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Favorite Aunt


Aunt Bethany has always been my favorite aunt since I was a small boy. She always treated me like I was really something, not just a kid in the way of the adults. I went everywhere with her I could, whenever I could. Holding her hand as we walked along made me feel 10 feet tall, even when I was 6.

She was the most beautiful woman in the world in my young eyes, about 5 feet 8 inches tall, thin, with the most beautiful red hair I had ever seen. Her sparkling blue eyes always danced with laughter when she talked to me, and the freckles on her face just made her a living doll in my eyes.

I didn’t know much about bodies at that age, but the men that I saw staring at her sure did, and they all seemed to like what they saw. I hated the way they looked at her and I helped her get out of many an uncomfortable situations with her using me as an excuse, saying I was her son just so men would leave her alone. I was her little man as she called me, and I loved her so much for saying that.

I was devastated when she got married, I was 14 then, don’t get me wrong, Uncle Jim was a nice enough man, but he had taken my Aunt Beth from me I felt. And I was jealous but I still hung around her all I could, but it wasn’t the same to me anymore with him in her life.

Right after I turned 18, Uncle Jim was killed in a car accident, leaving Aunt Beth alone, for the first time in years. She felt lost without him, she later told me, as I visited her a few weeks after his funeral.

“How so?” I asked

She said she missed his arms around her, and the way they always snuggled each other, no matter if it was watching TV or when they lay together in bed. She really loved him and now she was alone! Her tears welled up in her beautiful blue eyes, the sparkle gone that was once there. I felt so bad for her, for every bad thought I had ever had about Uncle Jim “Taking my Woman” just sorry for everything. All I could do was give her a hug and tell her I was still there for her and always would be. As her shoulders began to shake from her sobbing.

I wasn’t sure if I should, but I hugged her close to me, her leaning into my chest, and me holding her head against my chest as she cried her eyes out. I was getting misty eyed also, just from her pain and knowing there was nothing I could do but hold her, my heart breaking with hers. She fell asleep in my arms crying, She had never been more beautiful to me than at that time, her long eyelashes stuck to her face from her tears, her luscious red lips slightly open, and her firm breasts on my chest. I was getting a hard on from the pressure of them on me, I knew it was wrong, but I was stuck there not being able to get up without waking her. I sat back hoping she wouldn’t wake up and feel it and think I was some kind of sick pervert. Her head dropped down to my lap as she shifted on the couch, her legs stretching out, and her blouse opened at the top button exposing her upper portion of her white breast to my wide eyes.

She shifted her head around trying to find a more comfortable position, laying if right on my dick, as it was stuck out to the side and slightly aimed upwards right where her ear was. OH SHIT! I thought, if she wakes up now I know I’m in serious shit, and she will probably hate me the rest of my life. She had no bra on and I couldn’t help but stare at her firm tit, seeing the top part of her pink nipple. I tried to move out from under her, I just had to get away before she woke up and found me in this position. If nothing else just so I could go jack off I was so horny.

As I slid away holding her head up a bit, she opened her eyes, a startled look in her eyes

“I’m sorry sweetie, I didn’t mean to fall asleep, I was just so exhausted. Are your legs asleep?”

“No, I just have to go pee is all.”

As she was getting off my lap her eyes went to my crotch and spying my hard dick, she smiled sweetly,

“Did I do that to you sweetie? You poor baby, I know it has to be uncomfortable for you, and with my head on it I bet it made it even worse!”

I had never been more embarrassed in my life, her knowing I had a hard on was bad enough, but to actually acknowledge it, I had no words for what I felt at that moment. She just smiled,

“It’s OK sugar, that happens to men, it is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it makes me glad that your old Aunt Beth could do that to you!”

“Your not Old, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world to me.”

“You really think I am that pretty? There are many women far more beautiful than I could ever be!”

“Not to me!” I countered defiantly! “No one is prettier or nicer than you are Aunt Beth, not no way, not no how.”

She looked in my eyes and said, “That’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, not even your Uncle Jim ever told me something like that, your such a sweetheart!”

And then kissed me on my lips, hers opening slightly as I instinctively opened mine and slid my tongue inside her sweet warm mouth. I had only kissed a girl like that a few times, and not so much a woman. In fact I didn’t even mean to kiss her like that, it just happened. I figured she would stop and slap my face, but she kissed me back. We kissed for a long time, holding each other close. She got up and started to walk away. I thought maybe she had thought about what we were doing, and was ending it now. But she went to the phone and dialed my house!

OH FUCK! I’m dead now, she’s going to tell my Mother, and I will be as dead as Uncle Jim by this time tomorrow, if not tonight! Boy was I wrong, As she said hello, she turned and looked at me, my face ashen with fear, her eyes sparkling like they had in the past, and asked my mom if it was alright if I stayed the night, since she did not want to be alone. I guess mom said OK, because as she hung the phone up, she smiled seductively at me,

“Your mine for tonight sweetie!” and wiggled her finger in a “Follow Me” motion.

