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Fattening Food


"Go on sweetie just one more bite."

Erik waved a spoonful of dessert under Tanya's nose, his smiling face looked up at her with an expectant expression.

"Honey I'm stuffed, honestly I couldn't eat a crumb," she giggled.

"Hmmm I'm sure you can manage one last mouthful, we don't want you wasting away." he laughed "besides I worked all afternoon on this, go on you know you cant resist."

With a helpless smile she took the spoon and finished the last mouthful, the creamy dessert tasting wonderful on her tongue.

"Happy now? I swear if I left it up to you I'd be as big as a house."

Six months ago Tanya would never have considered eating dessert, she ran a successful business selling fitness equipment and a trim body was all part of the job. Just a shade under six foot tall Tanya was slim and athletic with a mane of long tawny blonde hair and pert C cup breasts, her deep bronze tan contrasted perfectly with her pale grey eyes giving her a striking intelligent expression. When she wasn't working she kept fit religiously and dieted constantly to keep herself in perfect shape.

All that changed when she started dating Erik.

They had met a few months previously through business, he ran a chain of gyms across the country and he was always updating his equipment. When first she first went to meet him she expected the typical businessman type, fat balding and wearing a bad suit. Instead she was confronted by a Greek Adonis almost seven foot tall with long white blond hair and a chiselled body that could have been a statue come to life.

He had completely swept her off her feet inviting her to dinner to discuss buying a huge amount of equipment with a self assured confidence that she found impossible to deny.

When she arrived at the restaurant she half expected to find him there ready to seduce her and was not exactly unhappy about the prospect.

Instead she found him waiting with a large dark haired beauty he introduced as his girlfriend Samantha. Erik refused to talk business over dinner saying that sharing good food with two lovely women was too perfect to waste talking shop. Instead they chatted enjoying the meal with Erik ordering copious bottles of expensive wine and ordering the richest foods on the menu.

At first Tanya picked at the food torn between pleasing the client and her diet plan, when Erik asked her what was wrong she sheepishly admitted she was trying to watch her weight.

"Would you rather be thin and bored with life or risk a few extra pounds whilst enjoying it?" he had asked her and she found herself reluctantly agreeing. As the wine flowed and her inhibitions loosened she found herself savouring the rich food enjoying every bite that she would never have eaten by herself.

Half way through dinner a waiter approached Erik and told him he had a phone call, excusing himself he left the table leaving the girls alone.

"You know I used to worry about my weight too," Samantha said as she watched Erik walk away from the table. "When I met Erik I was an aerobics instructor at one of his gyms. I begrudged every mouthful that passed my lips but then Erik showed me that being skinny was making me terribly unhappy."

Samantha leaned back on her chair the movement enhancing her ample cleavage, Tanya had not paid too much attention to her before Erik left as the other woman's voluptuous body made her uncomfortable. Samantha was probably around five foot three and had a shapely hourglass figure squeezed into a corseted black dress, her breasts were pressed up by the corset and appeared huge compared to Tanya's smaller figure. Watching her move Tanya could see the obvious movement of muscle under a layer of plump flesh.

"I cant tell you how nice it is to meet a man that doesn't want some impossible stick figure, Erik is a dream he really is and his cooking is amazing."

"He cooks?" Tanya replied slightly embarrassed and wanting to change the subject.

"Believe it or not he's a trained chef, his father owned the gyms and he inherited them when the old man passed on. He can do things with pork that would make the piggy happy to end up on the plate I swear."

Erik's return ended the conversation and Tanya soon forgot about it as the evening progressed and the wine put an end to her worries.

The dessert course arrived, a strawberry tart drizzled with chocolate sauce and sitting in a sea of fresh cream. Erik and Samantha cooed over the delicious looking confection but Tanya eyed it with sudden dread.

"I couldn't possibly, the meal was so filling I couldn't eat another bite I swear." she stammered.

"Oh go on give it a try" Samantha said smiling "its so naughty but it tastes so nice."

Unable to think of a suitable reply Tanya took a small spoonful of the rich dessert its heavenly flavours danced on her tongue and she couldn't resist a quiet moan of pleasure.

"See I said you couldn't resist" Samantha laughed spearing a large mouthful.

