Favela Pt. 01


"Well you would have had to take it off anyway." Reaching out she took the covers and threw them the rest of the way back, almost off the end of the bed. Olivia felt the chill almost immediately as the cool early morning air snaked around her body. She was nude now aside from panties, she felt a sudden flush of excitement. Her mom was eyeing her like a piece of meat. "I got a message from state medical, some patient files were damaged in a recent attack, the said they need pictures."

Olivia did her best to look dumbfounded. "Pictures?" She repeated, trying to sound as stupid and tired as possible.

"Yeah you remember when they processed you last month, they took pictures and measured everything." It had actually happened, it was a convincing lie. She was begrudingly impressed. "Baby don't worry about it. I said I'd take care of everything. I just need you to stand up, or lie down, and take off your underwear. I have my phone I'll take all the pictures they want. Then you can go back to sleep." She would have bought this, she realized in that moment. It made her wonder how much of her life had been a cleverly constructed lie up until this point.

"Alright." She moaned. Flopping around awkwardly, she fumbled with her panties until her mom felt the need to intercede, grabbing them with both hands and practically ripping them off her daughter's lithe body. They were plain boring white cotton. Staring at them now in a rumpled depressing little heap she pictured her mom in her sexy red underwear. If only she had underwear like that! Her crotch tingled, she flopped back onto her bed and writhed around expressively for a few seconds, stretching and moaning softly with pleasure.

Marcella watched, her expression oddly contrite. Olivia viewed her covertly from the corner of one eye. Her mom slowly took out her phone and raised it wearily. "Alright." She said, voice calm and surprisingly gentle. "Roll towards me Ollie." Olivia rolled onto her side, facing her mother. This was the strangest thing she'd ever done. "The message says full body, every side." Olivia nodded. It was no different than what they'd taken at the medical center.

Following her mother's instructions was not difficult, it was only challenging when she thought about how it was all a sham which made her feel strangely hysterical. She had to stop herself from bursting into laughter several times. Her mother was very clinical and careful not to miss anything. Olivia thought they were done, but her mother held up her hand. "Wait. I missed a paragraph at the bottom, it says also to include images of face breasts and vulva. I am sorry just a few more."

Olivia nodded. "I don't mind, the more data they have the better it is for me. Just tell me what to do." She stood up slowly, her mother stepped back, but then smiled and lifted her phone for the final three shots.

"Smile baby." Olivia smiled. "Stick out your chest." She gave her diminutive breasts a little shake then arched her back. "Alright, last one, probably spread your legs a little." Olivia grinned shyly and rocked her heels apart slowly. Her mother crouched down on her knees and brought her phone within a few inches of her daughter's vulva. "You almost seem like you're having fun." Marcella commented absently.

"I feel like a model." Olivia replied.

"You enjoy being photographed?" Her mother asked, her voice sounding more interested.

"It could be fun I think, but not with these boring poses like I'm a statue." Marcella nodded thoughtfully.

"Why don't we have a little fun then. I have the pictures they want already, but why don't you try a few poses." Olivia nodded enthusiastically.

"Sure, but I don't know what they'll look like to you. If it doesn't look good just tell me what to do." She decided not to mess around. She immediate climbed up onto the bed and flopped her chest down, stretching out her arms, crossing them at the wrists. Her ass she left sticking up in the air, being sure to leave her legs spread apart. "How does this look?" She asked.

Her mom circled slowly, holding up her camera and taking pictures when she liked the angle. "It looks great. I can't even decide where to take the picture from, they all look so good."

Suddenly Olivia flopped onto her belly and then rolled onto her back, bending her knees she wrapped her arms around her legs and hugged them tightly to her chest. She kicked her feet playfully, relishing the sensation of the cool air currents gliding over her vulva. She watched her mom curiously. Marcella was completely absorbed in taking pictures, she barely even noticed her daughter's coquettish looks.

Springing for one final pose to end all poses, Olivia let her legs fall flat then slowly moved into a sitting position, she folded her legs sideways until the bottoms of both feet were pressed firmly together. Her legs were spread apart as far as they would go, so she leaned back propping herself up with her arms for support. Her back arched causing both breasts to jut out making them look huge even though she was just a B cup, her belly curved backward causing her mons to protrude slightly despite her vulva being stretched practically open.

Never in her life had she felt so exposed, so pornographic. Her mother stood directly in front of her passionlessly taking photos as she moved incrementally closer. Olivia let her head flop back, her short hair bristling. Her body tingled from head to toe, her nipples were hard to the point of being almost painful. She was definitely wet, she could feel it distinctly, a cold slick line caught in a hot nest. Her cunt spasmed somewhere deep inside, she cried out involuntarily. "Ow, ow, ow, ow!" She mimed to cover up her indiscretion.

"Cramp." She explained apologetically, throwing her body forward. "I'm exhausted." She exclaimed, gathering up the covers with both hands and pulling them completely over herself. Marcella frowned but didn't complain.

"I'm tired too baby. I'm sorry I had to wake you. Goodnight." She was gone before Olivia even had time to reply, turning out the lights as she went. Her head buzzed with insane thoughts. Was any of this real? Was she dreaming? Would she ever be able to sleep ever again. Her cunt ached, she longed to touch it, but it was too sensitive and she was too tired. She could barely even move her arms. The room's edges got softer and softer and then faded away.

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