How could I resist that look? I got up and followed her to her bedroom. She pulled my T-Shirt over my head. Licking my nipples as she unzipped my jeans she kissed me again, sticking her tongue to the back of my throat! She took my pants off and then my underwear, I sat on her bed with my hard on throbbing. She looked and took it in her soft hand and said to me,

“Young Man, you HAVE grown haven’t you! It sure is bigger than when I used to give you your baths.” I just grinned with a goofy look on my face.

She slowly took off her shirt showing me her small but firm breasts, and then slipped her jeans off. I had never seen sexy women’s underwear on a real woman, until that moment, may hand raced for my dick, she stopped me saying, that was hers, and only hers. As she bent over taking her panties off, her ass facing me, I saw the hair on her pussy poking through her legs and the slit of it had drops of wetness on its lips. As she turned around, holding her arms above her head.

“Do you still think I’m the most beautiful woman in the world?”

My eyes couldn’t decide where to look, at her pretty pink tipped tits, or the hairy pussy! I could only nod my head yes.

She kissed me again, and then went to her knees, kissing me all the way down as she went. Wrapping her hand around my dick, she murmured something I couldn’t understand and put her mouth on my dick. Softly she moved her mouth on me, so loving and tender as if she thought it would break. I had never had a real blowjob before, and told her so. She looked up at me with those eyes I loved to see.

“Enjoy it baby doll, I want to make this the best thing that’s ever happened to you!”

Well let me tell you it already was.

She acted as if she had never had a nicer one as her head began to bounce her face on it, her long red hair tickling my thighs as she did. Her right hand jacked me off in unison to her heads movement, her left hand playing with my balls. No Fucking Wonder Uncle Jim always had a shit-eating grin on his face, Now I know!

This woman could use her mouth and lips in ways that could make a man crazy. It didn’t take me long before I told her,

“Aunt Beth, I’m gonna cum, you should stop!”

I wasn’t sure that she wanted that in her mouth. She stopped a second and lustily looked at me with those sparkling blue eyes,

“Do it, I want you to Do it in my mouth.”

Then started sucking me again. My stomach got that feeling in the lower part, and my balls started to tighten up, then I shot load after hot thick load into her mouth, her sucking it all up. I had never cum like that before, I felt as if it would never stop Cumming.

I was so in love with her at that moment, I would have jumped over the moon for her if she had asked me too. Her lips were so red and wet from her spit and my hot cum, I pulled her up to my lips confessing my love for her and kissing her deeply. She told me I was just infatuated with her, but that she loved me too. We held each other tightly, my dick never getting soft.

“What are we going to do with that?” pointing at it.

“Fix it, I hope Aunt Beth!”

We moved up from the edge of the bed and into the middle of it, when she told me to Fuck Her. Those were the best words I had ever heard. I moved my hips between hers as her hand grasped my dick putting at her thick pussy lips, shifting her waist forward and pulling me to her. I slid inside her tight wet pussy like we had been specially built just for each other. I figured Uncle Jim must’ve had a dick like John Holmes, but when I asked Aunt Beth she told me that mine was almost as large as his had been.

I was proud of myself, and began to pump my hips feeling her pussy muscles clamp on my dick. The tight wet friction of her pussy was without a doubt the best thing ever put on the planet Earth. Her breathing began to get faster as she fucked me. Her tits bouncing, eyes glazed she placed her hand on her clit and fingered it vigorously and started to have the orgasm of the century. She had her legs wrapped around my back, heaving her hips, calling my name as I tried desperately to keep from getting thrown off. I found out the meaning of multi-orgasmic that night with her.

I was fixing to cum, and told her I should pull out since I didn’t want to get her pregnant, she just smiled,

“I’m on the pill!”

And kept fucking me letting me fill her beautiful red haired pussy with my sperm. Her eyes filling with tears.

“Did I do something wrong? Are you alright? I’m sorry, Please don’t hate me Aunt Beth, I Love You!”

Her look just melted my heart.

“No sweetie, you did everything right! I just thought I would never have sex again with someone as caring as you!”

We kissed over and over, finally falling asleep in each other’s arms.

My Mother says she is proud of her son for taking such an interest in her little sisters well being, and taking over as the man of the house for Aunt Beth, taking care of her yard work and all. I just smiled and told her,

“Aunt Beth really needs a man around, that it may as well be me.”

Mom just smiled brightly and said,

“I think your right, you two have so much fun together!”

If Mom only knew!

Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened, it was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only! I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not! If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about. Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! ;-) Thanks, mustanger7up.

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