Tanya took another bite, and then another. The cold cream and warm chocolate sauce tasted wonderful and the tart quickly vanished until suddenly she realised she was licking the spoon clean with relish.

"I must have been more hungry than I thought." she said.

Erik flashed a devilish grin as if her admission was a personal victory.

"I admire people who are not afraid to enjoy the pleasures in life." he replied his eyes alight with mischief

"We really should talk about business" Tanya replied hurriedly, his easy smile and devilish good looks were having an effect and she didn't want to wind up flirting with him in front of his girlfriend.

"You are quite right," he said laughing. "forget a one time sale I'm happy to sign a contract with you to supply the equipment to my entire chain for lets say the next five years."

With those words he effectively tripled her annual turnover, her eyes widened in surprised and she started to stammer a reply but he stopped her.

"I like you Tanya, its nice to find someone willing to put up with my... eccentricities. We can work out the details tomorrow, tonight lets celebrate."

Laughing she accepted and he waved the waiter over to order the bill, from the restaurant they went on to a club before Erik put her in a cab and paid the driver an exorbitant tip to see her to her door.

The new contract gave her more work than she had dealt with in months and for the next few weeks she had been rushed off her feet but every weekend without fail Erik called and arranged to go out for dinner and she always found herself accepting despite herself.

About a month after they signed the contract she turned up at the restaurant to find Erik sat alone at their usual table.

"Is Samantha not joining us tonight?" she asked as she sat down.

"I'm afraid she's no longer with me, we parted on good terms but she wont be coming back." he said with a sad smile.

"Oh I'm so sorry to hear that" she lied convincingly, it had been an effort to behave herself around Erik at the best of times since they met.

"Its okay, she was ready to move on. If truth be told she had been ready for some time but we all have trouble letting go at times don't we." he poured himself another glass of wine and refilled hers.

"How she could leave a handsome guy like you ill never know" she said taking a sip of her wine quietly thanking her lucky stars she had decided to wear her sexiest black dress.

She had flirted with him all evening seeking to 'console' him in his hour of need. They drank and laughed and ate till she was fit to bust and when the dessert course arrived Erik fed her the last few spoonfuls himself.

"I love a lady that can enjoy delicious food and not begrudge every calorie." he said smiling.

It surprised her that he was right, the entire evening she had not once thought to worry about the richness of the food or what it would do to her diet, indeed she couldn't remember the last meal she had shared with him that she had cared about it at all.

"It must be your effect upon me, when you are around I cannot seem to find it in me to care." she said smiling.

"Well then I must endeavour to stay closer from now on, how about dinner at my place tomorrow?"

"How about breakfast?" she said boldly.

He smiled and ordered the cheque...

They had barely made it to the cab before he started to kiss her, long hot passionate kisses that sent shivers down her spine. He threw a clip of bills to the driver and growled an address his voice husky with passion. In the darkened confines of the car his body seemed to loom over her his hands running up her back and into her hair.

The car pulled into a long gravel driveway, in the darkness she could make out what looked like a renovated farmhouse with old fashioned lantern lights lighting up a huge front door.

The moment the taxi pulled up he was throwing open the door and lifting her out, holding her in his arms as if she weighed no more than a feather he kissed her again before slamming the door with his foot and telling the driver to keep the change.

He pressed her against the huge oak door as he fumbled for the lock, the ornate iron studs freezing cold against her shoulder.

He kissed her again as the door swung open biting on her lower lip with an almost feral snarl, he stepped inside into a huge hall like something from a medieval fantasy. Dark wood panelling reflected the cheery glow of the roaring fire in the hearth. A few comfortable sofas dotted the room and a huge sheepskin rug lay in front of the hearth completing the image.

She only saw it for an instant before he was kissing her again, his strong hands shifting her weight against him as he moved across the room and laid her down on the soft white sheepskin.

Kneeling upright he threw off his jacket and literally tore his shirt off in a spray of buttons revealing a tanned and muscled chest. She slipped free of her gown and into his arms moaning with passion as he bit and kissed while his long strong fingers dragged down her back undoing her bra and snagging her panties. With another rip he tore them off and pounced on her, rolling together on the rug as they playfully fought to be the one on top. Finally he pinned her down and parted her soaking lips with his long manhood grunting as he slipped inside of her.

