage, He could not live on his own. He had limited recall. He was prone to just wander off.

With the very first check, Tilly purchased a 1990 VW Fox with seventy-six thousand miles on it. You may not think that was a big deal, but to Tilly, it was huge. She now had wheels.

Tilly's best friend was Sarah Dunn. Birds of a feather flock together, they say. In this case, it was true. Sarah weighted over two hundred pounds, was very sharp, and like Tilly had never had a date with a boy. Shorter then Tilly's six foot, the boys called her "White Barrel."

Tilly's car never sat still. Everywhere you saw her, "Peanut" was along too. The reason Peanut was called peanut was because he loved peanuts. If you had some, he would stay nearby waiting for a handout.

Just after classes ended for the year, on a sweltering hot day when the temperature and humidity were both in the nineties, Sarah said to Tilly, "Darn, sure would be a hoot to go jump in the "Ester Hole." Ester Hole is a little know swimming spot five miles from Tilly's home.

"Tarnation, taint got a suit for Peanut or me."

"Ah, you don't need none t'all. Peanut don't never mind."

"Sure right bout that. We tis going."

Ester Hole is at the end of a dirt road. It is surrounded by thick vegetation. The hole itself is thirty feet round, four feet deep, part of "Reed Creek." The swamp people kept it clear of snakes and gators.

Both girls took off their jeans and blouses. Naked, they looked at Peanut, then each other. "He will wander off if we don't take him into the water."

Matter of factly, Sarah nodded. They took his clothes off.

Tilly had seen his cock before, but Sarah had not. The end hung four inches below his balls. Tilly shrugged, "First one I've ever seen." "Me too."

They all jumped into the water, the two virgins with Peanut. Fat girls easily float. Sarah was next to Peanut. She ran her hand to his cock, and begin to feel it. She ran her hand up and down it. It slowly got hard, even though Peanut kept his eye on Tilly who was paddling some distance away.

Sarah said, "Tilly, y'all come over and take a look at this."

Tilly ran her hand up and down his shaft. The girls just looked at each other. From the glint in her eye, Tilly knew that Sarah wanted to do more with Peanut's hard cock. Floating, she wrapped her legs around peanut, while using her hands on his shoulder to lift herself.

When her pussy was positioned on the head of Peanut's cock, she released the pressure and settled down onto his cock. Sarah closed her eyes, as her ass shifted back and forward, giving her a first fuck. When she finished, Tilly took her place.

If any of the "Swamp Men" had happened to come along, both girls would have received the fucking of their life.

The girls got obsessed with fucking Peanut. It was easy to produce an erection, but impossible to have him thrust his ass, so the girls experimented with ways for them to get the deepest, fastest, penetration, using their own efforts, a skill not many women posses..

One way was to have him lie on his back with a bowl of peanuts with reach. He would lie there, while the girls would sit on his cock, hands near his head. Their fur lined cunts would snap back, forward, side to side, as their fat bellies, and tits flailed about. By the time a secession would end, both girls would be worn out, sweaty, and smell of sweat and pussy juice. Peanut would be smiling that pleasant look of his, while still chewing on a hand full of nuts.

Things changed one night. Peanut had climbed into Tilly's bed, instead of his own. She pulled her on top of her. His cock was guided into her pussy. All she wanted to do was use tiny little thrusts to feel his cock in her. Yet she did not want to be sitting on him, because Ma and Pa were home. He thrusts his ass on his own. Not fast. Not slow. He went on and on. Tilly cum once. She bit her hand so as to not scream out, it felt so good. She cum again. And, yet again.

Pa head the bed rattle ling. He opened the door just as she cum the third time. "Fuck him when I be-a-out during the day, damn it. Your Ma been cranky. Let him fuck her a-some. She sure as tarnation needs it, she sure does."

The next day Ma acted a little bitchy. "What a be bothering y'all, Ma?" Tilly asked.

Ma groaned a bit, shook her head to the side, and offered, "Well, darn, since the Denton boys moved away, the only cock I be-a-getting is Pa's. A body needs a good hard fucking. Your Pa's cock taint as hard as it once was, no sir."

Tilly had never see her Ma buck naked, fucking. She did that day for over an hour. "Nice cock on him," Ma commented.

By the end of the summer, Sarah, Tilly and Ma were fucking Peanut every day in Ma's bed. Pa, drinking some "Moonshine," would sit in the rocker. One of the women would give him a blow job to keep him happy. It was during one of these nights that Peanut cum for the first time.

School started again. Tilly took three more classes. There were some new boys in school. Seven of them lived in an old farm house on Sutton Road. They decided to have a "Pig Party." Buster Petrie explained to the others that a "Pig Party" was a party wherein each guy tries to out do each other by bringing to the party the least attractive girl that they could find. Once they were there, and had been juiced up with some "Moonshine," the guys would fuck their brains out.

Finding "Pigs" turned out to be harder then the guys thought. But among those invited were Sarah and Tilly. Ma agreed to keep Peanut at home with her. Tilly knew, of course, that Ma would have him fuck her all night, while she watched TV.

