tagGroup SexFavourite Holiday Destination Ch. 02

Favourite Holiday Destination Ch. 02


Some 10 years after part 1 my girlfriend, Sandy and I were on our way to the same destination that I first experienced sex.

Sandy was a very erotic girl that could not get enough sex. It was a long trip ±1000km and as soon as we were well out of built up areas in the country she knew just how to drive me mad. She would lift her skirt, slide her panties to one side and start to play with herself, turning her hips to make sure I could get a good view of her gorgeous pussy. She would lean across and put her wet finger in my mouth to make sure I could taste her wet juices.

She would then reach out into her bag and take her vibrator and slide it into her by now wide open and very wet pussy, all the time playing with her clitoris with her other hand. I could hardly concentrate on driving and frantically searched for a side farm road where we could park. Eventually I found one and stopped. We climbed into the back seat and proceeded to 69 and then indulge in the most wonderful erotic sex. The journey was about 12 hours and this practice must have happened at least three times. It was great because it broke the monotony of the trip.

I thought what a great start to a holiday but little did I know of what was to come.

We arrive and were pleased to find that there were another five couples much of our age, perhaps a few years older in their late twenties.

We all got to know each other in the pub there and the couple in the next bungalow, Pete and Jill, was delightful. Anyhow after a few days it was Jill's birthday and Wendy who had a large bungalow invited us all for champagne and wine at 12 the next day.

We all arrived and the party was really swinging with the wine and champagne flowing when Wendy, a very sexy but dominant woman pipes up "lets add some spice to this and play strip sevens". She was soon asked how does it work? She explains the rules whereby a person starts the game on any number and nominates the direction, clockwise or anti clockwise. The next person calls the next number and so on until you reach a number with seven in it or divisible by seven and that person claps their hands and the direction reverses and so on. If you hesitate or call the number with a seven in it or divisible by seven you remove an article of clothing. Not a game for those that is not mathematically inclined. So we all gather around the two double beds in the room and off we go.

Well my girlfriend. Sandy was not strong at maths and it was not long before she was removing articles of clothing. It also seemed that Pete, our neighbours, was also not sharp at moths. Anyhow, after a few rounds Wendy comes out with a bombshell.

Hey lets add real spice to this and the first couple of opposite sex that is stripped has it off in the middle. Everyone seemed a little apprehensive but Wendy is a strong personality and said come on anyone who is chicken can leave.

Well we all decide to carry on. It was not long before Sandy was stark naked knowing that she would be on centre stage. Shortly afterwards Pete was and they both gingerly go to the middle of the bed and kneeling in front of each other they tentatively caress and then start petting and kissing. Pete was struck by shell shock and could not get it up so Sandy went down on him. Well knowing what Sandy can do with her mouth I knew it would not be long before Pete had a full blown hard on while he was playing with Sandy's clitoris.

He then rolled onto his back and pulled Sandy over him in a classic 69 position. Sandy's pussy was facing Jill and me and we had a bird's eye view of his tongue feverishly working her clitoris while his fingers probed her wonderful pussy. This was too much for Jill. She sided up and whispered our turn and she started to stoke my bulging hard on. This was catching as all the other couples swapped and started petting. Jill stripped as did I and it was not long before we were 69'ing. She had a beautiful creamy soft pussy as my tongue probed into her and then over her clitoris sucking it frantically while she was sucking deeply on my cock and then blowing it which made it cool, all the time her hips thrusting onto my mouth.

All couples were now well into each other with much groaning with ecstasy.

Soon Jill rolled off me and pleaded fuck me now. I mounted her and felt her warm, silk soft pussy.

Shortly, Sandy cried out in pleasure which I knew she was coming. She could not control her exclamations which were vocal. Fuck me harder she cried as she came violently. Well this was enough to cause a chain reaction as one by one the other couples cried out in ecstasy.

Jill whispered in my ear we must do this again. We all lay back a short while and then the women holding their pussies to stop the cum running down went through to bidet. On their return Wendy said okay lets all move round clockwise.

My next girl was well endowed called Clare. She sidled up and said did you enjoy that. I said it was fantastic to which she agreed heartily. Anyhow it takes a man a little while to recover and we all had another glass of wine. After some time a couple would start petting again and the whole party started again. This went on from 12 till 8pm. It was mind blowing.

Anyhow Pete, Jill, Sandy and I hit it off big time and had many evenings/nights of swapping as a foursome. One of which was a first with me.

Pete and I had each had our partner on the bed when suddenly Jill started fondling Sandy. Sandy was a bit reticent but Jill said it was okay. It was not long before they were fingering each other and kissing before 69'ing. Sandy seemed to be thoroughly enjoying this new experience when Jill got up and got a double vibrating dildo.

Jill sat opposite Sandy and inserted it into her and then slid up to insert the other end into her by now very wet pussy. Watching them come off was incredibly stimulating when Sandy said I want to try something new. She laid Pete on his back and mounted him and then told me to take her from behind. I was initially shocked, but having been so aroused by what she and Jill had just done I mounted her. Her bum was tight so it took a bit of effort to get in. Once in the sensation was amazing. We rolled over and told Jill to come and lie with her legs open and Sandy and I kissed and licked her pussy and bum until we all exploded. It has only happened to me three times but after coming once I immediately came again and for a third time, each one shorter but more intense than the one before.

I to this day dream of those two holidays.

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