They had made love all night finally falling into exhausted sleep.

When Tanya woke the next morning she was wrapped in the sheepskin rug on one of the massive sofas, clothes were scattered across the floor and the fire was reduced to a pile of white ashes on the hearth.

She ignored her clothes and instead pulled on his ruined shirt, following the sound of cheerful whistling to a cavernous kitchen all natural stone walls and gleaming bronze pans. Erik was cooking sausages in a skillet the smell of searing meat made her belly rumble hungrily.

"Aha awake at last sleepyhead" he said smiling.

"What time is it?" she replied sleepily intentionally stretching so that the shirt parted slightly.

"Time to eat sleepyhead, or are you ready for dessert already?" he replied pulling her into a kiss that made her head swim.

They had eaten in the kitchen before making love again on the kitchen counter, he had driven her home and they made love there all evening.

Within a week she was spending her every spare moment at his house and not long after he asked her if she wanted to move in.

Their lives took up a certain routine, in the morning; they would make love Erik skilfully bringing her to orgasm after orgasm, then they would eat breakfast together and take a run around Erik's estate. Then afterwards go their separate ways to work, in the evening he cooked dinner, an extravagant meal perfectly prepared and always so delicious she couldn't resist finishing every bite. They would work out together and then collapse back into bed. Erik paid her more attention than any man she had ever dated, he was forever pampering her, giving her long sensuous massages or preparing special meals just for her.

Over the months her weight bloomed, she gained a layer of fat over her muscular frame, her breasts swelled and her dress size increased and she found herself totally unable to care.

Erik found her beautiful, and somehow her obsession with staying skinny seemed silly now, her old friends had been shocked and many stopped talking to her but everywhere she went with Erik his friends were forever telling her how beautiful she was, how rounded, sweet and delicious she looked. She found their comments strange and off putting at first but Erik convinced her they were just being complimentary and she began to enjoy their lingering gazes.

Tonight had been their six month anniversary, Erik had taken the entire day to cook up a special meal. The main course had been a joint of pork from his own private smokehouse, the meat had been incredible, perfect marbled with fat and dripping with delicious sauces, the dessert was a huge chocolate concoction of Erik's own devising. The chocolate was spiced with cinnamon and flavoured with brandy along with other delicate flavours she couldn't identify.

She licked her lips clean and let the spoon clatter to her plate as she rubbed her swollen belly.

"hardly as big as a house sweetie, but damn you do look good enough to eat" Erik laughed as he reached over and pulled her to him nibbling on her earlobe playfully.

Tanya forgot her protesting stomach curling her arms around her lover and bringing his lips down to meet hers. With a sweep of his arm he cleared half the table and lifted her up onto it amid the clattering of breaking crockery.

She tore at his top with her fingers as he parted her thighs and pressed his body between them his hands dragging up her legs unbuttoning her skirt as he trailed his nails across her sensitive skin. She snagged the waist of his top and pulled it up over his head as he found her panties and tore them free, he growled and leaned over her kissing her passionately as he pulled her top free.

She gasped and arched her back as he bit down on a nipple he sucked hard, his cock freed of his jeans suddenly slapped against her belly making her moan and thrust back against him. He lifted up and pulled her down the table until her ass rested on the edge, pulling her knees to his chest he entered her his steel hard erection slipping deep into her burning pussy.

"You look so tasty Tanya, I just want to eat you up." he growled.

"come have a bite then lover" she gasped playfully pressing her large breasts together with her hands as if inviting him to take a bite.

He laughed and thrust into her gently making her gasp, but instead of leaning down to feast on her nipples he leaned over the table and grabbed a stoneware pitcher filled with chocolate sauce for the dessert.

"And what are you going to do with that?" she laughed.

He ignored her comment and brought her left foot up onto his shoulder and poured a long stream of warm chocolate sauce over her toes and down her leg.

"Mmmm just giving you a little flavouring sweetie" he growled sucking her toes into his mouth and lapping the thick sauce off them before chasing the stream of sticky sweetness down to her heel devouring every drop.