Tilly had her hair done. She purchased a satin shift, which showed a third of her tits. Nothing could hide her huge stomach. Her date? Wilson, "Stallion" Bennett, the third, of Barton Rouge, who was taking marine biology courses.

He was no taller then Tilly, but he had earned his name, both by the number of girls that he had serviced, and the size of the thing that he tried to push into their cunts.

He had two major bitches about women. First, that most of them think that they are doing you a favor just to let you mount them. They lie there like a soggy log, expecting the guy to supply all the action.

Next, Well, Hell-Bells, they piss and moaned, both figurative, and literally about the size of his cock.

Stallion sat talking to his "Pig." She would not let him out of her sight. She was not inspecting the other men, like most girl do. She had eyes only for him. He did not know that he was her first real date.

Give her one thing, he thought. She has a pretty face. An hour later, the "Moonshine had done its job. Two girls had passed out. Dresses were pulled up, panties moved to the side, cocks inserted. All done right there in the living room. If the other five girls had any misunderstanding about what was in store for them, it was dispelled.

Stallion led a swaying Tilly to his room. She did not say a word as he unzipped her dress, took off her bra, panties, pantyhose, and shoes. He smiled at the sight of her body which was tanned all over. He thought, She must look like beached whale when sunning herself.

Had he only know. Tilly's greatest wish was to fuck a real boyfriend who would push back at her. When Stallion dropped his pants, instead of telling him "Your too much. You can't put that thing in me!" Tilly jumped on the bed, got on her back, opened her legs and begin to pant.

Stallion got between her legs. He took handfuls of her blubbery tummy in his hands. He ran his hands under each huge tit, lifting it. Tilly used her hands to open her pussy lips, which were surrounded by a puffy layer of fat.

Stallion straddled her left leg, as he raised her right one. In that position, he could bury his bone in her. He would show this cunt how to fuck. He started to fuck.

Tilly's eyes went wide. Her mouth was agape as she gasped in deep breaths. Under all that blubber, the animal in her came alive. Partly on her side, she was able to thrust her ass from side to side. Her face contorted from the effort. Stallion was no longer the fucker. The poor shit was hanging on for dear life, afraid that she would damage his beloved cock. Stallion felt the bed dance around the room. "Your going to break the fucking bed."

Tilly just laughed. This was heaven.

Everyone heard it on the second floor when they cum. Two guys came to the door to ask if anyone was hurt.

A few minutes later, Stallion felt her mouth on his cock. When hard, she straddled him, as she had done so many times before with Peanut. This was not a one hundred and fifteen pound sweetie who was gingerly letting Stallion put the end of his cock in her. No, it was Tilly Tully who knew exactly how to bury that prized cock of his in her cunt right to his balls. As soon as she felt it pushing deeply against her cervix, she put her hands by Stallions shoulders, while started a rocking, thrusting motion. Stallion was sure she would tear his cock off.

An audience formed. "Good God Almighty, I have never seen anything like that in my life," one boy intoned to another. Stallion felt his orgasm building. His eyes rolled in his head. He panted. Tilly had a grim look, as she worked his cock for all she was worth.

It was over. The room reeked with the order of cum, sweat, pussy, and farts. Tilly farts when she fucks.

Stallion would not let himself be seen dating Tilly. He did meet with her many times at his place for an afternoon fuck. He graduated, returning to "Barton Rouge" for work.

Two years went by. A co-worker of Tilly convinced her to go on "Weight-Watcher. Tilly was now down to one hundred and twenty-two pounds. She wore a size six dress, with alterations for her breasts.

Wilson "Stallion" Bennett dated several of the local "Belles." But, in the back roads of his mind, there was always Tilly Tully, the best fuck that he had ever had. He could never bring her home to Mother, he thought. She was a "Pig." after all. But a pretty "Pig," none the less.

He phoned her. "Tilly, I want to come spend some time with you."

"You want to come fuck me, Mr. Bennett?"

Stallion laughed. Tilly, always sharp, to the point. "Yes."

"Days Inn parking lot in an hour?"

"Be There, Tilly."

Wilson, "Stallion," Bennett leaned back in his chair. There is no woman on earth like Tilly Tuber, he thought. For the first time, he thought about her being more, maybe a lot more, in his life. His friends would kid him about her size. He smiled, thinking about how much fun she was. How comfortable it was to be with her. Hell, it was he that had to live with the woman. Tilly would be easy to live with.

Tilly now had a newer car. It was a red 2000 VW "Beetle." When he drove up beside it, he saw Tilly. He hardly recognized her. She was beautiful. When she stepped out of the car, he was stunned by her appearance.

An old "Frank Sinatra" song came to mind. "I took one look at you. That's all I had to do, and then my heart stood still. My feet could step and walk. My lips could move and talk, and yet my heart stood still.

Thou not a single word was spoken, I could tell you knew."

Several moments passed with them standing there looking into each others eyes. "Would you marry me, Tilly?"

"I would love to, Mr. Bennett."

I'm Softly.

Pa will git ya ifin ya don't vote a 5.

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