Favorite Toy


"Honey, what are you doing?" I ask my husband who is always at his computer. I really shouldn't be mad at him as I am just as bad, always chatting with handsome strangers, but I find that it makes our sex so much more fun as I imagine one of my many chat buddies fucking me hard sometimes.

"Hey, babe, can you come here for a sec?" he asks.

I walk into his office and look at him. He still has his eyes on the monitor. "Honey?" I ask, "What is it?"

He looks at me with some guilt. He clears his throat then takes a deep breath before continuing. "Remember when I took those pictures of you with my digital camera?" He asks.

"Um... Yeah. Why?" I respond.

"Well, I posted a couple on this site." The words rush out and he looks like he is ready to bolt out the door.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I ask, anger instantly taking control of me. "You, you posted naked pictures of me on a web site?" I stammer.

"Wait, baby, let me explain," he responds. "Remember when we talked and you thought that you didn't look as good as you think you should? I told you that you were the hottest woman I know but you didn't believe me."

"So what the fuck does that have to do with you posting naked pictures of me on some web site?" I demand.

He is trying to keep calm as he knows that I was pissed and he didn't want to start a fight. He actually looked almost proud.

"Baby, I posted the pictures without your face so no one will know it is you. The site is called My Favorite Toy and it is a site for men to post pictures of their women and have the men rate the girls." He explained. "I have been trying to get through all these rating on my posting. Apparently, you were rated the highest ever on the site since it has been online in the last 5 years. I have hundreds of ratings, baby and I only posted them a week ago. I can't keep up with the feedback."

Not sure how to respond to that, I walk over stand behind him and look at the screen. I start to read some of the ratings and my mouth drops open.

"Hottest fucking body I have ever seen. You lucky dog; give her a fuck for me, will ya?" AJ, from NY

"What I wouldn't do to have that pussy on my face and my tongue deep inside, drinking in her juices!!!" TB, from AZ

"Can I play with those beautiful tits, please???" BK, from CA

"Man, that ass is wicked. I would love to shove my cock in deep and shoot my hot cum inside!" MA, from the UK

There were so many postings and I tried to read them but my husband kept scrolling down the page so was only able to read a few. I realized that I was getting hot reading what men wanted to do to me and what they thought of my body. I looked at my husband who was engrossed with all the postings. I realized that the only way I was going to get his attention was drastic measures. I went into the bedroom and took all my clothes off, brushed my hair and added a little make up to my face. On my way back out of the bedroom, I reach under my side of the bed and grab my "toy box". I walked back to his office and tapped him on the shoulder.

He half turned to look at me and his eyes widen when he saw that I was completely naked. I told him that reading all those posting made me hot and I wanted to read more while he played with my pussy. He notices what he liked to call my "toy box" and gets excited. I sit on his lap, leg spread wide while I read what men were saying about me. The more I read, the hotter I got and I wanted to do something different, so I tell him while he has fingers in my pussy and on my tits.

"Well, sweetie," he says slowly, "tonight is actually web cam night and I think it would be great if I could get you on the site, not showing your face, of course, and let other men watch me pleasure you while they get to see your pussy staring at them on their screen." He goes on to explain, "I can set it up where all they would see is your tits and your pussy; well, my fingers all over you, too." I think about and the thought of getting off in front of all those unknown men has me hornier than ever and I agree to do it.

As my husband types something, instantly the screen is filled with IMs. My husband goes about setting up the cam so I start to answer some of the IMs. As I read what they are saying, the men really want to see me and they were asking when and where, so I tell them all the same thing. In a few minutes and yes, they are chatting with me while my husband gets the cam ready. I am enjoying it so much, that I start to tease some of them by asking them if they really wanted to watch me cum in their faces. I let them know that I am naked and am playing with my pussy while I type the IMs.

My husband tells me that the cam is ready and I notice he has taken his clothes off and his cock is rock hard. I sit back down on his lap and he spreads my legs and looks on the monitor to make sure that all anyone can see are my tits and my pussy. He activates the cam on the site and starts to read some of the postings out loud while he inserts his finger into my pussy. He notices that IM windows start to pop up asking him to do different things to my pussy. He starts to do some of the things he is reading and my body is completely on fire when one says to insert a dildo so he can watch my pussy drip with cum.

My husband reaches down to my toy box and pulls out my favorite toy, the 10 inch dildo, made from a mold of my his cock. I love to use it when my husband goes away on business trips and we have phone sex. I spread my pussy lips so that he can insert the dildo and he starts to slide it in and out, while playing with my clit. My hands are pinching and rubbing my tits and I see that the IMs have stopped and wonder if they are all jerking themselves off while watching my pussy get fucked by a dildo.

I am so worked up and feeling sexy as hell, I decide to put on a show. I take the dildo out of my pussy and stand up while still making sure that I am visible on the cam. I lean over the desk and tell my husband to insert the dildo into my ass slowly, so everyone can see it go in. He adjusts the cam on my body and then stands behind me to spread my ass cheeks and slowly inserts the dildo while I wiggle and push my ass into it as it siding in feels so good. Once it is all the way in, I tell him that he was going to shove his cock into my pussy and fuck me hard in the ass and in my pussy.

My husband is shaking with excitement and pulls my legs further apart and shoves his rock hard huge cock into my pussy. With one hand on my back to keep his balance and one hand on the dildo so he can slide it in and out, he starts to fuck me hard.

I push my hips to meet his cock and he pounds his cock harder and harder while he stabs the dildo into my ass with the same rhythm. I am so hot knowing all these men are watching and get close to cumming. My hands are on my tits, pinching my nipples hard. As I feel my orgasm near, I yell out, "Oh, yes, baby, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Ram my holes, baby!" As I cum, I arch my back as the intensity shakes my whole body. My husband, ready to cum, grunts "take it, bitch. Take is all!" and shoots his hot cum in my pussy while he pounds my ass with the dildo. I feel his cum ooze out of my pussy as he takes his cock and the dildo out and being that I am still hot, I take the cam and put it right between my legs to let the men see my pussy up close so they can see our cum dripping out of my wet hot cunt.

I stick my finger in my pussy and moan at the pleasure of it. I let it slide in and out a few time. Then I take my finger, pulling the cam to follow it into my mouth, lick it clean. Naturally, my husband is back at the keyboard, answering the many IMs I see popping up on the screen, so I decide to give another show and start to pump my pussy with my fingers, web cam zoomed straight on it. "I think I am going to love web cam night", I think as I cum hard.

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