"Quit it that tickles" she squirmed in his grip but he ignored her protests and began thrusting faster as he lapped up the sticky syrup.

She panted and moaned is his thrusts came harder and harder, he finished with the left leg and upended the pitcher over her chest spilling the warm brown liquid everywhere as she yelped in surprise.

"wanting seconds honey?" she moaned pressing her breasts together again and feeling the thick sauce squeezing out from between them. He just growled passionately and launched himself at her impaling himself inside her as he bit down on her nipples and licked for all he was worth.

When they finished they were both a sticky mess covered head to foot in brown smudges and sticky streaks of sauce, he carried her upstairs to the shower and washed her himself massaging every inch and inevitably giving in to their lust yet again...

The next morning was Sunday, Tanya awoke buried in the covers of their huge four poster bed and stretched herself out looking for Erik, when she couldn't find his reassuring warmth beside her she sat up tossing aside the covers and blinked in the sunny morning light.

Slipping on a silk robe she got up and wandered down to the kitchen and sure enough there was Erik naked and still damp from the shower rattling around with his pots and pans.

"Hey sweetie what's for breakfast?" she asked

"No breakfast today sweetie, today I have something special planned." he replied smiling at her.

"Oh, what have you got planned?" she asked walking over for a good morning kiss. He slipped his hand into her robe and squeezed her breast lovingly.

"Tonight I'm having a few old friends over for dinner, going to spend most of the day cooking up a special meal." he smiled and pulled her up against him.

"Sounds lovely baby, what are we having." she moaned softly as his fingers squeezed and kneaded her sensitive flesh.

"it's a surprise, but before I get to work lets have a little fun." He kissed her passionately pulling her robe open and letting it fall to the floor as he brought his free hand up her back and into her hair. She kissed him back groaning as he squeezed hard on her nipple, his hands slid back down her body and grabbing her ass he lifted her onto the counter.

She wrapped her legs about his waist pulling him up against the counter but he surprised her by opening a drawer and pulling out a ball of heavy cooking twine.

"Want to try something a little kinky sweetie?" He purred seductively.

"What do you have in mind lover?" she laughed.

Ignoring her question he deftly tied a loop in the heavy cord and slipped it over one wrist, pulling it tight he took hold of her other hand and firmly bound them together. Before she could resist he had her hands immobilised.

"If we're playing tie up should I be struggling?" she laughed.

"Struggle if you want sweetie it wont do any good." he replied sternly.

"Oooh very masterful" she laughed and wriggled artfully as he pushed her firmly down onto the cold countertop and bound her wrists to a ring inset into the surface. He ran his hands down her arms and onto her chest squeezing and kneading every inch of her bountiful frame.

"The marble is freezing baby come warm me up." she said smiling but he continued to ignore her lifting her leg up and looping another noose of cord around her ankle. Grabbing her other ankle he bound them together and then pulled them straight.

"Okay this is getting boring honey what's with the silent treatment?" she said her smile faltering, Erik ignored her and looped the cord through another recessed ring and with one swift yank she was stretched uncomfortably along the counter and unable to do more than wriggle.

"Baby your hurting me, come on, this isn't funny anymore." she was getting worried now. Erik had the strangest look on his face as if he was somehow detached from what was going on.

"Hush now meat there's no point making a fuss, we are all alone and there's not another soul for miles to hear you." Erik's voice was preoccupied as he picked up a gleaming knife and ran his finger along the edge testing the blade.

"Erik... Erik your scaring me, this isn't fun anymore baby please let me go." she could hear the fear in her voice now but Erik just stared at her with that same odd look on his face.

"Please try not to upset yourself meat, it spoils the flavour. I have enjoyed fattening you up and turning you into the prime stock you are now, lets not end this badly." He came up to the counter carrying the knife and she tried to lift her head high enough to see what he was doing but he pushed it firmly back down.

"Erik please this really isn't funny. Let me go right now your scaring me." her voice shook as she pulled on the cords as hard as she could but they wouldn't budge. Erik dragged the blade up her body starting at her crotch and working his way up her chest, the heavy point of the knife like a frozen icicle against her skin. He reached her neck and grasped it firmly with one hand while bringing the knife down with the other, she felt the cold metal press into her neck and froze in place too petrified to move.

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