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Favourite Place


The Bridge was her favourite place in the world. He knew it. It was where he had taken her on their first date, and he used to take her there to cheer her up and see her face light up every time she saw it. There was only one other thing that made her face light up like that, and he wanted to bring the two together.

He picked her up from her place. They were going to have a picnic. She looked hot in her short denim skirt and tight singlet. Her huge breasts looked perky and inviting, and he was wondering what (if any) underwear she was wearing. He could feel his cock start to stiffen at the thought. He could feel the first droplets of moisture beginning to ooze from its tip. He wondered how much longer he could hold out.

As they caught their first glimpse of the Bridge, he looked over and saw her face light up. He grinned to himself, knowing what he had planned for her today. When they got to the Bridge, they found a secluded spot and set up their picnic. He fed her and she licked and sucked the food suggestively from his fingers. She was driving him wild, and he thought he might shoot his load then and there, but he knew he had to wait.

After their food was finished, they lay together on their blanket. He kissed her gently and tenderly. She kissed him back harder, her tongue probing his mouth, wanting more. He cupped her breast in his hand. He felt her push her body further in to him. Closer. Wanting more of him. He caressed her smooth legs, fondling her knees and teasingly working his way up. He slipped his hand up her skirt. He felt her soft pussy – hot, wet and waiting for him. He was right, she wasn't wearing underwear. He began slowly stroking her clitoris. She wriggled in his arms and tried to push herself closer and closer towards him. He mischievously placed a finger over her pussy hole, teasing her, enjoying the feeling of her wanting him more and more. He inserted his finger and hooked it up, searching for her magic spot. He found it quickly and with his thumb on her clitoris, he fingered her until he could feel her about to cum. When he felt her about to explode, he clamped his lips over hers and kissed her hard. He felt her body shake and shudder. He felt her trying to scream in his mouth. Then he felt her body go limp.

She looked up at him and smiled her cheeky smile. He knew she wanted more, but he was a little worried because he had just noticed more cars arrive to the picnic area. He also noticed a security car beginning to patrol the area. She grabbed his hand and the rug and they started to walk. He knew what she was looking for: the perfect spot.

They found it in a secluded spot under the pylon of the bridge. They looked around and saw no-one. She grabbed his cock through his shorts and was happy to find it was already rock hard. She reached into his shorts and felt the warm, wet hardness in her hands. She wanted it in her mouth. He wanted it in her mouth. She pulled his pants down and began to lick the little bit of cum off his tip. He tasted so good and sweet. She gently took his balls in her hands and put his cock in her mouth, deeper, deeper, deeper, until she felt her lips touch her hands that held his balls. He was amazed at how much of him she could take. He pulled her away when he felt the first stirrings of his orgasm. He didn't want this to be over yet.

Behind the trees near the pylon, the security guard watched. He felt his own cock growing hard. He could see how much cock this woman could suck. He wanted her to be sucking his cock. He watched as the man lay the woman down, lifted her skirt and kneeled between her legs. He could see the ecstasy in her face as he licked her pussy, grabbing her tits, making her cum again. He could hear her cumming. He was so close he could even smell it. He felt drawn to them. He stepped out from behind the trees to get a better look. As he stepped on a branch, they heard him and looked over towards him. The man looked flustered. The woman grinned cheekily, first at her partner, then at the security guard. Her grin looked inviting. He was drawn to her. He wanted to give her pleasure like her partner had.

The security guard edged closer to the couple. The woman held out her hand to him. The man nodded. The security guard leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. She tasted so sweet, like he knew she would. He could feel his cock trying to burst through his pants. She sensed this, and began to unzip him. She looked pleasantly surprised when she freed his cock. He knelt down to her as she took his cock deep into her mouth. As she lay down, he knelt over her, fucking her mouth with his cock.

Her partner was watching. He loved watching her get pleasure. Now he wanted more for her. As she sucked the security guard, he slowly eased his hard cock into her dripping wet pussy. He began to fuck her cunt hard. The security guard took his cue and began to fuck her mouth hard.

The woman was in heaven. She had a cock in her cunt and a cock in her mouth. Pleasure waves were washing over her entire body. She sucked hard and deep on the cock in her mouth. She tried to push her pussy up harder on the cock in her cunt. She could feel the orgasm building from her toes, she knew it would be big. The security guard could feel her beginning to cum. He eased his cock back slightly from her mouth (scared he could lose it in the moment). He began playing with her massive tits, squeezing them hard. Her body began to shake and pulsate. She could feel her clit twitching and her whole body was tingling.

Her partner removed his pussy-wet cock from her pussy and lay down next to her. The security guard removed his saliva-wet cock from her mouth and lay down on her other side. They both began to caress her body. Rubbing their hands over her face, breasts, arms, stomach, pussy, legs – everywhere.

She lay there on a high from her massive orgasm. She was vaguely aware of four hands caressing her body. She could feel tingles wherever they touched. She could feel herself becoming aroused again. She felt for her partner's cock. She grabbed it in her hand and began stroking it. He was already aroused. She grabbed the security guard's cock and began stroking it too. He too was already aroused. She lay naked on the grass, with four hands caressing her body and a cock in each hand. She wanted more.

She grinned at her partner, and he knew what she wanted. She leaned over and kissed the security guard hard on the lips. She leaned over and kissed her partner hard on the lips. She got on her hands and knees and her partner knelt behind her and began to fuck her pussy so as to make his cock wet. The security guard slid underneath her and began to lick her pussy and suck her clit. Her partner pulled his cock out of her pussy and positioned it over her butt hole. He slowly forced himself into the tightness of her ass and began to lower her down onto the cock of the security guard.

She could feel him entering her ass. She enjoyed feeling so tight around him. She loved feeling him so deep inside her. She felt like she was going to explode when he forced her pussy down over the security guard's cock. She felt so full. She felt herself losing control. She had no feeling in her arms or legs, she had no idea how she was holding herself up. The security guard pounded his cock hard inside her. Her partner was fucking her ass hard. She felt her whole body start to tremble, shake, tingle and pulsate. Her ass was in heaven, her pussy was in a frenzy. She had no thoughts in her head. All she was aware of was her pussy being fucked hard and her ass being fucked hard. And she was loving it. She was about to have the biggest orgasm of her life.

The security guard felt himself beginning to cum. He wanted to cum inside her. Her partner felt himself beginning to cum. He was going to cum up her ass. They could both feel her beginning to explode around their cocks. The security guard came hard in her cunt. Her partner shot his load hard up her ass.

They all lay there for a few moments, completely depleted. The two men gently caressed her body. The security guard got up, dressed himself, kissed her on the cheek, nodded at the man and walked away. The couple lay there in each other's arms for a few moments. As she looked up at the Bridge above her, she realised this was definitely her favourite place.

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